Bosnia and Herzegovina Off The Beaten Path

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Off The Beaten Path

  • Ostrožac

    There are not much of the medieval castles left in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most of them are in ruins today, and very few well preserved. Ostrožac, medieval castle nearby town of Bihac in western B&H, is one of the most beautiful and best preserved in whole the country. It worth to see by all means. Here you can enjoy in endless tranquility and...

  • The smells of life

    I suppose that I am basically a country boy. In most cases, I prefer small towns and rural settings to large cities. One of the joys, and dangers, of the visits that I have made to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was that I always had ample opportunities to visit villages and small towns. These villages, and especially farms, so often smell of...

  • Jurassic Park

    Hutovo Blato is the name of this area I accidentally got into going from Mostar to Neum. There was a sign "Neum" pointing to the left. What it did not say, that this (nicely paved) road was one lane for most of the way and lead through an area that looked like dinosaur country. The 3 meter width was no problem, because nobody goes there. We only...

  • Drvar is a fine place

    As we were spending holidays in Croatia, we made a trip through the Knin region to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was quite a depressive experience and we were surprised, as we crossed the bosnian border, to discover a fine landscape, similar to southern Alps. We reached Drvar , a small town with friendly people. There we found a hotel and a little...

  • Finding the Sarajevo tunnel museum

    This is quite hard to find (that was the idea!). It is down some little lanes on the opposite side of the airport runway. We drove to the airport & asked a taxi to show us the way, following in our car. It cost us 10euros but it was worth it (unless you have really good directions)

  • Sutjeska National Park

    The Sutjeska National Park with 17,500 hectares of wilderness, hosts one of the two remaining primeval forest in Europe & the highest mountain (Maglic 2386m) in BiH. Changing our route meant we had the opportunity to go through some of it. Many of the hiking trails have not been cleared of mines yet & wilderness huts destroyed by bombing so...

  • Beautiful Herzegovina

    Northern Bosnia is wooded and rugged but Herzegovina is beautiful. I took this photo on a drive from Sarajevo to Mostar. The river valleys are just gorgeous.

  • Tito Trees

    Something that I would often look at when I drove by where the trees that were planted to spell Tito. Although last I was by there a portion of the trees have died you still can make it out. Be warned that apparantly the trees are heavily mined and booby trap so it is best to view from the road. It is located off the road the runs between Bos....

  • Drvar

    Drvar is where I spent my time the first time I was in Bosnia. It is the site of some famous world war battles and riots in the 1990s. It is not the most beautiful town in the country as you can tell it is a town meant for production but the surrounding area is quite nice and offers a lot of beautiful views. It is in a valley and you have to drive...

  • Old Castle Ruins

    On the mountain that is overlooking the city of Kljuc are the ruins of an old castle. There is a good path up to the ruins from the town and it is safe to walk around the ruins. These are not the best ruins in the world but it still is quite interesting and it offers good views of the surrounding area.

  • Kljuc

    For the average tourist this city would be off the beaten path. It is a quaint little city that is being developed nicely. The main street is filled with bars, restaurants and various little stores. The surrounding area is quite nice especially if ignore the garbage piles. Kljuc is located in the Northwestren part of Bosnia near the internal border...

  • Good Luck...

    Good luck trying to get here. This is inside a Serbian weapons bunker. I'm not going to say which one but obviously it was in the Republic of Srpska.

  • River Una valley

    River Una is famous for its clear, blue waters. It flows through northwestern BiH, in a beautiful natural environment.In some regions around Bihac it is possible to go rafting and kayaking on the river.

  • Bosnian Countryside

    To see a Bosnian village on a hill-top could be somethin memorable. Not that easy as you have to break your journey on the way between two big cities but its possible. A car can give you this flexibility.

  • Check out the culture and scars left...

    Really Bosnia is off the beaten path and many people miss out on it. Simply put most people I meet view Bosnia as a dangerous place, but those who have been there know this is simply no truer than other places. Yes there are some precautions such as watching out for landmines and unexploded ordinance (bombs) but a little common sense goes a long...

  • Ostrozac castle (3)

    The castle interiors are interesting to visit, but they are in dilapidated conditions.You must really take care, as there are large holes in the wooden pavement and the stairs can be tricky too.

  • Ostrozac castle (2)

    Though partially in ruins, the castle is open for visitors and there is a guard who sells entrance tickets for 1KM (=0.5 E).I was the only visitor, but the castle is a popular place for young local couples looking for a bit of privacy...The large inner garden is decorated with modern stone statues.The main castle house is open and it is in a...

  • Ostrozac castle (1)

    The Ostrozac castle is located in the municipality of Cazin, about half way between Velika Kladusa and Bihac.It is an impressive, huge, castle complex that dates back to the 16th century, just before the Turks invasion. The outer walls are more than 2 mt thick.

  • Sarajevo to Goradze

    The shortest road from Sarajevo to Goradze passes through some wild mountain sceneries. At the pass between Renovica and Goradze there is a monument to celebrate war victims. Views are breathtaking and you'll meet many UN soldiers. It's more than 1000 mt above sea level here, and it may be cold all year round.There are just a few small villages and...

  • Sample the local scene...

    I highly recommend stopping in any of the small towns, as the locals are warm and friendly. Try some local cuisine while you're there and take in the charm of the Bosnian lifestyle, as these people are strong willed and optimistic. At the time I was there I saw people thatching roofs, covering bullet and bomb markings, and continuing their lives as...

  • Chocolate Lakes

    Because of the industrial and sewage plans from the prior communist regime, this country has many bodies of dead water. There are sinkholes, lakes, and ponds that have no life in them at all beacuse of pollution and runoff. We ( the Americans) call them the "Chocolate Lakes."

  • Lake Modrac is a great getaway

    Lake Modrac is a beautiful little lake in the hills close to Tuzla. It has swimming areas, restaurants, small shops, etc. I wish I could claim this photo but I cannot. A news staff photographer took this one.

  • Visit Pale...the "Serb Capital of...

    Rodovan Karadzic (Serb leader with a $5 Million Bounty on his head for war crimes) did some key negotiations in this building. From Pale Karadzic executed the attack on Sarajevo and commanded the mass genocide of Srebrenica.

  • Map guides!

    If you real want to live the best Sarajevo experience, don t forget to get your original Alma's map.Maybe it s a bit disordered, but basically this is the real center of Sarajevo. If you use it you will can arrive to...who knows where you can arrive with this map?it was my revenge, Alma :)

  • Sarajevo-Konjic...

    Sarajevo-Konjic RailroadAbsolutely a must. The train ride takes only one and half hour one way and you will not regret it. The route is 67 kms long, there are 58 tunnels and numerous bridges on the way. The most incredible railroad I have seen climbs up the mountains in serpentines - sometimes you can see track on four different levels! The price...

  • Papraca - Municipality of...

    Papraca - Municipality of Sekovici, Republika SrpskaA beautiful medieval orthodox church, nice village with a great view on nearby mountains

  • Vrelo Bosne (Ilidza, close to...

    Vrelo Bosne (Ilidza, close to Sarajevo) - the name means 'source of Bosnia' and it is - the place where River Bosna begins. Very picturesque complex of small ponds, running streams and some stylish cafes in a park. Great place for a half day trip from Sarajevo. How to get there? Take a tram from Sarajevo to Ilidza, walk across the bridge on...

  • Vrelo - a beautiful old...

    Vrelo - a beautiful old village in Republika Srpska close to Tisca, between Vlasenica and Sekovici. You can see some rare examples of traditional buildings and picturesque waterfalls. The road is very rough (helicopter recommended ;-)

  • Visegrad - a picturesque town...

    Visegrad - a picturesque town with famous Drina River Bridge. The road from Sarajevo to Visegrad is a great experience as well!

  • Travnik - old capital of...

    Travnik - old capital of Bosnia is still worth visiting, not only because it is a birthplace of Ivo Andric, famous writer and the Nobel prize winner. It is a beautifully located town with myriad of mosques, old castle, scenic streets and even a hiking trial to the Vlasic Planine - huge mountain above the town. Historic monuments of the town include...

  • Visegrad, together with the...

    Visegrad, together with the Vilina Vlas fern at the thermal spa, is an old city, even if ruined, and it has the bridge that inspired Nobel Prize Winner Ivo Andric's 'Bridge on the Drina'.

  • Velika Kladusa, a city on the...

    Velika Kladusa, a city on the northernmost tip of Bosnia, has the greatest Mediaeval old town in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It's a bit touristy, but still an interesting hop if you're a history buff.

  • One day we took a road trip up...

    One day we took a road trip up to Pale, the Serbian stronghold. (I still think my commander was out of his mind for wanting us to go up there!). I met a really drunk guy who was about 7 feet tall. I don't think he appreciated having American soldiers in his town. Nice scenery along the way there and back, although we were driving a bit faster on...

  • The wonderful valley of the...

    The wonderful valley of the river Neretva, the most beautiful river I've seen! You cover most of it as you drive from Sarajevo to Mostar. Crystal clear green water and mighty mountains surrounding it definitely make a magnificent scenery.

  • If possible you should try to...

    If possible you should try to get a lift to the top of the Hum the largest Mountain over looking Mostar it has the most amazing views of the town from the old gun points.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Hotels

  • Hotel Michele Sarajevo

    for accommodation check i stayed there and it was one of the best stays ever in...

  • Hotel-Restaurant Kriva Cuprija

    This hotel is the best thing happened to us in 10 days vacation in the Balkans.The hotel was built...

  • Cezar Hotel

    It looked nice but did not stay there to sleep, bacause I was short of money. Instead I travelled to...

  • Hotel Integra

    I didn't personally stay here overnight because it is about 15 minutes away by walking from my home....

  • Hotel Platani

    The hotel was renovated a few years ago. It is also located in the very centre of Trebinje.

  • Hotel Sico

    It owns 14 luxury suites. Every of this suit owns TV with local and satellite channels, direct...

  • Hotel Bistrica

    "Bistrica" hotel is situated on the Olympic Mountain Jahorina, a wellknown winter resort. This is...

  • Hotel Park

    We arrived in Bihac without having booked any accommodation in advance, but nevertheless we had some...

  • Hotel Zenica

    Kamberovica Polje Bb, Zenica, 72000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

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