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    The Grill Room: Eclectic Menu, Refined Elegance, Superb Service!

    by greekcypriot Written Apr 27, 2015

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It is the Amathus New Crown Jewel.

    With Iasonas Yiasoumi the Executive Chef and Kritonas Michael the Manager, the restaurant ranks at the top and boasts for its unparalleled bay view, set on a 60-square-metre outdoor patio for romantic dinners.
    This journey of contemporary and gourmet dining assures to satisfy the most discerning taste palette.

    Prime cuts of meat, perfectly cooked in a superior Josper wood oven, adds extra flavor to every dish.
    The entire choice of beef, lamb and pork cuts (grass and corn-fed) is certified and imported exclusively for the Amathus and come from Australia, Scotland, America, France, Ireland and Spain. Just for the record, Creekstone farms premium beef, stands out for its superior quality that can satisfy the most discerning of palates.

    APPETIZERS: The first evening I thought to skip all other appetizers and go straight for the Aberdeen Angus Beef Carpaccio for a starter. What a treat and presentation! The zesty Carpaccio had the heavenly aroma of this delightful pairing of fresh truffle and flakes of pecorino, while the thinly sliced beef just melted on my tongue. (€14.00)

    MAIN:I had a Rib-eye the (Corn-fed premium Black Angus beef). Mostly because I am squeamish when it comes to meat and such, I asked for medium rare but I also tried a bite or two ‘rare’ out of curiosity. I had it plain with no accompanying sauces only as to get the original taste. The fat and salt is so delicious and rich and powerful. The rare piece was again deliciously moist and so tender that it almost melted in the mouth. In both pieces, the slight smoke-flavour in the background seared the imagination.(€33.00)

    The second night I had a lighter option. I thought to stick to starters instead. I tried the House Oak Smoked Salmon Medallions. A great light dish, so nicely presented on a huge platter. Salmon was tender, flavoursome and a super yummy choice! (€16.00)

    Pan-seared Scallops was my second choice. Delectable, meaty scallops, stand on braised celeriac puree, while the truffle jus anointment added an extra dimension of texture and flavour to this seafood delight. (€16.00)

    DESSERT: For dessert I had the Tiramisu which stood out in presentation and flavour. The portion was huge, but it was too complicated for my taste. The ones with a sweet tooth will love it though! (€7.00)

    The Marinated Strawberries was my choice the second night and I did not go wrong. The refreshing scoop of strawberry sorbet stands on the mouthwatering citrus salad and is in a way crowned by an (almond) or sesame tuille, -but whatever it was, it is a dessert worth trying anyway.(€7.00)

    BEVERAGE: I paired several dishes with local brands together with a few foreign, always with the help of Alicia who is the expert sommelier here. Name your dish and rely on her choice.

    SERVICE: The whole team of the Grill, is an asset to the business. Alicia the sommelier, Kostas, Melanie, Vasilis and Marian waiters, are all a bunch of expertize professionals whose aim is to ensure that all their guests feel suitably spoiled throughout their dining experience. Friendly, discreet and ready to help. I wish to thank them all for what they are and do. Keep the good work up guys!

    IN ALL: The food here is absolutely stellar. With the magical bay view, the Grill Room offers prime cuts as well as fish, shellfish and poultry –all grilled to perfection. Quality, Service and Ambience come together to fulfil every guest’s desire for a tasty meal flavoured with that distinctive sizzle and aroma.

    Aberdeen Angus Beef Carpaccio Corn-fed premium Black Angus Beef - (Rib-eye) The House Oak Smoked Salmon Madallions The Grill Room Tiramisu Strawbery Sorbet with citrus salad & almond tuille
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    The Cyan: Eclectic Cuisine

    by greekcypriot Updated Apr 26, 2015

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    International & Mediterranean fusion cuisine

    Its contemporary interior, the natural hues and décor exude a feeling of tranquility and inviting sophistication. The restaurant prides for its cozy atmosphere and fine wine dining. I tried both the buffet and the table d’hôte menu. The rich international delectable buffet, offers a journey of tastes and recalls memories to mind.

    During my tasting journey here, I tried several of the popular dishes of the cuisine. The ones I name below are all supper yummy dishes and highly recommended.

    1)These are the Foie Gras smoked duck breast. 2) Saffron risotto with red mullet fillet. 3) Avocado prawns salad with whole grain sauce. 4) Chicken breast fillet with mushroom rolled with pancetta. 5) Pan fried sea bass on baby spinach leaves with cream.

    Glass house Champagne: Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial, Epernay (Glass €19.00)
    Glass local house white wine: Petritis Xinistery,Kyperounda winery ( €6.50 )
    Glass superior house red wine: Cotes du Rhone 2011, E.Guigal winery (€8.20 )

    Avocado prawns salad with whole grain sauce A varied selection Foie Gras smoked duck breast Saffron risotto with red mullet fillet
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    Limanaki: Limassol’s Prime Seafood Restaurant.

    by greekcypriot Updated Apr 26, 2015

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Enjoy the Day’s Fresh Catch!

    With Lefteris Charalambous the Executive Chef and Nikolos Moustras the Manager, the restaurant is one of the oldest and most reputable ones in Limassol, while its growing glory remains its fresh fish drawn from local as well as international waters.

    With the new management taking over, nothing has been left to chance here starting with the enchanting seating, the impeccable service and the exceptional quality of fish and seafood.

    Dining under the moonlight, overlooking the blue Mediterranean waters over the lapping of waves against the coast …what a treat!

    How better to savor the sweet flesh of oysters infused with the natural iodine of the sea, than to sip flutes of champagne a stone’s throw away from the sea! You have to experience it to get the absolute feeling and authentic tastes of what it offers. I bet you will definitely be spoiled for choice.

    Highly recommended the Three-tier fruits de mer’s prized flavors of oysters, -Mussels, Cockles, Clams, Tiger Prawns & Crab.
    Sample Plump Grilled Scallops paired with root vegetables & parsley condiments, and why not dipping into the luxuriant white Taramas, garnished with Salmon Caviar! Whatever your choice selection is, nothing can go wrong here.

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    Passalimani Fish Tavern: Top Quality -Tasty food & Cypriot hospitality!

    by greekcypriot Updated Apr 23, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The restaurant is right next to the Amathus 5* luxury hotel where as their guest and Food Critic, I was tasting for the days I was there the menu of its signature restaurants. However, when I am out travelling I am searching for the very best and this time while here I badly needed to spot one restaurant with excellent food that won’t disappoint customers who might drop by to experience and taste something different from what they are served in the hotels they stay.

    It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and while swimming at the beach earlier that morning I was dreaming of having some ouzo and good mezze for lunch but I was not still sure if I had made the right choice. I had lunch with a friend and luckily it did not disappoint me.

    *A couple of portions in my photos are a bit bigger than normal.

    LUNCH -seafood mezze
    We accompanied our mezze with Ouzo. A bowl of ice cubes was brought to us at the beginning with pita bread sprinkled with virgin olive oil, oregano and salt. What a treat to start with!
    The freshly cut Greek salad was a marvel, so delicious and refreshing.

    5 tasty different homemade dips followed, each with its own unique taste, but the oven-cooked Aubergine salad (μελιντζανοσαλάτα) made the difference with is unbeatable aroma and excellent taste.

    The fresh Grilled Octopus was bursting of flavor. Succulent, cooked to perfection and then we had the fried baby squid. Nicely presented, great texture with a light crunchy taste.
    I normally skip fried potatoes but here I found them irresistible. The fried red mullets followed and were just as tasty as the rest.

    I was already full by now but dishes kept coming.

    Have in mind that if you ever ask for mezze in Cyprus, the very best come towards the end. Indeed, what followed was even better!

    The Jumbo Prawns we had are NOT included in the mezze variety though! We had them as an extra dish and they were super. The garlicky sauce and freshly cut parsley topping added the extra yummy flavor. Be sure to try them when around.

    We finished our lunch with a delectable fresh Grilled Sea bream, extremely tasty and super yummy!
    We were so full after this that we skipped dessert which is normally included.

    IN ALL: My choice of picking this restaurant proved excellent. Maria the owner is a great host. I did feel the Cypriot hospitality out here and everything we had was fresh and top quality.

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    Seasons Oriental (Four Seasons Restaurant): A Delectable banquet

    by greekcypriot Updated Oct 18, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Unique place to taste the Finest Cantonese Hong Kong style cuisine.

    AMBIENCE:With its rich décor in colors of gold, blue and red the interior of the restaurant is all glitzy and glamorous.

    Craving Chinese food like I do?

    Then be sure to dine here even for once….you will be back soon I am sure.

    From the little I know about this kind of cuisine, an emphasis on preserving the natural flavor of the food is the hallmark of Cantonese cuisine.
    It's not surprising that steaming is popular, as this is the least intrusive cooking technique, and the healthiest.
    As for stir-frying, which I consider an art form, the Cantonese are the acknowledged experts and they believe every stir-fry must exude a taste and aroma that comes from having wok hay or "wok breath".

    The Menu List is long and I was lost for a minute not having an idea what to have.
    The Seasons Oriental Head Chef Kenny Keung helped me as always a lot and I am grateful. Remember, I am here to taste and comment on of the menu dishes.

    BEVERAGE: A trip of Tastes starts with a good wine of an elegant taste. To complement our meal we had a brilliant Greek rose-red wine, the ‘Techni Alipias for €9.00 per glass coming from Drama. It was delightfully fragrant, full-bodied, well-structured with a refreshing crisp.

    APPETIZERS & DUMPLINGS: For starters I had 4 different dumplings, (steamed prawn, bay scallop, steamed lobster and the pan fried chicken). The lobster and scallop dumplings were the ones I give the most credit to, the prawn was ok, but I could do without the chicken scallop not because it was not good but simply because seafood scallops are way most tasty.

    Another appetizer that I highly recommend is the Black Tiger Prawn for €15.00. It is coated with oriental batter, wrapped with diced pickled vegetables, mayonnaise and finely shredded potato. The bowl includes 2 pieces. Perfectly to a crisp, golden brown –shredded potato! A favorite of mine dish.

    SEAFOOD: Out of the seafood list I tried the Sautéed King Prawns for €36.00 and the Bay Scallop for €25.00. The prawns were cooked to perfection and had a lovely taste. The Pine Nuts add an exotic touch and create a distinct flavor.

    The scallops were mild sweet, the texture though was fishy and a bit rubbery. Personally I prefer the sea scallops the bigger ones instead but I cannot complain as these were ok too. They were pan fried with dried scallop sauce, while the presentation with bean sprouts on a bed of green asparagus was the perfect combination.

    RICE AND NOODLES: The Seasons Oriental fried Rice was fabulous (€10.50). I tried it the previous time and loved it. The combination of sliced BBQ pork, tiger shrimps, chicken and shredded iceberg leaves in the rice, adds this extra perfection of aroma in the taste.
    Of course the list includes the Steamed Jasmine Rice for €3.50 and the Fried Rice with egg, diced vegetables, asparagus and bean sprouts for €10.00 but the Oriental rice was truly perfect.

    I did not wish to have any noodles this time but I noticed that there are 4 types on the menu list ranking from €10.00 to €12.50. These are the Sautéed and Stir-fried and the Hong Kong Style fried thick Rice Noodles. On a coming visit I will definitely try the Healthy Stir-fried Manitoba Wild Rice which excited my curiosity as I can just as easily feel the taste before even trying anything. This latter is assorted with vegetables, chestnuts and minced ginger, sprinkled with spring onions. I am definite it is the one that stands out and costs €11.00.

    VEGETARIAN: I believe I can live on vegetables alone if I had to and the Sauteed fresh Lotus Roots dish is another favorite of mine. Visually the lotus root is very appealing with all those holes that are full of fiber and various vitamins and nutrients. I did not bother add any sauce or anything. Crunchy, juicy and so refreshing!

    From this particular list Ι could also pick the Steamed Chinese Napa Cabbage (€17.50) which I love and it is meant to be light and refreshing. Here it is served with diced Bay scallops and fresh chopped garlic, premium soya sauce and smoked sesame oil. Try it, you cannot go wrong.

    The other dish that can excite my curiosity is the Stir-fried spinach. It costs €11.50 and is served topped with Crab meat sauce and Snow Mushrooms!

    MAIN COURSES: The Deep-fried aromatic Lemon Chicken was ok, but I was not that thrilled with its taste although the meat was tender and juicy. (€13.00)

    I love ginger very much, and the next dish was really great. Served in casserole, the Prime Beef Tenderloin cubs were flavorsome ensuring their juicy succulence (€19.00) a tempting dish, flavored with Hua Diao wine, Abalone sauce, plus ginger. Worth trying.

    DESSERT:The delectable banquet finished with fruit, however I need to mention that the tastes and the overall atmosphere managed to travel me to exotic oriental destinations that I missed.

    Another great experience which I enjoyed to the maximum, the service impeccable and the team super. Have in mind that children are not allowed in this restaurant and if you plan dining here during the weekend book at least 2 or 3 weeks earlier especially now that Christmas holidays are approaching.

    With the Seasons Oriental Head Chef Kenny Keung The Prime Beef Tenderloin cubs The Seasons Oriental Fried Rice The Sauteed fresh Lotus Roots dish Dinning at the Seasons Oriental
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    Cafe Tropical and the Vista Seafood Bar: Exquisite Cuisines - Justly Deserve their Awards!

    by greekcypriot Updated Oct 18, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    All 3 Gourmet restaurants of the Four Seasons were fully booked by the time I arrived at the hotel that first day. I attempted to book at the neighboring Amathus but in vain. Both restaurants were full out there too. I have to admit I was kind of disappointed at first but how can one be disappointed when it comes to dining at the Four Seasons doesn’t it?

    The culinary executive Chefs and Cooks of the Four Seasons take the cuisine to another level so the restaurants are popular with locals as well.

    The idea of guests dining around makes the Gourmet restaurants so popular that you have to book a day earlier to find a table so have this is mind. This idea is totally new and gives guests the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine of 5 different Award-winning restaurants, with 3-course menu that includes a choice of starter, main dish and dessert out of the à la carte menu, at a set price of €50.00 per person. (Minimum 3 dinners in the restaurants of the guests’ choice.

    These restaurants are the Vivaldi (Gourmet Italian), the Mavromatis (Creative Greek), the Seasons Oriental (Authentic Oriental), Limanaki (Fine fish restaurant) and lastly the Grill Room (Premium classic grill menu).The two latter are the signature restaurants of the neighboring Amathus hotel.
    Out of my own experience guests do get spoilt here at the Four Seasons.

    It is where breakfast is taken each morning, but it is an ‘All Day Dining’ restaurant with an endless selection of everything one can imagine.

    I found the perfect seat by the pier under the Gazebo by the Koi lagoon, and enjoyed a light to my preference dinner, mostly a variety of salads and fruit that first night. The buffet is varied and extensive where Chefs present meals live in the multi station cooking area.

    There is flexibility here, guests can sample the traditional theme Cypriot/Greek cuisine tonight over the sounds of soft music. As a local who lives abroad I was out for some ‘Sheftalia’ a very popular Cypriot dish, but to my surprise they were not included in the menu.

    After that I did not wish to try anything else but salads. One could get lost in the variety, the tastes and the flavours of every dish.

    As a seafood lover there was no way not to savor some appetizers from the newly launched Seafood Bar that opened its doors this June, something missing all these years after all.
    The creation of this permanent outdoor bar adjacent to the existing Vista Bar has an open kitchen approach so everything is prepared on-site. It has an elegant design of wood and glass with hanging lanterns to create the proper atmosphere and offers a casual dining concept.

    What attracts the attention though is the counter with its display of fresh oysters on ice, the tender tuna and salmon sashimi.

    And of course this is where the trip to tastes begins.

    Guests have the choice of a range of oyster creations something I missed that night. Beyond that there are morsels of sushi, nigiri and sashimi, and I did try 2 kinds of the latter.

    Don’t miss the Crab Meat Canelloni for sure. It is a delight! (€9.50)

    My courses were as near perfect as you are likely to get ... excellent, natural ingredients; very well prepared, beautifully presented and perfectly proportioned.

    Buffet time at the Seasons Oriental The Crab Meat Caneloni Dining at the Vista Seafood Bar Table setting at the Cafe Tropical The beautiful entrance of the Cafe Tropical
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    LIMANAKI Restaurant: Undoubtedly Limassol’s Finest Fish Restaurant!

    by greekcypriot Written Oct 18, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    From crispy fried calamari to fresh lobster on homemade pasta to follow delectable seafood appetizers.

    LOCATION: An awarded gourmet fish restaurant –the new “crown jewel’ of the Amathus is located right on the beach serving exceptional daily caught fish delicacies and offering culinary delights of the highest standards.

    Seeing that all signature restaurants of the Four Seasons were fully booked the first day of my arrival, I tried booking at Limanaki or the Grill Room but to my surprise tables were reserved here as well so the only alternative was the Café Tropical of the Four Seasons with its varied selection of excellent and irresistible buffet tastes.

    The ‘Old’ Limanaki that existed since the 80’s and we locals knew well, has been upgraded and evaluated to a more luxurious and exclusive environment. An enchanting setting where patrons and guests are able to watch the bouncy of the waters and enjoy the sounds of the waves lapping against the coast. It features an expanded territory with an ocean-view bar and private beach-front dining tents.
    As for the menu, it includes healthy local and international seafood delicacies, fresh fish catch of the day, and offers a unique sensory experience.

    The best time to enjoy all this is during the evening of course with the lights on, under a canopy of stylish, asymmetric sails glowing with the burnished colours of the sunset, whereas every table enjoys an alluring view of the sea.

    Incidentally I was here for a Business Lunch the next day anyway and the picture was very different of course. I long to experience all this on a coming trip and have the opportunity to have a proper meal under the stars watching the sunset.

    Our lunch was taken indoors as it was a bit windy that day but that was not a problem as the design of the restaurant allows a 180-degree panorama of sky, sea and shore so even from inside, the view is stunning.

    The Executive Chef of the cuisine Iasonas Yiasoumi was telling me that he is out to the fish market early each morning himself to select the freshest fish and seafood of his preference for the cuisine. He added that emphasis is also given to the waters where the fish come from, which is mainly the Mediterranean Sea.

    As we are enjoying the delicious meal I notice that nothing is left to chance out here. Ingredients, quality and presentation of each dish are top.

    SALADS: Ranking from €11.00 to €15.50 with the Crab one being the most expensive. The Greek salad we had (€11.00) was freshly cut while the vegetables were surprisingly flavorsome as if were cut from the plant that moment. The feta cheese and virgin olive oil make it an irresistible nutrient and so refreshing dish. Highly recommended!

    DIPS: Dips are nicely presented and we had all three from the catalogue. I cannot easily make a distinction as each had its own unique taste. The smoked Eggplant salad, was irresistible for sure and we asked for more. Tyrokafteri was spicy to perfection and ‘Taramas with Salmon Caviar’ (fish roe salad) was mouthwatering.

    CREATIVE STARTERS: We had the Marinated Sardins (€9.00) served with capers and spring onions in virgin olive oil. A dish with a distinct aroma and unique taste. Of course the list includes 13 in all starters but make this your first choice….it won’t disappoint you. Starters rank from €5.00 - €20.00 which is the Sea Urchin Salad. The Fried Crab Cake is at €9.50.

    MAIN COURSE: The grilled fish was exceptionally tasty and had a great firm texture. Simply Yummy!

    DESSERT: Seasonal fruit.

    BEVERAGE: We paired our seafood meal with some Greek white wine that the sommelier recommended.

    Have in mind that Limanaki is open 7 days a week from May to mid-November and operates from 7.30pm -11.00pm.

    IN ALL: Exceptional quality, Great variety, Service impeccable, Friendly Professional staff. It is the perfect location for a romantic dinner, a business meal or a family evening outing.

    The outdoor enchanting setting Dips The Greek salad Marinated Sardin Main course -the catch of the day!
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    Akakiko at Royal Apollonia Hotel: Excellent Japanese Restaurant

    by Avieira67 Updated Apr 27, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was invited to have a dinner at this restautant by my Cypriot friend Popi, who was staying at this hotel. Unfortunately I had to decline the invitation as I had had my dinner at my hotel. Well, I went to this place to meet my friend and to share with her a glass of wine and a dessert, while she was having her dinner.
    In spite of not having a dinner at this amazing restaurant, the food was really appellative and I could not resist to taste it, before taking the dessert. Both food and dessert were more than excellent.
    I have found a great ambience at this restaurant as well an excellent service provided by attentive waiters.
    This restaurant offers many options for lunch/dinner, including a large variety of fresh Sushi and hot dishes such as sweet bean, tempua, duck sweet and beef fillet teppan.
    If I visit again Limassol, I don't want to miss a dinner at this place and I recommend it a lot.

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  • Regato Restaurant: A must go while in Limassol ..!!!!

    by Claudiaisabella Written Apr 22, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Regato, is a restaurant for authentic moments of pleasure, with a unique aesthetic and wide variety of tastes, ready to welcome you with the friendlier way and surprise you with its quality of services. The environment is characterized by its friendliness, warmth, home care, traditional dishes as well as international cuisine.

    During your visit, you will feel a great sense of family warmth, because they love what they do and they all want to share this delightful experience with every one who goes in...

    Favorite Dish: I love Regato's steaks which are really tender and grilled to your liking, they literally melt in your mouth and their huge marinated Pork Chops with garlic are to die for... !!!
    Some other of our favorite dishes are the seafood specialties like King Prawns or the grilled aromatic salmon which are not to be missed..!!!
    I highly recommend the King's Hat and Stuffed mushrooms or the Arugula salad for starter and their homemade cheesecake to wrap-up a delicious gastronomic experience in Limassol.

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    AKAKIKO - Royal Apollonia Hotel: Excellent Value, Tasty Food, Nice Ambience!

    by greekcypriot Updated Apr 14, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Japanese Signature Restaurant of the New Royal Apollonia hotel is truly outstanding. I tried it twice during my stay at the hotel and I was fully satisfied.

    The philosophy behind this restaurant is the Easy Japanese Dining with high quality healthy food. The menu offers a variety of fresh Sushi, Sashimi and Maki, but there are also other dishes like the Duck Sweet & Sour, Tempura, Beef fillet Teppan and Lemon Chicken. There are several starters, soups and various warm dishes.

    AMBIENCE: A minimalistic decor, cool, modern and very relaxed interior, clean lines with an array of colourful design features and lighting hues. I found the interior extremely inviting. Unfortunately it was quite cool to sit outside so I missed dining at the amazing outdoor pergola which overlooks the pool and the beach. The seats were comfortable and the ambience great.

    SERVICE: Prompt, efficient and the staff extremely courteous and well trained. Nikolas who happens to be the sommelier here seems to be knowledgeable regarding wine and helped us a lot to choose the pairing wine matching with what we had. Christos impressed me with his efficiency and knowledge which was not only on food or wine but he was a wealth of information on anything. Lalla was discreet and attentive. I was able to watch the way she handled the different orders.

    POPULAR DISHES: Before coming here some friends highly recommended the Sushi boat which happens to be very popular out here. The cost is €29.00 and the boat includes both Sushi-Sashimi and Makis.

    Instead of this I asked the Chef to recommend some of his top and most popular makis since I am not very fond of sushi. So, we had a platter instead which was just as much impressive and the makis were exquisite.

    I can tell that I liked them all but the Dragon roll, the Rainbow Maki with red chaviar, and the Pink Panther were my favourite. The California sake was also good. If you ask to have these Makis in portions you mostly get them in 8 pieces and the price is about €12.00.

    BEVERAGE: We paired this with Tsiakkas Rose wine for €20.00. I found the wine aromatically lively fresh and fruity disposed mouth with nice acidity and a light tannic feel at the finish. I liked it a lot and even bought a bottle from the Duty Free shops on my way back to Athens.
    The next night I thought to have something totally different.

    STARTERS: I had some Chicken buns which were ok, but I was not thrilled! I found the soft and pillowy texture of these buns too much for me and quite thick. The filling however was tasty so I had just the filling leaving behind the outer part.

    The Peking Duck Spring Rolls are worth a try also. They were super yummy and crunchy.
    I urge you to ask for the Sweet Sour Crab salad. Besides the nice and colourful presentation it was super delicious. If I ever return I will ask for this specific salad once again. Don’t miss it.

    The Ebi Teppan was also another surprise. The subtle soy sauce flavor on prawns makes this dish authentic Japanese. Prawns were so beautifully presented on a thick layer of fried rice and right underneath there were mixed vegetables of excellent taste and flavor. Prawns were juicy and cooked to perfection.

    Although Nikolas insisted that the pairing wine for what we have this second night is the Japanese wine made of prunes yet I ordered the one we had the previous night. His persistence though was such that out of curiosity I thought to try it. Well, he was so right, in fact I could not think of a better wine to accompany these dishes. Do try it….it is totally different.

    DESSERT: We tried both the Choco maki and the Choco surprise. For me the choco surprise was too sweet but between us I am not in favour of sweets. For those who are sweet lovers and have a sweet tooth both will be a delight.

    QUICK LUNCH OPTIONS: The restaurant offers the Quick lunch option for only €7.50 with interesting dishes like the Sweet chili pork, the Ika Itame (squid) the Sesame Chicken, the Chicken Prawn Satay, the California Sake (4 pieces). They are all accompanied by authentic Asian Tea or a soft drink. The variety includes other dishes and salads as well.

    Starters, Salads and Soups rank from €3.50 to €6.50.
    Warm Dishes are varied and rank from €10 to €13.00
    Teppan and Tempura dishes rank between €9.00 and €12.50, while Side dishes like the Sushi Rice portion ranks at €2.50, with the Fried Rice at €4.00

    The Restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday from 12:00 – 23.00. It is advisable to make reservations before going especially during the weekend and on holidays.

    There is always the option of either Dining In, Take Away & Delivery so you are to decide the one that really suites you. (Check the website for more details). I found the price reasonable.

    IN ALL: If somebody told you that this is an amazing restaurant with food that gets your mouth watering he is absolutely right.

    Staff? Professionals –very attentive, sometimes more than the usual.
    Food? I would say dreamy.
    Price? Affordable.
    Totally worthy it? Definitely!

    Dining with friends at the Akakiko
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    Cold Stone Creamery: Beer and burgers, Excellent crepes and ice-cream

    by jonathanbarker Written Dec 4, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After arriving in Limassol, the bus driver dropped me off in the old harbour. When I asked the driver for where I would catch the next bus to Larnaka, he just pointed me to a spot on the opposite side of the square. When I crossed the roads, I was greeted by a friendly lady, who was working at the Cold Stone Creamery. As she spoke English I asked if she knew where the stop was, she also asked her colleague, who advised me, the exact bus-stop. As I was so grateful, feeling quite hungry, and had time to wait for the bus, I decided to have my lunch in their bar. The sun was shining and I stayed outside. There was a special offer, of a burger with chips and salad and a beer for 5 Euro 99 cents, which I enjoyed. I also talking with the staff, as they were so helpful and friendly. As I received such great service I advised them "I will return when I am returning to Paphos"

    Favorite Dish: I had the beer and burger meal deal.

    Having lunch in the Cold Stone Creamery
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  • greekcypriot's Profile Photo

    Stretto Cafe/Restaurant: Trendy & Popular, - Ideal for a Light Meal !

    by greekcypriot Written Feb 22, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Stretto is the sister restaurant to Artima, -part of the Lanitis Carob Mill complex. I can say it is another gem, a very trendy and popular spot in Limassol.
    I visited it out of curiosity as my friends kept urging me to visit before I fly back to Greece.

    The interior is trendy and vivid and there are flat TV sets, ideal to watch a sporting event.

    The catalogue is long with a variety of Coffee specialties, starting from the cheapest in the list which is the Cypriot coffee at 2.50 euros. The coffee specialties start from 4.70 with the Espresso Caramel for instance, while the most expensive ones are at 6.80 euros (Espresso, vodka, cointreau and fresh cream, or the Irish coffee, the Mexican, the Royal and Ottavio. The latter is filter coffee with amaretto and fresh cream.
    The Cappuccino Milkshake is at 5.65 for instance, and a variety of different ice creams ranking between 7.50 . (1 scoop is at 1.90 -4 scoops is at 6.50)

    The catalogue includes a variety of sweet and savoury crepes and tortillas ranking between 7.48 to 9.20 euros.

    There are platters and dishes like the USDA Beef Burger for 12, Grilled Sword fish at 16, or the Olive Salmone at 18.50.

    The Pasta dishes –spaghetti carbonara is at 12.50, but there are others like Linguine Mare Monte at 18.90, or the King Prawns spaghetti at 17.90, or the Spaghetti al Ragu for 13.

    There are different types of Salads with the cheapest one –the green salad with Blue Cheese at 9.50, the Fig Salad at 10, or the Roman Style Salad at 11.50.
    A friend of mine who comes here often, usually orders the Prawns Avocado Salad, at 13.70 and she claims that it is unbettable!

    Personally, I tried the Anari Pavarois (it was anari cheese with carob syrup, honey and walnuts). It was simply -Yummy and very nutrient! -6 euros.
    My friend had the amazing ‘Mahallepi’. It is a Cypriot traditional dessert, cool and tasty! I tried it out of curiosity and it was nice. -5.15

    Service is impeccable, and the staff –a bunch of youngsters who seem to enjoy their job. All you see is smiles and with the nice décor, the impeccable service, the positive energy of the staff, I find it the unique place to unwind, meet friends, arrange a meeting, or come for a quick snack, -ideal even for a family outing.

    There are some dishes that are more expensive than the normal as you can notice, but after all –what you pay, you get!!
    I recommend it for a light meal.
    It is open for lunch/dinner, (outdoor seating)

    Cafe Stretto - interior The bar at Stretto - staff Interior 'Mahallepi' - Corn flour crean -rose water cordial Anari cheese-Carob syrup, honey and walnuts
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  • greekcypriot's Profile Photo

    "ARTIMA BISTRO" Italian Restaurant -Limassol: Excellent cuisine, Big portions, Value for money!

    by greekcypriot Updated Feb 7, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Through the many years of traveling and after visiting more than 37 countries I have learnt to appreciate good food. I have become a travel enthusiast and a good restaurant critic with much taste and experience. I believe, with experience comes confidence. I feel like a critic every time I visit a restaurant and it is like being a consumer advocate. The more the meal costs, the higher will be the expectations. For me eating out is so much more than what is served on your plate….it is the experience as a whole.

    Artima Bistro belongs to the Carob Mill family and is located within the heart of the Old City of Limassol. Each of the family restaurants is unique and different in character and cuisine and their name is a guarantee for high standards and customer service. Some years back I visited 2 other chain restaurants of the family which are in the round area of the Medieval Castle which are worth to consider for the excellent cuisine. “Karatello” -Cypriot cuisine, and “Draught Microbrewery” a bar/grill.
    On a coming trip to Cyprus I plan to visit “Istoriko” I have heard good comments about it from friends. This specific one is located in the Old City of Limassol –a traditional house dated back to 1820. (Cypriot Cuisine exclusively for dining).

    As for the “Artima” I guess its popularity started with the visit of several VIPs –a few to mention was the Queen of Spain, Michelle Platini and Olympia Doukakis.
    My friends speak highly of the new Chef Valentino but I wanted to check this out myself.

    Its central location and excellent food makes it very popular not only with tourists but with local repeaters for years now. I believe reservations are a must especially during weekends. It offers the choice of eating outside on the patio as well, opposite the Medieval Castle near the old port.

    The restaurant itself is a traditional Cypriot building yet the inside offers a delightful contrast. It blends traditional stone and steel beams with modern facilities and accessories and it is amazing how its contemporary interior has a touch of elegance.

    The menu is based on the Italian/Mediterranean cuisine with ample of food choices. It covers everything from Pasta and Chicken to amazing Seafood dishes.

    To start off we had an amazing pumpkin soup, rich in colour and taste. We had the Octopus Carpaccio next. Wow! Not simply delicious but irresistible. A nice presentation - thinly sliced, accompanied by puree fava beans. I was surprised seeing the portion that big and it only costs 9.80 euros. If you come here for seafood certainly count this in.

    There is a wide variety of international and local wines to accompany any meal choice and I had the sommelier recommend a few.
    I accompanied my seafood starter with an “Agioritiko” rose wine for 6 euros the glass. Cool as it was, it had a refreshing taste -a fruity aroma dominated by flavours of cherry and gooseberry.
    My friend had the “Seared Foie Gras” –another amazing starter -a combination of colours and flavour. The peach puree topped with cottage cheese and caramelized pears combined well to bring out the taste of liver duck.
    The sommelier suggested “Notios” Red 2009 to accompany this dish. The glass is at 5 Euros, the bottle costs 17. Dark red-violet coloured, had a fruity taste and a discreet fragrance of wood. In reality, the starters themselves look delightful, let alone as starters.
    I had the amazing oven baked Sea Bass for main course, served with spinach, grape coulis and risotto. It was cooked to perfection and had a nice topping.
    If you come here you should by all means try even for once the Stuffed Lamp and Roasted Fillet of pork….it is heavenly! Lamp is staffed with halloumi cheese, a herb crust top, accompanied by creamy mint sauce. The delicious pork scaloppini was stuffed with dry fruit, cottage cheese and pistachio nuts. Count this in…it is a must!
    A glass of “Thalassitis 2011” perfectly accompanies dessert. -A bone-dry wine with delicate honeysuckle aroma and a crisp mineral finish. (6.50 -24 the bottle).
    Our delectable lunch finished with some tempting desserts. The ones we had cost 7 euros. The Chocolate Sufle and the Banofee Pie. I found them both exceptional but I cannot say which one is better. You should try both!
    If somebody told you that this is an amazing restaurant with food that gets your mouth watering he is absolutely right.
    Staff? Professionals –very attentive sometimes more than the usual. Food? I would say –dreamy. Price? Affordable –huge portions. Totally worth it? Definitely!!!
    I find the new menu and wine list interesting with Valentino the new Chef setting impressive standards. I am sure locals keep coming back for the good food, fine quality ingredients, the unparalleled service and value for money.
    Highly recommended for a family outing, a friendly gathering or a special occasion.

    The Octopus Carpaccio dish Stuffed Lamb and Roasted Fillet of Pork The Sea Bass Dish Banofee Pie and Ice cream - heavenly! Interior -Artima Bistro, Limassol
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  • greekcypriot's Profile Photo

    The Caprice Restaurant at Londa -Limassol: The New Italian Exec. Chef makes the Difference!

    by greekcypriot Written Feb 5, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On every trip to Cyprus I ask friends who dine out regularly to recommend one or two nice restaurants…perhaps new ones. I am after quality and taste and extremely picky. I am a person who values good food and my closest friends know this well.
    One of the two restaurants I was urged to visit while in Limassol was the Caprice. It was out of the question to go somewhere else and not come here when I heard the name of the Chef. I happened to know him and have dined a couple of times at the Italian chic restaurant of Kolonaki where he previously worked for a year. It happens to be close to where we live.

    My first thought when I heard the name was that the Londa is lucky to have him but Cyprus as well.

    The Caprice is a Signature and very popular Restaurant in Limassol favoured by celebrities and for many years on the Top list of the best in Cyprus -I dined a couple of times here some years back.
    The restaurant as well as the rest of the Hotel has simple lines of contemporary interiors, bright, pleasing and very relaxing facilities. The options of dining are either inside the beautiful dining room, the terrace or deck overlooking the stunning views of the Mediterranean.

    I was curious to taste the new cuisine of Caprise based on signature Seafood dishes. Giovanni recommended the Staffed Calamaro -a savoury tantalizing dish full of colour and taste worth to give it a try.
    The Obergine soufflé with Caprino cheese and roasted langoustine was celestial –indeed a gastronomical delight but at the same time, I cannot find words to describe the Tuna Carpaccio with fennel risotto. Indeed it was –the piece de resistance, simply ambrosia!
    The other exceptional dish I tried was Risotto with melon and crispy prosciutto. I found it flavoursome and yummy.
    For the first time I tried Roasted Salmon in red vine sauce with potatoes. All other times I had it steamed or grilled but it was delicious and so tempting.
    For dessert I had the Cannolo Crispy basket with pears and mascarpone cream. What a conception! A piece of art which I did not want to spoil at first…a sweet sensation!

    The new menu is indeed interesting and Giovanni has set impressive standards. I knew the restaurant as a good one, but I found it outstanding now.
    People prefer it because of its unparalleled service, fine quality ingredients, and good value for money. I highly recommend it for a friendly gathering, a romantic outing or a special occasion.

    The interior of Caprice The obergine souffle-cparino cheese & langoustine The Tuna Carpaccio dish Roasted Salmon in red vine Dessert: The Sicilian Tube
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  • greekcypriot's Profile Photo

    "Mavromatis" -Four Seasons -Limassol: Greek Cuisine Presented with French Flair!

    by greekcypriot Updated Feb 5, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Attention to Detail, Glamour, Taste and an Unparalleled Service!

    During my recent 3 night stay at the Four Seasons on a business trip, I had the opportunity to try the different cuisines in the 3 out of its 4 restaurants and this because the "Vivaldi Al Fresco" is open only from May to October. The lovely terrace overlooking the pool and the beach is not available during winter months.
    Second time of dinning here. Some years back while on a trip to Paris I dined at the other famous Mavrommatis -nice seeing it extending to Limassol as well!

    It is exclusively a Greek a la carte Gourmet restaurant and what impresses you most upon entering, is its noble and glamorous interior.

    The greeting at the front door was cheerful and graceful as it is in all Restaurants of the Four Seasons.

    My friend and I had a glass each of (Chilean) Sauvignon wine from Casa Lapostolle with a complimentary starter from the chef.

    To start off we had three appetizers -The Tuna Carpaccio appetizer (14 euros) it was celestial, we tried the Pan fried Scallops –highly recommended. I found them flavoursome and yummy, and the Langoustines in Kataifi –simply ambrosia! -17.

    The somellier advised to try the Semillon Xynisteri as it matches well with our appetizers -a well balanced on the palate dry wine, especially selected and bottled for the Four Seasons.
    We could not agree less. It had indeed a fruity taste with aromas of pear and blossom.

    From the Fish and Shellfish menu list I had the superb Red Mullet for 28 euros. It was a peculiar creation yet so tempting. We accompanied our main dish with a French Chardonnay (Albert Bichot, Bourgogne) -6 euros the glass. My friend had the Sea Bass…wow! What an exceptional dish! I could not help but try this one too. (magnifique)!!!

    The Desserts we had each cost 8.50 and we tried the Exotic Savarin and the Warm “Galaktoboureko -both exceptional but I cannot say which one is better. You should try both!

    Greek food is taken to the next level at Mavrommatis -the Gourmet Greek cuisine is presented with French flair, the unparalleled service with dedication to detail. This is what the guest observes after the first visit and then he wants to visit again.

    Congratulations to George Constantinou, the Chef of Mavrommatis for his excellent work.

    The Exotic Savarin The glamorous interior! The Red Mullet The Sea Bass dish The warm
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