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  • Things to Do
    by Odiseya

Obudovac Things to Do

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    The church

    by Odiseya Updated Jul 12, 2015

    Big Serbian Orthodox church in Obudovac attract attention on main (Bosanski) Samac-Brcko road for sure. This is largest church within country and the largest village church in the territory of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It belongs to Zvornik-Tuzla eparhy.

    Church is dedicated to Nativity of Theotokos, the birth of Mary, and it is one of the Twelve Great Feasts of the Eastern Orthodox liturgical year. It is celebrated on September 21 on the liturgical calendar.

    The church had interesting history. It was began to be built in 1864 and was completed in 1882. The place of its buildings is past 300 years served only as a place to build a church and a graveyard.

    The church was built in a mixture of Serbian-Byzantine and baroque styles. The highest tower with a cross reaches a height of 46 meters, the length of the church is 27 and the width is 22 meters.
    The church is made of two materials, such as: stone called speleothems (lower part) and brick (upper part). The stone that was used for the construction of the mine from Opeža near Modrica and mines call Bijela (meaning: white).

    The church was build by the chief architect of Tasa in Ohrid with its fifty masters. The church was also constructed by Pasha and Vizier of the Ottoman Empire. Eighteen surrounding villages helped the construction and shipment of construction materials.

    The church has a huge iconostasis, which is high even 19.5 meters. It was build by renowned artist Roman Petrovic in Sarajevo. The iconostasis contain 24 icons and all the characters are life-size drawn. In a large altar're located 3 tones that are heavier than 2 tons.

    From 2005 the church, its cemetery and movable heritage (items) are national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Obudovac Shopping

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    Baci oko: Unique trade

    by Odiseya Updated Jul 15, 2015

    This is one of three shops that I saw on road between (Bosanski) Šamac and Brčko. This Baci oko (meaning: "catch eye") shop is only this kind shop in Obudovac and truly catch eye. Even this shop is partially places in typical house-like-barn and partially outside, next to main road is it very interesting.

    The Municipality of Samac has a long tradition of old crafts, most notably basket making, which has been carried from generation to generation until today. In the last few decades they use willow is cultivated and produced on plantations, and order types call Salix Americana.

    What to buy: There are very interesting items: decorative bottles, cradles, market baskets, buckets carpenter, buckets and flower stands, chairs and many other decorative items for the house. See more here on its official site - Baci oko

    What to pay: It will be at least for 5 BAM for small decorated items till around 50 or more BAM for chairs and furniture.

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Obudovac Warnings and Dangers

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    Road with a lot of curves

    by Odiseya Written Jul 13, 2015

    The main road Samac-Obudovac-Loncari-Brcko is good with asphalt but in some part from Samac till Obudovac had a lots of curves. It is very dangerous to drove fast especially is you have and caravan. Still lots of trucks is on the way and if you one come in front of you just be patience and drove slow and careful as they must do.

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    Rules of conduct in church

    by Odiseya Written Jul 12, 2015

    Visiting any religious site is required to behave in sort of manner. On enter to church yard there are and inscription with rules.

    It was written in Serbian and on Cyrillic letters:

    Молимо Вас да у цркву улазите тихо и достојанствено.

    За вријеме службе не ходати по цркви, цјеливати иконе, палити свијеће и разговарати, све те радње обавити по завршетку службе.

    У цркву улазите пристојно одјевени.
    Није дозвољен улаз мушкарцима под капом и женама које су превише обнажене.
    Молимо жене да не љубе иконе накармињеним уснама.

    Забрањено је пушење у црквеном дворишту и црквеним просторијама.

    Молимо Вас да искључите мобилне телефоне.

    Хвала на разумјевању.

    Црквена општина Обудовац"

    and I will translate for you as best I can:

    Please enter into the church quietly and with dignity.

    During the service do not walk around the church, kissing icons, light candles and talk, all the actions performed on completion of service.

    Enters the church decently dressed.
    It is not allowed enter for men wearing the hat and for women whose clothing that reveals too much.
    We ask women to not kiss icons if they have lipstick on their lips.

    Smoking is prohibited in the churchyard and church premises.

    Please turn off yours mobile phones.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Parish Obudovac "

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