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  • View of walk path toward town center
    View of walk path toward town center
    by BruceDunning

Zadar Things to Do

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  • Spiro Brusina statue on Riva

    This impressive bronze sculpture is located on the Riva, near to the University. Reading my 'Get to Know Zadar' guide book, I found that It is in recognition of Spiro Brusina, a local lad, who became a prominant figure in the Naturalist field. Leaving Zadar to study in Vienna, he specialised in molluscs! Spiro was recognised as a Darwinist,...

  • Narodni trg

    Narodni trg is known as 'The People's Square. Dominated by the City Hall, the square is lined with cafe bars and small shops, and is a popular place for locals and visitors to gather day and night, as they have done through the centuries. There is often live music from buskers or an ad hoc choir or group. The oldest building on the square is the...

  • The Forum

    The Forum, is one of the attractions of Zadar. It is the largest square of the Adriatic, which was discovered in the 1930's, damaged by allied bombing during WW2, and cleared between 1964-7. Emporer Augustus 1 was responsible for the construction of this site, between the first Century BC and the third Century AD. It contained a temple dedicated...

  • Kalelarga

    Kalelarga translates as 'Wide Street'.Officially, this pedestrianised thoroughfare is called Siroka Ulica, and is the main artery of Zadar's Old Town. Stretching from the Cathedral to Narodni trg (Peoples Square), and lined with cafes, bars, restaurants, shops selling fashions, books, toiletries and cosmetics, ice creams, pizza and pastries, this...

  • Barkajoli

    The old town of Zadar is linked to the newer part, by the Most (or Jazine Harbour) Bridge, which offers a short cut, but the more interesting way is to travel by this small rowing boat ferry, known as the Barkajol. This has been a way of crossing this stretch of water for around seven Centuries! The short trip runs between the harbour quayside...

  • Sea Front

    Not so impressive as in Trogir, Korcula or Sibenik, the approach by sea is also very interesting, without strongholds protecting the town, but with a very harmonious line of vegetation and buildings, showing that people deal well with the sea in Croatia.


Zadar Hotels

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Zadar Restaurants

  • Lovely food and Great Service

    This is probably my favourite restaurant in Zadar. Lovely food and Great customer Service!The first time that we ate here we hadn't booked, but we were offered a table in their basement, which we had to ourselves. Our waiter was Great - explained our chosen dishes and recommended wine to go with our meal.More info and pics to follow

  • Atmospheric Location

    This Taverna had been recommended to us, by our apartment owner, when we'd asked where we could eat local cuisine.Located in the quaint Varos quarter, we found this konoba (taverna), and were lucky to get a table outside - I'd recommend booking in Summer months. I did have more than one moment, when I had to remind myself that I was in Croatia and...

  • Good for people watching

    Located in Nadorni trg, this is a nice place to relax with a drink or ice cream and watch the world and his wife go by. A place that we've returned to a few times. As it is one of the main thoroughfares between the new and Old town, it is quite a lively place. It's also near to the coach park, so expect tour groups to gather here.The Peoples (or...


Zadar Nightlife

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  • Good for a night cap

    We called in here for a night cap after our meal at the nearby Bruschetta Restaurant. It wasn't too busy, and appeared to be more of 'a locals bar'. Sitting outside, we were entertained by the local drivers, trying to park up in tiny spaces nearby.This was where i tried the local cherry flavoured liquor - Maraschino for the first time - Yup, I...

  • Bar opposite the Cathedral

    This small bar was near to our apartment, so we used to call in here for a nightcap! It appeared to be popular for locals as well as tourists/ visitors. We chose to sit outside, to enjoy people watching etc, while the local men tended to gather around the inside bar to watch sport on TV.One night we were offered a selection of cold meats/ olives/...

  • Nightclub

    The most popular club in Zadar. After drinking and walking through the center of Zadar, most of the people visit Gotham club after 12 am. It's a quite a big building with beautiful garden (outdoor space for drinking or chilling) with fountain.. There are also a few bars in the club.


Zadar Transportation

  • Bus from the Airport

    The airport bus departures outside of the international terminal. To the centre of Zadar approximately 20 minutes, it stops first at the main bus station and then continues to the old town. Buses run quite frequent. A one way ticket with the airport bus is 25 Kuna, ticket can be bought on the bus.

  • Zadar Airport

    Zadar airport is relatively small we flown out from here to Brussels with low cost airline Ryan air. After done the round trip in Croatia. Landed and arrive in Pula and flying out in Zadar. We did make a good trip for a week in Croatia. Flying to A and fly out B it save us time by doing it. Zadar airport Zemunik, is situated about 12 km from the...

  • Hiring Car at Zadar Airport

    We rented a car in Pula and we return here with one way fee apply. The rental office is just outside the airport there are plenty of choice, we rented one from Hertz. During this trip we also cross the borders of neighboring land, we done some research of rental company allowing us crossing the border to Montenegro and Bosnia. With Hertz is allowed...


Zadar Shopping

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  • Well stocked supermarket

    This is a popular supermarket chain in Croatia. There are larger supermarkets ( Mercator, Interspar and Plodine) outside of the town, and another Konzum near the bus station, be we visited the Konzum, near the vegetable and fish market most mornings to buy delicious freshly baked bread for breakfast along with cold meats, cheeses, yogurts, cereals,...

  • if you didn't catch a fish, you can buy...

    One cannot get tired of fresh fishes. A little problem is that if you go fishing, you need to know where and when and by what... and you need a time. Plus maybe sometimes result is modest, or none at all, or you've caught something you didn't need. Anyways, for those who like to prepare fresh fish and seafood in their own backyard - head straight...

  • souvenir shops

    When you walk around the town in its old quarters, you'll notice plenty of shops selling typical tourist souvenirs - and among these there will be also t-shirts, paintings with Zadar themes, then also food and wine products, shells from sea, and usual paraphenalia. One may be also satisfied with offers of 'real' or forged antiques. It's no shortage...


Zadar Local Customs

  • Tea!

    During our second visit to Zadar, we found that getting a cup of tea wasn't so straight foreward - for some reason, the previous year we hadn't encountered this - maybe we hadn't ordered tea the last time, and I think that there were tea bags in the apartment.Now, I'm all for trying local culture/ customs/ cuisine etc and usually avoid 'English...

  • Fisheries

    Fisheries is an important branch of Zadar economy but also, additional revenue in a home economics of the locals. There are especially skilled and highly prized the fishermen from the village of Kali, which is situated on island of Ugljan. Ugljan is overlooking the city of Zadar and is the closet island to the mainland. In Kali there exist a large...

  • hidden inner yards

    Almost every courtyard, inside of the old cores of Mediterranean cities, is hidding something valuable and worth of seeing. When strolling around be curious and do not hesitate to enter if the door is open. Remember, open door is invitation to enter, but even closed door could be open if knocking.


Zadar Warnings and Dangers

  • Slippy shiny paving!

    Our first encounter in the Old Town was when we passed though the Sea Gate - the pavement was made of shiny well worn stones- luckily the weather was kind and we didn't encounter any rain, so I don't know what these are like in wet weather! We came across other streets with these same type of shiny stone blocks, and I did encounter a few 'slips'...

  • Trash Laying Around and Overflowing

    There were a number of trash bins/containers that needed to be emptied, and it did not seem like that happens often. It surely detracts form the appeal of the town to see this type of occurance without some remediation by the local administrative leaders.

  • Stay out of the Park-Run Down-Dangerous

    This is a place that I would only go to once to see the devastation and lack of maintenance, and wonder why the town that is claimed to have "soul" and "irresistible" would let such a smear on the city character go to a disappointing condition. No doubt in my mind that also in the evening when it is dark, there could be trouble for tourists or...


Zadar What to Pack

  • Things to pack for a week in late...

    Much of Zadar's Old Town is on the flat, so wheeled suitcases are OK, despite the 'cobbled' streets.For day time - a small day sac to carry camera/ guidebooks/ water/ snacks etc. Late September, we found temperatures in the mid 20's, so coming from the UK, this was quite warm for us and I wore sleeveless tops/ dresses etc. At night, I just needed...

  • Zadar in Summer

    If you're only doing the beach holiday, a suitcase. But a daypack would be useful for side trips, such as to the Plitvice Lakes. It's hot. Very hot in summer. So pack plenty of beach clothes - swimsuits, pareos, shorts, skirts, tees. Zadar has less of a posh resort feel than other Croatian locations, so there is not much need to pack the 'dress to...

  • Zadar Hotels

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Zadar Off The Beaten Path

  • Kaštel & Tri bunara

    Kastel is the only what reminds after military structure built in Venetian times with the purpose to protect the port against possible invaders. It is situated right opposite to the Arsenal. Behind the Kastel is small square called Trg Tri bunara (the square of three wells) with the characteristic large wells which served to supply water to the...

  • Telascica II

    Telascica is unique for its bay which is among the safest in whole of Adriatic, it is the largest havens of the Adriatic that includes 25 small bays, the rough cliffs which rising up to 161m above the sea level and falling down vertically up to 90m bellow the sea level, and finaly it has the salt lake (called "Mir") with its curative...

  • Telascica

    Telascica Nature Park is situated in the south-east part of island Dugi Otok. Actually, it is bay of extreme beauty surrounded by 13 islands and islets, proclaimed a Nature Park in 1988. The whole area of nature park is distinctly contrasted area with peaceful beaches and laid down coastline on one side and wild and rough cliffs on the other which...


Zadar Sports & Outdoors

  • God created a man, and Zadar created...

    :)If you are in Zadar during the basketball season , don`t miss to see the game.the atmosphere is incredible and that is one of the greatest this that makes famous Zadar :)

  • swimming, diving, snorkeling

    the water is so clear and warm that you can stay a long timemay be you could see these big musselbut don t touch, they are protected

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Zadar Favorites

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  • Sv. Petar i Andrija Stari

    This small Romanesque chapel is hidden in between the new houses built after the World War Two. As I have already mentioned before, the old core of the town of Zadar was completely destroyed in WW II. There were 94 air attaks and bombings by allies, due to the fact that Zadar was important strategic position of German army. This small chapel...

  • Zadar on the other side of peninsula

    Zadar on the other side of peninsula (mainland) is pretty much inattractive part of the town except for the Borik beach and hotels resort. More or less it is kind of monument which displaying architectual styles from the 50 years period of time when the leading ideology was socialism. There is not much to see or visit on the other side of the...

  • Crkva Svetog Šimuna

    Although it looks alike thounands of other churches, the Church of St. Simon is very important one because it houses St. Simon's chest with the saint body and is the most valuable sample of the medieval Croatian goldsmith workmanship. The Huungarian-Croatian queen Jelisava (Elisabeth) comissioned Francesco di Antonio da Sesti, goldsmith from Milan,...


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