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    Cypriot dishes and how to ask for them in Greek

    by greekcypriot Written Mar 30, 2011

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    Favorite thing: Glossary
    I thought to give you the name of some Cypriot dishes and explain what each one represents so that you know exactly what it is when you are at a Cypriot restaurant.
    You can of course photo copy and have it with you on the trip.

    Afelia: it is pork cooked in red wine crushed coriander seeds
    Arni: it is lamb
    Avgolemono: egg and lemon soup
    Bourekia: small puff pastries with meat, or cheese and cream with a cheese filling.
    Daktyla: almong finger pastries
    Elioti: olive bread or pie
    Elies tsakistes: cracked green olives with coriander seeds, lemon and crushed garlic.
    Fangri: sea bream
    Fasolia: haricot beans cooked in a casserole
    Feta: salty white cheese usually crumbled on village salads.
    Flaounes: Cypriot Easter cakes made with cheese and spices
    Glyko: preserved fruits in syrup
    Halloumi: firm goats or ewes milk cheese, often served grilled.
    Hirino: pork
    Horiatiki salata: village salad of white cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, capers, olives, onion, etc.
    Houmous: dip from soaked, crushed chick peas
    Kalamari: squid
    Kapari: pickled caper
    Karaoli yahni: snails in tomato sauce
    Keftedes: meat balls
    Kleftiko ofto: lamb or goat wrapped in foil with herbs and baked in a sealed oven
    Kolokotes: pastries stuffed with red pumpkin, raisins and pourgouri
    Kotopoulo: chicken
    Koupepia or dolmades: stuffed vine leaves
    Koupes: cigar shaped wheat cases with meat filling
    Loukoumades: doughnuts in syrup
    Loukanika: Cyprus sausages
    Loukoumia: Wedding shortbread
    Lountza: smoked and marinated loin of pork
    Marida: whitebait
    Moungra: pickled cauliflower
    Moussakas: a pie made from layers of minced beef, spices and vegetables with cheese topping
    Octopodi krasato: octopus in red wine
    Pitta: flat envelope of unleavened bread
    Pourgouri pilafi: pilaf of cracked wheat
    Psari: fish
    Ravioli: pastry stuffed with halloumi and mint
    Rizi: wheat and lamb pilaf, served at weddings.
    Sheftalia: minced pork and herb rissole
    Souvla: large chunks of lamb cooked on a spit
    Souvlakia: kebabs
    Stifado: rich beef and onion stew
    Tahini: sesame seed paste, served as a dip
    Taramosalata: dip made from smoked cods roe
    Trahanas: soup from cracked wheat and yoghurt
    Tzantziki/or Talatouri: yoghurt, cucumber and mint dip
    Vodino: beef
    Yemista: baked stuffed vegetables with rice and minced beef
    Zalatina: brawn

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    by greekcypriot Updated Apr 25, 2010

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    People exercising on the Beach of Phinikoudes
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    Favorite thing: My favorite thing about Larnaca is that I am proud to be born here.
    When younger I could not understand why tourists come to Larnaca. Ever since I have become a Freelance guide writer, I love coming here and seeing the same things again and again. Larnaca is a city with much to give, much history, many museums and the best of all is that nearly all the sites in Larnaca can be seen in 2 or 3 days!
    It is not only beaches!

    CTO, Athinon Ave., near the marina entrance, Tel. 04 - 654 322

    CTO, Plateia Vasileos Pavlou, Tel. 04 - 654 322

    CTO airport, open 24 hours, Tel. 04 - 643 000

    Main post office: Zinonos Ktietos, north of the Sileos Pavlou corner.

    Hospital: Tel. 04 - 630 300

    Flight information: (24 hours) Tel. 04 - 654 389

    Cyprus Airways: Tel. 04 - 654 294

    Lost properties: Tel. 04 - 630 200

    Fondest memory: Its warm beaches. One of the shallowest for children is the Phinikoudes Beach.I am a person who wants to exercise in the morning so I love the morning walk on the beaches in Larnaca. Locals are very fond of exercising and you can see them walking up and down the different beaches early each morning.

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    by call_me_rhia Updated Feb 3, 2008
    larnaca promenade
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    Favorite thing: Larnaca is not really beautiful, but somehow it's much lower key than other southern beach cities... you can still see local people living there, and artisans working in their businesses... and in particular, there are local businesses that are not tourist-related. it doesn't sound like much - but go to Paphos and try to spot one... it won't be an easy task.

    The city is possibly Cyprus oldest town - and the oldest ruins can be seen at the Kition excavations. The modern town, instead, is plit in two, metaforically: there's a small but older city center full of character, and a wide sprawl of uncharacteristic hotels and restaurants along the beach.

    Fondest memory: Some of the sights in Larnaca are top class. In particular the tiny but truly amazing Church of St. Lazarus, built over and around the tomb of the biblical Lazarus.

    Outside town the Larnaca Salt Lake is very scenic and picturesque, and nearby you can visit the
    Hala Sultan Tekke which hoststhe tomb of Umm Haram, the foster mother of Mohammed.

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    by eden_teuling Written Mar 14, 2003

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    Favorite thing: Not in Larnaca but in LEFKARA you must be to see these women working their lace......
    There are two LEFKARAS, aboout 1 km. from each other.
    In cyprus we often see a upper village (Pano) and a lower village (kato).
    Pano Lefkara is quite commercial but Pano Lefkare is just great!

    It is here that you have to be for the traditional local style of LACE that is called: LEFKARITIKA.
    This is not the name of a certain pattern because each design is a creation of the woman who makes it. It is a very complicated and intricated Art.

    The skills go from mother to daughter.
    The lace is very sought after by ROYALTY as well as by more humble visitors like you and me!

    Fondest memory: Seeing these women at work, definitely. Asked how many time a certain work would take, the answer was: a year!!

    This precious LACE has already been made here for CENTURIES and the rich VENETIAN women who wanted to flee the heat and came to this place, bought it and took it home!

    So it is really WORLD FAMOUS....

    The men soon discovered that those works of art brought them more money so they stopped farming and became "agents", "managers" and even made trips abroad while their wives and daughters had to stay home to make the lace...

    Here you see mothers and daughters, the younger ones also in black, and only one with glasses, working and talking!

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    Try everything the place is...

    by marmite Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Favorite thing: Try everything the place is just excellent.People are fantastic & the food & local drinks are great.
    thanks Larnaca for a holiday we won't forget.
    We will be back.

    Fondest memory: All of it was unforgetable.
    our youngest daughter had her 9th birthday while we were in Larnaca & thanks to Alikati restaurant she had the most delicious caramel cake we have ever tasted.Thanks to the Naziris family.

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    by albajane Written Aug 25, 2002

    Fondest memory: Going to a restaurant one evening where a typical Cypriot 'wedding' was put on for the tourist in an outdoor restaurant. It was very enjoyable and the food was great. The dancing afterwards was great too!

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  • visit the pier in larnaca...

    by crown49 Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Favorite thing: visit the pier in larnaca where you can go on boat trips for a few cyprus pounds

    Fondest memory: troodos mountains.which is up by nicosia, a very beautiful place. and after sweltering in their summer heat it was very cool!

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    What you are allowed to do...

    by shirez Written Oct 9, 2003

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    Favorite thing: Believe or not, but the sign was put out in the park of the hotel close to the swimming pool..
    Enjoy your holiday!! hehe...:-)))

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