Croatia Warnings and Dangers

  • 85 kuna parking ticket about $17 US dollars
    85 kuna parking ticket about $17 US...
    by jlanza29
  • Warnings and Dangers
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  • Paving in Zadar Old Town
    Paving in Zadar Old Town
    by suvanki

Croatia Warnings and Dangers

  • tourists

    Dubrovnik Warnings and Dangers

    Dubrovnik has become extremely popular in recent years and the infrastructure hasn't quite caught up. The real problem is when the enormous cruise liners arrive and disgorge their passengers en masse into the small old town. These beasts are like small floating cities, and the passengers are ferried in non-stop frenzy of activity. Hundreds of...

  • It is forbidden to ...

    Plitvicka Jezera National Park Warnings and Dangers

    What a pity!!! The water is crystal clear and so inviting. However, you can't jump in :( I wish I was one of the guards there in the National Park. I am sure they sometimes jump in after the park is closed to public.

  • Swimming

    Dubrovnik Warnings and Dangers

    Sea urchins are small, globular, spiny sea creatures that cover much of the sea floor off the coast of Dubrovnik. This isn't a bad thing being as they only gather in super clear water. I'd recommend that you wear sea socks or something to cover your feet while walking through the water. Also, if you snorkel, be carefuil you dont brush up against...

  • Catching a bus on return trip

    Plitvicka Jezera National Park Warnings and Dangers

    There's no danger whatsoever in Plitvice Park. It's how to reach there & how to get to your next destination ! There's a bus stop on the main road just next to the park. There are many buses going in each direction, either to Zagreb or to Dalmatian Coast (if you want to reach there). One warning : No matter what the time tables say, you might...

  • Driving

    Dubrovnik Warnings and Dangers

    The police have a number of checkpoints to find out your legitimate to be in Croatia. and check for contraband, as well as maybe looking for stolen vehicles-it happens a lot. It looks like they let the goofy looking American tourists go through without hassle, but if you look like a Slave, or have enclosed truck, or on tour bus, likely the stop...

  • Heat exposure

    Dubrovnik Warnings and Dangers

    Summer days in Dubrovnik can be surprisingly hot. Even in early June (when we were there) the sun , and the humidity, were really enervating ... and coming from Australia as I do, I thought I was used to hot weather! The pale stone buildings and stone-paved squares radiate the heat so you'll be glad of the respite offered by narrow alleys,...

  • Slippy Streets!

    Dubrovnik Warnings and Dangers

    In case of rain, walking and strolling around isn't easy, or better say, you have to watch your steps. The fact is, pavements and staircases in whole the town are made out of stone which, during the centuries, became smooth and slippery. I felt down, pretty hard, steping down the stairs when entering into the cafe-bar on Pile. After it happened the...


    As we exited Slovenia by Car, we then came across the Border crossing into Croatia.This is one where you have to stop, and have your passport stamped, no driving straight through into this country!

  • Most of those who are...

    Most of those who are traveling by car might be surprised with the 'quality' of our roads, therefore drive carefully. As most of the other Mediterraneans, Croats are convinced to be the best drivers that excisting. Another bad habbit is that in some small coastal places locals drives like crazy, pretending that roads are their property...

  • Bad blue boys.

    If you go to see a football game with Croatia Zagreb, then watch out for the teams fanatics.They are called the bad blue boys and they are some of the worst hooligans in Europe.Their grafitti is seen all over zagreb too and sometimes in other parts of the country aswell.These guys are real nutters and not to be played with and i strongly suggest to...

  • Credit Cards

    Most businesses in Croatia do not have credit card machines. Make sure you always have local currency with you (kun). This includes restaurants, shops and even some hotels. Not all places will also take euros either.

  • Beware Navicula Yacht Tours

    A chartered boat cruise can be a great way to see Croatia, but be careful when making your plans. Early in 2008, eight of us (all mid-30s) chartered a yacht for a one-week sail along the Croatian coast in late April. We booked the boat charter through Navicula ( - a company we understood to be reputable. The day of our departure...

  • Croatia Rocks

    Getting in and out of the Adriatic along much of Croatia's coast can be a bit tricky with so many rocks and stones under foot.Check my tip on"Essential purchases" about what to put on your feet! And also check my "Warning" tip about sea urchins.

  • Sandals on the sea shore!

    Find a pair of rubber sandals on the markets or in the shops that might help with walking on the rocky shores of the Adriatic and also perhaps avoid some of the sea urchins sticking their spiky spines in your soft tender feet when going into the water. It's not difficult to see them living under the surface against the rocks. Having said this, I...

  • Credit Card Skimming - Dubrovnik

    Just had a couple of great weeks on Croatian coast. People great, loved it. But phoning my wife 2 weeks in she asked why I was drawing lots of cash in France and Morocco! Turns out one of the two ATM cash machines I used my Visa card in in Dubrovnik must have skimmed my card and pin number then gone international. Watch the stand alone Airport ATMs...

  • Sea urchin!

    Pay special attention to them. These small thorny creatures could ruin your vacation! If you don’t want to pick huge thorns out of your foot or find yourself in the hospital, then put on special shoes or examine sea floor.

  • The Highway to Dubrovnik - Bring your...

    Call it ignorance, or call it what you want, but read this tip and don't get screwed like we almost did.There is a strip of about 5KM between Makarska and Dubrovnik that leaves the country and entered into Bosnia. It is because there is a coast town called Neum that is part of Bosnia Hercegovina. There is a border crossing and they check passports....

  • Not many sandy beaches

    We did not find Beaches in Croatia to be particularly good. The coastline, lined with a miriad of islets and inlets, is indeed beautiful, but disappointing if you are looking for the classical sandy beach. Some seaside resorts have built a sort of concrete terrases where people can sunbathe, but it can never compare to a real beach.

  • Landmines

    During the Homeland War (1991-1995), millions of landmines were scattered along the conflict zone by both Croatian and Serb forces. The Croatian government has done a good job of demining the major tourist areas and the main routes to them. Unfortunately, the plans to make the country mine free by 2009 are a dream; some estimates now place the end...

  • Ouch! Pepples!!

    If you intend to go swimming in the Adriatic here's a warning for you. There are hardly any sandy beaches but mostly pebbled (or even concrete) beaches. If you - like me - are a whimp when it comes to walking on big spiky pebbles, get yourself some swim shoes. They are also helpful to avoid contact with sea urchins...No need to get them before you...

  • rude people

    Having vivsited Croatia - Zadar,Split,Viz, Komiza,i was constantly amazed by the rudeness of the people which was above all shocking and never ever let up.I was so taken aback that we retreated to out apartment and cooked in as the service was so bad and to add the food so appalling.It was maybe the only time I have toatally regretted a holiday.For...

  • Politics/Nationalism: Avoid discussions

    Don't discuss politics or history with people you don't know well, especially outside of urban and tourist areas. The war may be over, but under the surface there is raw and sometimes extreme nationalism throughout a large part of society. In some people, there still seems to be an active and violent hatred of the former war opponents (especially...

  • Definitely a hazard!

    To the waistline that is. The icecream here in Croatia is soooo delicious, the variety amazing and when the weather's as hot as it was when we were there, all resolve to be good and not give in goes by the board and a single daily ration is not enough.Don't say you haven't been warned!

  • Synagogue, Dubrovnik

    Just off the the main street on zudioska (zhoodioska) lies the 2nd oldest sephardic synagogue in Europe and the Jewish museum. I really wanted to go and visit it and tried 3 days in a row during what the main door said were the opening hours. For some annoying reason each time I tried it was shut!!!!!!!!!!!I don't know if it was because I was there...

  • Night trains!

    Beware of night trains! I was robbed whilst on night train from Split to Budapest and they were v sneaky about it. Managed to have a good root around in my bag whilst i was asleep (though lying with my feet on my bag) and took money and phone. Best thing to do is stuff valuables down bra/pants or get a sleeper carriage tho not sure it is much safer...

  • Shoulderless Roads

    Most roads in Croatia don't have shoulders. This includes inter urban roads as well as small village roads. That means of course, that if you want tostop for a minute, to strech your legs, or to check your map - not a good idea. It gets worth if you are stuck behind a heavy lorry, or worst, behind a tractor, who goes 20 km / hr, and there is trafic...



  • Pickpocketing and stealing in the summer

    When staying in camps, rooms or even hotels take care to put your stuff away of reach and ALWAYS lock your room and consult your host about front doors, safety and house roles... Just recently there is a new kind of stealing technique going on at the coast; people walk into a private house pretending to be new quests or just looking for rooms and...

  • Historically troubled region

    Of course, the ethnically-fueled turmoil of the '90s has left its scars on Croatia, but you can feel safe in visiting these days. The country's infrastructure is suitable for visitors and what it has to offer in natural sights and historical treasures is really quite amazing.

  • Experienced In Porec...

    Okay, this is an annoying one but with a blessing in disguise...I went to Porec from Rovinj in the morning about 9 am, reaching there for just 1 hour.Decided to get back to Rovinj at 12, but was told that the next bus would be at 3.45 pm !Slowly, I walked to the harbour area of Porec & saw many excursions collecting people for the trips around...

  • Reaching Jablanac...

    Sometimes, a danger is not really a danger,an anoyance is not really annoying & a warning is a reminder to what we might go through. Individually, we all experience a different thing to one another when we travel.Sometimes I chose to be slightly adventurous. For example, reaching Jablanac at 2 in the morning !Jablanac is a ferry port to reach Rab...

  • Returning from Plitvice National Park

    While it's a must going to Plitvice National Park, but make sure you get your bus easily to your next destination.Easy to get to Zagreb but not that easily to get to Dalmatian Coast.There are many buses going to Split though so my advice to flag ANY bus that you see on the road in Plitvice National Park; I had the experience of a bus driver giving...


    AVOID THESE PLACES :BOTH PLACES IN ROVINJ, KVARNER PENINSULA :Camping Valdaliso: They DO NOT accept travellers WITHOUT tents & very expensive for a camp ground...23 to 38 Euros.Camping Monsena: (Photo on the left...). They also DO NOT accept travellers WITHOUT tents.

  • Stupid Accomodation Rules...

    I didn't encounter any danger while in Croatia so it's one of the best places that I have been to. Although I was stopped by the police while pissing in the bushes but that's their job & my job was to ease myself anyway.It was at 2 am...Anyway, just want to share this stupid rule by the accomodation agencies, particularly in RIJEKA & TO THE KVARNER...

  • Driving a Croatian rental car to...

    It is only natural to visit Dubrovnik (after all, what did you come to Croatia for?) and, if you rent a car, it is very tempting to visit Montenegro - only half an hour away. First, let me state that I did it and enjoyed it, and recommend that you do it too, but....Although almost all Croatian rental agencies (certainly all the big ones) allow you...

  • Border Crossing at Neum

    Don't hide away your passport when you are driving south to Dubrovnik. About 85 km north of Dubrovnik, you will drive through a 5 km section of coastline that was given to Turkey as a result of 19th century treaties. That coastline has now been inherited by Bosnia i Hercegovina and border control stations are present at each of the crossings. Neum,...

  • Nude Islands in Croatia

    There are many nude islands near Hvar island. If you are not comfortable with it, do not go there. When you get there you have to wait until afternoon. Otherwise you have to pay again for return.i am not sure whether i remember its name correctly .I think it is Jeronim.

  • Warnings

    1. croatian cities are very safe. it's very safe wolk through cities in any time of the day or the night... It's very safe to use public transportation in any time...2. WAR IS OVER (FOR LONG TIME AGO)

  • Racial hatred

    The war in Yugoslavia is gone a long time ago, but many people have kept a bellicous state of mind. If you visited Yugoslavia in the happy 1980s, you just cannot believe how irrational and stupid people can get. A shame.

  • Vorsicht beim Anlegen!

    In Kroatien, wie sooft auf dem Mittelmeer, haben sie weder Boxen noch "rumherum" Stegen - das beansprucht viel zu viel Platz. Darum gibt es Moorings - oder "vorinstallierte Ankerlinien". Normalerweise muß es möglich sein, daß man "römisch-catholisch" anlegen kann - d.h. Heck zum Steg - jedoch sollte gewarnt werden, daß nicht alle Mooringstege...

  • Safety

    It is quite safe to travel all over Croatia and mugging and thefts are not a problem. You can safely walk in any town at night, but use your common sense, as always. In some coastal resorts, as is common all over the Mediterranean, single women may be approached or wolf whistled at. Say no firmly and you will not be bothered. In case of any...

  • Discretion is always a good idea

    Be discreet about your identity as a tourist -- especially if you are American. There is an assumption that all Americans are rich, and willing to throw their money around, and I did encounter those who felt they could just take said money. Do not flash foreign bills. Change your money as soon as possible and always use the local currency. If you...

  • sobe, sobe!

    This is a warning especially for Split: mond the women that approach youwhen you get off the bus: they are all screaming sibe, sobe! - which means that they have a room free at thrie house that they would like to rent you. Nothing wrong with this - but in Split they actually grab you and/or your suitcase or backpack and try hysterically to force...

  • Closed facilities

    .Out off the seasons many hotels, campings, bars are closed. Usually they open 15th May or 1th June in the coast area..

  • Land mines

    .Although there is no war in Croatia for years in some places - especially near border with Bosnia & Herzegovina - there are areas with land mines. I found one, well signed (look at my picture: Attention! Mines! Entry strictly forbidden!). There are some destroyed houses and cars by the road, too - look at my travelogue: War is over..


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    Be careful with highway toll guards. The highway fee when coming from Lubjana towards Zagreb costs 6 KN, but guards try to charge you 6 Euro instead. They also try, if you pay wih an Euro bill, to give change in KN at totally wrong change reates. Happened 3 April 2013.

Croatia Warnings and Dangers

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