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  • Porec
    by paola.u
  • Mosaics above church roofline
    Mosaics above church roofline
    by BruceDunning
  • Roman Temple (Porec, Croatia)
    Roman Temple (Porec, Croatia)
    by Redang

Porec Things to Do

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  • Town panorama

    Climb a flight of stairs - it doesn't really matter where! - to enjoy a panoramic view of this town.

  • The Euphrasian Basilica complex.

    The basilica is the third church that was built on this site between the 4th and the 6th century. The first church was dedicated to Saint Maurus and dated back to the second half of the 4th century. The present church was built by bishop Euphrasius in the 6th century. Inside you can admire several mosaics around the apse. They depict Christ with...

  • Fransican church & monastery

    This complex is form the 13th century and some old, other new. It apparently now is some type of town administrative building.


Porec Hotels

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Porec Restaurants

  • Lots of Dutchmen

    The cafe Central is a local restaurant and wine bar on Trg Sloboda right in the middle of the old town. When we arrived we found many of our fellow countrymen, i.e. Dutch tourists there, much to our surprise they were mostly bikers. No ban on noisy bikers here, yet ... We drank some white wine.

  • Restaurant Patak - the greatest pizza!

    This is a new restaurant in Porec, we just bumped into it walking towards the beach. We had pizza and pasta, was delicious, great atmosphere and looked like a great place to have a barbecue party. Great domestic loza (local brandy), pleasant patio, looking forward to going back. Pizza gurmana with gorgonzola and local prosciutto, delicious.

  • Pizza and much more.

    Pizzeria-restaurant Nono serves a good choice of pizzas, pasta, gnocchi (dumplings) and second courses, as fish or meat dishes.At this pizzeria they serve two sizes of pizzas. The small and the medium one. Be careful; the small pizza is a quite large. I suppose the medium one would be extremely large. I went at Nono's a couple of times. The first...


Porec Nightlife

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  • Wine and Coctail Bar in the old city of...

    Next to a 2000 old year Roman Temple and at the corner of Trg Marafor (Marafor Plaza) this bar has the best coctails in town. Try Mojito on a summer evening you will understand what I try to say... The best mojito I drink in Croatia were here in Porec and at a bar in Hvar Island... Cant say which was better but if you are around Porec try ST's...

  • Find cheap alcohol

    Like I said, prices may be high in the Summer months. Find a cafe such as this, and ask for a drink menu. The slivovice is likely to be cheap, drink lots of it, and enjoy! I wish I could be more specific, but I'm not sure it's possible. naw.

  • huge place with fun people

    we been to this place about 4 times in a month. Its a huge place with indoors and outdoors bars, and woman dancing on small stages. Its a bit cheezy actually but I had a great time there anyway. Most people coming there are foreigners, and you can tell by the prices as well. there are still comperative with danish though. The music is hitlist and...


Porec Transportation

  • The tourist train.

    The tourist train runs through a wood. While travelling you can see part of Porec from afar, lot of vegetation, some beaches and hotels.It stops at three places; Brolo, Plava Laguna and Zelena Laguna. The journey takes around 35 minutes (one way).This train departs from the edge of the wood Naftaplin; near the Marina.

  • Park in the Closest Designated Lot

    The parking charge is 6 kuna an hour, or about $1.25. That is probably a reasonable charge since other lots located further away are not a lot cheaper at about 4-5 kuna. It is not worth the extra steps. It you were able to find a place on Zagrebacka, the charge is 5 kuna, and I think has maximum time limits. Some try to park along the harbor side,...

  • By Car: How Far/How Long...?

    Some road distances to Porec from:- Venice (Italy): 242 kms.- Zagreb (Croacia): 262 kms.- Berlin (Germany): 1.155 kms.- Madrid (Spain): 2.056 kms.Checking the website, you’ll find more road distances together with the driving times and the best routes.


Porec Shopping

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  • lavenda lavenda lavenda!

    Lavender grows everywhere in Istria, and I really love the smell of it. All over the town of Porec you can hear people yelling "lavenda lavenda". they sell lavendar in small fabric bags as souvenirs. They recommend you put a small bag in your panties and they will always smell nice:-)

  • A Plethera of Shops for gifts

    We went into a local small store near the north tower, and the owners had home made wines of blackberry, and cherry, other liquors, gifts to take home, and some things for the kids. A lot of locals want you to come in an buy, and get a bit aggressive, with that "look"

  • Souvenirs

    If you are interested in buying souvenirs from Pore?, there are plenty of shops that sell various items for the tourists. Sorry, I am not interested in this kind of stuff and I have taken only two photos, a general view of the window of one of these sops and a close-up on a fancy fish !


Porec Local Customs

  • Information Center is by the Parking Lot

    There is an office for information right next to the parking lot, along with the WC for your pleasure. There are indications that the information center is on Zagrebacka, but we did not see it there.

  • language

    I was amazed how well the croats spoke other languages. Their preferred language by far is italien, then german and english. Many of them speak more than one foreign language, and you can watch people working with tourists switching from italien to german to england. I think its so cool to be able to speak so many languages.they use lots of italien...

  • WINE.....

    Istria has been a wine-growing region even before Christ!A Roman Stone Monument from the year 75 (Stela) with a relief of a grape gatherer tells us about that tradition.By the end of the 19th Century an agricultural Institute with a wine callar was founded.Wine and "rakija" made of grape draff (so-called wine brandy) are the LOCAL ALCOHOLIC...


Porec Warnings and Dangers

  • Use the WC Before Going to Old Town

    There are not any public places that I saw to have your pleasure in time of need. So, there are facilities at the main parking area. Females pay 3 kuna-75 cents.

  • Shiny means slippery!

    As nice as it looks, those cobblestones are slippery and high heels do not work well with those, so hope that your partner can carry you down this street! :-)

  • Take care !

    As in Summer Poreč is short of parking space, if you park on a forbidden place (first photo) , the police arrives very fast (second photo)and you might get into big trouble ! So, you have better take care, it will be cheaper than to pay a ticket !Third photo : luckily, this is not my car ! Is that yours? I warned you ! You are going to have a...


Porec Tourist Traps

  • Sinking ship

    In case you wont to rent local type of rowing boat, you better check its conditiones before. If there is a long period of sunny and dry weather and you find the bottom of the boat is wet just quit of renting it.In case you don't trust to my advice, this is what might happen to you. You might be happy if this happens when still in the harbour, don't...

  • people trying to sell u trips

    when you go for walk around town, and especially the harbour, you get approached by men trying to seel you all kind of trips. Dont fall for it as you cant be sure the trip exists, and you will end up losing money.One day I was waiting at the harbour for some guests to come on with the taxiboat I was talking to some other guests there. we were...

  • Black Market

    Watch for those 'friendly' guys in the old town on riva. They might seem like they are trying to help you, but they are usually selling excursions or exchanging currency, but you can find better deals at a legal place.


Porec What to Pack

  • by Srechko Written Oct 7, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: You can get everything you might forget in there for reasonable prices.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Nothing to do with packing but IMPORTANT!!!:
    All summer long in small inland villages around Porec 'Festas' are being held. For these events these towns are completely closed for traffic, and everyone gathers there for a big party. Live bands, are there, food and wine stands are everywhere. And food is yummy (poor little piglets...). I went to a couple of these one in Tar and one in Zminj and I had great time.

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Porec Off The Beaten Path

  • They grow wine in Croatia!

    One of my first surprises when I got in Croatia is they have vinyards! This one was just a few km out of Porec. Notice the red dirt.

  • Nudity among the cliffs

    Croatia is one the nudism dream countries, and Porec region is no exception to this. Beach close to Solaris camping place was a warm experience, unfortunately will be closed forever in 2005, due to hotel development in the area

  • The great sea cucumber is back !

    This is another mysterious art work ! If we had been in Belgium, I would have identified it as a beer pump. In Porec, I would bet again for a sea cucumber, Holoturia tubulosa. It has now given up playing with a Frisbee, is standing, trying to juggle with a deckchair


Porec Sports & Outdoors

  • Porec area and Istra in general is good...

    Definitely great for biking....many, many trails as well as village roads which are beautiful and great for biking. Look on their website to see more info.

  • Rent a bike/moto

    You don't need to take your bike or moto when traveling to Porec, there exist agency for renting it with vast choice of types, according to your preferences.You can take quick tour of the city riding the bike, find yourself isolated beach outside the town or visit the surroundings of the town.Trust me, there are alot of things to see and do in the...

  • Porec Hotels

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Porec Favorites

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  • The Romanesque House.

    It was built in the 13th century. It should house a museum and an exposition hall, Unfortunately I found it always closed.This building is located at the crossroad of the Decumanus and Marafor square.

  • A daytrip to Pula.

    Pula is the largest town in Istria. It is located at the southern tip of the peninsula. This town is well known for its Roman monuments. Here you can see a huge amphitheater built in 79 AC; the temple of Augustus; built between 2 BC and 14 AC. The arch of the Sergii (1th century AC) and other ruins.I think Pula is a good place for shopaholics. In...

  • A daytrip to Rovinj.

    Rovinj is a picturesque town some km far from Porec. Its old core is located on a peninsula that was once an island.It is a popular tourist resort with plenty of accomodations, restaurants, cafes and shops.Rovinj is overlooked by the cathedral of Saint Euphemia built in 1736 and located on the highest point of the town. I enjoyed spending some...


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