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  • river Sava
    river Sava
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  • Sava river
    Sava river
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Slavonski Brod Things to Do

  • Reconstruction of the fortress

    Since the Yugoslav Army left the fortress ideas for new uses of the fortress began to emerge. As soon as the bombing and war actions around Brod stopped a program for its public use and reconstruction was made in 1994. Finally the fortress could be included in the list of public spaces of Brod, and on the list of its tourist attractions that it...

  • river Sava

    Water, any water is our fundament at least mine and where there is no “a drop” of it I want stay for long. To me water is like tranquilizer.I have to admit that I prefer sea, and Adriatic Sea more than others, but any running water, no matter how big or small, lake even pond can do, oceans too.Slavonski Brod is lying on a north bank of river Sava....

  • Sava river

    Sava is quite a boring river and anyone having ideas of quays and walkways along the river is quite dissapointed in Zagreb or Sisak for instance. There it is still dangerous river that threathens with occasional dangerous floods while for the most time there is not enough water to even see the river. It is not the case in Slavonski Brod that...

  • Inside the church

    If you like 'little flying angels' then you definitely have to go inside this baroque church. Besides the main altar (that is not something special, to be honest) there are eight side-altars in the main nave. Little angels are flying everywhere in the best baroque manner! The best work here was done by local craftsmen Henrik Polszl in mid-18th...

  • Holy Trinity church

    Holy Trinity church was built next to the Franciscan monastery, also by baron Trenk, in 1723. The church is also known as Velika crkva (big church). It has a low bell tower situated on its side facade. The main facade is simple, facing the small square named after the church - Holy Trinity Square. The inside is well worth a look since it hides the...

  • Franciscan monastery

    The Franciscan Monastery in Brod was built in 1727 by baron Trenk, commander of the Brod Fortress. This monastery is one of the finest examples of baroque buildings in Slavonia. A small garden is encircled by strangely proportioned columns that define archway which runs around the garden. On the north side there is a clock and a sundial, made by A....

  • Glacis

    The fortress was surrounded by earthen ramparts and brick built structures, with deep ditches of regular geometrical form that were originally filled with water. Its glacis (artificial slopes of earth, so constructed as to keep an assailant under the fire of the defenders to the last possible moment) are still very impressive. In the 19th Century...

  • Tvrdjava inside

    The fortress got its final shape at the time of Austrian queen Maria Theresa in 1770s, when great part of edifices within the fortress were finished, including a unique structure of the Cavalier. The Cavalier surrounded the central square of the whole fortress on three sides, giving the whole structure the appearance of a single "bastion" and is...

  • Tvrdjava (Fortress)

    The fortress in Brod was built as part of a system of fortified towns along the border with Turkish provinces in the 18th Century. It is the most important example of Baroque fortress architecture in Croatia, and one of the best preserved large fortresses of the 'Vauban type' in Europe (named after Sebastien Le Prestre de Vauban, a Marshal of...

  • Vampire city

    This relatively large housing estate (for Slavonski Brod) was built in the 1980s and is one of the last housing neighbourhoods that were built as one unit in Croatia. Designed by architects Galijasevic, Hanzek and Josic it consists of 12 blocks of houses only two to three storeys high. Large openings in facades allow easy access to the inside of...

  • IBM cultural centre

    The building of Cultural centre in Slavonski Brod, designed by architect Marijan Haberle in 1858, is among the best examples of modernist architecture in Croatia (if not the best). Pure volumes, space floating through those volumes and columns, ingenious opening towards the Sava river, large glass surfaces,.... this all makes the reason to come to...

  • Very nice architecture

    Its a very nice, at least a century old fire brigade house. Its right next to the historical museuma and VELIKA CRKVA or the main church. On the photo you can still see war damage. During feast and what we call KIRVAJ or the cenebration of the local saint, this square off Velika Crkva and the firebrigade quarters is a place to be.


Slavonski Brod Hotels

  • Pansion Garten

    Maka Dizdara 2, Slavonski Brod, 35000, Croatia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Hotel Central

    Petra Kresimira IV, Slavonski Brod, 35000, Croatia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Savus

    Dr. A. Starcevica 2a, Slavonski Brod, 35000, Croatia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

Slavonski Brod Restaurants

  • Original Slavonian food

    Really excellent local slavonian food. If you like meat, this is the place to be. I love the interior, wooden benches, old wine barrels, handmade table cloths, typical Slavonian ornaments such as old cariage wheels, gords, dried corn hanging from the ceiling, tamburica instrument, old down pillows to sit and lay on, leather belts and knife pouches...

  • Slavonian Winery

    The place claims to be Croatia's first bed-and-breakfast winery. The winery is located in a small valley about 15km from Slavonski Brod. They serve Slavonian food, which is excellent. They also have wine tasting. In the springtime, it's nice to sit out on the patio and enjoy the quiet surroundings with a glass of locally made wine. For the wine...

  • Pizzeria ¨ Uno ¨

    "Residency Uno" is a part of the touristic company Uno, which is also the owner of two other prestigious touristic objects in Slavonski Brod. With the newely opened residency, we can proudly announce, that we are ready to satisfy all the needs and wishes a businessman -woman, tourist or traveler may have while in Slavonski Brod. Cafe "Kavana Mala"...


Slavonski Brod Nightlife

  • Great location! OUR FAMILY CAFE

    Its a very nice place right in the beginning of the popular Siroka ulica where most of the people like to walk on as to show off or simply to have good coffee. Recently we introduced ice cream and Nescafe into our assortment and my dad is a specialist at make home made liquor with herbs. So if you are passing by, dont forget to stop by! All

  • "Drunken street"

    This street is called Pijana ulica od the Drunken street. Its filled with cafes and what you do is go from one to another. Also the side streets are packed with bars. It is a pedestrian zone so if you really want to show off you need to drive through the street during wekend nights with scrolled down windows and loud music :) all

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Slavonski Brod Transportation

  • By train

    Being situated on a major railroad connecting Zagreb with Vinkovci and going further to Belgrade, reaching Slavonski Brod by train is easy. There are trains almost every hour. Checking which type of the train runs at certain hours is recommendable since the local trains from Zagreb take about 4 hours while express and IC trains run the same...

  • By car / bus

    Slavonski Brod is situated on one of the major road routes connecting Central with Eastern Europe and further to Asia. From Zagreb you can take the A3 highway - road distance from Zagreb is approx. 180 km. Note there are two exits from the highway: Slavonski Brod zapad (west) and Slavonski Brod istok (east). Toll from Zagreb to Slavonski Brod zapad...

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Slavonski Brod Local Customs

  • Dragutin Tadijanovic

    Dragutin Tadijanovic was born in 1905 in village Rastusje, close to Slavonski Brod. He published more than 20 collections of poems. First one was published in 1931. When asked on his 90th birthday to say something about himself - he simply answered: I would never be able to say anything better than what I already wrote in my poems. I promise, on my...

  • Cabage in Tomato soup

    Recipe:Slice the cabage into stripes;Put water + salt to boil and when it boils, throw the cabage in, cook it for 10 min and drain that water.Chop a small onion and throw in with the cabage, add 1/2 l of tomato juice (domestic if possible), add celery leaf and dill, some hot paprika, VEGETA, peper and water....When desired, add a mix of lightly...

  • Ivana Brlic Mazuranic

    In Slavonski Brod letters IBM have no association with international business machines, but rather with the name of Ivana Brlic Mazuranic - Croatian Hans Christian Andersen. She was born in Ogulin in 1874 in well known Mazuranic family but spent most of her life in Slavonski Brod where she married at young age. Surrounded by libraries and an...


Slavonski Brod Favorites

  • Nice photos from Slavonski Brod

    This is my home town but now i am in Austria. It is a lot of nice places around a town od Slavonski Brod and nice folklore customs like 'Brodsko kolo'. Something more about this city you can see at SBOnline.Net portal. Look there for SB ImageDB - it's photo gallery with more than 1000 nice photos. Here are some of my photos from this summer and...

  • Tourist Board of Slavonski Brod

    Tourist Board of Slavonski Brod has a very informative webpage about Slavonski Brod and its surroundings: list of sights, hotels, tourist agencies, useful phone numbers,.... In Slavonski Brod tourist information centre is located on Trg pobjede, and a small info centre is also located in the forress. Both have free town maps and other brochures....

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