Bulgaria Tourist Traps

  • the painters had another interpretations....
    the painters had another...
    by kharmencita
  • Maybe: 1) the Horse Rider 2) the Madonna w/ Child
    Maybe: 1) the Horse Rider 2) the Madonna...
    by kharmencita
  • this could be the Madonna embracing child
    this could be the Madonna embracing...
    by kharmencita

Bulgaria Tourist Traps

  • taxi service

    Sofia Tourist Traps

    Taxis can be nototiously hit or miss at Sofia airport, so it's best to avoid them. The easiest solution is to prepare your transport options in advance. I've had very good experience with the prompt and efficient team at easysofiatransfer.com.

  • Avoid scam exchange bureaus in Sofia

    I would like to support Jtripper's comment on those scam exchange bureaus on Vitosha Boulevard in Sofia. Please dont let the big sign of the exchange rate placed outside the bureau fooled you like it did to me. Today I exchanged some money on Euro normal rate will be 1.95 leva and I saw big sign on the board outside the bureau which is located next...

  • Corupt Trafic police in Bulgaria

    No Bulgarian rental company will let you, take their car into Macedonia, Serbia & Albania...Another thing is even if you rent-a-car in those 3 countries, Bulgarian police won't let you come with rental.. They ask lots of documents and be prepared to bribe the Bulbarian police..€5 will be sufficient in your passport..Last summer (August 2009) we...

  • Exchange bureaux scams Vitosha...

    Watch out for rip off exchange bureaux on Vitosha Boulevard, Sofia Bulgaria. These scam artists show just slightly inflated selling rates for £s $s Euros but it isn't clear that they are in fact selling rates. You may think (or hope) they are displaying what would interest most tourists i.e. a good buying rates. Once inside you will probably find a...

  • Begging children

    There was a lot of young children begging on the streets and it wasn't very nice to see and although you feel like you want to give them something do this at your own peril. We gave one small girl a small amount of money one day and for the next four days her and her friends would constantly harrass us every time we left our apartment. The other...

  • Language and prices

    Many people speak here but it is great if you have someone who can help you and translate you.You have to be very careful for prices because they are higher for tourists, so choose carefully what and where you buy it! For villages on the coast here this is the 'gold' period when they can make money and be able to survive the winter! Be careful...

  • Avoid Penguin Travel. Horrible service!

    We dealt with Penguin Travel and very sorry about that. Only negative recommendations. Those guys are lazy, unfriendly and try to keep every penny for themselves instead of satisfaction by reasonable profit. It means that you’ll get the cheapest available service (if any!) regardless of the quality standard or money you paid. They invest to ads and...

  • Package Tour Excursions

    If you have travelled with a tour company they will inevitably offer optional extra excursions. Whilst these may be very worth visiting there is inevitably a hefty markup on the prices. Be aware that restaurants your tour operator takes you to are likely to be pricier since a commission deal will be operating. Check out the activities offered and...

  • Golden Sands - Black Sea Coast

    As Bulgarian as Las Vegas . . . anyone looking for culture and/or 'Bulgaria' here: forget it.A place adventurous souls frequenting this website ought to avoid. Go a bit further up the coast to Balchik, a fishing village that hasn't (yet) lost its character.

  • Taxi Mafia

    Also in Bulgaria the Taxi drivers try to cheat you.In many countries the taxi mafia is active,If they see a tourist they see the dollars and try to cheat you.So don't be naiv, Get a feeling for the right price by asking other people.Always ask for the price before you get off.Always look what the driver does if he uses the taxameter.If you drive by...

  • Do not give money to children

    Sometimes it is hard to see the poor children and not give them money.But you don't really help them if you give them money. Be friendly by saying no. It is better support organisations.Then you have also a more relaxed trip.If you start to give money they tell each other and you will be followed ..

  • general tourist traps

    just like in many countries tourists are sometimes taken advantage of..u get cheated if u don't speak the language, especially in the tourist resorts (by the seaside) so just like everywhere, if u'r on tight budget, look around before spending money and stay away from the main streets (if u'r looking for a restaurant for example)

  • Muzzled but probably still dangerous

    Watch out for dancing bears led down the street on a chain by ancient old men, the bear looked like it could have knocked the old fella's head off without effort and I certainly was not interested in either getting too close or watching the poor beast dance to his rubbish guitar playing. Sorry left my camera in the van that night.

  • Police on the roads

    Police on the roads. Most common trap for driving tourists. You'll never get around without a speed ticket, in fact what they want is a bribe. If they tell you had 80kmph you can't argue, can you? I had one "ticket" going to Turkey .. payed 10 dollars for allegedly over 60kmph and one one my way back for 60kmph on a 50kmph section that was in the...

  • Not exactly Riviera....

    Don't be fooled by the ladies or gents at the side of the road on the sea front, begging. You can bet they travelled miles to get there! Also, if you hire a car, don't park it along the sea front... They don't clamp you or give you a ticket! We watched, gobsmacked, as they brought in a flatbed truck, lifted a car onto the back and took it away! I'm...

  • Allways ask for prices...

    Allways ask for prices befooore, and I stress before, you enter, do or eat anything. Often there is no price indicated, and if you don't ask people will certainly charge you too much afterwards, but then there's no turning back. There's no harm in asking in advance. Often you can even negotiate a reasonable price.

  • Money, money, money

    Never change the money in the streets, no matter how profitable exchange rate they will offer you. They will either give you less in a way you never notice, or you can get old banknotes (there was monetary reform).

  • Rodopi

    I climbed the peak behind and I can assure you it was a quite touph task, though it is not very high one. check yourself!

  • rodopi

    cave with strange shape, I Show a very old tomb from trakia tribe. They put there the dead men ashes. these specific ritual is common only in the eastern part of the Rhodopi mountain in Bulgaria and is not well known even in the country itself.the only way to get into the cave is by a rope, which makes the experiense even more amusing and filled...

  • Change offices on Sofia Airport

    Don't exchange money in Change offices at the Sofia Airport. There the exchange rate for 1EUR is about 1.70 leva and it should be about 1.94 - 1.95 leva. You can find Change offices with this rate down town and also in the banks but be careful because there are some change offices with even worst rates.

  • Change money

    A lot of people see the signs where u can get a good rate if u change there. But they will cheat u and take a big commision for changing the money and there is no exception!! U should change at your hotel or in the bank.

  • Working girls

    When we stayed in Golden Sands we were shocked by the ammount of working girls on the streets. At one point there seemed to be more of them than tourists, I think they were getting desperate as the season was coming to a close. Beware ladies even if you are holding your man they will still approach him!!!! If tempted always remember to practice "...

  • Taxi dermists???

    As in most places taxis can be a tourist trap, Bulgaria is just the same. Decide a price before you get in and stick to it. Also be aware of men calling themselves taxis, they have no insurance and the cars are unmarked and unregistered. Take a bus, they are very cheap

  • Money Matters

    Do not exchange money in the streets, most of the notes will be fake, and you will only lose out. Change money in the hotels or at the banks to make sure that you dont get ripped off. If someone approaches you in the street just say no and keep on walking.

  • Changing money

    In the resorts you will find kiosks changing money they look official with a security guard but the security guard is to protect the teller when they rip you off and they will always change money at your hotel or the Bank. Just Don't ONLY USE HOTELS AND BANKS FOR CHANGING MONEY

  • Restrooms

    This may sound a bit funny but, in most places in Bulgaria you have to pay to use the bathroom & in some they don't allow anyone to simply come in to use the restroom.If you use a public restroom, in some places charge anywhere from 20 to 50 stonkinki.These restrooms are in poor condition. Most don't have a sink. Just a toilet. Your best bet is to...

  • Sunny Beach

    Sunny Beach is a package tourist nightmare full of proles and ugly hotel blocks. The beach is so crowded, there's not even room for a towel and prices are three times higher than elsewhere in the country. And the ignorant Western European tourists who never leave the resort are happy because everything is "soooo cheap". Visit Nesebar, it's just...

  • Not enough tourist traps...

    With this one, I can be very short. There are tourist traps in Bulgaria indeed: taxis asking to much money for their fares, people changing money on the streets with some bizarre exchange rates, fake police officers trying to play stupid games with innocent tourists and of course the double prices: tourists pay double prices compared to locals....


    In Sunny Beach there is disco called Go Go Girls and is to be avoided at all costs if you get drunk. Outside the road is full of prostitutes and they will literaly grab you by the balls and ask if you want sex for 100 lev which is approx 40 pounds. The really bad thing is that there are a few trannies with them.Take great care.


    Unless you want to be part of Bulgarian corruption system, don't forget to take your ADRESNA KARTA at your hotel. Without it, you will have troubles with Bulgarian custums when you will leave the country. Off course, everything can be settled with a proper amount of Euros...Bulgarian custums says that if there is a problem, that can't be settled by...

  • Never change money on roads!

    Never change money on roads! Go to banks or officals exchange offices. Else you may get counterfeit money.

  • Rila Monastery --- worth the 3 hours bus...

    It is hard to list the Rila Monastery as a tourist trap. It is a nice monastery and surely it is very beautiful, but it takes 3 hours by bus to reach there from Sofia and you can pretty much see the whole Monastery in half an hour. Nevertheless the scenery along the way is beautiful though... so you judge whether it is a trap or not.

  • The diferent traps for an foreigner in...

    Well there is several problems .. one of them is the alphabet /Ciryllic.. it has nothing related with the Latine one.. it is barely confusing than to understand it....very few signs are in latine if they egsist at all../stolen/ .. what i know and have seen is that many places that are suposed to know some other languages the servent or the officer...

  • There is especially 2 things I...

    There is especially 2 things I would say.First of all, don't change money on the street. They will fool you. You will get the best currencyrate at your hotel. The second thing is don't give money to the beggers. They are pro...

  • ok, there is a big tourist...

    ok, there is a big tourist trap that every tourist will fall for, even if you know it already.When bulgarians shake their heads, they are saying yes, when they nod they are saying no.And yes you will fall for it, it will take you to comical situations

  • 1. Hmmm, well, when people see...

    1. Hmmm, well, when people see u r a tourist they r inclined to boost prices without any reason and then although it's be still cheap for u u should keep in mind that normally Bulgarians get different prices.2. Pick-pocketing is wide-spread! Not by white Bulgarians though - beware Gypsies in groups in the transportation, and as a whole keep an eye...

  • When you are in a ski resort...

    When you are in a ski resort or a sea resort and you have to take a taxi, always bargain the price. If a taxi driver doesn't accept a lower price, it seems this is the lowest one and no taxi driver will accept for less (they are coleagues you see). Don't take a taxi outside a RR station or a bus station.

  • ...

    Vitosha National Park Although just a half an hour's drive from Sofia, Vitosha National Park is a home to a multitude of species of butterflies, birds and many mammals. Opened in 1934, it covers the whole of Vitosha mountain, once covered by the 'Great Bulgarian Forest'. Besides being rich in fauna, it also offers shelter to wolves, bears and even...

  • When we passed the frontier...

    When we passed the frontier from Romania to Bulgaria in Vidin, one of the douane officers founded that the documents of my motorbike did not correspond for Bulgaria ( They do in Begium ), he didn't let me in, this guy just wanted money, he asked me 200 DM, at the end I had to give him 50 DM. About 50 meters after this frontier, we had to pass...

  • I don't know if what I write...

    I don't know if what I write need to be here, but it want to contest what I have read before I went to Bulgaria. I have driven from more than 1000 kms ( by motorbike )without having any problem concerning rockets or police.

  • Great Monastaries, with...

    Great Monastaries, with beautiful indoor and outdoor art. This country is rich with a unique history, and not what you expect! They are an old people made up of several different peoples originally. All, including various conquerers, have melded into a great culture. Not Mediteranian, not Balkan, not Slav, not Greek, not Central Asian, not Turk and...

  • Less of a problem in the last...

    Less of a problem in the last 2 or so years, but NEVER change money on the street, whatever the rate! People have been given old Leva notes (worth 1/1000 of a new Lev) or even notes from the old Yugoslavia (they figure that most westerners can't read Cyrillic script).

  • Most definitely have a copy...

    Most definitely have a copy of the Cyrillic alphabet with you, The black sea area is fine for navigating and most signs will be is the western alphabet however we found Sofia was totally Cyrillic and it does make for hard navigation.

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