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  • The summer garden interior
    The summer garden interior
    by Ivo_K
  • The Snezhanka (Snow White) salad
    The Snezhanka (Snow White) salad
    by Ivo_K
  • The tomato salad with buffalo cheese
    The tomato salad with buffalo cheese
    by Ivo_K

Pleven Things to Do

  • Close to Pleven in the summer...

    Close to Pleven in the summer time you can spend your time in Kailaka, 4 km distance from center. There is a nice lake with boats, nice park and a very nice swimming pool with mineral water.

  • Exhibition donated by Svetlin Roussev

    Svetlin Roussev is a renown Bulgarian painter, born in Pleven. He donated 400 works of his collection of paintings and sculptures of Bulgarian and foreign artists.The permanent exhibition resides in a building that served as a public bath till 1970s.The exhibition contains works of Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, Dechko Uzunov, Vladimir Dimitrov, etc.

  • Historical Museum

    The regional historical museum resides in a building that was originally planned for barracks in 1888. The exposition is organized in five themes - Archeology, Ottoman period and Revival, Modern History, Ethnography and Nature, showing the history, culture, flora and fauna of Pleven area:Archeology section shows findings- from pre-historic time:...

  • House-Museum Tsar Liberator Alexander II

    This is the house of the family of Vatsov, where the Russian Tsar Alexander II was accommodated on December, 11th, 1877 after fall of Pleven. The captured Turkish general Osman pasha was presented there to the Russian Tsar.In this house lived also the first military governor of Pleven, general Skobelev.In the beginning of the 20th century the house...

  • St. Nicolas Church

    There was a church on the place from medieval times. In the 13th century there was a temple built by traders of Dubrovnik. The church was built and rebuilt many times. Today's building dates back to 1834. In order to follow the rules for churches buildings at the time of Ottoman Yoke, the church lies 1.5 m below the ground level. The tower bell was...

  • Chapel-Mausoleum St. George

    The memorial chapel St. George was built in honour of 31,000 Russian and 7,500 Romanian soldiers, who fell during the Siege of Pleven in 1877. The chapel was built between 1903 and 1907 by the project of the architect P. Koychev and was named after the patron saint of Bulgarian Army, St. George.Chapel-Mausoleum St. George is depicted on the coat of...

  • Pleven Panorama

    The landmark of Pleven, Pleven Panorama was built for 100th anniversary from Russian-Turkish war (1877-1878) that lead to the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Yoke. The Siege of Pleven last for 5 months (20 July–10 December 1877) and is aka Pleven Epopee. Pleven Panorama depicts the battles of Pleven, mainly the third one. The most...

  • park Skobelev and Panorama

    Panorama is memorial of the russian soldiers died in The Russian-Turkish war 1878.In the Panorama there is uniqe and enormous paintings of the Pleven fights.The park outside the Panorama is named after the russian general Skobelev who lead the russian army.The park is wild and natural outside the city

  • This is a photo taken inside...

    This is a photo taken inside the Panorama hall.The cannon is real but everything behind it is a picture...

  • Near the city hall on the same...

    Near the city hall on the same square there is a beautiful church which is now a museum.

  • There is some pics of the...

    There is some pics of the stage of Pleven theatre...You can see me on the pics - the guy in the red costume...

  • Speedy look at the most...

    Speedy look at the most beautiful restaurant from Pleven. It is located in center, here you can eat and drink everything just making an order from pictures menu, it's simple and easy for you, and don't forget it's very chip.


Pleven Hotels

See all 4 Hotels in Pleven
  • Balkan

    85 Rousse Boulevard, Pleven, 5800, Bulgaria

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Balkan

    85, Ruse Blvd, Pleven, 5800, bg

  • Rostov Hotel

    2, Tsar Boris Iii Str., Pleven, 5800, BG

Pleven Restaurants

  • Tasty Serbian Barbecue!

    This not centrally located restaurant went through many transformations (it was also Italian in the past) but I do believe that its owners finally found the right cuisine for their venue and now it serves different dishes from the Balkan peninsular with a focus on the Bulgarian and especially the Serbian barbecue (done on real wooden coal it is...

  • New restaurant with a great summer...

    This is a newly renovated and quite good looking not very big in size restaurant in the centre of Pleven. It's situated on the 7th floor in the business centre "Genimex" and offers from its summer terrace a great view over the beautiful building of the city hall of Pleven and the surrounding area. There is live music playing retro hits changed from...

  • Cosy and convenient!

    This is a newly opened cosy and clean cafe and confectionery in Pleven. It is situated not far from the town centre and the pedestrian zones as well as some main attractions like the historical museum, the town garden and the park-musem "Skobelev". We found it not only charming but also quite convenient for families with small kids because of the...

  • One of the best restaurants in Pleven

    This is a restaurant situated in the very centre of the city, next to the famous old church. The building is owned by the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox church and that's why it was named "Paraklisa" (The Chapel). The venue was opened years ago, but it changed tenant/owner and its chef recently therefore we decided to visit it and we have been amazed...

  • Great food at affordable prices!

    This restaurant was opened several years ago, but still keeps the image of cooking and serving great food at affordable prices. It is situated a little bit away from the city centre, relatively close to the famour park Kailuka and offers quite a nice menu of traditional Bulgarian dishes plus good variety of alcohol, wines and beer (two-three types...

  • Not worth the visit...

    This relatively recenltly opened restaurant is located in the very centre of Pleven. It is actually under the ground and that's why it's plus the fact that it pretends to be a tradional Bulgarian folk restaurant (as interior and cuisine) this venue is called "Starata Izba" (The Old Cellar"). The meals are average as taste and price (the only dishes...


Pleven Transportation

  • Bus Station Pleven

    The historical city of Pleven in North Bulgaria is well connected to many destinations in Bulgaria. The timetables can be found here (in Bulgarian, use Google translate):

  • Transportation with a taxi/trolleybus in...

    There are several taxi companies a tourist can trust while he/she is in Pleven, the situation has changed a LOT since the previous review written several years ago. These companies even reject your call and call you immediately after that at their expense. Their cars have taximeter and you won't get lied. Such companies are Express Taxi (cell phone...


    Now this is a tricky situation , those guys out there driving their private cabs(taxis) are basically ready to rip your head off . Unfotunately this is the easiest way to get anywhere in town and there ain't no way you can avoid them, however DON NOT tip them because they have already added it into your bill several times.Good luck and have fun...


Pleven Warnings and Dangers

  • "Лев"

    Ôàáðèêàòà çà ïðîèçâîäñòâî íà öèìåíò "Ëåâ" å ïî÷íàëà ðàáîòà ïðåç 1909 ãîäèíà è å áèëà íàé-ãîëÿìàòà íà Áàëêàíèòå. Íåéíèòå àêöèîíåðè ñà áèëè ïðåäïðèåì÷èâè è ñåðèîçíè áèçíåñìåíè, êîèòî íèêîãà íå ñà ñè ðàçäàâàëè äèâèäåíòè, à ñà âëàãàëè ïå÷àëáàòà â ïðîèçâîäñòâîòî. Ñëåä 1944-òà ãîäèíà ôàáðèêàòà ñå íàöèîíàëèçèðà, à ïðåç 2000-íàòà ãîäèíà, çàâîäúò ñå ïðîäàâà...


    Don't you guys ever exchange foreign currency out on the street with a "helpful" stranger unless you want to get ROBBED.Best bet is go to the bank and don't ever ever fall for those guys' tempting exchange rates.

  • Pleven Hotels

    4 Hotels in Pleven

Pleven Favorites

  • Visitors Information

    Since the most of the places of interest are closed on Sunday and on Monday, it is better to visit Pleven on the other days of the week. Only Pleven Panorama works without a break, and of course the church St. Nicolas.The tourist information office is located next the town hall, on the main square, in front of the chapel-mausoleum.

  • About Pleven

    Pleven municipality occupies the middle part of the Danube plateau. It is located in the heart of Mizia area, an agricultural region, fenced by medium in height lime hills. The central location in Northern Bulgaria determines its importance as a major administrative, political, cultural and transportation center. Pleven town is located 170 km from...


    THE MOST IMPORTANT THING when you visit Pleven is to visit its Panorama hall. Nowadays there are 33 panoramas all over the world. One of them with the biggest dimensions is constructed in Pleven, about 170 km to the north-west of Sofia. Pleven is one of the largest Bulgarian towns with a millennium history and full of historical sights. Pleven...


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