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  • Ožujsko, very refreshing when ice cold.
    Ožujsko, very refreshing when ice cold.
    by Jerelis
  • Ožujsko beer bottle.
    Ožujsko beer bottle.
    by Jerelis
  • Sign to Park and get Info
    Sign to Park and get Info
    by BruceDunning

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    Ožujsko, refreshing when ice cold.

    by Jerelis Written Oct 3, 2014

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Let’s make no secret of it. We both like a nice cold glass of beer. Being at our travel pace is always a challenge to find a beer we like, which reflects our taste of having a beer. At Alkmaar (and this probably counts for our entire home country) it was rather difficult. We found out that there are a few local beers, only known in the particular area. But anyway nothing really special, which was a bit of a disappointment. Especially when you learn that beer is a popular beverage in Croatia, which is the 14th country in the world by beer consumption per capita. Approximately one half of the adult population are beer consumers.

    We tried the Ožujsko which is a Croatian brand of lager beer (5%). It is the flagship brand produced by Zagrebačka pivovara, the biggest brewery in the country which is part of StarBev, a regional brewery group. Pours a clear golden color, topped with frothy white head. Mild malty aroma, some grains in there too. The taste is slightly sweet, luckily not watery. Some bitterness in the finish. Some bittery feel in the aftertaste. Very refreshing when ice cold.

    O��ujsko, very refreshing when ice cold. O��ujsko beer bottle.
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    Talk to someone who knows ...

    by Jerelis Written Oct 3, 2014

    I guess we all agree on this on; there is nothing more exciting than going travelling - exploring another country, experiencing a different culture, travelling around in new ways, sampling the local cuisine and chatting to the local people for a different perspective on life.

    However during our travels we learned that there is one certain thing that you should be aware of and prepared for to make sure that the trip is as easy and enjoyable as possible. We always try to see everything once we're there, but this is not always an act of responsible travelling. We always talk to the locals and we know that they have the information about just the right spots to visit and how to undertake them. It will not only enhance your experiences but also avoid any unnecessary hassles.

    For me the travel tips I have written down in this section made the most of mine travel experience and I came home in the same happy, healthy state that I left.

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    Voltage, frequency and plug ins.

    by Jerelis Written Oct 3, 2014

    Maybe it sounds a bit weird, but as an experience traveler I know that you every now and then need this kind of information in advance: electricity in Croatia is 230 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If you travel to Croatia with a device that does not accept 230 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter.

    There are three main types of voltage converter. Resistor-network converters will usually be advertised as supporting something like 50-1600 Watts. They are light-weight and support high-wattage electrical appliances like hair dryers and irons. However, they can only be used for short periods of time and are not ideal for digital devices. Some companies sell combination converters that include both a resistor network and a transformer in the same package. This kind of converter will usually come with a switch that switches between the two modes. If you absolutely need both types of converter, then this is the type to buy.

    Outlets inCroatia generally accept 1 type of plug: Two round pins (see the picture). If your appliances plug has a different shape, you may need a plug adapter. Depending on how much you plan to travel in the future, it may be worthwhile to get a combination voltage converter and plug adapter.

    Two round pins system.
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    by elsebeth Written Jul 13, 2004

    I was amazed how well the croats spoke other languages. Their preferred language by far is italien, then german and english. Many of them speak more than one foreign language, and you can watch people working with tourists switching from italien to german to england. I think its so cool to be able to speak so many languages.
    they use lots of italien slang and I sometimes had problems understanding them.
    an example : gasbottle for camping = bombalo
    fridge= frigo!

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    by eden_teuling Written Jul 3, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Istria has been a wine-growing region even before Christ!

    A Roman Stone Monument from the year 75 (Stela) with a relief of a grape gatherer tells us about that tradition.

    By the end of the 19th Century an agricultural Institute with a wine callar was founded.

    Wine and "rakija" made of grape draff (so-called wine brandy) are the LOCAL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.

    Among the white wines, the native Istrian malvazija, White and Grey Pinot, Sauvignon and Chardonay stand out.

    Among the red wines there is Borgonja, Merlot, Refosk, Cabernet and Ruzicasta Hrvatica.

    Among the dessert wines, Slatka Malvazija and Muskat (red and white) are popular.

    Recently a greater selection of local quality champagne is offered.

    Very often aromatic herbs and all kinds of fruits are added to the grape brandy, like: rue which is the most popular brandy!

    Enjoy it all.........


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    by eden_teuling Written Jul 3, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Typical Istrian dishes are made of fruits of the land and the sea.

    The so-called "Manestres"-broth made of all kinds of vegetables and dried meat is very famous.

    Zgvacet is a sauce made of chicken, beef and venison served with all kinds of Pasta - Fuzi, njoki, posutice, lasagne.

    Porc, prepared with various spices and dried in the open air is very highly praised - prsut (smoked ham), ombolo (porc filets), sausages which can be eaten raw or grilled.

    Istrian cheese made of cheep's milk is vary good too!

    At some restaurants meat and potatoes are baked in the fire place under an iron pan used for baking bread.

    The Istrian shore is very rich in fish and other fruits of the sea!
    Fresh fish of high quality is served boiled, baked or fried.

    The most delicious fish is the local fish:

    sea bass.

    Shellfish such as oysters (kamenice) are eaten raw with a touch of lemon juice, date-shells (prstaci, datule) and mussels (pedoci, dagnje) are prepared with a sauce (buzara).

    Squid are mostly eaten fried or grilled.

    Very highly ratyed is sea spider and black fish salad, scampi in a sauce (buzara) or grilled, risotto or lasagna with fruits of the sea, black risotto with cuttle fish and cod fish "on white".


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    by eden_teuling Written Jul 3, 2003

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    Many of them are beautifully decorated and have attractive summer terraces.

    Espresso, cappuccino, various soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, sandwiches and pastries are served!

    Along with good music and a cosy atmosphere they are perfect places for gathering or just getting away for a while from the summer heat!

    Ever seen the very young grapes in huge bunches hanging on the lavishly green vines, contrasting so wonderfully with that special RED SOIL , not yet thinned-out??


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    by eden_teuling Written Jul 3, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are several WINE CELLARS and taprooms: here follow a few addresses, then it is up to you which one to choose, where to go ........

    And believe me, many of you always talk about beer but they probably never ever tasted the SLOVENE WINE, it is SUPERB.....

    Perhaps you will get an opportunity as we had, to taste HOME MADE WINE....

    But the addresses:

    Partizanska 2
    tel. 431 921

    Karla Huguesa 6
    tel. ??

    Mate Vlasica 29
    tel. ??

    Partizanska 4
    tel. 432 527

    Brochures of wines roads and wine cellars inland of Porestina and Istria are available at reception and at the Tourist Information Center (TIC Zagrebacka 8 tel. 451 293)


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    by bonio Written Apr 26, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A drink I first discovered in 1981, it's a little like sangria - red wine and fruit juice - with spirts added to give it a little oooomph. Never seem to get two the same, I think whichever bottle is almost empty is the spirit you get. Anyway Mrs Bonio certainly enjoyed several.......

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    by Anita_Porec Written Sep 11, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    to Pula: 1.5hr, 29KN 6.25, 6.35, 7.35, 9.00, 9.45, 11.30, 15.10, 16.00, 16.20, 18.40, 22.50.
    to Rijecka: 3.5hr, 42KN 7.30, 8.15, 10.30, 12.25, 14.15, 17.00, 18.15, 20.45, 21.45.
    to Rovinj: 30mins, 15KN 5.25, 7.35, 9.00, 15.10, 15.55, 16.20, 22.50
    to Zagreb: 6.5hrs, 112KN 8.15, 9.15, 15.10, 17.00, 20.00, 20.45, 21.45
    to Portoroz: 2hrs, 35KN 9.00, 10.05.
    to Ljubljana: 5hrs, 83KN 9.00

    The closest train station is n Kanfanar, which is about 30- 45 min. of a drive

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  • Tipping

    by Srechko Written Oct 7, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Waiters in Istra do not expect tips at all. Prices are high already for the standard of living in Croatia and they know it. But also don't expect big gratefulness from them if you do leave them some. Of course here really applies the rule, if you are happy with the service, food, atmosphere leave tip, otherwise forget about it.

    Vrsar - Old Town

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    Information Center is by the Parking Lot

    by BruceDunning Written Jun 8, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is an office for information right next to the parking lot, along with the WC for your pleasure. There are indications that the information center is on Zagrebacka, but we did not see it there.

    Sign to Park and get Info
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