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  • i don't really know what it is..:))
    i don't really know what it is..:))
    by say-no-more
  • Extreme Bowling Club
    Extreme Bowling Club
    by v_bisheva
  • don't jump on police cars:)
    don't jump on police cars:)
    by say-no-more
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    The Art of Being a Foreigner...

    by hekate Written Jan 21, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Cover :)

    Favorite thing: Ok, what you see on the picture is the cover of a book called The Art of Being a Foreigner.

    This book is a result of the mutual efforts of two VTers: Dilian and Kalenderov.

    It tells about the travelling experience they had together sometime ago in Italy and Greece. They both claim that things mentioned in the book really happened. If you ever read it you would understand why I had some doubts about how authentic are some passages in there :)

    If they ever translate it into English I would highly recommend to everyone around reading it :) Especially if you are a backpacker you will love that book :)))

    I do not recommend the book just because they are my friends it is because the book really worths reading it. It is written with a great sense of humour (which might occur a bit brutal at times to more refined people :))) ) and uncovers what is the real life of the Bulgarians living abroad. It is a book that talks about serious things in an entertaining way.

    You can learn a big deal about Bulgarian mentality and way of thinking when reading this book. You will read about the Bulgarian immigrants' dreams, superstitions and disappointing experience.

    I said enough, now all that has to be done is to translate the book, so you can enjoy it as well OR the harder option for you is to learn Bulgarian in order to read it :)))

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    by say-no-more Written Sep 14, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    i don't really know what it is..:))

    Favorite thing: there are surprisingly many parks in sofia, which are really beautiful. and they are famous for it's numerous statues, such as this one. so, you have a park and a gallery all in one! a great way to make people see some art every day

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    Bowling is fun...

    by v_bisheva Written Jul 15, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Extreme Bowling Club

    Favorite thing: Bowling is a light and easy going game, but it can be real fun. In Sofia there are some bowling clubs where you can spend a great time. They are places where the time flyes while you enjoy your friends and cool emotions...

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  • say-no-more's Profile Photo

    the police

    by say-no-more Written Jun 29, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    don't jump on police cars:)

    Favorite thing: we were going back to our hotel and we saw this old police car parked on the side. we thought it was a good idea to jump on the car and take a picture with it. but it wasn't. the policemen were standing a few meters away and didn't really like what we were doing. but they saw that we were only trying to take a picture so they let us. we got off pretty good, considering it was 5.30 am, and we were - well, you can imagine in which condition...:)
    i thought it was a very funny situation, as you can see on the picture...:)

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    On The Field. By Peyo Yavorov

    by kalenderov Updated Apr 6, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Do not be waiting for the dawn,
    Go out and plaugh, plough, plough on...
    There is no good to tell,
    So let it go to hell!
    You haven't blinked, the moon's asleep
    Up in the sky, the night is deep,
    Your head is heavy, your eyes with clay
    Are shut together. No time to sit!
    Easter's close, and plaugh and seed
    The earth is waiting - day after day.
    C'mon, move on! 'Cause see, the neighbour
    Is also ready for heavy labour.
    And out you go, in freezing earth
    You push the plaugh, you hit and hurt
    The poor cow... A foggy night
    Sinks in the valley, and then you might
    Rest shortly, stop,
    Head spinning so...
    You can't just drop.
    Go... Go, sucker, go!

    If all the thorns and weeds allow,
    Go out and plough, plough, plough...
    There is no good to tell
    So let it go to hell!
    The morning comes, the sky's in fire
    And flowers make up the fields' attire
    The sheppard plays, the herd is moving
    And birds are singin' so f.uckin' groovy.
    You look and listen, you don't know why
    You got the blues: and damn it, God!
    Something inside you just wanna cry
    And freezing blood's choking the heart.
    The noon arives, the cool is gone,
    Sun-fire's burning the trees, the stone.
    You sweat like hell - so hot inside,
    Can't go no more - you gotta abort,
    You grab your back and get up - Lord!
    And in a hurry you take a bite.
    Just drink a coke
    And eat that doe!
    You spit and choke...
    Go... Go, sucker, go.

    Fondest memory: The sun will burn you 'til the grave.
    You plough, plough, plough - like slave...
    There is no good to tell,
    So let it go to hell.
    You come back home, call it a day,
    And some commotion, from far away,
    You hear then. But what the hell
    In your place goes - you could not tell.
    And later on, you know and fear,
    'Cause a.sshole-taxman has come to clear
    Your empty pockets. The folks - in fever
    "He'll take it all, that stinkin' evil!"
    That's all you hear, that's all the talk,
    And you're thinking - it's just a joke!
    "To work like crazy". If you could rub
    Your head and turn that falling lice
    Straight into money to pay the price!..
    You think, and think - right to the pub
    There get some drinks,
    'Cause, buddy-Joe,
    Life trully stinks!
    Go... Go, sucker, go!

    * * *

    That's how we die,
    I'm saying so,
    And I don't lie!
    Go... Go, f.ucker, go!

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    by say-no-more Updated Jun 29, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: you will see a lot of street musicians in the city. some of them are really good! they make the city alive and give it that great traditional bulgarian spirit. you'll love them!

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  • say-no-more's Profile Photo

    street sights

    by say-no-more Written Jun 29, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    Favorite thing: this is a typical bulgarian tobacco. you have to get on your knees to buy something. it's so much fun!

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