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Naroden Park Vitosha Things to Do

  • What is this?

    To me it looks like a radar station, or maybe it is a part of the meteorological station? It is situated on Mt. Malak Rezen, on the way to Cerni Vrh. Whatever it is, it's a nice motif for a photo. And maybe somebody can help me with more info?

  • Snow

    Do you love snow? If yes, you can see some even in mid-July! There is some hardened snow left on northern slopes. We came across a patch on the way down to Aleko. As you can see on the pic, you can walk on snow, dressed in shorts! And I didn't feel cold at all, after all, it was 25'C...

  • Views from Cherny Vruh

    If you're climbing Cherny Vruh, don't forget your zoom lens. The views are great from all sides of the top, so make sure you go around. On one side, you can see Rila mountain, still covered in snow here and there. On the other side, you can see a big blue lake in the distance. On the side of the pub you can see Sofia down in the valley. Zoom in,...

  • Climbing Cherny Vrah

    Takes around 2 hours from Aleko, there are several trails, some very steep, some easier. The views are worth it. On the top, there's a small pub at the Meteorological station, where you can also bring your own food but I recommend the traditional mountain pub "cuisine" : bean soup, lentis soup, real herbal tea... Enjoy the fresh air, spectacular...

  • Bungy Jumping site?

    This tip is meant for my friend Pocketpiglet, cause he is so fond of bungyjumping. As you can see I was only testing, cause I had no rope. Looks like it is not high enough for me. But Piglet is a lot smaller, so I guess this would be a nice place for him to jump.

  • Flora

    There are more than 1500 species of plants within the boundaries of the national park. Some of them are endemic, and some endangered. Especially this high the flora is vulnerable. So dont pick any, and take care where you put down your foot / drive your bike!

  • Moraines

    The moraines, also called stone rivers, are typical for Vitosha National Park. The largest ones are up to 2 km in length and 50 m in width.There are eight of them, left by anxient glaciers. Many of the granite rocks are rounded by natural forces. The most spectacular one is said to be the one in the Zlatni Mostove area (Golden Bridges). The ones on...

  • Multiuse meteorological station

    The meteorological station on top Cerni Vrh was finished in 1935, and is still in use. But it also serves as a shelter in case of bad weather, there is a restaurant serving excellent bulgarian food (see restaurant tips) and the mountain rescue service has a base there. Start and stop point for many hiking and mountain biking trails.

  • "Inventor" of bulgarian mountain tourism

    This monument near Cerni Vrh must be for Aleko Konstantinov, writer and democrat: The nickname he gave himself in one of his short stories, Shastlivetsa (The Lucky Man) is written under the relief face on the rock, and the square plaque down right of the relief is a memorial of 100 years of tourism, 1895 - 1995. Konstantinov invited people to climb...

  • Cherni Vrah

    Cherni Vrah (meaning The Black Peak) is the highest peak of Vitosha mountain (2290m) and the 4th highest one in Bulgaria.It is easily reached form Sofia. There are a lot of routes leading to Cherni Vrah from different parts of Vitosha mountain but the most popular one is the route from Aleko. How to get to Aleko see my transportation tips. From...

  • route:from Knjazhevo to Zlatni mostove

    This is my favourite route in Vitosha.How to get there with the public transportation:Take the tram No 5 from the Court House to Knjazhevo -get down the last stop. You need about 30min to get there. There is a mineral water spring next to the stop.From Knjazhevo you start climbing. Follow the mark shown on the picture. You need about 40 min to get...

  • Enjoy autumn colours in Vitosha

    Take the chair-lift and ride over beautifully coloured trees. On the way to Cherny vrah you can also see some red-and -yellow fieelds and forests. The mountain is really great in all seasons, there's always something to enjoy:Climbing, picnicking, herb-collecting in summerClimbing, enjoying colours in autumnSkiing and other winter sports in...

  • Stone Rivers

    See the power of nature!These stone rivers were formed thousands or millions years ago as the snow melted and rolld down. In Bulgarian they ar called 'moreni' (morrains?). There are several stone rivers, some near Aleko, and some near Zlatnite mostove areas.

  • Collecting herbs

    There you can freely collect a lot of kinds of herbs. So take a few bags with you and you can pick some herbs while going around. The most popular herbs are: thyme (for colds), St.John's wort ( colds, depression), colt's foot ( sore throat), wild strawberries (vitamins and flavour), etc. The season is June and July. If you don't know anything about...

  • Enjoy the ride on the chair-lift.

    You can even take your bike, or have your skis on in the winter. Prepare your camera to take some nice pics. Dress well: it's chilly up there even in the summer.Ass you can see on the additional photos, there are also other means of getting to Vitosha :)

  • Skiing & winter

    There are several facilities with lifts, equipment rentals, hotels, pubs etc. The biggest skiing centre is at Aleko, just under Cherny Vrah. There are pistes for all kinds of skiers and snowboarders. There are skiing schools too. Better use official pistes only, as there could be avalanches.For those of you who arent't expert skiers, you can do...

  • Wild Geranium

    You can come accross wild geranium fields when climbing from Dragalevtsi. It is beautiful. The plant is called 'zdravets' in Bulgarian, it derives from the word for health ('zdrave'). It is used in traditional rituals for health, etc. It's one of the most common plant you'll see in pots at almost every home.

  • Boyana Church

    Built in 1259 and with its unique frescoes, no wonder it's a UNESCO heritage site.It was built as a family chapel within the palace of a Bulgarian nobleman. His family and the Bulgarian Royal family at the time, are depicted in frescoes inside.


Naroden Park Vitosha Restaurants

  • Bulgarian cuisine

    There are about 15 chalets in Vitosha National Park, all serving local food. On the main picture: Aleko Chalet. We used the toilets there, which are of the hole in the floor type, and did not smell too bad. They charged us some small coins to give us toilet paper. The mountain rescue cabin is to the left of the climbing wall, end station of the...

  • Cherni Vrah Tea House (chajna)

    The bean soup there (as everywhere in Vitosha mountain) is a must! Tea, coffee, lins soup, pan cakes, etc. are also offered and the prices are very, very low. But usually there are a lot of people so be patient and wait. It is worth waiting.

  • If you are hungry when you get to Golden...

    As I finally reached Zlatnite mostove (Golden bridges) I was looking for a restaurant to have lunch. The one I usually visit there wasn't opened for the season yet, so I had to try something new.Kuker is actually a small private hut, so it offers accommodation. It looks really nice place, everything there is new and clean, there is an Internet...


Naroden Park Vitosha Transportation

  • Lifts

    To go to Aleko area you have several choices:Bus 66 from Hladilnika t Moreni Hotel, and 10 min walk to Aleko.Bus 122 to Simeonovo Cable-car station. Gondola to Aleko: 3.50 lv one way, 6lv return ticket (check operating hours so you don't miss the last one).Bus to Dragalevtsi . Take 'Bai Krustyo' chair lift to Goli Vruh and walk 15 min to Aleko.From...

  • 4 different means

    I got to try four different means of transport the day of our Vitosha hike: Taxi to Hladilnica (Refrigerator!), bus no 122 to Simeonovo, Gondola to Aleko and chair lift to Mt. Malak Rezen! All together at a cost of appr. 10 Lev / 5 Euro per person each way (three people and a moose sharing a taxi).There are several entry points to the national...

  • Lift from Aleko to Cherni Vrah

    There is another lift from Aleko to Cherni Vryh if you are in a hurry or you are lazy to have the an hour and a half walk to the Cherni Vryh.This lift looks more dangerously that the cabin one but as far I know there are no accidents so far. And the personal helps you getting up and down. Be careful while you getting down, the legs hurt a lot...


Naroden Park Vitosha Warnings and Dangers

  • Follow the marked trails!

    If not, you might end up like me! The road is winding, and we were tempted to take a shortcut. Pic 2 shows what it looked like BEFORE it started descending: rocks in a muddy path. Trying to avoid the mud, I pretended to be a mountain goat, jumping from stone to stone. Not a wise thing to do, especially when the path goes steeply downwards. What a...

  • Bring enough clothes!

    It is windy, and often cold up here, even on a warm summer day. No wonder: It is 2290 meters above sea level, average yearly temperature is minus 0.3 C! On this picture I am sitting down to minimise the areas for the wind to cool me down. I saw people coming up the trail in their bathing costumes: They had been walking up and were of course warm,...

  • Naroden Park Vitosha Hotels

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Naroden Park Vitosha Off The Beaten Path

  • Vitosha Vododaina Zona

    As I said earler it's the perfect place to build a kicker or use somebody else's and get the softest landings rolling in powder snow

  • Water Collecting Valley Vitosha Mountain

    Just on the left side of the Ski Route that takes you from the Romanski lift to the slopes of "The Wall " - Stenata, is located this little Canyon where water is collected. It could happen that you're the only person around here , as it's filled with deep snow and usally skiers don't come in...It's a perfect place to build a kicker and spend your...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Naroden Park Vitosha Sports & Outdoors

  • Rusket's Profile Photo

    Hiking, Biking and skiing

    by Rusket Written Jul 30, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The main reason why Vitosha National Park is so popular is that it is a very good recreational area close to Sofia and easy to get to. There are excellent posssibilities for exercising both summer and winter. There a miles and miles with marked trails in varying landscapes, which are very good, infact driveable. We saw many people with mountain bikes during our hike.

    There are many lifts and several downhill ski runs; the longest one 5 km and all together 29 km marked ones. There are even 15 km marked cross country tracks.

    Equipment: Skiing equipment can be hired at the resorts

    Crossing moraine, Vitosha Marked trail, Vitosha Marked trail, Vitosha Through the wood
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Naroden Park Vitosha Favorites

  • Rusket's Profile Photo

    Red Cross Moutain Rescue Service

    by Rusket Updated Jul 30, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fondest memory: These two nice mountain rescuers desinfected my injured leg, sprayed it with some antibacterial stuff and put on bandaid. They were kind and humourus, we made ourselves understood with my serbo-croatian and their bulgarian (well, guess they used some serbian words to make it easier for me, and they do speak english, too.) In fact they knew a little norwegian: They had visited the Norwegian Red Cross and knew how to say it in norwegian: "Røde Kors", and how to toast: "Skål!" :-)

    I took pic 2 for another reason: To write a tip about filling up your water bottle before starting your hike. Incidentally the rescuers Aleko headquarters is in the background on the right side of the picture, thus I place it here for you to see where you should go, should something similar happen to you.

    They even have Ambulance gondolas to bring injured people down from the mountain! (pic 3) I did not try them, after all, I had walked an hour to get there, so I figured I could go by a normal gondola down ;-)

    Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service

    To report accidents / call for help, you can use one of these phone numbers night and day:

    02 963 2000
    GSM: 088 1470 (for M-tel prescribers),
    Cell phone: 048/1843

    Cerni Vrh base:
    02 967-11-28

    Aleko base:
    02 967-1155
    GSM: 088 1472 (for M-tel prescribers)
    Cell phone: 048 1840

    Mountain rescuers, Aleko Mountain Rescue cabin, Aleko Gondola
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