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    Kira Giorgena: Authentic Cypriot food

    by Avieira67 Updated Apr 15, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you don't try, at least once, the meze, you will not know what is the genuine food in Cyprus. Meze means small dishes and the best place to try it is at a traditional taverna. There you are invited to taste many different traditional dishes of the country. Depending on the restaurant and the season, meze varies but, for the main dishes, it is used either meat or fish. The side dishes range from potatoes and eggs, salads and hummus to tarmasalata.
    Kirá Giórgina, a family run taverna, is, in my opinion, the right place to find the genuine Cypriot cuisine when in Larnaca. Besides the fresh and delicious food, the ambience and hospitality are excellent. By the way, it is always advisable to book in advance, especially on week-ends.
    I had the opportunity to have there a great memorable dinner. My meze had several different dishes, among them: souvlaki, afelia, a stew of diced pork marinated in wine with coriander seed, keftethes, meat balls, fried liver morsels, Cypriot sausages, snails, koupepia, the stuffed grape leaves, chesse stuffed red peppers, dolma, aubergines, squash and peppers stuffed with rice, chopped mint, pepper and minced meat, fried zucchini, atrichokes, oven cooked eggs and black olives, pickled vegetables, traditional macaroni with chesse, cooked spinachs, grilled halloumi chesse, lountza, smoked pork loin slice, feta chesse with tomato sauce, several salads, roast and fried potatoes, tyrokaftera, a sauce made of feta chesse, hot peppers, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and yogurt, tzatziki, a sauce made of yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil and mint, yogurt, home made bread, pita and garlic breads. The wine of the house is a good choice, but they have a good selection of national wines. I just choose the national KEO beer.
    For dessert, both fresh and syrup fruits are served, as well loukoumades, Greek donuts with honey. The syrup fruits were delicious and included cherries, walnuts, oranges and watermelon.
    In Kirá Geórgina taverna you will find how fresh are the ingredients used in the cuisine. The ambience and the quality of the food could not be better. You will not be dispointed in such a pleaseant place, believe me!

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    To Sieradiko: Inexpensive Food - Popular and A Good Choice!

    by greekcypriot Updated Apr 14, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I came across this restaurant accidentally as I was having a stroll in Larnaca.

    It was morning, I found it closed but I got the phone number and called to book a table. The interior of the restaurant is what excited me at first and that was the first reason I wanted to visit. The following week when I happened to be in Larnaca on Friday morning I dropped by and found it open. The owner was there, I stepped in and the first thing I did was to ask permission to take a few photos! Of course, I arranged and booked a table for two for the following night.

    LOCATION: Located on the road leading to the Church of St. Lazarus from the beachfront of Finikoudes. It cannot be missed.

    INTERIOR: The interior and all pieces of art are made by the owner herself who has studied art. Georgia is a very positive person, a talented young lady and a great host whose only concern is the satisfaction of her customers. A relaxed atmosphere and very cozy. I found the decoration brilliant and it highlights the Cypriot culture.

    SERVICE: It was a Saturday night, I had reserved the exact table I wanted and arrived at 8:00pm. The second room was almost full as the restaurant opens at 7:00. Very soon all reserved tables were taken.
    The restaurant was full and yet the service was excellent, while the owner was constantly passing from every table checking if everything was all right.

    FOOD: Instead of ordering one or two kinds we asked for a platter of several different dishes as I wanted to get a full idea of what the cuisine offers.

    We had a platter of different kinds of grilled delicacies which were exceptionally tasty, a bit spicy just like I expected them to be. The Staffed Salmon was also delicious. French fries were in virgin olive oil and they were Super. I cannot remember myself eating fried potatoes out in restaurants but the ones we had here were beyond compare.

    We were sitting by the entrance next to the window and people kept coming in until all tables were taken. Others kept coming back to check.

    When the owner showed up to treat us with a dessert, we thanked her and explained that we could not take more. The portions were already big and we were full. Everything was nice, and seeing the people in queue waiting we thought to offer them our table since it was already late and we did not want to see them coming and going for a table.

    COST: The food is tasty, and the cost amazingly reasonable! In fact I have not seen more reasonable prices elsewhere in the whole of my 3 week trip to Cyprus. This is one of the reasons locals loved it from the first moment and they keep coming back.

    For €9.00 you can have a super meze. Don’t expect however many dishes but they are quality dishes and very tasty. Between us, what counts more is Quality and not Quantity.

    The Staffed Salmon costs €12.00, while the Seafood pasta is at €8.30.
    The Vegetarian plate costs €10.00 while the Fried Squid is at €7.00.
    Chicken costs €7.50, and Steak is at €11.00.

    BEVERAGE: The list had several wines and beer. I was not in the mood of drink at all that night but we asked for the homes white wine. It was not bad I can say. I found it very lite for my tastes.

    IN ALL: It is an amazing place to go with friends and without spending much.
    The food is excellent, the welcome is warm, the tastes are superb and the service attentive.
    I highly recommend it to anyone…especially to tourists visiting Larnaca.
    The people of Larnaca already loved it…so it has to be good, isn’t it?
    Don’t forget to book a table much before. I bet you will love it. Personally I did and I do want to visit it again when in Larnaca next time.

    Interior of the restaurant Interior of the restaurant Grilled and other delicacies Cheers everyone! The owner with us checking if everything is ok.
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    Kira Giorgena Tavern: Exclusively Cypriot Tastes, -A Steady Value!

    by greekcypriot Updated Apr 14, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had arranged to dine here with a friend from VirtualTourist (Avieira67) Antony his name, coming from Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal and I wanted him to experience what is like eating out at a traditional Cypriot Taverna. I remember how we enjoyed dining here with my sister last year, so I asked her to join us this time too. I could not think of any other tavern similar to this in Larnaca serving such a big variety. If I am not mistaken the meze order includes more than 40 different dishes.

    AWARDED: ‘Time Out Eating Awards 2013!” The restaurant has been selected as the number 1 Tavern to represent Larnaca for the Eating Awards 2013.

    WELCOME: Tony welcomed us with his hearty broad smile and found for us a nice table so that we would eat in comfort. We arrived a bit early, but very soon groups of friends started filling up the tables.

    LOCATION: It is 100 metres from the American Academy, very central with a huge parking lot right outside the restaurant. It cannot be missed!

    ATMOSPHERE: A cozy lively environment and the whole interior reminding guests of Cyprus culture. Walls are mostly covered by photos taken with Tony’s guests who visited the restaurant, -several of them singers, actors, and generally good friends. The general feeling is homely with features that have to do with country life.
    The owner is a naturalist and a mushroom lover, so again this time there were fresh wild mushroom on display by the entrance next to the Bar. Guests can include them in their order, but these particular ones are not included in the meze.

    SERVICE: Excellent and very friendly….it could not have been better.

    TIP FOR THE MEZE: The meze at Kira Giogena’s tavern is served in traditional format. The food is rich in flavor. I miss exactly the cost but if I am not mistaken it has to be €15.00 - €17.00 per person. You cannot have it if you are on your own. It has to be at least 2 to order it. If you are four or five you can ask for meze for three or two …but you have to let the people know at the time you order because if you just order ‘meze’ they will count the number of persons you are and bring you accordingly.

    You see, the small plates (appetizers) keep coming and the food is lots! In the end you will see that you cannot take any more and you might ask them to stop.

    TIP: The BEST meze comes with the last dishes, so consider this and keep some space for the very special ones. Have in mind that depending on the season, the variety of meze varies.

    CUISINE: The restaurant has years of experience in the traditional cuisine. There is special food for vegetarians as well, and you can have normal portions of anything instead of asking for a meze if you wish. You can ask for a grilled platter, pasta, or casserole and oven cooked dishes. The list is long and again varies depending on the season.

    OUR MEZE: Home bread comes right from the oven just like the ones we buy from the bakery in Cyprus, but in smaller size. In reality, with meze you get the Arabic pita but also grilled sliced bread sprinkled with oregano, salt and olive oil.

    At first you get different dips like tzatziki, humus, pickles, tahini, taramosalata, staffed cheese capsicum, seasonal salad, and many more.

    Other dishes are kebab and sheftalia, afelia, oven baked eggs and olives, halloumi cheese, Cypriot sausages and a spicy sausage called ‘pastourma’.

    Grilled or fried liver, lountza, snails, and a spinach omelet. The table was full and we were full also and could not take more….this is what I remember.

    BEVERAGE: My friend had a bottle of local beer while we had the house’s red wine which I remembered from my last visit was good. The beverage list of spirits is again long.

    DESSERT: Varied delicacies -loukoumades (round syrup muffins) a dish with 4 kinds of homemade dessert (gliko koutaliou) and a plate of fresh seasonal fruit. Coffee was complimentary too but we could not have anything else!

    TIP: It is advisable to book a table before coming. It can get unexpectedly crowded, and it is always full on holidays and during weekends.

    IN ALL: The restaurant deservedly represents the number 1 tavern with Authentic Cypriot cuisine set on ‘traditional format meze’ in Larnaca. Tony proved once again how an amazing host he is. Everything we had was delicious and the dining-outing a memorable one. Locals do know the tavern well. I highly recommend it to tourists visiting Larnaca and anyone else who has not as yet been here.

    VTFlag presentation with Antonio over our meze No room for more dishes! Meze kept coming in.... The interior A friendly hug with Tony
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    Psarolimano Fish Tavern: Impeccable Service, Excellent location -Good Value

    by greekcypriot Updated Feb 20, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Psarolimano is an old and very well known Fish Restaurant in Larnaca. I have dined several times here with my family in Cyprus and friends, and recently on my last trip to the island I dined with my sister a few days before flying back to Greece.

    LOCATION: It is located by the Makenzy area, just opposite the small harbour with the fishing boats. The boats in the little harbour beautify the area and on warm days when the weather is nice, customers are served outside very close to the coast. I remember once years back when we came here with friends and dined under a full moon… It was simply stunning!

    FOOD: Fresh fish from the little harbour directly to the pan!

    I preferred to have a variation of different fish dishes that night so we asked for the Fish Meze. I was curious at the same time to see what the meze includes.
    You see, several of the meze dishes are served as main courses, so this is a clever way to check what the cuisine offers so the next time you are there you can order a dish that you really liked, as your main course.

    It was Tuesday when we went and we had a nice surprise. I had no idea that on Tuesdays and Thursdays the restaurant offers for free an amazing fish soup, so we were asked if we wanted it before or after our meze. –What a nice gesture indeed!!
    I had mine as a starter and I can tell that it was rich and delicious and I really enjoyed it. If I were to have this same soup elsewhere it might have cost me at least 7 euros!

    FISH MEZE: Well we had meze for two and the small dishes kept coming and coming. Everything was fresh and cooked that moment. I only asked to have our grilled fish served to us from the very beginning because between us, restaurants usually bring the very best towards the end. By that time you are already full with everything else and there is no space for more -not even for the grilled fish, so you cannot enjoy it that much. However, the restaurant assured me that in this specific restaurant the grilled fish comes along with the salad, but you better have this in mind in case you go somewhere else.
    Fish meze costs 20 euros per person, and it is nice that this restaurant serves fish meze even if you are on your own. The majority of restaurants serve meze for two however!

    Of course there are several other cheaper alternatives, one of which is the Fish Platter for 2 which costs 15 euros and contains 10 prawns, 6 mussels, 4 fish croquettes, some squid and octopus. (You can ask for this if you are on your own) If you are 4 the platter costs 20 euros only.
    **Have in mind that the majority of restaurants serve frozen fish depending on the season and the demand. There are times when fish is ample so you will find fresh as well. This happens not only to Cyprus but worldwide!

    Randomly I give a few examples of a couple of other interesting dishes. For example the village salad for 2 is at 7, Red Mullet 15, Grilled Salmon 14, Fisherman’s Kebab (grilled swordfish-salmon-prawns + vegetables) cost 15 euros.

    Of course customers can ask for Meat dishes as well.
    Pork chops cost 10, Lamb chops 12, and Lamb Kebab 13euros.
    All fried dishes are cooked in sunflower oil.

    DRINKS AND BEVERAGE: Big Carlsberg beer -3.60, small is at 2.60.
    Soft drinks are at 2, and mineral water is charged at 1.80.
    The wine list is long and indeed interesting and it includes some of the most popular Cypriot wines and a few Greek. I happen to know several since I have already visited their wineries around Cyprus.
    Prices vary on the wine list with the cheapest wine at 12 euros a bottle, and 28 the most expensive one. (Vat and taxes included)

    Dessert is also included in the meze so we had some loukoumades (Cypriot muffins in syrup) which were delicious, but I tried also another homemade desert which was just as good. Both were amazing.

    Everything we had was nice and we had a good time. In fact it was Too Much… and regretfully I noticed that we had no alternative but leave half of it behind.

    I can highly recommend it not only to couples but families with children as well. The Restaurant is huge, bright and cosy with much space between the tables. The people who run the business are relatives and they do their best to meet the needs of the most demanding guest.
    Service is impeccable and you get what you ordered surprisingly fast. Even a vegetarian can find something nice out here and finally I am glad that it still keeps its popularity and good standards. It serves as a Takeaway too.

    Keep the good work up guys and thank you for making us feel welcome.

    Seafood kebab - delicious! The amazing fish soup Grilled fish Grilled squid Cheers everyone!
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    Taipei Town Chinese Restaurant: Great Cuisine- An Ambience that Travels you!

    by greekcypriot Updated Feb 13, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The many years of successful presence in the market, the high standards of the Taipei Town Restaurant and the quality of food served here is surely something to be noticed.

    I wanted to include a Chinese restaurant in my Larnaca Guide on this trip and I decided to return to Taipei instead of searching for a new one or visit any other, only because I was fully satisfied the previous time I was here -a year back. One reason was its amazing food, and secondly the impeccable service.
    Dimitri who is the owner has a direct contact with his guests and this is amazing. You will see him going around the tables chatting with customers and even suggests combinations or helps if you are not that accustomed to the Chinese cuisine.

    The restaurant’s glamorous interior is chic oriental in warm colours. It has an ambience that guarantees unique dining in the style of a truly sophisticated Chinese restaurant. Its cozy atmosphere evokes and travels you to exotic destinations, to a Chinese cosmopolitan atmosphere and for minutes you might think that you are somewhere else.

    The restaurant has two levels and can accommodate up to 130 people while during the summer evenings it is really pleasant to sit outside at the nicely shaped space at the back of the restaurant. Between the two levels there is an aquarium…probably the feng shui of the restaurant for luck and prosperity!

    The menu catalogue is long with more than 120 different dishes to choose from. The wine list is also rich but I remembered the wine we had last year and we ordered a bottle of Lambrusco. I believe this unique wine makes an exceptional, if unexpected, match with fiery hot-spicy dishes because its bubbly nature and slight sweetness make it work more like beer than wine to quench the flames.

    In case you are not acquainted with Chinese food the “Set menu for Two” is a nice alternative that gives you the opportunity to try different dishes with plenty of choice at only 17.75 euros p.p and with less than 50 you can have wine as well.

    The true is that the long menu is extremely inviting…sometimes making it difficult to choose. We thought to avoid the soup and started with some appetizers. There were 17 on the list…!!
    The Prawn crackers cost 2.50 euros and Spring rolls 4. Chicken roll is at 4.90 with the Deep Pepper prawns at 10.50 which are the most expensive of all. All three appetizers were great.
    There were 6 different curry dishes on the list with that of the Prawns and curry sauce being the most expensive -10.50 euros. The cheapest is the Special curry (chicken, beef and shrimps) for 7.60.
    Vegetable dishes are my favourite. The mushroom dish we had was a delight! -6.20.
    Spinach with garlic is also amazing. -5.50.

    Noodles are in 7 different variations at Taipei with the cheapest starting from 5.20. The Shrimps Chow Main is the most expensive, at 7.60.

    The catalogue names 10 different variations of chicken between 7 to 8 euros and the same stands for Beef and Pork, 10 more variations with approximately the same cost.

    Prawns and Shrimps dishes…well we had to choose from 12 variations and the cost was about 10.50 per dish.
    We did not have any fish but the price is between 8 euros with the Steamed Salmon at 10.60. My sister tried it another time and she told me that it was cooked to perfection and it was very juicy.

    Duck is between 9 and 10 euros and there are 6 different variations.
    The whole duck dish is included is the Chef’s specialty and it is a Signature dish of the Taipei. It costs 45 euros, -the most expensive of all dishes, but of course it is enough for at least 4 or 5 persons.

    Another Signature dish is the Beef with Orange which is at 10.60, and thirdly another interesting one is the “Three in the nest” (beef, shrimps, fish and vegetables) –for 10.60 euros.
    I counted a number of vegetarian dishes on the menu as well.

    Our delectable banquet finished with dessert of course. The restaurant fames for its homemade delicacies and I decided to have a Panacotta this time. It was simply delicious!
    My sister had another very tempting sweet dessert but I miss the name. For me it was kind of sweet but she loved it.
    The list includes several Chinese desserts as well. You should try the ice mocha and praline –I have heard both are great.

    I did not regret it for a minute coming here as everything we had was exceptionally tasty, ingredients fresh and once again I was amazed with the impeccable service and professionalism. The restaurant was almost full but everything was functioning well and we did not have to wait at all. In fact the flow of the dishes coming was rapid.

    Have in mind that it is not the kind of restaurant where you can drag along little children!! Dress code –smart!
    I am sure if you try the food here you will want to return for more!

    Dinning - interior Interior of Taipei Starters Exquisite cuisine! One of my favourite
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    Kira Giorgena Tavern: Authentic Cypriot Cuisine, Impeccable Service!

    by greekcypriot Updated Feb 6, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When I started searching for restaurants in Larnaca much before my trip I asked friends who live here to point out three or four nice ones and this time on my new list among other names it was that of Kira Georgena tavern. This search is compulsory for me and I do it every time I fly to the island as I want to enrich my Travel Guides with new names and new businesses. It does not necessarily mean that I search for the most expensive each time, but I am out for the best depending on the kind of restaurant or tavern it is and what it has to offer.

    I remembered the name instantly as I come from Larnaca myself and I was curious to see how this small local tavern has grown into a popular restaurant in the years. The new location is central and all around it there is a big parking lot.

    The restaurant was almost full when we got there at 8:00 pm and people kept coming in even at 10:00 pm. It was freezing cold outside but the moment we stepped in we felt warm not only because it was warm inside but the interior was more than what I expected to find. I felt the warm Cypriot hospitality the moment I entered!

    Tony who is the owner is a naturalist himself and depending on the season he is out hunting for birds and rabbits, he picks wild mushrooms, snails, or wild asparagus for his cuisine. This season he is out for wild mushrooms that he also sells fresh as they are to his customers or they order to have them cooked there. I was delighted to see the fresh wild mushrooms on display upon entering!

    Pictures of the different personalities who visited the restaurant decorate the wall and they are all over …a bit over-packed I can say but the atmosphere is that of a real Cypriot tavern. It was cosy and nice and it really gives the picture of the traditional Cypriot tavern.

    We tried the big selection of Cypriot ‘meze’ which varies depending on the season and this is very positive for customers. In this way it is never tiring and depending on the time you go there is always something new. ‘Meze’ is not only for those fond of meat but there are many vegetarian dishes to choose from as well. The meze variety is rich and the small plates keep coming and coming.

    I was impressed with the small home made bread which was nicely presented and brought hot straight from the oven but we had Arabic pita and also grilled sliced bread sprinkled with oregano, salt and virgin olive oil.

    The meze costs 17 euros per person but you cannot have it if you are on your own. It has to be at least two to order it. If you are four or five you can ask for meze for three or two …but you have to let the people know at the time you order because if you just order ‘meze’ they will count the number of persons you are and bring you accordingly. You see, the small plates keep coming and the food is lots!
    We accompanied our meal with a bottle of the house’s dry red wine for 13.50 euros.

    Some of the different plates we had were tzatziki, kebab, sheftalia, snails, oven cooked black olives and eggs (I had them in my life for the first time) halloumi cheese,fried courgette, several green salads, humus, staffed with cheese red capsicum, pasta, Cypriot sausages, kleftiko, lountza, yoghurt, tyrokafteri, fetta cheese with fresh grounded tomato topping, afelia and many more that I cannot remember. Everything had the authentic taste that I expected.

    The fresh grilled mushrooms we had were extra and were not included in the meze. The 300 grams cost 12euros. Grilled lamp chops as a main dish cost 12.50 and they are accompanied with potatoes and veggies.

    A Tip: Keep some space in your stomach for dessert. It came as a surprise to me because I would expect it to be either fruit or dessert. We could also have some coffee if we wished but we did not. What we had were 4 different plates with four different freshly cut seasonal fruit, loukoumades (Greek donuts with honey) a small bowl of cherry dessert in syrup, and another plate with 4 other kinds of homemade desserts. What a feast for somebody who has a sweet tooth!!

    The service was impeccable even if the restaurant was full by 10:00 pm -imagine it was only a Tuesday! I guess one has to reserve a table on weekends. The people are professionals and it shows and the owner cares a lot as to the quality and service and he is always there with the customers to see if anything goes wrong. There is no waiting and long delays to be served. The food was fine, the ingredients fresh with some of the meze exceptional.

    Customers can reserve the room for wedding or anniversary venues, or for a special occasion. Tony is a great guy, very warm and pleasant to be with, -he never stops smiling and this is very positive. He seems to have good and devoted friends who love his food and keep coming back. His restaurant deservedly represents the Authentic Cypriot cuisine, and warm hospitality.

    I long to return and try more of his excellent dishes and I can’t wait to try the wild asparagus which will be on offer during March or April I guess.
    The restaurant remains closed on Mondays. It is open on Tuesdays till Sunday from 7:00 till 11:00 pm.

    Tony with his mushroom collection Interior decor Cypriot authentic mezze Part of the mezze we had Part of the Homemade Dessert
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    Pirates Restaurant.: A hearty meal, my hearties.

    by planxty Updated Feb 1, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In true Cypriot style, my ex-girlfriend, her daughter and I were invited out for a spot of dinner one evening with a couple of friends. It turned out to be a major feast for about 16 members of an extended family and lasted about four hours! This is just the way things happen on the island, and it's a concept I love. We were taken to the Mezedopoleion o Peirates Tongezeon (transliterated). Mezedopoleion literally means a place making meze (the greek style, like tapas, of many small dishes) and the rest means "Taste of the Pirates". It really was very good.

    Set on the Beach Road at Mackenzie Beach, it is not ostentatious in terms of decor, but the service is friendly and the food good. I wasn't even asked what I wanted to eat by my hosts. The food just started coming, little plates of this and that to be shared comunally. And it just kept coming. We must have had about twenty different dishes served and I can't for the life of me remember what they all were. A look at one of the photos will give an idea of some of them. I think it is a great way of eating. If you aren't keen on something, just have something else.

    A couple of Keo beers and a coffee to finish all added up to a great night.

    If you don't fancy the blowout of a complete meze, you can order one "normal" meal.

    Favorite Dish: The meze, obviously - I love meze.

    Pirates Restaurant, Larnaca, Cyprus. Pirates Restaurant, Larnaca, Cyprus. Pirates Restaurant, Larnaca, Cyprus.
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    Ocean Basket: Something like Mc Donalds for Sea food !

    by greekcypriot Updated Jan 27, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place out here gets extremely busy most of the time.
    I have not had any lunch or dinner out here because I am not after fried frozen seafood. What is served here is oily and frozen mostly.

    I passed with a friend who wanted to buy something from here and I had the chance to see what is going on.

    The staff boggles when the tables are full and they can become rude at times. They accept reservations but on busy days forget it! Even if you have made a booking when a customer comes in they give the table and you have to wait until somebody finishes. So, whether you book or not you have to wait if the restaurant is full.

    The positive for those who don’t care much about the quality is that it is cheap and affordable food and you can dine-off with not paying much.

    The negatives: Noisy, Poor quality.
    It is not a descent meal what you get. The attitude they have is that they want you to finish quickly and leave. This is what you get in a way. In other words you cannot eat at ease.

    Personally I would prefer to spend a few more on food and have a descent meal than having anything out here. If you want to have some personal touch you better go somewhere else.

    The high ranking does not always mean that it is the best!
    People might prefer it because it is cheap and that is all. Those who don’t care much are the youngsters who seem to enjoy it.
    It is something like Mc Donalds for sea food in other words!
    Cheap is cheap….don’t expect much.

    The main entrance The sign on top of the restaurant The seating area of the restaurant Indicative price list Indicative price list.
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    Archontiko Papadopoulou -Kornos: A Gastronomic Experience Not to be Missed !

    by greekcypriot Updated Jan 24, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    During my recent 20 day trip to Cyprus I had the chance to visit several restaurants and taste different kinds of cuisines. When I chose to dine at this specific place I was after a high-level Cypriot restaurant with a unique atmosphere and service. It did not disappoint me at all -on the contrary it surprised me happily and it touched me. This award winning restaurant made me proud of being a Cypriot myself. It is an outstanding restaurant first of all that combines high-level Cypriot cuisine, the best Cypriot wines, and at the same time its philosophy is focused on authentic Cypriot tradition with the aim to promote the Cypriot cultural heritage related to gastronomy, wine and the pottery art of Kornos.
    Me on the other hand as a Professional Guide Writer and a person who travels around Cyprus and Greece in an attempt to spot the Gems of the two countries I could not miss visiting it because it is one of those restaurants surely “Not to be Missed!”

    Cuisine: Everything is cooked in virgin olive oil and freshly picked herbs –this is partly where the excellent taste comes from. (Free range chicken and domestic meat) The taste and combinations are outstanding and everything comes from the distinguished team of the Chef of Archontiko who is inspired from authentic forgotten recipes and who uses exclusively indigenous ingredients. I found the food light and at the same time delicious. It was presented with the artistic flair of nouvelle cuisine, with interesting dishes from the Cypriot tradition updated to suite modern taste.

    Menu: The menu list is rich with a variety of traditional local dishes which are changed at regular intervals. On this first visit I decided to have a combination of different dishes something like a meze. Here however they call it “The Clay Pots” and it is a selection of popular creations including several cold and hot starters, salads, and three small portions of main dishes which are nicely presented in clay pots, crafted in the pottery workshop of the restaurant.
    Organized theme nights and wine tasting events are surely not to be missed.

    Clay Pots: The “Clay Pots” menu costs 28 euros per person and it surely deserves a try as this menu gives the opportunity to the guest to taste a variety of dishes in smaller portions. I started my gastronomic journey with two of the signature salads of the restaurant -Rocket salad garnished with pine nuts and kefalotiri cheese tossed with pomegranate and walnuts in grape sauce. The second was a mixture of crunchy greens with traditional smoked meat (lountza) dried fruit tossed in orange juice and brandy. Both salads were exceptional, so tasty, colourful and immensely nutrient! The third one is the Village salad but I guess I will try it when I am in Cyprus again! On the a la carte menu each salad costs 12 euros!

    We had several cold and hot starters (you can see everything in the photos) -everything was fresh, delicious, colourful and yummy! We had the Chef’s platter of the day. I loved the stuffed mushrooms with cheese and herbs, and the aubergine mille-feuille with tomato, parsley, feta cheese and crunch home-made pastry. The Oven slow-roasted lamb with fresh herbs brought to us in a small clay pot was beyond my expectations delicious, tender as it should be, accompanied with seasonal veggies and potatoes. The other dish presented in a clay pot was the Oven-baked ‘Tavas’ with artichokes, fresh seasonal vegetables in rich tomato sauce seasoned with cumin. (A dish similar to the Irish stew).
    If you love pasta, don’t miss the homemade pasta called “sklinitziou” with local cheeses and sun dried tomatoes sauce with pistachio nuts. Try the chicken breast with dates. It is a grandmother’s recipe and it is served with bourgouri and potatoes. You will love it! Everything brought is nicely presented, so unique, fresh and delicious that it is difficult for me to point out a few as I loved the whole package just as it was presented.

    We finished this journey of taste with four different mouth-watering home-made desserts that left a feeling of gratifying and delectable taste. Although I had no intention of having any, I could not resist!

    Wine: The Wine catalogue was long but I tried a glass of Makkos Shiraz 2010 –it had a smooth and rounded taste, and I also had a glass of Cabernete sauvignon with a strong fruity note -I miss the brand at the moment.

    Staff: Professionals, providing an excellent service and making their guests feel like home. It is amazing how they can explain in detail the menu and help the guest choose what to have.

    Atmosphere: I found it unique but although there is a touch of elegance and formality “fine dining” here should not make you think that you are in a continental Michelin star venue! Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ambience and warm hospitality of the place, let your mind travel you and enjoy your outing with the rich flavours of the brilliantly created recipes of the Cypriot tradition. You see, this place runs with much passion and a clear sense of mission in an attempt to revive the Cypriot culinary heritage.

    The Building: The word ‘Archontiko’ means a mansion-house and it is based in a traditional restored house -dating back to 1897 with some rooms even older, with architectural and morphological features of neoclassical style. Its owner Mr. Michali Papadopoulos was the president of the village council of Kornos, -a merchant those days. So, the whole place is surrounded by history. This three-storey mansion is a construction where stone prevails comprising of different areas divided by mudstone, a cluster of various old traditional elements and has a characteristic middle garden -an amazing spot to dine during the hot summer days. It is impressive with a character of its own.
    It is amazing how things like the floors, the doors and handles, the wooden carved beams that support the roof are preserved in line with the traditional character. I recommend that you ask for a tour through the whole building upon arrival to get to know the place. The tour will surely travel you.

    The Cultural Centre: It encloses a pottery studio among other rooms. The art of pottery was greatly developed in the village of Kornos since antiquity and still is. In the pottery studio of the mansion I met Mrs. Theognosia who showed me how she creates her pots.
    There is a library, and the old grocery store with a central arch so beautifully decorated with pots and posters, and several products that the store had on sale those days on the upper shelves.
    There is a ‘Commandaria bar’ and actually the only one in Cyprus, with all kinds of Commandaria. I tried a shot glass of one of the oldest ones. What an experience! It is the only place in Cyprus where you can taste any kind of this drink by glass. (Commandaria is an amber-coloured dessert wine produced in Cyprus since 4.000 years ago).
    In the cellar there are more than 2.000 bottles of exclusively Cypriot premium wines (different labels) to choose from.
    The recently prized cellar can be hired for a private gathering or a romantic dinner for two. Out here it is housed the oldest Commandaria found on the island that dates back to more than a hundred years. It was found forgotten in this cellar in a concentrated form inside a clay urn –one of the leading wine discoveries of the last century. The discovery is by all means of historic and scientific importance. The ancient barrels found here are of rare century-old residues and are subject to scientific studies.
    Whether you are a wine or food lover that wants to combine an unforgettable outing, this is the right spot for you. The cuisine will amaze you, the recipes are authentic Cypriot with an inspired touch that you will cherish till the next time you be back…because I am sure you will !

    The restaurant is closed on Mondays but its doors are open on Tuesdays till Sunday from 9:30 a.m – 3:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m till 11:00 p.m.

    I highly recommend Archontiko for a ‘classy outing’ a special occasion or a friendly gathering. In all I would say that the restaurant provides an exceptional ambiance, a good value for money for both food and wine….the perfect setting for an unforgettable outing. The guest will surely find the authentic Cypriot hospitality here. Keep the good work up guys….you surely deserve to be the first in your kind.

    The Old Wine Cellar Dining at the Archontiko The Clay Pots menu Starters The clay pot 'lamb dish' with herbs...Just amazing
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    Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut!

    by antistar Written Sep 16, 2012

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After two weeks eating falafel in the middle east, and stuffing myself all day on local food at a street party in Nicosia, I was tired and just wanted to eat something predictable and Western. So i sat down at Pizza Hut. It was surprisingly good, or maybe I'd just been without artificial flavourings for so long they shocked my tastebuds. The service was also good: respectful and friendly, with a warm, cozy ambiance that made it feel like a better quality restaurant. The location was also perfect: Right on the beach front.

    You might complain about eating at a chain restaurant when visiting a foreign country, but in Larnaca I think Pizza Hut may be the most fitting place to eat.

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  • greekcypriot's Profile Photo

    Appetito Pizza Restaurant: Amazing Pizzas and Pasta in Larnaca

    by greekcypriot Written Jul 8, 2012

    We had dinner one night at this nice restaurant in Larnaca.
    The owners are very friendly and the food good.
    Besides pizzas there are salads, and sandwiches and pasta with different additional toppings.

    I loved the garlic bread and Mozzarella for 4 euro.
    The Mozzarella/Prawns salad costs 7 euro and we asked for the Appetito pizza the medium one that costs 12.95. (Sauce & Mozzarela, Ham, Bacon, Mushrooms, Peppers, and Tomatoes). The small one costs 9.10 and the large one 16.90.
    There are different types of pizzas like Margherita, Vegetarian, Seafood, Inferno, Pepperoni and many more and the difference between the smallest and medium is about 4 euros. The same stands for the largest ones with again 4 euros difference.

    It is popular in Larnaca with customers coming again and again.
    Order through the net is possible.
    It operates as a Delivery & Take away. (77 7776 77)
    I find prices affordable.

    Our salad
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  • greekcypriot's Profile Photo

    Lithos Bar & Grill Restaurant -Oroklini, Larnaca: Amazing Cuisine, Oasis for Sport Enthusiasts

    by greekcypriot Written Jun 28, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I visited Lithos Bar and Grill recently while I was in Larnaca.
    On a previous trip some months back it was under construction and it is fully renovated now. We came here to dine with friends.
    It is indeed beautiful with the new look, spacious and what impressed me were the 8 big screens on the walls. It is the dream place and paradise for sport enthusiasts.

    Besides the screens there is also a projector for different events that take place during weekends. There are different theme nights that make it very popular in the round area. I have seen people coming here when these events take place from other cities. I consider it one of the best places for entertainment in the Larnaca district.
    It is popular mostly with British who will travel to Oroklini for miles to participate in the events, watch a sport that they like or come here with their families for a drink.

    The owners are amazing and I happen to know this place since 2006. It has a fantastic atmosphere and the bar offers a good selection of spirits, beers and local wines. I highly recommend the cuisine of the restaurant and I have eaten here several times. It serves local and international cuisine. Spaghetti Bolognese costs 6.90, Greek salad costs 6 euro, Rib costs 12, “Stifado” is at 9.50, Vine leaves (koupepia) cost 9 euro.
    Half a pint of draft Carlsburg beer costs 2.60.
    Lithos is open daily from 11.00 a.m till late at night.

    Interior of Lithos The outside sitting area The bar of Lithos The Aquarium - Interior decor
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    Ouzerie Skala.: New kid on the block.

    by planxty Updated Jun 14, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The previous time I was in Larnaca, this place was an old semi-derelict workshop in a row of similar buildings, but my word has it changed now. It is the Ouzerie Skala. An ouzerie, as you may guess, was traditionally a place which sold ouzo (an aniseed type Greek spirit) as well as food. Nowadays, food tends to be more the order of the day, and this place excels in it. The name derives from the old colloquial name for Larnaca.

    The restaurant has been beautifully designed, including a small intimate upstairs eating area, and the waiter (I only saw one) is very friendly and speaks English. I visited with my (Cypriot) ex-girlfriend and other Cypriot friends who all pronounced the food excellent, which must be some kind of praise. Indeed, I saw very few tourists in the place, the majority of the clientele being locals. I suppose, being new, it hasn't made it into the guidebooks yet.

    The great thing for me, being a bit of a musician, was that there is live music every night, a lovely old chap playing bouzouki (actually a selection of different sized ones). Again, my Cypriot companions told me that the music was very authentic (mostly old tunes) and there was even a bit of impromptu dancing done at other tables. There are also a couple of very nice semi-acoustic guitars, expressly there for diners to play should they feel so inclined. Your humble VT correspondent was prevailed upon for a couple of tunes!

    By the way, if you are not an ouzo fan, there is a full selection of other drinks available. The restaurant only opens in the evening which accounts for it being shuttered in my photo.

    Absolutely recommended.

    Favorite Dish: Very difficult to say, as I had a wonderful speciality kebab one evening, but, if pushed, I would have to select the lamb chops. Four huge succulent lamb chops, barbecued to perfection and served with rice, salad and potatoes - absolutely delicious.

    Ouzerie Skala, Larnaca, Cyprus.
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  • greekcypriot's Profile Photo

    GlykoLemono: A cozy spot for a snack!

    by greekcypriot Updated Nov 2, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I noticed this restaurant on my previous trip to Cyprus, and thought to drop by on this trip with some friends. GlykoLemono snack restaurant is a popular spot in Larnaca.
    It is a meeting place for friends for a quick snack throughout the day until night.

    Pizza costs 4.50, Peinirli (pastry with cheese in the middle) is sold at 4.40 euro.
    For a cappuccino you will pay 3.40 and a piece of cheese-cake will cost you 4.80 euro.

    It is beautifully decorated, everything is of good quality and it is a cozy place to have a snack, however I truly consider it pricy.

    The owner is Mr. Elias Mavromichalis

    GlykoLemono Snack Restaurant Inside GlykoLemono snack restaurant Snacks at GlykoLemono Desserts for 4.80 euro Interior
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  • Masala Indian: What can I say.

    by missmyplanet Written Oct 23, 2011

    As a Londoner visiting Larnaca was great...until this restaurant was like reaching a deserted island that had no food. It is a con. This is not indian food it is a mimic of something else. Two starters and two meals cost us 70 euros. Pathetic! I doubt this restaurant will stay open for long. For someone that has never eaten Indian food before and always eats there will never know what Indian food is like. It's like they have taken the menu from a restaurant elsewhere around the world and decided to make it different. A waste of money and time. But...the interior design was nice. That is it!

    Favorite Dish: None!

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