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See all 1834 Dubrovnik Tips
  • City walls

    5 out of 5 stars

    Dubrovnik Things to Do

    The (mandatory) walk on the walls of Dubrovnik has two different sides: the ocean side and the land side. Most people cover only the ocean side, from where its possible to see the most beautiful points of the city. It's the easiest section with not much to go up and down. To avoid the long lines, our guide made us enter in the southern...

  • Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik Hotels

    We didn't stay here but we entered several times. We had a couple of drinks in the lobby as we were...

  • Croatian Cuizine

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Dubrovnik Restaurants

    Despite its name, the Taj mahal is an authentic Bosnian restaurant owned and run by the Macanovic family. It is a small restaurant which is tatestfully decorated with Bosnian and Middle Eastern items covering the walls. Service is slow. There is no getting around this. As all the food is cooked from scratch, it is best to order drinks when you get...



See all 157 Cavtat Tips
  • Great food, service a bit slow …..

    Cavtat Restaurants

    Located on the harbor front with tons of options this might be the best of them all ….. literally next to the ancient monastery. The food is excellent with great prices … the only knock on the place was when we were there …. a huge rain storm was coming down and we were the only ones there on a Tuesday afternoon and the food took forever to get. We...

  • Apartments Bacan Cavtat

    Cavtat Hotels

    I think this was a VT tip. It was fine - clean, quiet and comfortable, but a typical beach resort...

  • Excellent selection, great prices,...

    Cavtat Shopping

    Whenever traveling anywhere in the world, the souvenirs seem to repeated themselves … fridge magnets, shirts, hats, shot glasses ….. I tend to stay away from them. I try to buy local crafts or local stuff that I couldn't otherwise find in the US. In Cavtat you will find plenty of those types of stores …. but we walked acrossed this store and we...



See all 176 Korcula Tips
  • Flora on Korčula

    Korcula Favorites

    ‎I have seen many different flowers and plants on Korčula: -carob tree fruits - lemon tree- blooming twice in a year -rosemary-peony, calla, marigold- almost all year around- cyclamen in the woods near the beaches in March.and many other submediterranean and Mediterranean herbs: thyme,elder, immortelle and sage.Something I liked best was...

  • Marko Polo Hotel

    Korcula Hotels

    Setaliste F. Krsinica 102, 20260, Croatia

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Katedrala sv.Marka

    Korcula Things to Do

    Central place in the town is the Strossmayer Square with the Cathedral of St. Mark, the most beautiful Gothic Renaissance monument, built from 14-16th century. Pjaca or Trg sv. Marka is a large , main square in front of the Cathedral. It is the heart of the town surrounded with many beautiful buildings


Mljet National Park

  • and also excellent for cycling

    Mljet National Park Sports & Outdoors

    Another next thing you will absolutely enjoy doing is cycling - and since you're not allowed to enter lake areas by car or motorbike unless you're guest somewhere within its vicinity, it is great way to cover the distances. If you like doing it faster than walking, of course. Those paved roads only allow to take mini buses from NP office (beside...

  • picturesque village established by...

    Mljet National Park Things to Do

    A picturesque little village of Goveđari rises on a slopes upon a fertile field in National Park - it is the first settlement that had been allowed to be built in Western Mljet by Benedictines and its history only begins in 18th century. It was a period of time when Benedicitnes already had harder time finding people for hard labour on their...

  • small bridge and beach

    Mljet National Park Things to Do

    One way or other you'll eventually notice the Small bridge which is between Big and Small lake, upon a channel that delivers water in and out of the small lake. It is made of stone and there's public beach next to it with some kiosks, too... I have a feeling this is little overrated 'attraction', and you don't miss anything if you simply don't go...


Otok Mljet

See all 37 Otok Mljet Tips
  • and finally... a visit to local cemetery

    Otok Mljet Favorites

    Cemeteries are small on Mljet and it's not hard thing to find one, if you're looking for it. Usually located by the edge of villages, with small chapel and a shade, few graves of families and solitude, they are modest. The one on picture is from behind Blato village in hinterlands, hidden a little between trees and bushes. No people there at that...

  • swim and snorkel, hike and cycle

    Otok Mljet Sports & Outdoors

    Mljet has excellent condition for numerous sport activites: swimming, fishing, kayaking and canoeing, diving, snorkeling. Diving school is next to Hotel Odisej in Pomena.Cycling: you can rent bikes in Polace in Pomena, there're no cycling paths alone, so you share road with drivers of other things. There are in general more hilly than flat areas on...

  • you're being on 'mongoose island'

    Otok Mljet Favorites

    If you're lucky you may actually see mongooses for which they say Mljet is full of them and hence called 'otok mungosa', mongoose island. The story about bringing them to Mljet is most interesting and it dates back to begining of 20ieth century when they were brought from India upon request of Austria Forest office, only six couples of them. They...



See all 23 Orebic Tips
  • Hiking to sv.Ilija

    Orebic Off The Beaten Path

    The mountain rises above the town of Orebić. It is the highest peak of Pelješac, in western end of the peninsula. The previously name was Perunovo brdo( Perun was the old Slavic God of Thunder from the pre-Christian era). The peak's current name comes from the chapel of St. Elijah. Italian's name for it was Monte Vipera ( Zmijino brdo). Some...

  • Hotel Indijan

    Orebic Hotels

    Skvar 2, Orebic, 20250, Croatia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Franciscan Monastery of the Assumption...

    Orebic Things to Do

    Franciscan Monastery of the Assumption of Mary (Our Lady of the Angels) at an altitude of 152 m dominates the Pelješac-Korčula channel. It was claimed that the monastery in Trstenica (the old name for Orebić) was built in 1470 on a sheer ridge above the sea. The Church is a Gothic-Renaissance with a quadrangular sanctuary. The bell tower...


Otok Lokrum

See all 24 Otok Lokrum Tips
  • Cafés and Bars on Lokrum

    Otok Lokrum Favorites

    Lokrum has some places to sit down and buy a drink. However, prices are comparable to those on Dubrovnik's city walls. It is therefore recommended to buy most drinks in Dubrovnik and only buy those drinks at Lokrum which you want to consume in a café or bar. There is one close to the ferry jetty which makes good sandwiches, while Café / Bar „Lake“...

  • Beaches at Lokrum

    Otok Lokrum Things to Do

    Lokru is not really blessed with beautiful beaches, but there are a couple of spots which can be used to swim. The place I would recommend is close to the arrival point for the ferry. It's not a sand beach, but offers easy access between the rocks or so-called communist beaches (concrete platforms to take a sunbath with ladders to get into the...

  • Peacocks (or peafowl)

    Otok Lokrum Favorites

    These birds are mentioned as an attraction in Lokrum. They have been introduced during the Habsburg years (19th century) and have settled in pretty well. You can see them quite everywhere and some tourists look for a lost feather of a peacock. You can hear their sound all over the island.   Peacocks usually do not make trouble, but can someties be...



See all 13 Lastovo Tips
  • Struga Lighthouse – HORRIBLE...

    Lastovo Warnings and Dangers

    Struga Lighthouse – HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! (Sorry for ALL CAPS – Children involved!)Imagine – you are on a happy vacation – two grandparents + their two daughters, two sons-in-law and THEIR three small children (aged 7, 5 and 4).Imagine you go to Struga Lighthouse (partly because it was mentioned in the May/June 2011 issue of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC...

  • Hotel Solitudo Lastovo

    Lastovo Hotels

    Pasadur bb, Lastovo, 20289, Croatia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Great Local Food

    Lastovo Restaurants

    You have 3 terraces to chose from and they all have a beautiful view on the ocean and they little marina infront of the restaurants and beautifull sunset. The family is very welcome and warm and do know a lot about Lastovo history so you will definetly have an opportunity to learn about long island history. Their menu goes on about 6 pages, but...



See all 30 Ston Tips
  • Prapratno "Paradise Beach"

    Ston Off The Beaten Path

    Near Veliki Ston, 1km on the left from the way to Orebić, is a beautiful bay Prapratno with ancient olive trees, Mediterranean maquis and clean sandy beach with a campsite. The water is deep and good for the ferry from the port at Sobra( island of Mljet ) to connect it with Pelješac. Early in the afternoon there is a shadow over the bay from...

  • Vila Koruna

    Ston Restaurants

    Ston is also famous for the cultivation of shellfish- mussels and oysters. Ostrea Edulis, the queen among oysers, is confirmed as a natural aphrodisiac. They are grown only in the Bay of Mali Ston.In this restaurant they serve their specialities, homemade food and wines. Last time in June we had for dinner fresh from their own breeding, outside on...

  • Sea salt

    Ston Off The Beaten Path

    There is the oldest active salt pans in the world with traditional natural method of salt production, which has not changed since ancient times.From the hill above the place you have a nice panoramic view of the salt pans.



See all 17 Ploce Tips
  • By train from Bosnia

    Ploce Transportation

    Ploce is the end station in Croatia from the train line starting in Sarajevo and passing through Mostar.We took the train from Mostar to Ploce. The fare was only 8.60 KM (around Euro 4.30) in September 2008. Currently there is a morning and an evening train from Mostar (Sarajevo) to Ploce.The train consisted only of 3 carriages, one second class...

  • Along the promenade

    Ploce Favorites

    There is a palm tree lined promenade along the sea front. Here the ferry to the nearby island leaves and the local fishing boats and vessels bring in their booty. One man just arrived with his funny looking fish (picture no. 2).Ploce harbour is easily explored in an hour or two. There are plenty of cafes along the harbour too. The town was still...

  • Church

    Ploce Things to Do

    The main landmark along the seafront of Ploce town is the new church built in the 1990s. On the square in front of the church you also find a statue of a Croatian cleric.Before you reach the church there is a big Konzum supermarket where you can stock up on drinks and snacks for your onward journey.



See all 9 Mlini Tips
  • Konuba Lanterna

    Mlini Restaurants

    Konuba (Restaurant) Lanterna is a popular restaurant in an attractive position looking out onto Mlini's small harbour. It serves good meals, and on both of the occasions that we ate there it was extremely busy with the proprietor struggling to accommodate everybody who wanted to eat there. It was adviseable to book in advance!It is situated only a...

  • Apartments Tonkovic

    Mlini Hotels

    Zavrelje 24, Mlini, 20 207, Croatia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Konuba Astarea

    Mlini Restaurants

    Konuba (Restaurant) Astarea is situated a short distance back from the shore, and, consequently doesn't have a view out over the sea. However, on the occasion that we went there, the food and service were good, and our meal there was more relaxed than the ones we had at the Taverna as it was less busy.It is a short walk away from the Villa Mlini.


Otok Kolocep

See all 7 Otok Kolocep Tips
  • Promenade

    Otok Kolocep Things to Do

    Just an hours stop here on the boat cruise - long enough for a stroll and coffee. Pics shows views of the bay where we walked along. Apparently on the internet this place is voted one of the top 10 island resorts.

  • Kolocep

    Otok Kolocep Things to Do

    Kolocep is the smallest of the Elaphati Islands - a laid back place and totally unspoilt by mass tourism plus its car free. Just one main bay and hotel with a few cafe bars along the promenade and a sandy beach. We just enjoyed strolling along the promenade here and enjoyed a coffee - all too soon it was time to sail onto the next island.

  • Summer Palaces

    Otok Kolocep Things to Do

    The 15th century is considered to be the golden age of the island of Koločep, a time when the greatest number of summer palaces was built by the Dubrovnik aristocracy - just like this one seen near the harbour area as Kolocep is approached. There are a few ruined and preserved small churches on the island too that were built in the...


Otok Sipan

See all 10 Otok Sipan Tips
  • Enjoy Lunch

    Otok Sipan Things to Do

    Sipan is a perfect place for a lunch in the several harbourside cafes. Its under developed and quaint - I do so hope it stays that way. Our lunch on the boat although not quite the setting was delicious, simple but tasty fish or chichen with salad and wine - all in good quantities!

  • Just Explore

    Otok Sipan Things to Do

    With more time we would have explored more of the countrified lanes with golden flowers and hills around the island - it looked really pretty - but time was short and lunch was calling back on ship. Ah well next time we will spend more than a few hours here and perhaps cycle around the island.

  • Sudurad

    Otok Sipan Things to Do

    Sudurad was the village we visited from our boat cruise around the Elaphiti Islands - we had planned to come back here and explore more ...but you know all good plans...Anyway the village is dominated by two fortification towers - for defending against piracry.


Otok Korcula

See all 11 Otok Korcula Tips
  • The narrow streets of Korcula

    Otok Korcula Off The Beaten Path

    I think that once arrived in Korcula, usually people dedicate their time to discover beaches and doing trips to Miljet or to the small and uninhabited archipelago around Korcula and after a brief visit to the old town and to the cathedral they stop their "exploration" of the old town.But I suggest to take one day to walk in the narrow streets of...

  • Best beach - part 3

    Otok Korcula Things to Do

    In Lumbarda, only 6 km from Korcula town, there is the only beach entirely made of golden sand: Vela PrznaThe sea is quite beautiful even if the water is not wonderful and clear as in the other beaches, but it is surely clean and it is the best solution if you have children or if you love to play volleyball. On the beach there is also a beachvolley...

  • Best beach - part 2

    Otok Korcula Things to Do

    Another beach where you will find a wonderful seawater is Zavalatica.It is very small with very small pebbles and white sand.The seawater is light green with thousand nuances!


Otok Lopud

See all 9 Otok Lopud Tips
  • Lopud - Headquarters of Dubrovnik

    Otok Lopud Things to Do

    From 1457 Lopud became the regional headquarters of the Republic of Dubrovnik, and the economic growth of the republic was reflected on the island too. Lopud had it's own fleet of about 80 ships, as well as it's own shipyard. This area is considered as one of the finest examples of15th and 16th century urban planing. The center of Lopud started...

  • Mansions

    Otok Lopud Things to Do

    Lopud was home to many wealthy sea captains - some lovely detail to notice on their old villas in the village of Lopud as we strolled along the promenade.

  • Lopud

    Otok Lopud Things to Do

    Lopud is the second largest of the Elaphiti chain at 4.6 km2. It has a mild climate as evidenced by its lush vegetation lining the promenade. It only has one main settlement, located in a bay, named Lopud on the far side of the island towards Šipan.Two parallel hills are connected by a dolomite valley with the Lopud bay on one end and the Sunj bay...


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