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  • Sunrise in Nissi Beach
    Sunrise in Nissi Beach
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  • In the villages of Troodos
    In the villages of Troodos
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Cyprus Favorites

  • CAMPSITES IN CYPRUS -Budget stays

    Here's a complete list of Cyprus campsites.The 5 most common ones you will find on other Cyprus camping lists are these:• Governor's Beach Kalymnos campsite between Limassol and Larnaca just off the motorway. Space for 360 tents/caravans. Open all year. Price: €3.40 per tent plus €2.55 per person per night. Tel: 25632878• Geroskipou Zenon Gardens...

  • Mountain willages

    If it was possible to taste and smell history I would have smelled it when I gazed down from a hiltop ,the willage looks as if it is sleeping , the shade of the hill beginning to cover the willage as aftrnoon closes in,soon it will be pitch dark and a billion stars will shine as they did for always. Fondest of all my memories in Cyprus is the...

  • Cypriot dishes- Know what exactly they...

    GlossaryI thought to give you the name of some Cypriot dishes and explain what each one represents so that you know exactly what it is when you are at a Cypriot restaurant.You can of course photo copy and have it with you on the trip.Afelia: it is pork cooked in red wine crushed coriander seedsArni: it is lambAvgolemono: egg and lemon soupBourekia:...

  • The Traditional Cypriot Wedding

    A traditional Cypriot wedding takes place usually on Sunday. The previous day or a couple of days earlier friends and relatives come to the house for the sewing of the mattress. Some young girls or unmarried women will sit and sew it together while friends and relatives place money on the bed. It is called “ploumisma”A baby is placed on the...

  • When to Come to Cyprus and What to Pack

    Climate in Cyprus is one of the things to consider when coming here.Summers can be really hot and humid. In September it may be warm but in the evening it becomes cool and you need a sweater.Warm clothes, namely a jacket or coat, are appropriate for the winter months. You might also pack a jacket during the spring, summer, and fall months if you...

  • Eat Traditionally like a Local!

    What is the Traditional Cypriot Diet?The traditional Cypriot diet is a healthy one and it is based on vegetables, salad, wholemeal bread, fruit, olives and olive oil, cheeses and small quantities of meat.

  • Participating in Festivities...

    Throughout the island there are Traditional Villages where people have a different viewpoint of customs and festivities such as Christmas, Easter and other local celebrations. If you are in Cyprus during these celebrations you may participate in these traditional village events such as weddings and local festivals or follow an untouched nature...

  • When is Cheaper in Cyprus !

    In off peak season holidays, you have the opportunity to combine or choose either mountain or sea. (Like myself traveling to Cyprus in November). This time I chose the mountains in a couple of agrotourism hotels. In the mountainous areas, for agro-tourist hotels, the off peak period is considered to be the commencement of the season, thus you can...

  • More General Tips about Cyprus

    It is forbidden to remove antiquities from the bottom of the sea, or to take them out of Cyprus without a special export licence.Visitors should respect ecclesiastic traditions and avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless garments in churches and monasteries.Short cruises to the Greek islands, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria can be taken on one of the many...

  • General Tip Information on Cyprus

    Cyprus is a member of the European Union since 1st May 2004 with Euro being the official currency since 1st January 2008.Visas: No visas are required for entry into Cyprus by nationals of most European countries. Nationals of other countries should contact the nearest Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus, or if none, the nearest British...

  • The Cypriot Hospitality Still Exists !!!

    I was in Cyprus for 12 days and returned a couple of days ago.On this trip I really wanted to see if the Cypriot Hospitality still exists on the island, and I am so proud that I could find so nice and open-hearted people.Of course to experience this, you have to be open yourselves. Be open, and smile, greet the to them first. They...

  • Agrotourism on the Troodos range

    The Troodos area offers various options for lodging in stunningly beautiful areas such as those of Kalopanagiotis, Kakopetria, Kyperounta, Spilia and Platres.These villages are located in high altitude mongst lavish green mountains and fresh air and exemplify the island's rich history and culture.I spent some days a week ago up to the village of...

  • Restaurant Tips in Cyprus

    Ask the taverna owner what they are cooking that day and what is available for you to try.Whatever they are cooking, they will be eating themselves so you can be SURE it will be fresh.They will also be using seasonal fruit and vegetables so you can be certain you will never have the same meal twice. Lucky to be a Cypriot myself, and you as...

  • Don't Expect Fresh Fish on the Mountains

    Most of the village tavernas in the hills don't have fresh fish on the menu as they are not near the sea. So, don't expect fresh fish when you are on the mountains!

  • Kyrenia, in North Cyprus

    Kyrenia (Girne in Turkish) is located on the north coast of Cyprus. With its fantastic sandy beaches, its charming Venetian harbour full of yachts, fishing boats and restaurants, its shops, its historical places and its five-finger mountain, Kyrenia is the most popular town of North Cyprus. My fondest memory as a Cypriot goes back to those days...

  • If you are Fond of Casinos visit the...

    North Cyprus CasinosNorth Cyprus boasts more than 20 casinos available for those who would like to try their luck and live entertainment and activities, and would like to try something different. North Cyprus has become like small Las Vegas with its popular casinos with every sort of game such as blackjack, roulette, poker, slots and more. Most of...

  • North Cyprus Border Crossing

    In April 2003 a very interesting development took place in Cyprus. For the first time since 1974 the borders were opened in Cyprus for the benefit of Cypriots. This allowed the Greek Cypriots to visit North and the Turkish Cypriots to visit the South of the island. Most Cypriots welcomed the opportunity to visit their old homes and meet with their...

  • Business Hours in Cyprus

    Throughout Cyprus, restaurants are open from 11am to 2pm and from 7.30pm to 11pm daily. PUBLIC SERVICE hours are 7.30am to 3.30pm weekdays and also 3pm to 6pm Thursday (September to June), or 7.30am to 2.30pm weekdays (July to August).SHOPPING HOURS vary by season. In summer (June to mid-September), shops open at around 8.30am and close at around...

  • Tipping in Cyprus

    Hotels and restaurants normally include a service charge of around 10%-15% in the bill. If a service charge is not included, tipping of 10%-15% is expected. Taxi services expect a 10% tip.

  • Protaras or Agia Napa for Summer?

    The whole of Cyprus has beautiful beaches.Protaras best beach is the Fig Tree Bay, and Agia Napa have also similar beautiful beaches around the Nissi Beach.Agia Napa is mostly popular for its Nightlife, while Protaras has more quiet.If you are not so interested in Nighlife I suggest Protaras for sure.But I suggest that you don't spend all your days...


    A visa is required by some nationals for the duration of intended stay in the Republic of Cyprus for different reasons such as tourism, business, education, employment or residence. Transit passengers also require visa for their stop in Cyprus.Cyprus visa is required for all nationals except the nationals from the following countries.This visa is...


    Larnaca holds Larnaca International Airport (LCA), which is the larger of the country's two commercial airports. This main international gateway of Cyprus is located 6 km to the west of the city center. Taxis are available at the airport. It takes 15 minutes to reach the city centre by taxi. One can also find scheduled city buses at the airport....


    HOW SAFE IS CYPRUSIt is a remarkably safe country and still many Cypriots have their cars and houses frequently unlocked. However I would recommend not to do it purposely.You won’t find people snatching your bag while walking as in other countries, and you can walk safely in the evenings.DO I NEED A CAR WHEN ON THE ISLANDI would say, it depends on...

  • Saving money

    Change your holiday money in Cyprus, you will get a better rate. You will get a better rate at a bank but they will charge you commission, or you can get it changed at a bureaux and get it commission free, they work out at about the same in the end.Cigarettes are cheaper to buy in the local shops than they are at the airport before your flight...

  • How to see the best of Cyprus

    There were four of us traveling, so we have booked a private guide with acar who showed all the best sites he new from East to West, including a wine village ( I can not remember its name, they make very sweet local wine there) and we dined at a trout farm run by a British family. The guide's name is Alexander, he has graduated from faculty of...

  • Nicosia Down Town

    People watching in the coffee shops of Down Town Nicosia on a sunny day, drinking frappe (iced coffee). The main shopping area of Nicosia is Down Town ( Kato Lefkosia ). The Cyprus Archaeological Museum is within walking distance and well worth visiting. Prices in the shops are fixed and bargaining is not common. Shops are closed all day Sunday,...

  • Crossing the Green Line

    There are a lot of misconceptions about crossing the Green Line. In fact it is fairly straight forward if you know a couple of things :There are five crossing points (from west to east) :Astromeritis (near Morphou)Agios Dometios (in Nicosia)Ledra Palace (in Nicosia - only for pedestrians)Pyla (near Larnaca)Agios Nikolaos (near Famagusta)The check...

  • Visa for Cyprus

    Certain nationalities require a visa for Cyprus, so did I. Mine was issued at the Honorary Consulate of Cyprus in Bonn, Germany. The entire affair took 20 minutes and was absolutley no issue. Most European nationals all enter Cyrus without a visa, though African nationals, some Asians and South Americans require a visit to the Embassy or Consulate...

  • Eat drink be happy,you are young once.

    Everything tasted best when I was young,friuts were more juicy,air was fresher.Eat some natural yoghurt with salt and dried mint when you get there.Eat salty things regularly.. Walking in a friut garden with many varieties of each friut, with my sister when we were very young , those days are gone now never to return..

  • More pines

    If you have never walked in a pine forest and felt like you are drunk with the wonderful clean smell you have not lived yet my friend.. Some weekends we would go up the mountains instead of usual beaches and we would light a fire at designated places so no forest fire would start,then the barbecue would start with watermelons,drinks of raki,ice...

  • Appropriate climate and pleasant sea

    In Cyprus I found many advantages of spending holidays: not to hot because of the wind from the sea, opportunity to visit different places by 'autostop' - people here are very friendly they get you in right place, tell the stories, give your advice where to go and offer the cup of their favourite drink - frappe! but anyway you should be carefull...

  • useful numbers

    Useful Telephone Numbers in Cyprus Cyprus International Country Code + 357 Directory Inquiries +192 National Calls Via Operator +190 International Calls Via Operator +198 Emergency services(Fire, Ambulance & Police) +112 Police Agai Napa +23 721553 Larnaca +24 804040 Limassol+25 805050 Pafos +26 806060 General Hospitals Emergency +1400 Larnaca...

  • work & residence permits

    After nine months in Cyprus I did not have a residence permit; I did not have a work permit; I did not have a Cypriot driver's license; and I did not have a Cyprus bank account. They only thing they let me do was pay Cyprus taxes. I was in Cyprus on a tourist visa, which lasts from one to three months depending on where you are from. Each time I...

  • Quick trips to Lebanon and Egypt

    In many of the towns, there are small travel agencies where you can change money and book excursions. I did not realize before I went that they offer quick trips on ships to Lebanon and Egypt. Though I recommend making Egypt a trip in itself, if I had known ahead of time I would have considered taking one of the two day trips they were offering to...

  • Lefkara

    Visit the village of Lefkara. The village is famous for its traditional lacemaking and embroidery and the local silverware.For more photos of Lefkara have a look at the travelogue.

  • Kykkos Monastery

    Don't miss Kykkos Monastery, west of Nicosia. The monastery was founded on the 11th century. You can find more details about it at photos in the travelogue.

  • Favourite Cypriot Beer - Keo

    This is brewed in Lemesos, in Greek Cyprus. The brewery motto is: 'Be Happy and Drink Well' - an epithet I heartedly agree with. It is styled in the pilsner vein and in 1987 won the brewing industry world bottled lager competition Gold Medal. It is sweet and malty on the nose (honey?), though this is very subdued. It is lively on the palate. The...

  • Very HOT!

    Paphos can justly claim to posess the island's most charming antiquities in it;s mosaics of wild animals, peasants, lovers, gods and godesses.It is still being excavated.

  • Pine trees of Cyprus.

    Have you ever sat under a pine tree of Cyprus and hear it sing to you smell its heady perfume and feel at peace with the world ?If not you have not lived my it soon. When I saw this tree for the first time I fell in love with her quickly,I miss her when we are apart.


    Don´t waste your money buying water in expensive tourist shops /0,5 l. = 0,50 CYP/Six pack of mineral water /6 x 1,5 l./ in the supermarket will cost you about 1,50 CYPThere are a water supply machines on the streets /at petroll station / near religious place/ where 20 litre cost 0,50 CYP.

  • Troodos : 'Kykkos...

    Cyprus is famous for its monasteries.In the mountainous Troodos region, 20 km west of the village of Pedoulos, is the most famous and richest monastery in Cyprus, Kykkos Monastery. It possesses one of the three surviving icons ascribed to Saint Luke. Fairs are held here in August and September. And also in Troodos you’ll find nine beautifully...

  • Don't cry for me Cyprus..

    One day I shall return again little girl so please do not cry ..........Too many to list here.But maybe some day I shall make a list..

  • Romantic mountains.

    Looking at this mountains called five fingers or (penta daktilo) in Greek.They seem to change colour as the day progesses... From the first day I noticed those mountain ranges I had fallen in love with them.We as kids always took some trip there secretly from our parents.

  • Hire a car, Or use the buses...

    Hire a car, Or use the buses to get out of the resort & explore the Island. There is so much history here and things to see and do.

  • Cheap Cellphone Calls

    When in Cyprus, consider getting a pay card for your cellphone, called "soeasy", the charges are the lowest in Europe. If you use telephone more than very little and if your stay is more than a week, it may be cheaper to use your cellphone with the local card than the hotel's services.SMS cost around 0.02 euro each.For more information...


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