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    Flames Restaurant: An excellent meat meze

    by Avieira67 Updated Jan 20, 2015

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This restaurant was established in 1989 by two brothers, Theo and Peter. They know the secrets of the Cypriot cuisine and know how to receive very well their clients. By the way, it was here I learned about the origin of meze.
    If you have no idea what means meze, just think about small portions of several traditional dishes. Basically, the main course can be either fish or meat. The side dishes range from salads, cooked eggs, to several kind of sauces.
    I was introduced to this restaurant by a Cypriot friend used to visit it. As we were not too much hungry, we ordered the "basic" meze.
    My meat meze included, at least, souvlaki, afelia, stewed diced pork marinated in wine with corinder, stifado, slow cooked beef stew with onions, garlic, tomatoes, cinamon, pepper and vinegar, keftedes, meat balls, koubebkia, stuffed grape leaves with minced meat and rice, grilled lountza, smoked pork loin slice, grilled halloumi chesse, Greek slalad, grilled wild mushrooms, fried zucchini, hummus, tzatziki, Greek yogurt, taramasalata, beetroot and pitta bread.
    They have a good selection on national wines and I was well surprised with the Portuguese apéritif Port wine.
    The quality of the food impressed me a lot. It was very tasty. At the end, the owners gifted me with the national five kings brandy.
    If I visit again Ayia Napa, surelly I will eat again in this great restaurant and I recommend it a lot..

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    Any Restaurant....: Nutritional Information -Dining in general.

    by greekcypriot Written Nov 1, 2014

    In Cyprus almost all menus are in English or in Greek and English, so you don’t have to be concerned about not knowing what you order.
    Although some restaurants do offer some recipes that are different, primarily food is very similar to western dishes so you should have no fears of the “travelers’ tummy”.

    Like everywhere you travel, there are often not so nice places to eat too, so don’t be too quick to decide which restaurant to stop at as you walk along the street, you may end up very disappointed.
    Some restaurants offer some fairly priced meals but don’t expect bargain meals, this is not something you will find here if you also want good quality.

    Last tip, gluten free and veggie meals are limited so prepare yourself for this.

    Cypriot dishes  -  salad Cypriot dishes Cypriot dishes Cypriot dishes  - Kleftiko Vegetarian cuisine
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  • De Medici: Great Italian Food

    by Bjorn_N Written Aug 19, 2014

    This resturant has very friendly staff, good service and very tasty Itallian food. We ate here several times during our stay in Ayia Napa and where always very satisfied.

    I've travelled extensivly in Italy during the last few years and the food in De Medici and the dishes served are defintly authentic tasting, with a menu (as is common in Italian resturants overseas) picking those favorite dishes of diffrent Italian regions that "marry" well with what local fresh produce and ingredients are availible localy.

    Favorite Dish: My favorite dish was definitly the Lobster Pasta.

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    FLAMES Restaurant Cafe Bar: Cypriot Cuisine, Excellent hosts, Value for Money!

    by greekcypriot Written Apr 12, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In an attempt to find an exceptionally good Cypriot restaurant in Agia Napa to please a friend and a guest of mine, I searched a lot and read reviews until I came up with the Flames. I called the owners and booked a table for lunch.

    LOCATION: The restaurant is nicely set and located very close to the Nissi Beach area which is one of my favourite spots in Agia Napa.

    A HEARTY WELCOME: The two brothers proved excellent hosts and when we arrived the welcome was hearty, exactly as I expected it to be. I wanted my friend to feel this genuine Cypriot hospitality.
    The brothers have been running this business for the last 25 years so there is no doubt that they know the work well and they did not let us down.

    THE OWNERS: It is a small family business with Theo a trained Chef and Peter (Panikos) a trained waiter. Their dream was and still is to achieve in every way the best service and through their traditional Cypriot Dishes help tourist in a way, enjoy to the maximum their holidays in Cyprus. This restaurant is their life and they deservedly represent the authentic Cypriot hospitality out there in Ayia Napa.

    CUISINE: The restaurant is popular with traditional Cypriot dishes and not only! There is a whole list of other dishes that are served out here and are enough to make happy the most demanding guest.
    Steaks, Grilled meat, Pasta, Fish and several Vegetarian specialties are some of the rest of the dishes one can find here.

    LUNCH: Well the purpose of this lunch was to have my friend try some nice Cypriot dishes. We did not ask for the usual ones served, I mean olives and pickles, or the minor ones, but asked for the best out of the whole list of ‘meze’. For me what counts is quality and not quantity.

    Panicos brought a platter of different dips at first, and since the time was such and there were no other customers I insisted that he comes and join us. The dips were fantastic and very refreshing.

    Then the rest of the dishes were presented in small plates exactly as the real meze and we had “afelia” which is a local dish made of diced pork marinated in wine with coriander. “Stifado”, “meatballs”, “kupepia” as Cypriots call them. The Greek name that stands for this dish is ‘dolmadakia’ and they are the Staffed Vine Leaves.

    “Souvlaki” is kabab. We were also brought some “Lountza”. It is smoked pork loin in slices. We tried the grilled mushrooms, some fried zucchini, the halloumi Cypriot cheese, Cypriot Salad which was freshly cut and it was obvious that both the cucumber and tomatoes were from the round area. The fried potatoes were exactly as I expected them to be since the area prides for the excellent potatoes which are exported throughout Europe.

    Thanks to the two brothers my friend probably had the opportunity to learn a few more things about the Cypriot cuisine.

    It was a beautiful day so we chose to have lunch outside at the nicely decorated porch.

    There is also a Bar inside the restaurant with a rich variety of beverage. Since the day was sunny we accompanied our lunch with a bottle of the local KEO beer.

    TIP: Don’t expect gourmet dishes out here. Portions are big but they are not gourmet. This is one of the mistakes many tourists do. If you are after gourmet dishes you can find them at 5* hotels and in Signature restaurants in the big cities and expect to pay much as well.

    MEZE: The word MEZE means variety and it comes in small portions similar to the Spanish tapas (appetizers or snacks)

    The story behind goes like this: It all started almost 50 years ago when in small coffee shops in the villages the ladies back then were making coffee for workers at first. Little by little they started having a few orders at the beginning -it could be a fried or a boiled egg, some cheese, olives, or ham etc. As the years went by, these ladies started preparing and serving one or two dishes, -at first their own home meals, so they would serve small portions of these dishes to their customers as well.

    So, little by little ladies added more and more and this is how this kind of ordering set the fashion. In the course of time this had become a trend and nowadays one can also enjoy “Seafood meze” instead of meat or vegetable dishes. Many Seafood tavernas can be found at the village of Zygi by the way.

    IN ALL: Whatever we had was nicely cooked in virgin olive oil coming from the family Panikos said. All dishes were cooked to perfection and we both enjoyed the meal. I can highly recommend the business and long to be back. Thank you guys, continue to be loyal with what you have started doing. You know exactly how to please your customers and you are doing it well.

    The appetizers we had at first Panikos, Theo and me at the restaurant The porch outside by the porch The interior of the restaurant
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    by gugi66 Written Sep 16, 2012

    A cool restaurant decorated from the flintstones, you can take a picture in Fred Flintstones car outside the restaurant. The staff are dressed as flintstones.

    You can even buy the outfit that the staff is wearing, they also have child sizes.

    Adult Fred Flintstones shirt: 15€
    Child shirt: 10€

    Bedrock cafe Bedrock cafe Bedrock cafe Bedrock cafe Yepp I just had to buy them
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    by gugi66 Updated Sep 16, 2012

    You can find the best restaurant about 3km from the city on Nissi ave. Close to Nissi Beach.

    This restaruant has something for everyone. Grills, Steaks, variety of Cypriot meze, Cyprus Specialities, Fish Dishes, Fish Meze, Vegetarian Dishes, Pastas and Pizza.

    This restaurant also have a big Mini Luna Park for the kids, Cinema screen with cartoons


    Favorite Dish: Everything was great. And I mean it....

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    by gugi66 Written Sep 15, 2012

    If you get hungry or thirsty when you´r at Nissi Beach you can take a bite at the cafe right by the beach. They offer fast food like hamburgers, sandwitches, pasta, waffels, icecream, and of course beers and drinks.

    Hamburger meal: 8€
    Hamburger : 4,5€
    Pizza slice: 2€
    Waffels: 6€
    Sandwitch: 3€
    Redbull: 4€
    Heineken: 4€
    Smirnoff ice: 5€
    Water: 2€

    Nissi Beach cafe
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    by gugi66 Written Sep 14, 2012

    Well a McDonald´s is a McDonald´s where ever you go in the world. But there is a burger here that you can´t find some where else, and that is the GreekMac.

    The GreekMac is a Wrap with Greek burger, salad, ketchup, greek sauce, mustard, tomatoes and onions.

    Favorite Dish: GreekMac

    McDonalds Ayia Napa
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    (Anywhere)!: Cypriot dishes and What exactly they are!

    by greekcypriot Written Apr 15, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    G L O S S A R Y

    I thought to give you the name of some Cypriot dishes and explain what each one represents so that you know exactly what it is when you are at a Cypriot restaurant.
    You can of course photo copy and have it with you on your trip.

    Afelia: it is pork cooked in red wine crushed coriander seeds
    Arni: it is lamb
    Avgolemono: egg and lemon soup
    Bourekia: small puff pastries with meat, or cheese and cream with a cheese filling.
    Daktyla: almong finger pastries
    Elioti: olive bread or pie
    Elies tsakistes: cracked green olives with coriander seeds, lemon and crushed garlic.
    Fangri: sea bream
    Fasolia: haricot beans cooked in a casserole
    Feta: salty white cheese usually crumbled on village salads.
    Flaounes: Cypriot Easter cakes made with cheese and spices
    Glyko: preserved fruits in syrup
    Halloumi: firm goats or ewes milk cheese, often served grilled.
    Hirino: pork
    Horiatiki salata: village salad of white cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, capers, olives, onion, etc.
    Houmous: dip from soaked, crushed chick peas
    Kalamari: squid
    Kapari: pickled caper
    Karaoli yahni: snails in tomato sauce
    Keftedes: meat balls
    Kleftiko ofto: lamb or goat wrapped in foil with herbs and baked in a sealed oven
    Kolokotes: pastries stuffed with red pumpkin, raisins and pourgouri
    Kotopoulo: chicken
    Koupepia or dolmades: stuffed vine leaves
    Koupes: cigar shaped wheat cases with meat filling
    Loukoumades: doughnuts in syrup
    Loukanika: Cyprus sausages
    Loukoumia: Wedding shortbread
    Lountza: smoked and marinated loin of pork
    Marida: whitebait
    Moungra: pickled cauliflower
    Moussakas: a pie made from layers of minced beef, spices and vegetables with cheese topping
    Octopodi krasato: octopus in red wine
    Pitta: flat envelope of unleavened bread
    Pourgouri pilafi: pilaf of cracked wheat
    Psari: fish
    Ravioli: pastry stuffed with halloumi and mint
    Rizi: wheat and lamb pilaf, served at weddings.
    Sheftalia: minced pork and herb rissole
    Souvla: large chunks of lamb cooked on a spit
    Souvlakia: kebabs
    Stifado: rich beef and onion stew
    Tahini: sesame seed paste, served as a dip
    Taramosalata: dip made from smoked cods roe
    Trahanas: soup from cracked wheat and yoghurt
    Tzantziki/or Talatouri: yoghurt, cucumber and mint dip
    Vodino: beef
    Yemista: baked stuffed vegetables with rice and minced beef
    Zalatina: brawn

    Koupepia (dolmades) stuffed vine leaves
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    Throughout!: Restaurant tips on the island of Cyprus

    by greekcypriot Updated Apr 15, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ask the taverna owner what they are cooking that day and what is available for you to try.

    Whatever they are cooking, they will be eating themselves so you can be SURE it will be fresh.

    They will also be using seasonal fruit and vegetables so you can be certain you will never have the same meal twice.

    Fondest Memory: Lucky to be a Cypriot myself, and YOU as visitors - being in Cyprus!!!!

    We have the freshest fruit and vegetables imaginable.

    Everything TASTES so good, as most Cyprus food is freshly picked the morning you buy it.

    As the quality of the produce is so good, it follows that you will get a great meal in most tavernas.

    THE BEST FOOD is made by taverna owners who have one love in life - FOOD!
    Now don't expect white table cloths or fancy cutlery in the mountain villages AND don't expect to be offered a huge menu.

    In fact, don't even bother to ask for the menu!

    Good quality food in Cypriot restaurants!
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    Everywhere!: A variety of dishes in the Different Restaurants

    by greekcypriot Updated Apr 15, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Tourists won’t be disappointed with the cuisine and the countless restaurants in Agia Napa.

    There are indeed countless restaurants that specialize in a host of cuisines from around the world, everything from the romantic and traditional, to fast food and pub-grub being on offer.

    Whether it is a Big Mac, Fish n’chips, a Chinese or formal French restaurant, everything is within short distance. They are centrally located and it is up to you to choose where to go to.

    I will advice you to try the Cypriot Traditional Restaurants before your holidays are over. In fact I suggest you visit these first. I am sure you will want to go there again and again. There is a variety of different dishes, especially if you ask for “mezedes”.
    I highly recommend the typical Cypriot ‘meze’ made up of between 15 to 20 island dishes.

    Eating out in Agia Napa
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    by greekcypriot Updated Apr 17, 2010

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    (Limanaki means small port)
    Here at the port area, Vassos Taverna, or Faros Beach Taverna and the one opposite the boats (main picture) are all nice Restaurants. I suggest that you try them one evening out.
    They are kind of more expensive and where it comes to fish or lobsters the bill can get really expensive. If you want a special night out I would recommend any of the three.
    I have eaten one or two evenings out here, the service was great and the people very kind.

    The one in the main photo which is next to the boats is also a Snack and Cocktail Bar and Cafe so I suggest that you come and have a snack or an ice cream here and ask for the price list for either lunch or dinner.
    The view is great in all three Restaurants, which will pay you off whether you have an ice cream, a snack or a proper menu.

    Try eating cheaper in more centrally Restaurants.

    Favorite Dish: I had a Grilled fish,
    A fried Kalamari, and a Mixed Green Cypriot Salad.

    I enjoyed the meal because both the Kalamari and the Fish seemed very fresh to us.

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  • greekcypriot's Profile Photo


    by greekcypriot Updated Apr 17, 2010

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Although I have not tried eating at this Restaurant which is a Cafeteria at the same time serving Cocktails and snacks because we had F/B at our hotel, yet I can say that it is quite popular with reasonable prices. I always think that if a shop has many customers while some others none, it shows that people have tried it.
    One of my photos shows prices as well, just to give you the picture.


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  • Odyssos sports bar & taverna: The best fish i ever ate!

    by melany99 Written Dec 14, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Located near the rich beauty of the local Mediterranean Nissi beach with all it's golden splendor. Near sea front, opposite Nissi Beach Hotel.
    We offer a large variety of food for all your tastes, from Fresh fish of the cost of Cyprus.
    Traditional Cyprus dishes, Steaks, Grills, pasta, pizza, salads as well a fine selection of wine
    And also has a mini luna park,verry good place if u have children,you can eat and have fun and your children can play

    Favorite Dish: i like all,kleftiko,sea food,meze

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  • Polstar's Profile Photo

    Taverna Napa: Taverna Napa - our favourite restaurant EVER

    by Polstar Written Sep 23, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    To be completely honest, one of the reasons we wanted to return to Cyprus was to go to this restaurant. It took us a while to find it again, but it was worth it. Although the original owner has now sadly passed away, and not as many of the walls are covered in graffiti, it is still one of the best restaurants we've ever been to. The service is fantastically friendly, not too pushy but helpful and welcoming. The food is divine, and the wine is wonderful.

    Last time I was there I had the sea bass, and it literally melted in my mouth - they also cooked some of the best chips (! - yes - I know!) I've ever tasted - Cypriot potatoes are just wonderful chipped.

    It's most popular dishes are Meze - however you can get some other meals too.

    It seats around 100-150 - and I'd advise booking in advance.

    Favorite Dish: Too hard ...

    The sea bass was gorgeous - melted in the mouth.
    The meze is INSANE - the first time we went there with another couple. My husband and the couple were meat eaters and I don't eat meat but I do eat fish. We ordered the meze and with me just eating the fish and vege dishes I was stuffed to the gills. But it was a wonderful stuffed! Really really really tasty. We were the last diners and I helped them clear the plates, taking them into the utterly pristine kitchen.
    The swordfish is lovely too - never overcooked and really tasty.

    A three course meal with wine is around £20 a head - which - for this type of food - is not bad at all! It's about average for a decent meal - obviously more expensive than bar food and Burger King - but worth it for the type of food you get :)

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