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  • The Medieval Castle in Larnaca
    The Medieval Castle in Larnaca
    by greekcypriot
  • The Salt Lake of Larnaca -End of October
    The Salt Lake of Larnaca -End of October
    by greekcypriot
  • The Salt Lake of Larnaca -End of October
    The Salt Lake of Larnaca -End of October
    by greekcypriot

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    Beach a Activities

    by greekcypriot Written Apr 1, 2011

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    Early in the morning - 6 a.m you will see many people walking up and down and excercising.
    It is something that I love doing when I am at a beach resort as well. People get up so early because after 10 the sun is burning hot and it is dangerous.

    You will see people walking again late in the aftrnoon a little before the sun sets.

    There are beautiful long beaches on the island, so start dreaming about them!

    Equipment: A pair of neakers, a cap and a pair of glasses are what you need.
    A good sun tan lotion as well.

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    Total Luxury - The EDEN Spa -E Hotel, Perivolia

    by greekcypriot Written Jul 9, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Total Luxury in a Tranquil Environment – I highly recommend it!

    I came across the Eden Spa during my stay at the E Hotel Spa and Resort in Perivolia. The little village of Perivolia is found very close to Larnaca and very close to the Air Terminal. I found the Spa unbelievably beautiful and I feel that I should write a separate review to that of the E Hotel since it functions as an independent business.

    The Spa takes you to a world of total luxury, style and taste, in a tranquil environment. It takes after its name and literally it is exactly "the Eden" Spa that worth a praise.
    There was a special discount on this amazing massage that I had, so I decided to surrender myself to the absolute bliss and let Natasha my therapist do her miracle! I relied completely on her skillful and professional hands and I truly felt a different person when the treatment was over.

    The fully equipped Gym and Leisure Facilities are complimentary for members who are registered, and for the hotel guests. Many locals from Larnaca and the district are registered members and they can enjoy these facilities daily. The Spa is very popular in the area and I am glad that even though I am back I see through the net that the Spa has special packages on offer quite frequently.

    The Spa is simply amazing and it includes Ladies and Men Locker rooms with showers, Sauna, Steam Rooms, Outdoor swimming pool with Jacuzzi, Hydro Massage Oxygenated pool and outdoor showers and relaxation areas.

    Members can enjoy a 10% discount on all Spa treatments, and have unlimited use of the Hydro massage Oxygenated pool, the outdoor swimming pool with Jacuzzi, and unlimited use of the Sauna and Steam rooms.

    When my treatment was over, Katarina the lady at the reception gave me a handful of samples of products used in the Spa just before leaving. It was a nice surprise and a nice treat from the Spa. They were beautifully wrapped in a silk packet tied up with orange string.

    I highly recommend that guests of the E Hotel should definitely visit the Spa. From my own experience stress and tension simply floats away. The managing Director is Mrs. Elena Bukreyeva.

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    by MrBill Updated Oct 27, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cyprus is a great location for training for triathlons as you can swim, bike and run year round as well as visit one of the many fitness centers for lifting weights. Also there are a lot of triathletes here as well, so you'll be able to hook up with one for training advice or for working out together.

    I am by no means an expert. I will simply post my workout regime here as a suggestion or for comments.

    Training Regime for Triathlons or General Strength and Endurance

    Weight Training


    2 - 3 times per week
    30 - 45 minutes
    alternate between longer runs and shorter runs
    you can go for a longer run up to one hour or 1 1/2 hours
    but only after you have built-up a good base
    no more than once per week or once every two weeks
    as recovery time is too long
    try to work in some hills


    2 - 3 times per week
    20 - 30 minutes
    up to 45 minutes if it is your only sport that day
    alternate between longer, slower swims and shorter, harder swims
    alternate between front crawl only days and
    between swims using front crawl, breast stroke and back crawl
    to make sure you use all your muscles in different combinations
    I avoid butterfly due to shoulder tendenitis and it is hard on the back
    But you can do butterfly kick using a flutter board


    2 - 3 times per week
    20 - 30 minutes
    will need some longer rides for triathlon training, but not
    necessary for general fitness training
    if in the fitness studio alternate between harder and lighter workouts
    if outside try to work in some hills
    try to get your heart rate between 65 - 85% of your maximum
    for burning fat and an aerobic workout
    any faster and the workout becomes anaerobic
    sit-ups as well as stretching
    usually will do my leg weight training on the sameday as cycling

    Equipment: Weight Training

    2 - 3 times per week
    45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours
    large muscle groups back, chest, shoulders, lateral muscles, biceps, triceps
    see link
    important: work out light, more reps, less weight
    too much weight will lead to joint problems such as inflamed tendons
    for general fitness it is not important
    and for endurance sports actually is not helpfull at all

    Bench Press
    start light and then work-up to benching your own
    weight +/-10% for me that is 75-80 kgs
    generally try to do 3X to 5X sets of 10 - 15 reps
    as I am trying to build stamina as well as strength
    (but 60 kgs 5X sets of 15 reps is also a lot!) ;-)
    one of the largest muscle groups that works a lot of
    muscles together so very important

    then do 3X - 5X sets of 10 - 15 reps of
    cable back pull downs (lats)
    straight back seated row (back muscles/arms)
    pull downs or chin-ups (arms/biceps/lats)
    dips or cable push downs (triceps)
    sitting down military press (opposing muscle groups)
    you can use free weights/dumb bells as well depending on
    what you prefer? like bicep curls for example.
    work the big muscle groups first and then
    use lighter weights for the smaller muscles such as bicep
    and tricep that are done near the end of the workout
    when you should already be tired.
    sit ups as well as stretching

    Legs (usually done sameday as cycling)

    squats or leg press (quads/gluteus maximos)
    lying leg curls (hamstrings/gluteus maximos)
    sitting leg curls (thighs/opposing muscle groups)
    calf rises (calf muscles)
    skipping is also a very good exercise for your calves
    as well as being a cardio-vascular fat burner

    The long, hard workouts are not as important as the
    short, light workouts on those days when you do not have
    much time or motivation as they keep you in shape for the
    days when you do feel like working harder and have more

    Of course, a balanced diet and plenty of sleep are important
    if you want to work out hard, stay healthy and avoid sickness.
    Good luck.

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    The Small Spa in Tochni

    by greekcypriot Written Apr 9, 2014

    During my stay at the Traditional Homes in Tochni I had the opportunity to visit the Wellness Spa of the Lodge.

    It is a surprise that there is a Wellness Spa at Tochni village with Sauna and Jacuzzi facilities and indeed it is a treat for several guests.

    The professional Beauty Holistic Massage Therapist happens to be a friend of mine, her name is Jacqueline and you can spot her at breakfast time each morning at the taverna. I have known her for years and I totally trust her as she is skillful and a very positive person.

    If you book a session with her, I am sure you will return for more. I highly recommend the Neck and Back Signature Massage which is what I had for €35 on a 35 minute treatment. It certainly reliefs tension and is done by using essential oils.

    Another option is the Package of Essence of Beauty or a Relaxation Aromatherapy Massage which is actually a therapeutic relaxing and detoxified massage. Don’t leave without at least trying one of the treatments Jacqueline will recommend.

    Check for Special Offers and Deals. Prices are unbeatable. Booking can also be made through the reception.

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    zenovia shipwreck

    by MrBill Updated Apr 4, 2011

    ZINOVIA is supposed to be the best dive site in Cyprus and it is certainly well visited. The day we were there, we left at about 10.00 a.m. and there were already numerous dive boats anchored above the sunken ferry located 30-40 meters below the surface.

    Zinovia is an easy dive site to get to. From the 'old' Larnaca port the dive boat was there in under 10-minutes. Not a hard technical dive, Zinovia is still considered a deep dive as it lies under the 18-20 meter dive limit for those with only a Basic Open Water PADI or NAUI course.

    Coming up from 30-40 meters a 3-minute stop at 5 meters is absolutely necessary to prevent the bends. Also at that depth a single tank of oxygen does not last very long, so divers need to be mindful of the depth, which can be deceptive given you have a large sunken ferry under you to distort size and therefore distance underwater, and leave enough oxygen in their tank for that mandatory 3-minute stop at 5 meters. Our dive boat dropped a full extra tank and breathing aparatus down to 5 meters just in case.

    On these dive boats to popular dive sites space for divers and their equipment is at a premium. Make all adjustments to your equipment on land before you come on board. Once on board, assemble your gear, attach your BCD and breathing apparatus to your tank, and then store your complete gear under the seat where you are sitting, so it is out of everyone else's way. As the boat is rocking back and forth in the waves, keeping your balance and not falling over someone else's equipment is important.

    Equipment: Before you get to the dive site itself you should already be putting on your wetsuit, so when it is your turn you are ready to go. At the dive site, quickly put your diving gear on and ready for your dive at the instructions of the dive master. Make sure you and your buddy coordinate your planned dive and check one anothers equipment as the boat is hectic and it is easy to forget something.

    As Zinovia is a busy dive site with many boats in the area you need to know where to go down and where it is safe to come back up. An experienced dive master will let you know these details. Underwater there may be as many as another two dozen divers at the same site, so always follow dive etiquette and be wary of other divers on the trip down and the way back up to the boat.

    Same procedure once out of the water. Disassemble your gear and stow it back under your seat. Keeping in mind that other divers are likely exiting the water behind you and they also need room on deck.

    One dive at Zinovia takes about 30-40 minutes depending on your oxygen requirements with a single tank, and the return trip from harbor to dive site and back may be approximately two hours in total.

    Zinovia is a good dive site. It is interesting with some large fish as well. The day we were there the water was very clean and blue and not too cold. However, due to the number of divers the bottom sediment was making the water not as clear as it might have been. I would say the earlier the better, and if you are lucky enough to be first then try to avoid touching down on the sunken ferry itself and kicking up sediment. Thanks.

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