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Vidin Things to Do

  • Baba Vida Fortress

    This medivial fortress id the main sight in Vidin. It was built in the 10th century and is still quite well preserved. The fortress is located right at the banks of the Danube with a beach in front of it.If I remember correctly, entrance fee was 4 BGN.

  • Vidin Photo Gallery

    Visit the Vidin Photo Gallery at http://bulgaria-vidin.allhyper.comImages of sites, nature and infrastructure.

  • Generally Wandering Around

    Generally wandering around Vidin one comes across a plethora of different historical, artistic and architectural delights very few of which actually seem to be labelled or signed in any way. Discovering what's what or who's who can take quite a bit of research as there doesn't seem to be any definitive guidebook - well not that I discovered...

  • Abandoned synagogue

    Testimony of the past glory of the city, of an era of fruitful trade & a poli-ethnic society, the abandoned synagogue lies today hidden among vegetation and behind communist era blocks of flats. But it makes a romantic sight, wandering around and inside it, for this is all that remains of this once vibrant community, one of the most important...

  • Osman Pazvantoglu mosque

    The mosque finds herself in a much better state as compared with the nearby synagogue…...i thought this was because the Muslim community of Vidin is still alive....but apparently this is not the case., for there are hardly any muslims left in Vidin today. Pazvantoglu mosque is considered a national heritage site, probably because of its unique...

  • Baba Vidin Fortress

    Whist Vidin is well-endowed with both ancient and recent mouments to its long and interesting history the Fortress of Baba Vida is without doubt the most impressive. This is Bulgaria's best preserved Medieval Castle and has been sympathetically restored to pretty much its former glory. The moated castle sits imposingly on the bend of the river, its...

  • Soviet monument

    Typically soviet piece of civic architecture depicting an oversized woman on top of a tall column. The monument is now covered in graffiti and red paint. Raised to pretext a celebration of the WWII resistance against Nazis, it was soon associated another significance – soviets are here. It reminded me of similar monuments, all depicting glorious...

  • other statues

    Strolling around downtown Vidin reveals numerous other small statues…..from old times as well present ones.....there must be many sculptors and artists around.

  • Victims of Communism Memorial

    One of the few public acknowledgements of the postwar political repression in communist Bulgaria. The memorial looks like a rather modern church and is locked. Looking at it, I couldn’t refrain an evil thought – communism victims seem…quite insignificant and small, even obscure...when compared with the benefits of communism indicated through the...

  • Archaeological museum

    I did not visit the Thracian and Roman artefacts, jewellery & statues inside, but I wandered around the beautifully restored downtown villa which hosts the museum – the pagoda shaped wooden building used to be a police station (aka konak) during the Turkish rule in the 19th century.

  • St. Velikomachenik Dimitar church

    The city’s main cathedral, recently restored with the help of the Beautiful Bulgaria project. Interesting frescoes and icons inside, as well as the usual oversupply of comically unfriendly octogenarian church cleaners. I chose to observe the no photos inside, though number of locals did not notice the no mobiles one.

  • Baba Vida fortress

    The ruins of the 3rd century Roman fortress of Bononia have been reconstructed by the Bulgars in the 10-14th century, then by the Turks in the 17th century, who used it to stockpile weaponsThe fortress was spared destruction during the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, so it is considered the best preserved medieval stone fortress in Bulgaria....


Vidin Hotels

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  • Anna-Kristina

    2 Baba Vida Street,, Vidin, Bulgaria

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Dunav Hotel

    3 Edelweiss Str, Vidin, 3700, Bulgaria

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 2 out of 5 stars

  • Old Town Hotel

    2 Knyaz Boris

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Vidin Restaurants

  • try the fish dishes

    There are a couple of them, and not only have a location with a view…but the fish dishes are excellent. Allow time to prepare, and in the meantime, have a couple of Kamenitsa beers. Sadly, they close around 22,30 – 23,00 p.m.For a late dinner & drinks, there are several other restaurants in the park near hotel Bononia.

  • I Got What I Asked For!

    I've had to call this "The Other One..." as I never did manage to work out what its name is, assuming that it actually has a name. At first I thought it was called "Ariana" but that's the name of the beer!!Anyway, name aside, this was the first time I had actually been presented with a menu written totally in Bulgarian and a waiter, a young...

  • When you're literally on the river...

    This was my first attempt at eating Bulgarian here in Vidin but it was a bit of a cheat as the menu not only had English translations for most of the dishes but also glorious technicolour pictures too and so it was kind of difficult to go wrong.This is one of the boat restaurants moored here on the river and with the sun shining is definitely a...

  • Bulgaria's Other National Dish!

    Bulgaria has a very diverse culinary tradition with influences from all over Europe and has evolved its own little repertoire of National dishes such as Shopska Salad, Kavarma Kebap and Banitza, to name but a few. However more ubiquitous than any of these is our old favourite: The Pizza. Vidin has several pizza restaurants, along with take-away...

  • Great food, great wine

    I, too ,had the best food in Bulgaria in this small town, Vidin, in a restaurant called "Milanovata Kashta"(means "The House of Milan"in bulgarian). Great ambience(check the first floor), tasty food, good wine(their house wine was better than the expensive wines I had in the fancy places in Sofia). I highly recommend it!

  • The best food I had in Bulgaria

    I stopped for a quick dinner and ended up staying for hours. The food was awesome, I really recommend the claypots(I forget the bulgarian name for them). Due to my limited bulgarian I had a very small conversation with the owner, Milan, but he seemed like a very cool and honest guy. And...great wine!


Vidin Nightlife

  • Club Organza: Great club, great atmosphere!

    by Ivo_K Written May 21, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have been recently to Vidin and I have visited one of the night clubs there - Organza. I was so pleasantly surprised by the club itself - a stylish atmosphere, great music, nice visitors and very normal prices for such an outlet! The only thing that i don't like is that as I have heard the club is full only during Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, during the other days of the week there are only a few visitors, but may be this is typical for the night life in Vidin.
    I liked it so much that decided to go back and take some photos on the next morning in order to give you and idea what Organza club looks like...

    Dress Code: Dress yourself as you wish... most of the guys there have been wearing jeans...

    The club entrance The bar Another bar

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Vidin Transportation

  • Vidin - Belogradchik

    In May 2008 there was a single bus/day from Vidin to Belogradchik, leaving Vidin at 14,00. it takes a little more than 1 hour and costs 2 leva (1 EURO). By train, the easiest way is to get first to Gara Oreshets (trains leave Vidin at 6.00, 8.20, 11.30, 16.43 and 20.53 and take about 90 minutes, for the price of 4 leva). There are always some taxis...

  • Walking and Cycling

    To escape the ubiquitous infernal-combusting engined machines Vidin is eminently provided with cycle and pedestrian paths which have actually been partly-funded by our good old British Embassy in Sofia. Apart from crossing a few roads the whole town is easily accessible and being in the Danube valley means that it is all pretty much level too. If...

  • Arriving In Vidin By Public Transport

    Vidin is very easy to get to by public transport being the terminus of the main railway line up from Mezdra and is also serviced from around the country by various bus companies including regular departures from Sofia. The train journey from Sofia takes about 5 and a half hours and cost, at the time of writing, 11.40 Leva whilst the bus is slightly...


Vidin Local Customs

  • Civic Pride

    Having escaped the unkempt scruffiness of Sofia it really was a pleasure to encounter a place where the local people take pride in their environment. Here in Vidin there always seemed to be someone with either a brush in their hand, a window-cleaning squeegee or a hosepipe. I'm not just talking about the municipal employees but also the local...

  • Unique architecture. Beautiful...

    Unique architecture. Beautiful old private houses, built by wealthy people who lived there. Today Vidin is the town with the highest rate of unemployment in the country.On the picture - St. Dimitar Cathedral, the second largest in the country after St. Alexander Nevski in Sofia.

  • Vidin Hotels

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Vidin Tourist Traps

  • josephescu's Profile Photo

    1st of May

    by josephescu Written May 18, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    avoid 1st of May, especially if the days falls close to a weekend.

    Unique Suggestions: Ensure accommodation and make advance reservations, for it can happen you cannot find a single bed in the entire city, no matter the price.

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Vidin Off The Beaten Path

  • A Wander Up The Danube

    For most casual visitors Vidin probably pretty much stops when they reach the Baba Vida Fortress. Half-heartedly blocking the footpath there is a red and white painted pole and an accompanying warning notice (which I never actually managed to translate) where the path meets the concrete flood defence heading north up the river bank towards the...

  • Belogradchik takes ur breath away

    As soon as you enter the region of Belogradchik ,your eyes are drawn to the amazing rock formations ,rising from the hills like stone guardians.Many have been given names by the locals because they resemble people or animals.The town itself is a delightful place ,clean and well kept ,with cafes,bars ,shops and guesthouses,while keeping the old...

  • BelogradchikSee my...

    BelogradchikSee my travelogue!


Vidin Favorites

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  • If Your Hotel's Wi-Fi Is Naff!

    I did notice an internet cafe here in the centre of town but forget where it was but if you have your laptop with you and need a connection several of the cafe-bars here offer free Wi-Fi. The Vision Cafe on the corner of Dounavska and Batenberg (??) was the one that I used most mornings which has a fast and reliable connection, and, as a bonus,...

  • walking around the center

    Walking around in the center is an interesting experience. Especially on a hot Sunday afternoon because, as you can see, the place was dead.

  • Vidin is one of the oldest...

    Vidin is one of the oldest towns along the Bulgarian Danube bank. It appears as the Roman fortress of Bononia on the foundations of a Thracian settlement. During the First Bulgarian Kingdom it is known as Budin (Bdin). Bishop's centre. During the Second Bulgarian Kingdom it is a strong fortress and after 1371 a capital of the Vidin Kingdom under...


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