Bosnia and Herzegovina Warnings and Dangers

  • Bombed out building.
    Bombed out building.
    by IreneMcKay
  • Bombed out building.
    Bombed out building.
    by IreneMcKay
  • At least they provide shade
    At least they provide shade
    by IreneMcKay

Bosnia and Herzegovina Warnings and Dangers

  • Landmines

    There are over one Million landmines in Bosnia so the danger if still very real. Bosnia, is a country where you really cannot walk on the grass!! In fact it is recommended that you do not walk or drive on any surface that is not paved. You will need to talk on dirt paths on occasion, but when you do please make sure that you only use well traveled...

  • Avoid speaking about politics,...

    Avoid speaking about politics because each national side have their own "truth" regarding passed war. Otherwise you are risking to be dragged into endless conversation which you couldn't understand.There are three religions in Bosnia; catholic, ortodox and muslim. While the cities could be mixed, the country side is pretty much compact regarding...

  • Watch your step

    DO NOT walk alone in rural BiH unless you have previously been there with someone very familiar with this specific area. BiH is the third largest repository of land mines in the world. Known mine fields are usually fairly well marked with red, downward pointing triangles depicting an explosion, but you cannot be certain that all mines have been...

  • Mines.

    Since the civil war there are many mines around Bosnia, so dont go out in the mountains or so, if you dont know how safe it is. Bosnia has many buildings with evidence from the war and mines all over the country, so you will always be rememberred.

  • Take your own food for the journey

    Don't count on any food or drink to buy in the train, or out of train in the stations, all 9 hours long!What you prepare in advance is what you eat and drink.

  • Policija!!!

    Well Thats amazing but, Sarajevo Police is all over the place and they will get youif you'r driving a rental car so forget about drinking & driving and drive slow otherwise you'rtotally Fu#$@ed!! oh...and don't get inside the city center at night they got all kinds of night time trafic traps for taking money out of your pocket! Take a taxi - belive...

  • LANDMINES, Sarajevo,Mostar

    I read some travell warnings about these dangerous killing fields that surrounds Bosnia before planning my trip down there. Location I found dangerous signs:SARAJEVOHrid Mahmutovac (south-east Sarajevo) also the entire mountains surrounding SarajevoMOSTARMountainside near Zahum with big lighted Crucifix, along the surrounding mountainsightsDon't...

  • Is Malta in Europe?

    Be aware if you are Maltan and want to travel in Bosnia. When I was at the border point between Serbia and Bosnia, border guard has a strong doubt where Malta lies and therefore, if it does no belong to EU, whether Maltans do not need visas. Fortunately for our Maltans colleagues I showed border guard a map of Europe and they might travel without...

  • Obey the signs - still unexploded...

    Even though the Balkan countries have cleaned their land out of old unexploded mines and other explosives, there are still some left. Another similar threat is a broke-down building or ruins that may collapse any time. In the cities they are usually marked and isolated, but on the countryside necessarily not. And it is only human that they have not...

  • Tunnels!

    Take care when entering the many road tunnels when driving through mountain roads in Bosnia, especially if it is sunny. They are not lit so completely black & often wet & potholed. Make sure you take sunglasses off before you enter or you wil not see a thing. Quite scary!

  • If you're vegetarian ....

    Near Jablinica on the road from Sarajevo down to Mostar there are a number of restaurants that specialise in lamb roasted on a spit.I'm sorry vegetarians but it was delicious.

  • Road signs in cyrillic

    The cyrillic alphabet is used mainly in Republika Srpska and can be pretty confusing. Have a good map!

  • Mines!!! Be careful

    Don't get seduced with the untuched nature. Wondering around can be very dangerous, since the mines are still there. So, please, stick to the asfalt roads and admire the nature from distance.

  • Post-war Dangers

    Fairly obvious, but a serious problem that remains from war time is... the landmine. Chances are of course small you would step on one, but its common sense to avoid the risk - by sticking to paved surfaces and not exploring old war ruins (see photo). Sarajevo's suburbs are still heavily mined so take care in those areas.

  • Unexploded objects

    Many parts of Bosnia remain dangerous as former front-lines are heavily mined and some of the ruins contain unexploded objects.

  • Land Mines

    When in Bosnia you have to watch out for landmines. The biggest tip is to just stay off the grass and dirt shoulders of the roads. If you go to Sarajevo you especially have to watch out in the suburbs.

  • Dangerous Ruins: Never enter any ruin...

    Bosnia and Hercegovina is a heavily mined country, with over 1 million landmines in its territory. To make it worse, over 500,000 landmines are still undetected. Therefore, always stick to asphalt surfaces and never pees into or go off the main roads. Moreover, never enter any ruin buildings, whether you are base on curiosity or not. Unless you...

  • Bad roads, even worse drivers

    These roads are in terrible condition and the drivers are all in a big hurry to get somewhere special. They will not hesitate to pass on blind curves or on one lane roads. There are little shrines to traffic victims along the roads all over this country. Even though they know it is dangerous they almost all drive recklessly. They are not being...

  • Dark Tunnels

    Most highway tunnels in the USA, Canada, and Western Europe are lit on the inside with electrical lighting. This makes it easier to transistion from sunlight to dimmer light.Tunnels here have NO electrical lighting and this is very hazardous during daylight hours. We were drivning in brilliant sunlight and entered this tunnel while we were all...

  • This is still a war zone.

    There is still a lot of tension here. There are lots of weapons stashed and there is still a seething undercurrent of hostility between the people. There are weapons ranges here where they practice with live rounds. If you see signs warning you to stay away, heed these warnings! These are live hot rounds.

  • UN soldiers patrols

    There are still a few thousands UN soldiers from many different countries in BiH, trying to maintain the peace, patrolling the streets and looking for weapons.They have barracks close to the major towns and to the border crossings.Bosnia is apparently safe, but special care must be taken for mines in rural areas and for possible sudden unrests in...

  • Get dressed well...

    THAT ISN'T MEANT TO NORMAL PEOPLE!!! I'm not normal… :) I was traveling to Bosnia in March, I think (maybe even in February?!?). For slovenian people are other countries of former Yugoslavia just 'South', so I didn't think about Bosnia at all. I was thinking like: 'It wont be cold there, it's South…' Like I've never heard before that...

  • History and Politics

    To understand Bosnia it is imperative that you understand its history (going all the way back to the Ottoman Empire, Tito and World War II). I was surprised how often these subjects and grievances came up! Make sure you know the basic history before arriving…it is really the only way you can discern fact from fiction and come up with your own...

  • Watch out for Military Traffic

    SFOR (Stabilization Forces) is a Multi national group which polices this area. The roads here are really bad and narrow and some of the military vehicles are really big. When you see military vehicles, especially a convoy, try and avoid them.

  • MINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are millions of them here. Stay on packed dirt or concrete and you will be OK. Stay out of any fields that do not have livestock and for Gods sake, DON'T GO EXPLORING ABANDONED HOUSES!

  • Attention! Mines! Entry strictly...

    Look at the sign: 'Attention! Mines! Entry strictly forbidden!' which I found in Croatia near B&H border. There maybe land mines in not signed areas in B&H (even by the roads). It's better not to go anywhere from the main road.So if you can't find any toilet... hmmm :-)))

  • Two entities of Bosnia and...

    Two entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina have separate post and telecommunications systems. Be aware - different stamps, phone cards and tariffs.

  • We have a Dodge Avenger...

    We have a Dodge Avenger (shipped over) which we use to get from Croatia to BiH. Several times we were stopped by the police who said we were speeding, and demanded money for the fine right then and there. When we presented our passports and asked for a receipt for the 'ticket' the fine disappeared.Don't drive through the mountains unless you are an...

  • If the phrase 'Republika...

    If the phrase 'Republika Srpska' makes you feel kind of uneasy, it's no wonder. This area is known for ethnic cleansing and other brutalities committed during the war. However, it's another good proof that mostly bad news make it to the public, because in reality there is no problem at all. They have their own police and other authorities, but it's...

  • Do not start any political...

    Do not start any political conversation with the natives! If you do find yourself involved in one (ie. if they started it), keep your opinions as neutral as possible. Say you don't know the problem, or just nod to what your interlocutor says no matter whether you agree or not. These issues will be forever sensitive.

  • Many mines still exist. Never...

    Many mines still exist. Never go off the road unless you are with someone who knows the area! But Bosnia is safer than most US or European cities. The people are friendly and hospitable. Reasons for the war are complicated, but on a personal basis everyone gets along, and it is safe now. You can walk the streets at night. Very little theft or petty...

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Warnings and Dangers

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