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  • Sarajevo
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  • Baščaršija ulica
    Baščaršija ulica
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  • Bascarsija in the morning
    Bascarsija in the morning
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Sarajevo Things to Do

  • Bascarsija

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    There's not much else I can add about Bašcaršija which hasn't probably already been said by numerous other VT's... perhaps other than to say, for me, there is no better place to start the first day in Sarajevo than in the heart of this magical city. Rising early in the morning, I wander along the quiet winding street which leads from my lodgings,...

  • Assassination Site - Latin Bridge

    The Latin Bridge was in a bit of a sorry state during our visit. The cobble stones across it were being relaid and the bridge was covered in tarpaulin and partially closed. From the state of the stones on the non-repaired side, I would have to say the repairs were essential. This bridge is, of course, famous as the place where Archduke Franz...

  • Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    This is the most significant Islamic building in Bosnia and Herzegovina, dating back to 1530. It is distinguished by its architectural values, varied base, multi dome system and courageously constructive solution from all other sub-dome mosques built in this country. The prayer area of this mosque is covered by a dome with 13m span and 26m height,...


Sarajevo Hotels

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  • Hotel Octagon

    Sarajevo was just a brief stop on our trip, we flew in on Tuesday night and left very early Thursday...

  • Hotel Michele Sarajevo

    for accommodation check i stayed there and it was one of the best stays ever in...

  • Hotel Safir

    Extremely convenient position, in a quiet side-street just outside the old town, with buses and a...


Sarajevo Restaurants

  • Popular place

    When I visiting Sarajevo usually eat here - in one of restaurant call Željo. I notice that I usually go in Željo 2. It is matter of convenience nothing else. I think its name is connected with name of famous Sarajevo football/soccer club "Željezničar" and its emblem is in its color - blue. It is in heart of Baščaršija. There is indoor...

  • Great restaurant

    I was with a Korean girl I had meet at Mostar train station and we were looking for a quiet restaurant to have dinner. We had no information at all about this place, but we have found it very interesting I ordered a grilled meat dish and she ordered cevapcici.We liked the ambience, the food and the service. My friend have found the food a little...

  • You'll regret it if you do not try food...

    In this restaurant/pizzeria food is amazing, they have a wide variety of food and drinks, steaks, pizzas, pastas and other dishes will leave you speechless. Atmosphere is a mixture of luxury and average, old and new, the way in which it is decorated give a sense of relaxation and atmosphere. For me, the food at this place is something that I would...


Sarajevo Nightlife

  • The hidden club: Sloga

    This place is fun, packed, cheap, and hosts some great Bosnian rock bands.In attempts to find Sloga a friend and I finally found this place the 4th time. The easiest way to get there is to get a cab and say Sloga. We made the error in trying to walk to this place. It's on a quiet alley and even when you walk into the building (attempt #2) you can't...

  • movies are gone. now there's club

    When we came it was still quite early on Saturday night but the place was almost full by 10 pm. It seems they mostly reserve tables before they come out... and all were reserved already (and/or full). The lights are red, the music goes very loud in the second storey, some people are standing and dancing a bit, mostly just talking and drinking.They...

  • Bascarsija by night - it doesn't get too...

    We randomly entered a few bars and places in very Bascarsija quarters which were open late, and remained opened until very late, don't know when they were to close - we left at four in the morning but people still hanged out, maybe because it was weekend.What a great two nights out :)Local young and older men and women, they know how to relax and...


Sarajevo Transportation

  • SJJ - the airport

    SJJ is a small airport with two boarding bridges and two gates where they bus you to your plane. Turkish had two flights a day when I wrote this going to Istanbul (1 am and 1 pm flight) with A321 a/c. One word of caution - the airport sits in a valley and the morning we left it was fogged in so our 9 am departure to IST did not leave till 2-3 hours...

  • Tram transportation

    Dear tourists, welcome to Sarajevo.If you decided to use the public transportation (trams, trolleybusses, buses), please mind the following informations:- The tickets for the single journey with the trams and trolleybuses can be bought in the ticket shops on many stations, and also at the drivers in the trams/trolleybuses/buses. The bus tickets are...

  • Trams

    We mainly walked around Sarajevo but on a couple of occasions we used the tram. We bought our tickets from a kiosk for 1.60 KM (1.80 from the driver). When you get on the tram you must validate the ticket in the ticket machine. The machines are at each end of the tram. Failure to stamp the ticket will result in a fine. Through away used tickets....


Sarajevo Shopping

  • In the heart of city

    BBI Center in Sarajevo is sophisticate shopping center and functional business and recreational complex.It is huge space! In basement you could go in supermarket or nice chocolate shop. On other floors you will find many shops with popular brands and restaurant. Inside is not allowed to use your camera.

  • 1984 Olympics

    The 1984 winter Olympics still appear to be a great source of pride for the residents of Sarajevo, we still saw the Olympic rings several places and while shopping along the streets in _____, we found plenty of items with Vucko, the wolf that was the mascot of the Olympics. Since almost all of the souvenirs appeared to be new, I would have to...

  • Retail Therapy

    Located in the city centre and across from the government offices - this is a wonderful place to shop and even just stop for coffee.


Sarajevo Local Customs

  • Graffiti in Sarajevo

    I am a great fan of graffiti - and everywhere I visit I try and capture some of the local styles. I was given a wide array of graffiti to photograph in Sarajevo. it was reasonably good and was on all the appropriate locations and walls. There did not appear to be any vandalism of official buildings and statues.

  • Men playing chess

    We came across a giant chess board near the Orthodox Church and it was fascinating to sit and watch for a bit, it seemed like less than an individual effort than a community effort with men gesturing and offering opinions on the next move for the two players. Our guide told us that his uncle said that the loser of the game had to be the 1st one out...

  • Local currency - Convertible Mark

    Bosnia and Herzegovina has one of the most interesting currencies in Europe. The local currency is the Convertible Mark (Konvertibilna Marka) comprised of 100 Feninga. The Convertible Mark (KM) was introduced in 1998 and at that time fixed at par to the German Mark.As the German Mark has been replaced by the Euro in 2002, the Convertible Mark is...


Sarajevo Warnings and Dangers

  • Sarajevo.Watch out for pickpockets in...

    You have to be sensible and careful both in all major cities, but somehow visiting Sarajevo left me with ambiguous emotions.This was one of the few times I travelled with a group, a package tour. In the group there were several elderly ladies who may not have had huge travelling experience. Sure, the guide could have warned them to remove the...

  • take paths used by locals

    1. Better to repeat it more often than too little times: do take it seriously if local advise you where not to go - mines were not cleared everywhere in BiH, especially so in rural areas. Within Sarajevo and cities you will be fine: but do observe if some areas are to be avoided. Always ask if you're not sure for particular area. People do go to...

  • drive carefully in Bosnia

    Since I was driver most of time on visits to Bosnia I will say this: pay attention to traffic all the time. You might know how to drive safely and slow enough, but many local drivers don't. We had almost two serious crashes because one guy was overtaking uphill (Tuzla- Sarajevo road) while we were approaching (I drove slowlier because of rain and...


Sarajevo Tourist Traps

  • taxi's from SJJ airport

    the company 'sarajevo taxi' is the only company whose cars can wait for fares at the airport - they are gangsters and will invariably overcharge (my favorite is when one tried to charge me €30. i thought the meter looked funny . . . turns out, he'd covered the meter an was pointing to the radio!). from the airport to downtown it costs less than...

  • Taxi Drivers at the airport

    The taxi drivers try to charge you more than they should by using any means. They are like a monopoly there. They charged extra fee for our luggages. If we would not accept this condition, we did not know how to reach the city center. The taxi driver knew a lot about Istanbul, he was friendly on the road to the hotel. But this extra charging issue...

  • Ottoman Gravestones

    Everywhere around Sarajevo, especially across the hilly neighborhoods, you can see numerous ottoman gravestones that are hundreds of years old. It gives a special value to the particular beauty of my hometown.


Sarajevo What to Pack

  • Travel Guides - Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Bosnia and Herzegovina is a rapidly developing country, therefore an up to date guide book for independent travellers is highly recommended. I must admit that it was quite difficult to find any guide books about the country. In our accomodation in Sarajevo we found the Bradt travel guide - Bosnia and Herzegovina which covers all sorts of...

  • In Your Pocket Guide

    I must admit that I am a huge fan of the "In Your Pocket" guides. They are usually an excellent resource for information about travels to Eastern or Central European cities. When we went to Sarajevo in September 2008 there was only a so called essential mini guide of "In Your Pocket" available on their website. Still it was very helpful for our...

  • guide book

    I thought the choice of guide books for the city might be limited, and I was right. I chose the Bradt guide on Bosnia & Herzegovina. First time I'd bought anything by that publisher (I'm a DK Eyewitness Travel buyer usually).I liked it a lot. In large part this was due to the writing style of the author Tim Clancy. The only disappointing element...


Sarajevo Off The Beaten Path

  • Prokos lake resort

    Situated high in mounting Vranica (1635 m) in municipality Fojnica Prokos lake (original name is Prokoško jezero) is for many off the beaten path. It is on 22 km far away from town Fojnica in central Bosnia and the road is not good, in fact it is a macadam road 20 m wide. The lake is a glacial type and it drained several streams with crystal clear...

  • The source spring of the Bosnia river

    Vrelo Bosne is name of natural resort where is spring of Bosnia river. The source of the river Bosna is located on the outskirts of Sarajevo, at the foot of the mountain Igman. It is very popular among foreign tourists and local residents. It consists of several small islands connected by bridges and numerous small streams. The park is also home to...

  • Martyrs Cemetery Kovaci, Sarajevo, BAH

    Silent and peaceful spot in Sarajevo ...Former "Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic" has also a grave here as he has last willed and testamented to be with the "martyrs" ...


Sarajevo Sports & Outdoors

  • Olympic sites

    In 1984 Sarajevo hosted the XIV. Olympic Winter Games. The opening ceremony was held in the Asim Ferhatovic Hase Stadium, which at that time was named Olympic Stadium (see my previous tip).In the vicinity of the stadium stands the Olympic Tower with the characteristic Olympic rings and the orange logo of the games.The official mascot was Vucko, a...

  • FK Sarajevo: The office of the club

    Here is the headquarter office of FK Sarajevo. Sarajevo was the leading team in Bosnia during Yugoslav period having been established in 1946. After the break-up of Yugoslavia they are not the strongest, but one of the good teams. In fact, probably in 2006/2007 season, they will be the champion.

  • Asim Ferhatovic Hase Stadium

    Sarajevo's Asim Ferhatovic Hase Stadium is the former Olympic Stadium, which was home to the 1984 Winter Olympic games. It is also known as Kosevo Stadium, which was its name from 1952 until 2004.The stadium was built in 1947 and underwent massive renovations in 1984 before the Olympic games and in 1996 after the war.Nowadays the stadium has a...


Sarajevo Favorites

  • Tourist information

    I had a hard time finding information on Sarajevo before visiting, there are no guidebooks specifically about Sarajevo or even Bosnia, online information is scarce although I did print out a guide from Wikitravel and an old edition of In Your Pocket. When we saw what we thought was a tourist office, marked with a white i in a green circle, we went...

  • Bosnian sweets - indulge the glutton...

    Out of all the things I'd been anticipating about Sarajevo, indulging my sweet tooth wasn't one of them. Well. This is the city where East meets West, and this filters down blissfully to even the sugar and syrup-laden level of dessert.First, the European. Sarajevo sweet shops (called a slastičarna in Bosnian) are filled with myriad...

  • the Emperor's Mosque

    Although it doesn't look, but it is... the oldest mosque in Sarajevo is Careva dzamija, the Emperor's mosque. Original construction was build in 15th century, in 1462 when it was financed by city planner Isa Beg Isakovic. It was then set on fire in 1480 by invaders fire, and after that they built new one from the ashes and got the present shape in...


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