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Mostar Highlights

  • Pro
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     Amazingly beautiful with the friendliest people in the world 

  • Con
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     Ethnic divisions within the city. 

  • In a nutshell
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     historic medieval islamic city in europe 

Mostar Things to Do

  • Old Bridge - Stari Most

    As a matter of fact, the old bridge was six years old. The old one was destroyed by the war, and this one was built recently, (almost) following the original. What shall I say, about a town that has not much more to offer than a copy of a bridge? Well, that's the most important bridge I ever saw. Not only a structure to pass from one side to the...

  • Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque

    The Koskin-Mehmed Pasha's Mosque is pretty small and you are allowed to enter with your shoes on and women are allowed to enter without covering their hair. You can also go up to the top of the minaret if you want to climb 89 steps in a very claustrophobic condition as it is really thin. Only one person can go at a time in one direction. Opening...

  • Turkish House

    Kajtaz house was built betwen 16th and 17th century. The original form is preserved, The first thing that you notice as soon as you enter is the high wall around the house which was not thought to protect houses from thieves but house women from outside "stalkers" looks. In the house itself there are two separate buildings: one for men and one for...


Mostar Hotels

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Mostar Restaurants

  • Excellent value for money

    This restaurant was recommended to us by our Driver, but I can't fault his judgement because it really was excellent food and really good value too.The Restaurant Tomato is just off the main cobbled street on the Christian side of the bridge and has views of the bridge.There are some interesting things on the menu such as "Fried Brain" and...

  • Konoba Dvije Pecine

    When wandering around Mostar on our second day we felt in need of a drink and a little rest.The oudoor terrace of the Konoba Dvije Pecine (Restaurant Two Caves) looked inviting to us, as it offers nice views of the the Crooked Bridge (Kriva Cuprij) and the Radoblja river.We directly ordered two natural lemonades (Prirodna Limunada), which is a...

  • Ascinica Misal

    Ascinica Misal is a small local restaurant for a quick meal. It has both tables inside and outside on the pedestrianised street. We had dinner here on our first evening in Mostar. The menu concentrates on a selection of typcial Bosnian meals.As we already had a filling meal that day at lunchtime, I only ordered a small portion of Cevapcici (Mala...


Mostar Nightlife

  • Riverside Bridge Bar

    I have no idea what the bar was called, although to be honest it doesn't really matter: Just pick any of the bars and you'll have an unforgettable evening soaking up the atmosphere. To sit under the Old Bridge with a cool beer as the sun sets on a scorching hot Balkan day is one of the most sublime experiences in the world. It absolutely cannot be...

  • Lively bar in Mostar's old town

    My friend and I stopped off at Caffe Monkey for a few beers during a trip to Mostar in May 2007.This lively cafe bar is located on the square of Trg Musala-Vila Neretva in Mostar's old town, close to the banks of the river.We first popped in here for a beer early in the evening and then, after walking down to the centre of the old town and the...

  • Nighttime nightcaps

    There are tons of little place to graba drink and a snack , intown near the bridege. Its a great way to mingle with the locals on a hot June evening. They are open late.


Mostar Transportation

  • Meeting point for busses

    All busses leave you in the old town and then wait for you outside of the town just next to the St. James church.To reach St. James church just cross the bridge from the bazar and always go stragight on, you'll find it after the traffic light.

  • Bus to Dubrovnik

    We booked a bus from Mostar to Dubrovnik.It is quite a frequent service. Please note you must pay 1 Euro or 1 KM per item of luggage you put in the boot of a Bosnian bus. The bus was comfortable and air-conditioned. It did, however, take a long time to go through customs/passport control. On route you exit Bosnia, enter Croatia; then when you hit...

  • By bus to/from Dubrovnik

    Most tourists visit Mostar as a day trip from Dubrovnik and the bus schedule makes it an easy option. There is one bus leaving Dubrovnik at 0800, the same leaves Mostar again on at 1730 - in total, there are up to four daily buses between the two cities. The trip takes around three hours and may involve up to three passport controls: From...


Mostar Shopping

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    This tip is more than about cheap fridge magnets, but let us start there. Across Europe you will expect to pay 3-7 Euros ($4-9) for a fridge magnet. Seriously. These bits of ceramic or plastic cost the shop keepers a few pennies each. So its quite refreshing to see all across Mostar that ALL the souvenir shops and stalls charge a flat 1 Euro. And...

  • Stock Up on Beauty Basics

    I am kind of obsessed with DM. Just your basic Eastern European chain drugstore (based out of Germany, perhaps?), DM is a great place to buy the basic toiletries you need to get through your trip, as well as little extras that make travel more comfortable. As you can see I was suffering from dry, sun-damaged skin, so I bought an exfoliating sponge...

  • wines and brandy

    For my stay in Mostar, I wanted to buy something from their domestic products and in a restaurant I was recommended this shop. I was surprised how many products they have and how much about these products know the the girls that work there, they will, very well tell you everything you need to know about their wine, brandy honey or something...


Mostar Local Customs

  • Sobe instead of Quartos

    One of the curious traditions of "MY" Nazaré, in Portugal, are the hundreds of bans announcing : Quartos - Chambres - Rooms - Zimmer, always in this same languages, always in the same order (Spanish, Italian, and other tourists don't count there). Imagine the tenderness of this sight in Mostar, with the servo-Croat word Sobe replacing our Quartos....

  • Currency exchange

    In Mostar you do not need to change money unless you have pounds or dollars as both euro and croatian Kuna are accepted. The good thing is they don't just accept euro or Kuna but they give you the change in the currency you pay: just perfect for a day trip.

  • Local currency - Convertible Mark

    Bosnia and Herzegovina has one of the most interesting currencies in Europe. The local currency is the Convertible Mark (Konvertibilna Marka) comprised of 100 Feninga. The Convertible Mark (KM) was introduced in 1998 and at that time fixed at par to the German Mark.As the German Mark has been replaced by the Euro in 2002, the Convertible Mark is...


Mostar Warnings and Dangers

  • Burnt out bombed buildings

    Sadly you will see bombed out buildings all over Mostar. You must not go inside any as they are dangerous. They are a poignant reminder of the horrors that took place here.

  • September Heat

    Iv"ve been to Mostar twice , both in September, I can say be prepared for heat. It was over 30 c this time.

  • General Safety

    Like much of the Balkans, Mostar felt very safe. The burned out, bullet ridden buildings that still haunt the town can give parts of it the feeling of being in ghetto crime zone, but I don't think you'll be in danger of a mugging anywhere. I felt comfortable walking around during the day or night, especially in the old town.


Mostar Tourist Traps

  • Parking Problems

    We were lucky to have the knowledge of various "locals" in relation to travelling in and around Mostar.We had a car and we were warned to be very careful where we parked. Unsuspecting travellers can have their cars vandalised or broken into and robbed. We were advised to park in the square by Benetton. This we did and we noted that there is an...

  • Car park

    Around the old town it is very difficult to find car park.If you go there by your be carefulfor the tricks of the car park owners.They tell you high price 10KM (around 8 US$)for car park.When you say it is expensive and want just one hour park they say it is whole day price.I accepted it because it was very warm and my daughter was crying.But I...

  • don't trust the taxists

    when i arrived from Split to the Mostar's main bus station, some taxists offered to keep us in the centre with 10 euro. we accept for 8 euro. the trip was about 6-7 minutes, and when we arrived we were surprised to see that a meal costs less than the taxi and a big room with kitchen was the same(about 15 euros for two people). so go on foot,...


Mostar What to Pack

  • Travel Guide

    Bosnia and Herzegovina is a rapidly developing country, therefore an up to date guide book for independent travellers is highly recommended.I must admit that it was quite difficult to find any guide books about the country. As Mostar is a very popular day trip destination from the Croatian cost, it is sometimes even covered in books about...

  • Through the Embers of Chaos - Dervla...

    I have read many of Dervla Murphy's books, most of which I have really enjoyed. 'Through the Embers of Chaos' charters Dervla's travels through the fcountries of the former Yugoslavia and Albania in the immediate aftermath of the Balkan conflicts. The engaging and informative read gives an unbias and very human account of the legacy of the war on...

  • New Europe - Michael Palin

    Michael Palin's Book 'New Europe', is an interesting read for anyone visiting any of the contries in Eastern Europe. In the travellogue style book, Palin visits all of the countries of the Ex-Soviet Bloc and the countries of Eastern Europe which were once only the haunts of the most intrepid of travellers. From Estonia to Albania and from the...


Mostar Off The Beaten Path

  • Rafting on the Neretva River

    When visiting Bosnia, do try to go off the beaten path as much as you can. Rafting on the Neretva is definitely an exhilarating experience. Halfway from Sarajevo to Mostar, we arrived to a restaurant , where we were welcomed bu a wonderful team of people who will feed you some delicious local specialties , make you laugh and show you a great time....

  • Scars of war

    Everywhere you go, the signs of war are present, but if you look carefully, you will notice that the ruined buildings should be... the most beautiful in town. Noticing that, I think that they started with the common buildings (easier and cheaper to rebuild) and are planning to rebuild the best ones according to their original look. That takes time,...

  • Blagaj - Tekija

    I don't think this is as off the beaten track as it once was but people visiting Mostar still miss out on this interesting place. Blagaj is located around 12km away from Mostar and can be reached using local transport. Thre are various interesting things to see in Blagaj including the town itself and it's mosque and the Old Town of Blagaj...which...


Mostar Sports & Outdoors

  • Jumping off the Old Bridge

    Every year in the mid summer, young man from Mostar (people call them "Liske" - leafs) have organized jumping off the Old Bridge. As the time passed by, skill of fight against highness and swift, cold Neretva has been improved. Only several places in the world can be proud of such spectacle.Although the ruins of the Old Bridge are still under...

  • Canoeing

    Neretva River is very fast mountain river. It is ideal for water sport as canoeing or kayaking. There is Canoeing Club close to Green market in Old City (left bank). Maybe you can go there and ask to rent a canoe.

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Mostar Favorites

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  • war ruins

    Going around mostar it's easy to meet many buildings ht by the bombings of Yugoslavia war. Most of them are historical buidings and so they cannot be destroyed and rebuilt, but they must be adjusted as they were before. The contrast betwen the rebuilt bridge and the others still "hurted" buildings.

  • Reconstruction

    All across town (and country) it's easy to see the effort of reconstruction. It's pleasant to notice the evidence of international aid. People is thinking about leaving some destroyed buildings, as a memorial of the war. One of the big avenues almost 100% destroyed, is the best solution: its crossing is truly smashing. Close by, a modern cathedral...

  • Crazy Product Names

    The Balkans provides rich pickings for puerile imaginations like mine, especially in the supermarket. I embarrassed everyone by getting my camera out to snap the pot of frozen Slag cream in Mostar. In England, slag is an offensive term for a loose woman. To make matters worse this pot of slag was sitting in a pile of Bumm cream. In England "bum" is...


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