Bosnia and Herzegovina Local Customs

  • Happy holiday, Banja Luka!
    Happy holiday, Banja Luka!
    by Odiseya
  • Starica prede vunu
    Starica prede vunu
    by croisbeauty
  • Veliki park
    Veliki park
    by plavajabuka

Bosnia and Herzegovina Local Customs

  • Bosansko kolo

    It is a traditional Bosnian folk dance, where men and women dance together in a group making a ring by holding hands. This vivid dance reflects the nature of our people, known as the Merry Bosnian (Veseli Bosanac).Last August, late in the afternoon, a parade of folk groups from several countries passed the main street in the old town of Mostar....

  • Kafu mi, draga, ispeci

    At homes coffee is fried in šiš on the weak fire, then hailed and pestled with the hand mills. A teaspoon of coffee is then gently heated in a metal bowl or pot( džezva) for a few seconds and poured with a boiling water almost to the top of the pot. Then stir it and wait for it to rise to the top of the coffee brewing pot to make a fine mousse,...

  • Dovište Ajvatovica

    Dova in Arabic du'a means prayer, blessing. A place where prayer is performed is called the pilgrimage site- dovište.The most famous pilgrimage sites in Bosnia are :Ajvatovica in Prusac, Karići near Vares, Divič near Zvornik, source of the Buna in Blagaj near Mostar, Maid's cave in the village Brateljevići in Kladanj, known as...

  • Sevdalinka- Bosnian love folk song

    Love song known under the name SEVDALINKA, after aTurkish word sevdah meaning love passion, was created in Bosnian cities in the Ottoman period. It has in the authentic poetic way preserved memories in vivid view of the Bosnian town and diverse forms of expression of love in the past. Through many centuries of life in the different layers of the...

  • Catholic church

    When traveling around B&H, you may ask yourself, whos part is this one. The easiest way to find out wether the place belong to Muslim, Srebs or Croats is to look at the church and its bell-tower. If the bell-tower is like this one on the picture, it is a catholic church and the place belong to Croats.Minaret indicate Muslim population, while...

  • There are three religions...

    There are three main religions here; Muslim (Bosniaks), Roman Catholic (Croats) and Orthodox (Serbians). When entering in a different temples be as Roman in a Rome, respect their customs.On the picture you can see an Orthodox Church (Banja Luka).

  • Foreigners' comments about Bosnia

    I am from Bosnia & Herzegovina and I have to say I am offended by some comments that some foreigners made about my country.1.) First of all, the war in Bosnia was NOT a civil war, because Serbia attacked Bosnia when it was already recognised as an independent country.2.) Smoking pot is NOT legal in Bosnia. If you own a bigger quantity and try to...

  • Spinning wool

    If the troop is small, the pasture is in the close vicinity of the villages and those who tend it are children or aged woman. Hand-made spinning wool is activity which aged woman practice when tending the troop. This kind of handicraft is an very old tradition in Bosnia, however, it can barely seen around today, only if you're lucky.

  • Sheep-farming

    Sheep-farming is basic activity for the people who live in the mountain regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For many of them it is the only income they can have here. Since the pasture is of excellent quality, no polution at all, the sheep meat from Bosnia is delicious.

  • Remove your shoes when entering Muslim...

    About 45% of the people in Sarajevo are Muslims and many follow the Muslim custom of removing their shoes upon entering someone's home.Many Bosnians converted to the Muslim religion to receive tax breaks during the Ottoman Empire (Turkish). After the Turks left, the communist took over. Tito and other communist rulers discouraged religious...

  • The money of Bosnia - Herzegovina

    The national money in Bosnia - Herzegovina is the Konvertible Marco ( KM ), and its rate of exchange is something about : 1€ = 2 KMThis money is valid only inside the country, so don't forget to exchange it for Euros again before leave the country.During a few years this country had used the germany Marco as its money, anyway the Germany Marco died...

  • Visitng Mosques

    There many famous mosques in some parts of Bosnia but not all of them are accessible by visitors. Some are just opened in the prayer time to let people get in and closed again after they are out. Mosques are regular functioning places of prayer and visitor hours should be respected while visitng. Taking pictures of people praying can be seen as...

  • Shoes Off!

    Shoes off before entering Bosnian houses. You are supposed to observe the house rules as tourist agencies also put that condition on.

  • Taking photos

    War is the last thing comes to people's mind. After going thorugh a long civil war, what all ethnic groups want is peace. Thouch reconstruction going on still war scars are visbible in most part of the country. Be sensitive taking photos of those war damage.

  • Arrakia Season!

    Arrakia is a local brandy made from plums. The Bosnians all harvest the plums and then make their own supply. Autumn is Arrkia season here. Several guys get together and rent an industrial sized still with which to make the liquid fire.They take tons of plums and put them in barrels and basically let them rot in water for 21 days. After this amount...

  • Apparition Hill at Medugorje

    A few kms east of the town center is the begining of rough paths up the side of Apparition Hill. Stations of the Cross are found on the way up and down. Religious fervor is very evident among the pilgrims as they struggle up the hill. Services are held among the different groups at the Site itself.

  • No shoes, please!

    In most homes people remove their shoes before entering. It is a cultural holdover from the time of Turkish rule but is also very practical. The roads and streets are usually muddy or slimy in the winter and dusty in the summer. Most homes have hardwood floors with carpets for padding. This keeps the household from becoming muddy or dirty.As it is...

  • Cyrillic writings disappearing

    As the cyrillic alphabet is identified by the local Moslim population with the Serb aggressors, there are almost no Cyrillic writings in BiH, unless you travel to Republika Sprska (that is part of BiH, anyway) where, on the other hand, everything is written in Cyrillic. Republika Sprska is inhabited only by Serbs and it has a sort of independence...

  • Dead people posters

    Throughout all BiH the death of a Moslim is announced by printing a small poster that is then hung around town, usually to the light poles.The posters are usually green, show a picture of the dead person, and there are always some arabic writings and the turkish half moon on them.

  • Arabic writings

    Though just a few of the Bosnian moslims can read or speak arabic, there are always some arabic writings at the Mosques.This is because the only allowed "religious" language for Islam is Arabic, at list for some of the practices.

  • Burek

    Burek is probably the most common food in BiH: you'll find in every town.It is a delicious pie, usually filled with meat or cheese, but other less popular variations may be found. It is quite cheap at 1.5 KM (= 0.75 E) for a big piece.Burek can be found also in Albania and Turkey, that is probably the country of origin of this pie.

  • They can fix anything

    During the war and almost ever since, it has been difficult for the Bosnians to purchase many hard goods. Because of the shortages during the war and the terrible economy since, the Bosnians have become masters at improvisation.They don't throw away anything, they repair it. They fix their own cars, plumbing, heaters, wagons, and appliances. They...

  • Always take off your shoes...

    Always take off your shoes when you enter somebody's homeAlways take off shoes entering the mosqueDo not take 'offensive' pictures of peopleBe aware not to talk 'in Serbian' to a Muslim, 'in Croat' to a Serb and 'in Bosnian' to CroatsBe politically sensitive and better do not joke about the pastBe aware that if you invite somebody to the restaurant...

  • What most people know but do...

    What most people know but do not understand is Bosnia's cultural and ethnical diversity. We speak 3 languages, even though they all sound the same, we have 4 major religion, but first and foremost - we live together. What caused the war was an excess of nationalism that spilled the drop over the edge, but things are getting better every day...

  • Well, this is more of a...

    Well, this is more of a realization then a tip. When I was young I learned about WW1 and how Archduke Ferdinand of the Austro-Hugarian empire was killed near a bridge by a serb nationalist named Gavrilo Princip - the assasination set off a sequence of events that led to carnage the continent had never before imagined... Last year I had the chance...

  • Bosnians were always known for...

    Bosnians were always known for their excellent humour, especially for the fact that they could make fun of themselves in every situation. A director from Sarajevo who now lives in Ljubljana once said: 'Slovenians and Bosnians have a lot in common - you like to make fun of Bosnians and so do we.' This surely lives on - you'll never hear so many...

  • Sarajevo. Coffee served...

    Sarajevo. Coffee served 'turkish-style'. Bring your own coffee filters.This picture was taken from off the net


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