Bosnia and Herzegovina Restaurants

  • Restaurant Taurus and Crooked Bridge
    Restaurant Taurus and Crooked Bridge
    by Airpunk
  • Restaurant Taurus
    Restaurant Taurus
    by Airpunk
  • Caffe / Bar Publika
    Caffe / Bar Publika
    by Airpunk

Bosnia and Herzegovina Restaurants

  • The variety of the food

    The Bosnian cousine is so rich in flavours that no other can compare with it. It is mixture of its own origin, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Cuisine, giving a special taste to food adapted for our taste bud.The most expensive meal is FRIED EELS, a delicacy from Mostar. Eels swim from Adriatic Sea into the River Neretva, where they live in the...

  • Local Food in Pretty Setting

    There is a great choice of restaurants in Mostar, in both the Old Town and New Town. The only issue is not having enough time to try them all. I enjoyed good local food at this terraced restaurant along the river with a view of the Bridge. Nice place any time of day but especially so at sunset.

  • Perfect place

    Taurus is a great warmly place. The restaurant is lovely and charming and the atmosphere is very friendly. Food is excellent, more than excelent and they have a great domestic wine. I am definitely coming again! I would recommend it to everyone!! My favourite dish was fish plate, it was so jummy.

  • Try Solgan Dolma

    I highly recommend trying the stuffed onions. (if anyone has this recipe ..please forward it to me) The veal stew was also very tasty. This was one of the best dining experiences of my whole trip. The meal was delicious with service to match and a very reasonable price in a very pleasant setting in Sarajevo Old Town.


    Šadrvan is simply a great restaurant. It is just a few meters from the famous Mostar Bridge so you absolutely cannot miss it. I was greeted warmly outside and lead through what would be a great seating area outside (in summer) and into a warm interior. The décor is traditional and tasteful. My waiter was a great guy and everything just magically...

  • Floating restaurants

    There are many restaurants floating on the rivers, like this one in Banja Luka which floats on the river of Vrbas. You might be very pleasantly surrprised with the B&H cuisine. It is a kind of mixture of the Croatian, Serbian and Turkish cuisine.Almost in every restaurant you can enjoy in:- grilled mixed meat - broached lamband more importantly,...

  • Sadrvan (Mostar)

    In regard to restaurants, in Mostar one is spoiled by choice. So many restaurants have picked absolute beauty spots with great panoramic views of the Old Bridge that you really can`t go wrong. My absolute favourite was the Restaurant Sadrvan (="fountain"). After you cross the bridge to the western riverbank, it is on the left side (the place with...

  • Delicious food

    .A nice restaurant in a very nice interior with tables/umbrellas outside. Very nice waiter, only one - poor man, very busy almost running guy haha. We waited loooong for our dishes but thanks it we could meet and speak with Canadian troops - nice talkings.Good variety of food (delicious), good beer..You may pay either in Bosnian currency or Euro or...

  • Delicious Meat

    It is a very good restaurant on the road between Sarajevo and Mostar. It is impossible not to see this restaurant on the way. We ate the one of the most delicious lamb ever. Do not miss this place otherwise I must say you will regret.

  • Good coffee with locals

    The cafe inside Morica Han is a very good place to have a traditional Bosnian(Turkish) coffee. Where you can observe locals and have some idea about Bosnian people. The courtyard of Han is a very good place to have some rest and relax. It is cool in summer and not very crowded. We had coffe and tried tufahija (a kind of dessert). Both were very...

  • Burek

    Burek is flaky pastry filled with veggies, cheese and/or meat, sometimes withfruit (usually apples and cinnamon) and which is more sweet (desert-like), than savory.Burek's origins are Turkish, and burek is very popular in Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Greece, but Greeks won't admit that it is Turkish (You probably know about all of the animosity...


    I felt important to go to a Restaurant wich was frequented by local citizens and wich wasn't the first I have seen. A place you wouldn't realize first. I found a really friendly traditional Restaurant in the centre of the Bazar and a another smaller one with some incredible Bureks in the surrounding area. Look for oldfashioned interioir and you...

  • General food in Bosnia

    Cevapcici and burek are good. This is the specialty.There are many small food stands.The hamburgers taste delicious.The Pizza is as good as in an Italian restaurant.The chicken are big, A half is enough for one person.There are several good local wines.Short: Experience the local food! Hamburger speziale

  • Banja Luka - a very good restaurant,...

    You have a very good restaurant just near the river. Its name is Vrbas (just the same name of the river).It is sited in front of castle, but in the opposite bank of the river. The quality of meals are really very good, and the quantity? well, you can?t eat all that food, surely! But the big surprise is, when you finishing to eat, the servant gives...

  • Try the local food such as Burek and...

    This is real blue collar food at its best! There is nothing fancy but its flavourful and very filling. I recommend trying the meat Burek with the garlic yogurt sauce simply one of the best meals I have had and at 70p ($1) for a portion a real bargain. Cevapici is equally scarfed and at an equally light dip into the wallet. The Samon bread used with...

  • Don't Miss the famous Bosnian Pies

    The Bosnian meat pies are absolutely delicious! It is like a long fried pastry roll. Three different kinds of fillings are usually available, including meat, spinach or potatoes. You can get it in any snack shops around the old Mostar town. It is cheap (1 pound or 3KM (Convertible Marks) and delicious. Don't forget to order a cup of real Turkish...

  • Dobro Espresso!!

    The espresso in Sarajevo is excellent. It almost tastes alcoholic; it's strong but no bitter aftertaste. Best coffee in my life!!The price was 1 km for coffee (about 50 American cents and 2 km for a pastry.) Really a good deal.For smokers: you can smoke inside; for non smokers: they leave the door open. Every shop has a pastry cabinet. It took...

  • Mostar cuisine - Middle Eastern...

    Great glasses, huh? This was the 1980's, what can I say? We all wanted to look like Elton John.But focus on the food on the table, please. The food in Mostar was delicious and exotic, with its heavy Middle Eastern influence. One important culinary tip we learned the hard way after 4 weeks in Yugoslavia was while on the coast, eat fish. While...

  • Wines from Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Something you are not told in the United States is Bosnia and Herzegovina is extremely well suited for grape growing and wine making. One of my favorite wines was Mostar, which compared very well to California wines. Its label had a picture of the Stari Most bridge in Mostar. When I got back to the United States, I looked all over for this wine,...

  • Turska Kafa

    In Bosnia and Herzegovina, I became addicted to Turska Kafa, or Turkish Coffee. Even better than Starbucks! Turska Kafa is thick, rich, black and loaded with sugar, served in a small cup. I tried to duplicate it when I got back to the United States, but it wasn't the same.

  • Nectar Beer

    Nectar Beer is not that great. It is a Serbian brew but I am not sure exactly where it is brewed. It has a slightly metallic taste and has a lingering aftertaste too. I will stick with Lasko.

  • Burek - The Bosnian Staple

    These little Burek places are everywhere. Burek is a meat pie that is like a philo dough tube stuffed with minced meat. It is laid out in a concentric circle and baked. It tastes a litlle gamey sometimes and has lots of onion. I like it but in limited doses. You purchase it by the gram. Burek of course. They serve nothing else except sodas.

  • Lots of wonderful food here in Bosnia

    Great people, wine and food make for a spectacular evening on a hill top restaurant overlooking Sarajevo. A popular restaurant for movie stars and dignitaries because of its hilltop location as well as its food. The owners shared their photo collection and stories through our interpreter. The lamb was wonderful, the table filled with locals next to...

  • A bit of heaven in a bottle

    Ozujsko is a Croatian Beer that gets top marks in drinkablity and price. It is smooth and clean. It has a nice finish and all in all is a very good beer.It has something unusual though. It has a pull top that is very old school. I have never seen one of these on a beer before.

  • Tuzlanski Pilsner

    Tuzlanski Pilsner is a local beer brewed in Tuzla. It is an average tasting beer but it has a kick to it. It has about double the alcohol content of American beer and comes in a 16 oz. bottle instead of 12 oz. like all the other beers I see here. Same price, more beer. It is a better bargain. It costs about $1.00 at most restaurants.

  • I can walk to get a beer!

    This is located in Dubrave. We all call it Mamma's because most of us can't remember "Bosanska" after a few Heinekens. There is this stew that is pretty good. I'm not sure what the meat is but it is chewy, hot and filling.

  • best way of having good and...

    best way of having good and not expensive food: the little inns in the old town district of sarajevo.restaurants are quite expensive and not much better!every little inn around the area of the old town of sarajevo: bascarsija 10 cevape (grilled beef-meatrolls) with cubed onions and fresh turkish roasted bread - for about 1,5$. a portion of grilled...

  • Places to eat in BiH - that's...

    Places to eat in BiH - that's a huge subject. Basicly - they are everywhere and they can be very tiny, but serve excellent food. All kinds of them are usually family businesses and haev bunch of permanent customers, so do not be surprised seeing only few menu items - these are dishes usually eaten by owner's friends. Basic categories of places to...

  • Anywhere where burek is...

    Anywhere where burek is served. Such place is called 'burekdzinica' (pron. boorekjinitza).See my friends doing just that. Burek, what else! A fantastically greasy, indecently caloric and terribly tasty pie. Contrary to Slovenia where you only get meat and cheese burek, Bosnia will serve you also spinach burek (zeljanica), potato burek...

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