Republika Srpska Local Customs

  • Happy holiday, Banja Luka!
    Happy holiday, Banja Luka!
    by Odiseya
  • Starica prede vunu
    Starica prede vunu
    by croisbeauty
  • Banja Luka at night
    Banja Luka at night
    by Odiseya

Republika Srpska Local Customs

  • Respect your host!

    Hospitality is very important in culture of all Balkans nations. It is also and question of personal pride and honor. People here in country are very friendly and socialization are big and important part of our life. Invitation for visit residents is proof of personal trust and mutual respect! If you planing to visit someone house on your own...

  • Kolo

    Kolo (Cyrillic: коло) is popular collective folk dance. It is part of many Slavic cultures. There is various styles of dance. Preservation of folk dance is part of our heritage and is popularized by folk dance ensembles. Interesting is that kolo is part of everyday social meetings such as weddings and any other type of...

  • New years celebration

    Winter here is not always followed with snow and snowing activity but there is plenty of holidays that always make this season very attractive for visitors. In fact, I considered this time of years to be most cheerful in year, dispute all odds.Period of winter holidays in Republika Srpska are festive days but here it start about middle December...

  • "The Housekeeper"

    "The Housekeeper" is the first coloured egg. Mostly the red one. People keep it a year, until the next Easter. It is usual to colour eggs on the Great Friday before dawn. The most beautiful eggs are first drawn with wax then coloured in paint. It makes beautiful drawing on it.

  • Pecenica

    The "pecenica" is something probably left from pagan times. Two mornings before the Christmas, on “Tucindan” we make "pecenica" on traditional way and eat in for Christmas breakfast. It is mostly a small pig but it could be a lamb too. Very tasty.

  • Rakija!!!

    Rakija is Serbian brand, the national drink. It is made mostly from plumbs (“Sljivovica”) but there, is also, made from peers (“Kruskovaca” and “Vilijamovka”, apples (“Jabukovaca”), apricot (“Kajsijevaca”), quince (“Dunjevaca”)… You can buy in the shops industrial but the real experience is to drink the home made one. Be careful. It is very strong,...

  • Newspapers

    Although there are two daily and several weekly newspapers in Republic of Srpska, everyone use to read newspapers from Serbia and Montenegro, especially “Vecernje novosti”, “Blic”, “Politika”, “Nin” and “Vreme” and everybody trusts them. Some of them has specialized parts for Republic of Srpska with news from it.

  • Fans

    Even Bosnia and Herzegovina has its own leagues in almost sport, you will not found anyone supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina’s team. Especially the “National team”. Although, “Leotar” from Trebinje, Republic of Srpska, was the first Champion of common league of Bosnia and Herzegovina, each is fan of some Serbian team especially “Crvena Zvezda”...

  • The obstinacy

    As everybody looks for Radovan Karadzic for, as I said, something very disputable, people in Srpska use to ware T-shirts with his portrait or provocative and funny writings as this one. It is some kind of protest because of man-hunt.The guy wars T-shirt with writing:SERBIAN HERO – DO NOT TOUCH HIM!

  • Sense of humor

    As everybody looks for Radovan Karadzic, the establisher of Republic of Srpska and its first President, for, hmmm, something very disputable, people in Srpska use to ware T-shirts with his portrait or provocative and funny writings as this one:“WE ALL KNOW BUT WE DON’T WANT TO GIVE HIM”

  • The churches - in side

    You will see a lot of churches in my travelogues. Why? Every Orthodox church is piece of art in side. They are beautiful painted and decorated.

  • To be a Godfather

    To be a Godfather is really something honour here. We use to say: "God in the Heaven, Godfather on the land". Godfather is NEVER a member of the family. Some family has Godfather from the other family for years.

  • "We will do it easily..."

    If you come for a business trip don't be wonder if you business partner tell you "We will do it easily, let's go eat something first". It's the tradition here. Whole social, business, cultural and, why not, love life are happening here in coffee bars and restaurants. Simply, we love to eat and drink and there we feel "like a fish in a...

  • Three!

    Be careful, both men and women show their affection with three kisses on the alternate cheeks. Otherwise, someone will tell you: "God helps three times". Three is, in some way, national sign. All people in the World show two fingers as the sign of victory, we use to show three.

  • Look at in the eyes when you are...

    When you drink, doesn't matter what but especially alcohol drink, and you want to toast, obligatory look at right in the eyes. It's tradition and a sign of respect. Otherwise, they will think that you minimize thing you toasting to and tell you: “Look at me in the eyes”!

  • Smoking, everywhere!

    OK, not everywhere. In state institutions is forbidden but everywhere else you can light a cigarette. Even, people walk and smoke. It is ours national sport, too. Obligatory, offer the other with a cigarette.

  • Paying the bills

    Don’t be surprised if someone call you for a lunch or dinner and pay all. It’s a custom here. Even if their salaries are too small, people won't let their guests to pay anything. They don’t pay they bills separately even if they see each other for a first time. To pay just what you had for a drink or food? FORGET IT!

  • Lighting a candles

    When we are going to a church, we use to light a candle(s) for live and dead. There are places in or out of a church. We’re lighting them up for live and down for dead people.

  • Home altar

    As everything here is in the sign of “three”, almost every home here has altar with three icons. One is, always, of the Patron Saint and the rest are, mostly, Jesus and Holy Virgin. It is always on the eastern wall in the house.I have Saint George on the top, triptych which is about 300 hundred years in my family, and a small icon of Jesus which my...

  • Orthodox New Year

    Our church, Serbian Orthodox Church, didn't accept the New calendar and we celebrate New Year on, hm, and yours 13/14th January by “yours” calendar. We call it “Serbian New Year”.The central celebration party is always on the Republic Square with lot of popular musicians, trumpeters, fireworks, hot "Rakija" (home made plum brandy) and hot red...

  • The family feast of the Patron Saint

    One of the essential characteristics traditional things, which make a difference between Serbs and other Orthodox or other Christians, is “Krsna Slava” (The feast of the Patron Saint), the cult of celebrating the protector of the family. On that day, master of the house, invite Godfather, Godchildren and the family to celebrate together with him...


Republika Srpska Hotels

  • Cezar Hotel

    It looked nice but did not stay there to sleep, bacause I was short of money. Instead I travelled to...

  • Hotel Integra

    I didn't personally stay here overnight because it is about 15 minutes away by walking from my home....

  • Hotel Platani

    The hotel was renovated a few years ago. It is also located in the very centre of Trebinje.

  • Hotel Sico

    It owns 14 luxury suites. Every of this suit owns TV with local and satellite channels, direct...

  • Hotel Bistrica

    "Bistrica" hotel is situated on the Olympic Mountain Jahorina, a wellknown winter resort. This is...

  • Hotel San

    Hotel San (meaning Hotel Dream) is nice part of Laktasi spa. I was visited this hotel during one...

  • Biser Hotel

    I didn't stay here (I live close) but I attended to one seminar that was held here. It was open on...

  • Hotel Andricev Konak

    It was OK, cheap and clean, staffs were very nice and helpful. They have a cafetera and a restaurant...

  • Hotel Bosna

    Must be god, but I did not stay, I was in a hurry and slept that night in Zagreb Good, it looks very...


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