Bosnia and Herzegovina Favorites

  • Alley of platan tree
    Alley of platan tree
    by Odiseya
  • Panorama of City from Banj brdo
    Panorama of City from Banj brdo
    by Odiseya
  • Banja Luka
    Banja Luka
    by Mina17

Bosnia and Herzegovina Favorites


    Unfortunately it is almost 40 years the last time i passed through this new country, when it was still part of Yugoslavia, but here is the flag that has been in use since 1998. The flag was introduced by the UN High Representative as the Bosnian Serbs and Croats realised that the flag of only represented the Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims). The present...

  • What to see

    Visit city of Jajce in the central Bosnia, the town of Sarajevo and its Bašcaršija which represents the spirit of Orient right in the middle of Europe, the charming city of Mostar, the wild mountains and impassable woods. Exploring B&H might be the adventure of your life time. The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina is hosting, friendly and have a...

  • Understanding the past

    There are TONs of great books about Bosnia. I read about 40…these were my favorite1) Zlata’s Diary, A Childs Life in Sarajevo – Zlata is known as the Anne Frank of Bosnia. 2) Logavina Street : life and death in a Sarajevo neighborhood / by Barbara Demick ; photographs by John Costello. Amazing life of a normal neighborhood during the siege of...

  • Damn it!

    Why does everyone take pictures of war ruins and other bad things in Bosnia? Come on, who are you trying to fool, I live here and I know that today, 15 years after the war, there are many pretty things to take pictures of. But guess what? As soon as foreigners see a building that was ruined during the war and wasn't rebuilt yet, they take a shot....

  • One of the Balkan's best-kept secrets

    For most of us watching the news in the mid-1990s, the country of Bosnia is synonymous with bloodshed and genocide. More than a decade later, this country is slowly creeping back to its former glory and the capital, Sarajevo, should not be missed. A curious mixture of Slavic and Turkish cultures, Bosniaks are some of the friendliest people in the...

  • Money

    The local currency is the Konvertibilna Marka. The official ISO-code is BAM but locally prices are showed in KM. In Croatian parts in Herzegovina (like tourist-center Meðugorje)the Croatian Kuna can also be used. The Euro can be used anywhere, mostly banknotes and sometime even coins.

  • To american_tourister

    To american_tourister:Well, in my experience most Americans are ignorant, don't know *** about this world and can't even spell their own language. I'm sick of people saying *** about Bosnia and imagining Bosnian people as some uncivilised and uneducated bunch of crap. We are totally different from the way people try to describe us. And as for the...

  • Municipalities in Herzegovina

    - Berkovici- Bileca- Capljina- Citluk- Gacko- Grude- Istocni (East) Kupres- Istocni (East) Mostar- Jablanica- Kalinovik- Konjic- Kupres- Ljubinje- Ljubuski- Mostar- Neum- Nevesinje- Posusje- Rama- Ravno- Siroki Brijeg- Srbinje/Foca- Stolac- Tomislavgrad- Trebinje

  • The best of Banja Luka

    In Banja Luka, my favourite places are the Castle, the Vrbas River, the main street (Petra 1, on map), and the Grad Park (close to main street). Go and enjoy Banja Luka.By the way, if you choose the “Talija Hotel” you will be very near from all these places; only 100 meters from main street and park, and about 5 minutes from the river and the...

  • Neum

    Bosnia's only town on the Adriatic. It's a popular stop for travellers coming from/to Croatia as well. Our Croatian bus driver was filling up on pounds and pounds (ok, kilos) of sugar...maybe because it's cheaper than in Croatia.

  • They need some Mexicans

    Bosnians are on the whole, lazy. They just don't have a sense of urgency about anything they do for employment and will sit down or stop work just about any chance they get.This photo is just so typical. They are almost all chain smokers and after dragging over this sign that says "Work Zone" they all stopped for a cigarette break. This break will...

  • Tahir Kosovic

    I met a painter along this line of butiks named Tahir Kosovic, many of his work based on water-color were on sale, small-medium and large, mostly based on the bridge of Mostar. Looking at some of his 'pencil sketches' I asked if it was also him. I came to know he made those sketches while living in Croatian jail on the other side of the river when...

  • Sarajevan Kids

    The kids are playing near the covered market where shell attack killed civilians in a busy hour and forced international community to act to stop this civil war.

  • No Functioning Economy

    As peace is reinforced and all activities are regulated by UN, Bosnia does not have a functioning economy. There are very few local industries. Reconstruction project funded by UN, EU and other donor agencies provide for work to a country where unemployment rate is estimated at more than 20%.

  • Reconstruction 3

    For this huge reconstruction project Bosnia has now some well-developd roads and bus-travel within the country is comfortable.

  • Reconstruction 2

    Building and rebuilding of religious establishments are also going on as religious identity became synonimous with national identity and each of the group wants to take their own pride from their own religious establishments. Its not, however, clear, if people really became more religious.

  • Reconstruction 1

    Under a massive reconstruction project, the old town of Mostar will get back much of its pre-war glories.

  • SFOR

    This is the logo for the NATO Stabilization Forces(SFOR). SFOR is the multinational group that handles the peacekeeping duties in this part of Bosnia. Every vehicle has this insignia on it and every soldier has a patch on his/her uniform.IFOR (Implementation Force) preceeded SFOR but was changed after 1 year.It is in Latin and Cyrillic alphabets....

  • Serbian Orthodox Church near Mostar...

    This Serbian Orthodox church sat majestically above Mostar, a town populated by Serbs, Muslims and Croats. The church was destroyed in the war. Before and AfterMy photo shows this beautiful cathedral before the war. For a picture of the destroyed cathedral after the war, click on this link to Prasnjavi's tip:AfterLook for Prasnjavi's tip entitled...

  • View of Stari Most from the North

    "Stari Most" means "Old Bridge" and is the genesis of the name of the town of Mostar. Signs were prominently posted on the bridge saying "No jumping". However, that stopped nobody. We saw a group of young people diving and jumping off the bridge into the Neretva River and having a great time. According to a Mostar local, "We, the men, used to show...

  • Pastoral setting in Bosnian countryside...

    The countryside in Bosnia and Herzegovina is beautiful, deceptively bucolic. In 1986, we took a leisurely drive through the hills and mountains. The roads took us through gorgeous valleys peppered with Bogomil graveyards. Today, the countryside is peppered with landmines.

  • Mostar - Step back into time

    Being in old town Mostar with its cobblestone streets gave you the feeling that you had stepped back into the 1500s in the Ottoman Empire.

  • The Famous Bridge over Nerevta River in...

    Before the mid 1500's, several attempts were made to build a bridge in Mostar over the Neretva River, but they ended unsuccessfully. In the 1500s the ruling Sultan hired an engineer to design a new bridge, but threatened him with execution if the bridge did not stay up. The poor engineer designed the bridge shown in this picture, but apparently...

  • The new Trebinje

    Modern Trebinje has a new appartments blocks, parks, department store, swiming pool...The most charming about this town are the trees. I don't know how old are they but they are big and that givs a nice green contrast to the grey color of the rocky hills that are surraunding the town.

  • Old Trebinje

    Trebinje is with a truly authentic Herzegovina ambiance. Everywhere you can see the signs of the past. Old wall town, Arslanagic Bridge, Cloock Tower....Take your time and explore old Trebinje, but don't forget to enjoy what new Trebinje can offer.

  • Little church

    This little church is located, guess where? In the army of the Republika Srpska building complex. It is simple, small and charming. And, I supose, very convenient for the soldgers who are serving their country there.

  • Trebinje, the place to enjoy

    Trebinje is a warm, sunny place It is a slow paced town, ideal for walking, biking, resting and going for a swim under the hot sun in the crystal clear Trebisnjica River. Bare in mind the water can be chilly.

  • Old Moslim graveyards

    Old moslim graveyards are quite picturesque and they are usually located close to the Mosque.The old stone has many arabic writings and from the positioning and size of the stone is possible to understand if the buried person was male or female, rich or poor.Unfortunately there are not so many of these old graves left around BiH. Most graves are...

  • Mosques under construction

    Reconstruction is going on throughout all BiH., and you can notice it in any village or town.New mosques are also under construction everywhere (except in Republika Srpska), as many of them have been destroyed during the war, along with some Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

  • This part of prijedor is called...

    My favorite thing about bosnia & herzegovina is the people they are so nice and friendly. My Fondest memory of Bosnia & Herzegovina is the war.

  • Sarajevo...a river runs through it

    Despite the constant evidence of the war, Sarajevo is still a beautiful city...Take time to enjoy the beauty of this city...and its river....all all the historic little bridges that join the two sides of the city together. In my opinion the best way to see Sarajevo is on foot, so put on a comfortable pair of shoes and take a walk (although see my...

  • Attend a mass. No matter what...

    Attend a mass. No matter what religious background you may be, it is well worth your time. At least it will leave you feeling calm :) The statue of the Blessed Mother Virgin Mary within the Church, as she had such a gentle presence.The other memory is quite the clash, as we accidently made a wrong turn and headed towards Mostar until luckily a...

  • When it snows....

    When it snows it really comes down. This is the strangest snowfall I have ever seen. It actually pelts you it is so heavy. It comes down fast too. This photo shows my jeep after a 2 hour shower.

  • Find the "walking streets."

    "Walking Streets" or "Korzos" are pedestrian malls. They were mostly designed and put in place way before the internal combustion engine came into place. People walk and talk, shop, eat, etc. It is a very pleasant way to spend an evening. I met this great gal. She is tall and thin and does not say much but I can tell by the feel of her hand that...

  • Lots and lots of history

    This place reeks of history. There is a feeling in the cold, dark mornings when the heavy mist flows through the passes and into the valleys. There is a sense that at any minute Ottoman Turks and vanguards of the Austrian Empire will come riding through.

  • Diane and souvenir

    VISIT THIS PLACE HERE WE SEE Diane with a sketch she bought, in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary Getting here was hard but worth the effort

  • City of Bihac

    .I visited city of Bihac in northwestern part of B&H close to the border with Croatia.Bihac is worth seeing because of picturesque riversides of Una with cafes and restaurants, and because of his friendly people..MORE: welcome to my Bihac Destroyed by war houses and cars - more in my travelogue War.

  • Beautiful and Brave

    BIH is one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in Europe. The people of both Croat and Muslim background are kind and friendly! I was in BIH in 1999 and tensions were still very high between peoples, but nothing could put you off this amazing country that has not been ruined by an exploitative tourist industry.Sarajevo is an amazing...

  • sarajewo-the capital of...

    sarajevo-the capital of bosnia: the old town with itspicturesque bazar (bascarsija), the famous mosque (biggest on the balkan), museums.mostar: lovely situated, but still heavily signed by the bosnian war. the friendly and helpful people; the pure water of vrelo bosna - the wellspring of the (namegiving!)river bosna about 10 miles from sarajevo...

  • Enjoy Sarajevo at any time of...

    Enjoy Sarajevo at any time of the year,Look at beautiful mountains almost everywhere,Walk down picturesque streets of Mostar,Try to count all mosques in Travnik,Look at the sunrise from Jahorina mountains,Eat a lot of burek,kajmakand bakalava! There are so many things to be missed...People can say that the country is ugly and the past still...

  • visit Sarajevo. Even though...

    visit Sarajevo. Even though some people dislike it, it still is our Capital city, our biggest one, and (quite doubtedly) our most beautiful one. Sarajevo is an amazing mix of old and new, Turkish, Austrian and Communist, as well as destroyed buildings and extremely new ones. (The photo shows Sebilj, the Bascarsija - Turkish part fountain)

  • Please visit my Sarajevo and...

    Please visit my Sarajevo and Mostar pages for comments on this cities Prepare yourself to see many militar soldiers and militar jeeps, there are members of the KFOR from many european countries (Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, France, Sweden...and the list goes on).It s a bit shocking, and strange, but that s how the things are right now.

  • Willem_Cahin's General Tip

    Together with my family we camped in the wild near a suspension bridge at Jablanica. We met this Bosnian muslim couple with whom we had a pleasant chat. A few hours later they came back with cheese and wine. We gave them Towels with windmills from Holland and some cigars. The man could speak a little German and I knew some Russian words. If...

  • KiNyA's General Tip

    Oh, That's Corba. Actually his name's Sead... He told me much about Bosnian culture and tradition. The most stupid thing he ever said is how Bosnian spend their day: They got up at 9am, drink coffee till 12. Then they go working till 2 pm or maybe 2.30. After that they have lunch and drink coffee. Suddenly it's 5 pm. After that they are watching...

  • Enjoy its spirit, what else!...

    Enjoy its spirit, what else! Absorb, absorb, absorb - the melodic flow of Serbian/Croatian spoken there, the peculiar humour, the relaxed way of life, music, colours and smells. Entering it! There was an instant change as soon as we crossed the Croatian border. The road was an adventure in itself... Not a boring moment for sure! I enjoyed...


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