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  • Ottoman Turbe and Captain's Tower
    Ottoman Turbe and Captain's Tower
  • Scars of the recent war
    Scars of the recent war
  • Bihac Cultural Centre: Socialist-era mural
    Bihac Cultural Centre: Socialist-era...

Bihac Things to Do

  • Bihac Cultural Centre

    The building of the Bihac Cultural Centre actually doesn't look anything fancy. It is a former Army Building with a colourful socialist-era mural on the front side.In the small park in front of the building two original partisan cannons are exhibited. Here also stands the Statue of Peace (a woman holding a dove), which still shows many bullet holes...

  • Fethija Mosque

    The history of the Fethija Mosque (Victory Mosque) dates back to 1266, when the building is said to have been constructed as the Church of St. Anthony. In the late 16th century when the Ottomans conquered Bihac, the church was converted into a mosque. The church's bell tower was used as a minaret until the late 19th century and then replaced by the...

  • St. Anthony's Church

    The Catholic St. Anthony's Church (Crkva svetog antuna) was errected in 1894 as a replacement for the original St. Anthony Church, which had been converted to the Fethija Mosque by the Ottomans at the end of the 16th century (see previous tip).Already 50 years later, in 1944 the St. Anthony's Church was destroyed during allied bombings and only the...

  • Captain's Tower

    The Captain's Tower (Kapetanova kula) is one of Bihac's oldest buildings dating back to the 13th century, when it was part of the town walls.The current structure was probably built in the 16th century, although figures vary depending on the sources.During the Austro-Hungarian era the tower was used as a prison. Since 1959 it houses a regional...

  • Ottoman turbe

    The turbe was constructed during Ottoman times as an Islamic style mausoleum. It commemorates the soldiers who died during a siege of Bihac by the Austro-Hungarians.The hexagonal structure was built in Bihacit, which is a stone from the region. During the recent war in the 1990's the turbe was severly damaged, but repaired afterwards...

  • Bihac Memorial Relief

    The Bihac Memorial Relief was inaugurated in 1960 for the 700 year anniversairy of the city. The relief commemorates the people who fought for Bihac's liberation. It shows the year 1260 as the date of Bihac's first mention, as well as the date 1960 for the 700 year anniversairy.The last major restoation of the memorial relief took place in...

  • Velika Kladuša

    The town was first mentioned at the end of the 13th century when Bosnia was ruled by the Croat kings. Around 1577 the whole Bosnia was conquested by the Ottomans and Velika Kladusa become important garnison from where Turks have undergone their attacks to neighboring Croatia and further to Vienna.

  • Visit the Fethija Mosque

    The Fethija Mosque was once a Gothic Church called St Anthony. After the conquest of Bihaæ, it was turned into a mosque and given the name Fethija (from the Arabic meaning, Victory). The Mosque/Church was built circa 1255 AD.The Ottoman Army, led by the Bey of the Segedin Sanjak, Hasan Pasha Predojeviæ, occupied the town in June 1592. The Mosque is...

  • Una river

    Una river divedes Bihac into two main areas.It's nice and relaxing walking along this river in the park.


Bihac Hotels

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  • Hotel Park

    We arrived in Bihac without having booked any accommodation in advance, but nevertheless we had some...

  • Hotel Ada

    Put. 5 Kurpusa, Bihac, 77000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

Bihac Restaurants

  • Caffe Bar Bondeno

    After an early check-in at our hotel, we headed off for the first explorations of the town. As we were a bit tired and hungry we took a break at one of the busy cafes in the pedestrianised shopping street.Caffe Bar Bondeo, which is named after Bihac's Italian twin city, seemed to be quite popular by the locals, so we took a seat on the outdoor...

  • Restaurant Cardak na Uni

    At the beginning of September 2012 we found it a bit difficult to find a restaurant for dinner. Not that there were no restaurants in Bihac, but most of them were empty or people were only having a drink. We finally chose Restaurant Cardak na Uni, as at least a few people were enjoying the evening there and some of them even had dinner.Although it...

  • The Una river, near ruins of...

    The Una river, near ruins of Hotel 'Sunce' on the outskirt of the town.While you are waiting, refresh yourself in a clean water of the Una river. There is a small restaurant here with pretty good food, and more importantly very cheap


Bihac Nightlife

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    Tuscan: Get Ready to Socialize

    by dufrene20 Written Aug 9, 2004

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    This is the bar that we went to most. It is a friendly atmosphere. One thing that amazed me was there was a power outage and in the US every would have went home. Not in Bihac: candles kept the party going!

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Bihac Transportation

  • To Bihac by bus

    We came to Bihac by bus from Slunj in Croatia. Our bus left Slunj at 07:35 h and arrived in Bihac at around 09:10 h. In September 2012 the price was 50 Croatian Kuna. We left Bihac by bus to Zagreb in Croatia. This route is served about 5 times per day and the trip takes about 3,5 hours. Our bus left Bihac at 10:20 h and the ticket cost 21,00 BAM...

  • Explore Bihac on foot

    With just around 60.000 inhabitants Bihac is the 6th biggest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it is still small enough to be best explored on foot.Especially the worth seeing sights like the Fethija Mosque, the Captain's Tower, the St. Anthony's Church and the Ottoman turbe are situated in the very heart of the city centre, where some of the...

  • Buses

    The main buses station is near the uneversity library, close to the city center.You'll have all the info you need there.


Bihac Shopping

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    by d_d Updated Aug 3, 2003

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    This supermarket is located in the main street of the city center.
    I bought here some copy books (one for 0.18EUR), some spices and some patè (0.18 EUR the small box)... very good!


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Bihac Local Customs

  • Local beer: Preminger

    Bihac is home to one of Bosnia and Herzegovina's largest breweries: Bihacka pivovara. It was established in 1990 and their beer brand is called Preminger, which is also well known in other Balkan countries as well as in Austria. Besides their lager, I also tried a Preminger shandy. Interesting enough shandies in Balkan countries became popular...

  • Local currency: Convertible Mark

    Bosnia and Herzegovina has one of the most interesting currencies in Europe. The local currency is the Convertible Mark (Konvertibilna Marka) comprised of 100 Feninga. The Convertible Mark (KM) was introduced in 1998 and at that time fixed at par to the German Mark.As the German Mark has been replaced by the Euro in 2002, the Convertible Mark is...

  • Market

    Everyone in Bosnia shops at the market. It's got the best fruit and vegetables...and the best price deals.


Bihac Tourist Traps

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    The Muslim cemetery, by the...

    by croisbeauty Updated Aug 26, 2002

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    The Muslim cemetery, by the look of the monument one can find out wheater it was man or women, rich or poor and position that passed away have had in the society.

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Bihac What to Pack

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    Travel Guides - Bosnia and Herzegovina

    by HORSCHECK Updated Aug 8, 2015

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    Miscellaneous: Bosnia and Herzegovina is a rapidly developing country, therefore an up to date guide book for independent travellers is highly recommended. I must admit that it was quite difficult to find any guide books about the country.

    On our first trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2008 we got some info from the Bradt travel guide - Bosnia and Herzegovina. It covers all sorts of information from historical background and descriptions of the sights to practical information about public transportation, accommodation and restaurants.

    For Bihac and Bosanska Krupa we mainly used the German travel guide Trescher - Bosnien und Herzegowina which has very detailed background information about all sights. Unfortunately, this guide is not available in English.

    After our return I discovered that there is even an old Mini In Your Pocket - Bihac available on the internet. It includes a helpful city map.

    Bradt Travel Guides:

    Trescher Verlag:

    In Your Pocket:

    Trescher: Bosnien und Herzegovina Bradt: Bosnia and Herzegovina In Your Pocket Mini Guide: Bihac
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    • Backpacking
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    • Budget Travel

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Bihac Off The Beaten Path

  • Side trip to Bosanska Krupa

    On our second day in Bihac, we took a side trip by bus to Bosanska Krupa. The route is served by a few daily buses. Please read my transportation tips for more details.Bosanska Krupa is located at the banks of the rivers Una and Krusnica, approximately 30 km northeast of Bihac.In the town centre a mosque, a Catholic and a Serbian Orthodox church...

  • Scars of the recent war

    Even in the city centre of Bihac you will still notice quite a few bulletted buildings or at least damaged facades from the recent war.Theses scars of the war probably date back to the siege of Bihac, which took place from June 1992 until August 1995.I took the attached photo in the direct neighbourhood of the Fethija Mosque, right in the heart of...

  • The oldiest part of the Castle...

    The oldest part of the castle dated to the end of 13th century when it become the seat of Dukes from Blagaj. Since the castle was burned down, in several ocasions, it undergoned many reconstructions in mixed styles. There are rumours it will become private property again and completely reconstructed.


Bihac Favorites

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  • River Una

    The source of the 207 km long Una river can be found in north eastern Croatia from where it flows through Bosnia and Herzegovina before it spills into the Sava river again in Croatia.On its way it forms several time the border between the two countries. It also divides the city of Bihac, where the banks of the river, especially near the city park...

  • Mosques and cemeteries

    Apart from the Fethija Mosque (Victory Mosque), Bihac is home to several other mosques, which often have an Islamic cemetery on their grounds.Just behind the Prekounje Mosque some old overgrown Muslim tombstones can be seen. The mosque stands at the street Bihackih branilaca, just a few 100 metres east of the bus station.Another interesting site is...

  • People houses

    But many houses are unbelievably damaged by the war, but equipped with many accessories as satellite TV.


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