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  • Footbridge on city beach
    Footbridge on city beach
    by Odiseya
  • Velika Usora
    Velika Usora
    by Odiseya
  • City Park
    City Park
    by Odiseya

Teslic Things to Do

  • Church on square

    Church of Holly Trinity is beautiful Serbian Orthodox church that dominated on public square in Teslić. This church is one of the largest church in the Republika Srpska and is dedicated to the fallen soldiers from the municipality Teslić in the civil war (1991-1995). Solderers names (507 of them) was inscribed on the memorial plaque that...

  • Public square in Teslić

    I love public squares. Public square in Teslić is very specious and it is main place for public celebration in town and for manifestations. I like church that dominated the square. The interesting part is also and small place for relaxation around public faucet.

  • Banja Vrucica

    Banja Vrućica is potentially the most famous natural spa, conference, sports and recreation and tourism center in the country.The whole complex is surrounded by the gentle hills on slopes of mountain Borja at 230 meters above sea level. and it covered with forests, and connected with the wide plains of the valley of the river Usora. For just a...

  • Public library "Danilo Kis"

    Public library named after Danilo Kiš, famous Serbian writer is oldest cultural institution in Teslić and whole municipality. The institution has a long history that is related to the very beginnings of the city and the establishment of the first Workers' Library in it in 1899. Unfortunately, the institution doesn't have its own building. I...

  • Exploring Teslic

    Teslić is small typical town in region. Whole municipality Teslić is among biggest in Republika Srpska.It is settled in valley of Usora river, surrounding with Borja massif and on the way from Banja Luka (85 km) and Doboj (27 km) so it could be a interesting day trip or vacation. In easy walking distance from town center you can enjoy in...

  • Relax in City Park

    Gradski park (meaning City park) in Teslić is nice place for relaxation. Reconstruction of this park was very ambition project. For now is only one stage of project finish. It main to have futuristic "look" in heart of Old town and surrounding by old houses and building build in time of Austro-Hungarian occupation of country and inspired by...

  • Sport center Hajducke vode

    On the scenic slopes of the mountain Borja at an altitude of 810 meters operates sports and recreation center Hajducke vode exceptional water features, beauty and integrity of the supply which can meet the needs of even the most demanding lovers of sport and recreation.There is a very good opportunity for vacation on mountain Borja all year long....

  • Monastery Liplje

    Even is not settled within town then in municipality, since long time ago Teslić was connected with Serb Christian Orthodox Monastery Liplje from 13th century. Religious tourism is very important for Teslić. Monastery Liplje is center of spiritual life wider region. In foot of beautiful mountain Borja from north, on gentle plateau where...

  • Mountain Borja

    Teslić is charming little town and center of municipality that has very good touristic potential. One attraction nearby is mountain Borja, interesting to visit in any time in year. Mountain Borja is mounting near Teslic on the way to Banja Luka. Precisely, is located in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina between two rivers the...


Teslic Restaurants

  • Odiseya's Profile Photo

    by Odiseya Written Sep 24, 2014

    Lane means fawn and it is popular local brand. I visit only restaurant and cafe bar on main street in Teslić. Besides that there is also and ethno resort in Blatnica near Teslić and night club.

    Lane restaurant and cafe bar is is place that you will definitely notice. It have central position in town and it is on the way to popular resort and spa Banja Vrućica in the village next to Teslić.
    It is placed in the same building with supermarket Maxi. It have very big outdoor terrace and nice and specious area within building.

    I notice the menu, nice selection of food and drinks for affordable and popular prices.

    Favorite Dish: I take only coffee here.

    Coffee in Lane restaurant Coffee in Lane restaurant Lane restaurant Lane restaurant and rest of building
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Teslic Transportation

  • Bus - Arrivals

    Bus is very efficient way to travel to Teslić.BUS LINES WITHIN COUNTRY:Doboj - Teslić: 08:09; 10:12; 11:39; 12:59; 14:49; 16:00; 18:23 and 19:49 (every day)Banja Luka - Teslić: 10:00; 13:55; 16:10; 17:45; 18:03; 18:16 ans 21:25 (every day)Istočno Sarajevo (East Sarajevo) - Teslić: 13:05Vlasenica - Teslić: 09:27BUS...

  • Bus station Teslic

    There is only available bus lines to and from Teslić to rest of region and for countries of West Europe. Very frequent is line Teslić-Banja Luka and Teslić-Doboj. The prices are average for country. The bus ride from Doboj takes about 30 minutes and cost 5 KM or 2,5 euros in one way. Bus station in Teslić is located on periphery...

  • Bus - departures

    Teslić have a good connection with some parts of country as well and abroad.Traveling within country: Teslić - Banja Luka line takes about 2 hours: 05:35; 06:40; 09:30; 11:34; 13:05; 14:15; 17:20 and 20:07 (every day)Teslić - Doboj line takes about 30 minutes: 06:00, 07:50; 08:40; 09:24; 17:40; 18:16 and 22:55 (every day)06:30 (every...


Teslic Sports & Outdoors

  • City beach

    City beach on Velika Usora river is very popular spot for youngsters in summer and spring. It is big area on both riverside and it is connected with new footbridge. There river is clean enough even in towns and here and people like to swim here. And is calm enough. swimsuit

  • Sport in Teslic

    Teslic is very sport friendly little town. It have several sports clubs and representative sports objects. Besides that, there is several sport public area besides schools terrain. I notice several basketball courts and it was in very good conditions. On square in front of sport and recreation center Radolinka there is unofficial place for acrobats...

  • River Velika Usora

    River Velika Usora is widely known for its wealth of fish. Experienced fishermen know that this mounting river is hidden sneep, maple, pomfret, pike, whitefish, and in the upper course and trout. Fisherman equipment, contact locals or local touristic office.


Teslic Favorites

  • Footbridge

    City beach in Teslić is spot interesting to visit all year long but especially during hot springs and summer days. I take this photo in springtime. One of interesting addition to the beach is a nice new footbridge that connected both riversides.

  • St Vitus Day eve 2009

    I visit Monastery Liplje during manifestation "Vidovdansko predvečerje" (meaning: St Vitus Day eve) on 27th June 2009. St Vitus Day is important religious and historic date among Serbs world wide. At the beginning of the program, which was held in the monastery churchyard with introductory of monk Stefan and religious ceremony. After religious...

  • Teslic Hotels

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