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  • Ston
    by jlanza29
  • Walking the wall towards the top ....
    Walking the wall towards the top ....
    by jlanza29
  • beautiful views from above !!!
    beautiful views from above !!!
    by jlanza29

Ston Things to Do

  • Salt Mines

    The only salt mines that we saw in Croatia were located in Ston. Maybe taking advantage of the shallow waters and plane land, they compose a geometric complement to the views from the walls.

  • Walls... of course

    Distracted by the beauties of Peljesac coast, we suddenly arrive to a small town, with a long wall perched in the hills. More than 5 km long, these remains of Ragusa republic are an invitation - and a health test. I passed the test, climbing to the top, where the award is... good views, and the pleasure to fell in good condition.

  • The Coast

    Did I tell you something about Peljesac coast? No? Well... (Caught you! You didn't read my other Croatian tips...). Briefly I say... its a photographer's paradise at sunset, and it has... Ston walls to climb.

  • Small medieval village

    If you have never been to France or deep Germany …. then take a moment and walk around this classic and beautiful medieval village of Ston. You can walk the entire Village in a matter of 30 minutes. Just admire and enjoy your in a different part of the world. Just beautiful and well worth the walk to see how this village is more than 500 years old.

  • The defensive walls of Ston

    The main attraction of Ston are the defensive walls that surround the city. Admission price is 30 kunas and it took us about an hour to walk all the way to the top with several stops to take great photo's. The Walls of Ston are a series of defensive stone walls, originally more than 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) long, that surrounded and protected the city...


    , Joan and I drove by car to the nearby village of Ston, which has a stone wall circling the hills second in length to the Great Wall of China. Strings that are used to farm mussels fill the water of Ston’s inlet, and a salt works is still functioning, distilling the densely salted sea water into industrial-grade salt. The salt works is largest in...

  • Walk the Great Wall to Mali Ston.

    Joan and I drove by car to the nearby village of Ston, which has a stone wall circling the hills second in length to the Great Wall of China. Strings that are used to farm mussels fill the water of Ston’s inlet, and a salt works is still functioning, distilling the densely salted sea water into industrial-grade salt. The wall, which was built in...

  • Pelješac Peninsula

    The Dalmatian Coast is famed for its islands and if you're not actually visiting one - maybe you're based in Dubrovnik, for instance - Pelješac, joined to the mainland only be a narrow neck of land, is the next best thing. And, of course, you have access from the peninsula to an island: Korčula (and the fascinating town of the same name). But...

  • Janjetina

    When you walk down, you will get another kind of reward if you happen to find on the main place of Ston, a restaurant grilling a lamb (janjetina). That is what we were lucky enough to get. And the chef had got a gorgious pair of moustaches! (photo 1)I highly recommend tasting janjetina (photo 2). It is delicious ! It cooks slowly, several hours. We...

  • The great Ston wall

    Locals claim that the great Ston wall is almost equal to China’s great wall but this is pure bragging as it is a thousand time shorter! Nevertheless climbing along the great Ston stonewall by a hot afternoon of August is a challenge. The reward will be a magnificent landscape. However, if you can, you would better advise to make that trip in the...

  • The Great Wall of Ston

    Until I arrived in this little town, I had no idea that there were walls anywhere in the world that might be compared to the Great Wall of Chine. Ston, however, has such walls and they are second in the world to those of China.They can be seen from quite a distance as you approach the area (not sure, though, if they can be seen from space).

  • Local walks

    There are lots of walk (apart from the wall). One favourite was to a tiny hamlet farming community - Cesvnica. We replenished our water bottles at the local fountain which must have been there for centuries, a lovely antique feature. Talking, (no communicated - not much English spoken here) to a local guy he told us the water was fresh from the...


Ston Restaurants

  • Local

    Bacus has large tables on the street which are almost always quality is very satisfactory and stuff helpful.Stays open until late As a seefood lover, I had the mussels buzara, which was very nice, only a little heavy on the sauce.

  • Do not miss the oysters

    Restaurant Kod Baće was opened in 1902 and since then is famous for its seafood. For two, we had :Kamenice na ledu (oysters) Domaći pršut (local dry ham)Lignji na žaru (grilled squid)Skampi (large shrimps)Vino crno (red wine)Everything was excellent and very fresh. We paid 338 HRK, ie 48 euros which is very reasonable.I love oysters and...

  • The Ultimate Black Risotto

    As we were planning to come to Croatia, our friend Niall (who is an Irishman now living in this lovely country) promised that he would bring us for oysters en route from the airport to our hotel. That in itself sounded like a dream come true, but nothing could have prepared me for Bota Sare.I stood outside for ten minutes or so taking pics of the...


Ston Shopping

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  • Travarica & Grappa

    Travarica is a kind of rakja made of grapes with various herbs, the most distinctive of which is thyme. Better served cold, or with ice, for a lighter taste, as an appetizer Grappa, again made of grapes but it is more sweet and can be served as a liquer for desert both come in different bottles that are not expensive

  • Wines

    I did not have the time to visit any of the many wineries found on Peljesac.But I tasted and acquired wonderful local wines, in reasonable prices, such as:Rukatac, white wine from KorculaPoeta Anna, white wine from Putnicovici, PeljesacPeljesac, red wine from Putnicovici, Peljesac

  • Ston Hotels

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Ston Warnings and Dangers

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    new bridge

    by halikowski Written Aug 22, 2008

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    The Croat government has pushed ahead in 2007 with its plans to build Europe's second-longest non-estuarial bridge from the mainland across to the top of the Peljesac peninsula. they want to avoid the 6km stretch of Dalmatian coast that belongs to the Bosnians. But ecological groups are worried that it might affect the fragile ecosystem on which the oysterbeds depend, and have advocated the building of a tunnel instead. We will have to see...

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Ston Off The Beaten Path

  • Vucine beach, Zuljana

    This was a local tip and I was greatful to take it!Almost half an hour away from Ston, through a road full of wine paths and wineries, there is Zuljana village. Past Zuljana beach, lies this little Adriatic jewel, Vucine beach, pine tree shadow with crystal clear and cold water, especially earlier in the morning, when it is not so crowded.

  • Landscapes on Pelješac

    Not really off the beaten path but off Ston, further on Pelješac.Photo 1 and 2. The landscape northwards between Dubrava and Drače. In the foreground, the islets of Dubovac, Tajan and smaller ones (Lovorikovac, Maslonovac, Pučenjak and Galičak. In the background, mainland with Kremana and Komana, a few kilometers west to Neum.Photo...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Ston Favorites

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  • Vineyards

    All the way from Ston in to the mainland of the Peljesac peninsula is covered by vineyards.Plenty of wineries await a visit, plenty of flavours and scents long for a taste.This is the art of this fruitful ground, worth to enjoy it!

  • Peace and Charm

    Ston is a unique village in that it has retained it's charm whilst at the same time playing host to visitors. It is a chance to walk to some tiny hamlets where life has just about stood still. Where wine and brandy are made by the locals and where people will make you so welcome when you stay in their homes. Sitting in the village square enjoying...

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