Cyprus Off The Beaten Path

  • The waterfall
    The waterfall
    by greekcypriot
  • Off The Beaten Path
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  • Walking towards the waterfall
    Walking towards the waterfall
    by greekcypriot

Cyprus Off The Beaten Path

  • Akrotiri and Dhekelia

    The first time that I visited Cyprus was in 1984, when I arrived to Limassol coming by boat from Crete Island.I would spend in that island one week while waiting for another ship to Israel.I remember that I hitchhiked at the exit of Limassol with the intention to reach Paphos, where I wanted to visit Aphrodite Baths to wash myself and sleep in the...

  • Coral Bay Beach in Peyia

    Coral Bay beach is tourists' favourite beach in Paphos. I was recently here and I have a video showing the whole of the coral bay. (Don't miss it).Take the coast road from Paphos Town north for about 14 miles signposted to Peyia. There are frequent service buses from Kato Paphos

  • Agios Nicolaos Tis Stegis -11th Century

    Don't miss this very old church of the 11th century while driving through Kakopetria.In 1985 it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List which includes nine other painted Byzantine churches of the Troodos range.It is the only surviving Byzantine monastery of the 11th century in Cyprus.

  • Adonis Baths in Paphos

    Adonis baths, at a two level waterfall, is a beautiful little paradise which is well worth visiting. This is where Adonis the lover of Aphrodite used to bathe, according to Greek mythology. It is also called the baths of Aphrodite, or (Ta Loutra tis Aphrodites).Mind you, the fee to get inside is 9.00 or 10.00 euros! I find it too expensive.It is...


    The Akamas peninsula situated to the north west of Paphos is a unique area with outstanding varied vegetation, wildlife, landscapes and coasts. The number of plant species found here are up to 600, 35 of which are endermic, there are also 168 species of bird, 20 reptiles and butterfly species and 12 mammals. It is a paradise for naturalists and if...

  • Bellapais Abbey near Kyrenia

    %Gothic Bellapais Monastery also known as Bellapais Abbey is set on the flanks of the Five-finger (Kyrenia) mountains in the beautiful hillside village of Bellapais .A spot not to be missed if you get to the north side of the island.Opening hours Daily 9.00 - 19.00 from June until mid-September Daily 9.00 - 17.00 from mid-September until May...


    The golden sandy beaches of Agia Napa will amaze you.During the summer season when the hotels and restaurants are open this area can become quite noizy. There is the monastery of Agia Napa on the left side of the bus-stop worth to be visited.There are many taverns and pubs in the area.The beaches are sandy with turquoise and aquamarine...


    Protaras is popular for its crystal turquoise waters and lovely beaches.The area of the Fig Tree Bay is the most popular. There are many restaurants, bars and pubs in the whole area, many tourist and souvenir shops.It is close to Agia Napa and Paralimni. In the outskirts of Protaras there are some rocky bays ideal for divers.I came to Protaras...

  • The Monastery of Agia Napa

    If you come from Larnaca by coach the final stop is at the square of the Monastery.Don't miss visiting it because it is worth it.If you come from Larnaca by coach the final stop is at the square of the Monastery of Agia Napa. It is worth visiting it because it has much history.An ancient sycamore, believed to be over 600 years old sits outside the...

  • Ioannis Lampadistis Monastery

    Don't miss visiting the Byzantine Monastery of John the Lampadistis in the village of Kalopanagiotis. Kalopanagiotis is a beautiful village in the Troodos range. The Church and Monastery of Agios Ioannis Lampadistis, (Saint John Lampadistis) is one of the 9 painted Byzantine churches found in the Troodos Mountains and it is on UNESCO’s World...

  • Don't Miss the Museum of John...

    If you come to the Monastery of John Lampadistis, don't miss visiting the museum as well.Normally they don't allow visitors taking photos, but I had a special permit and I had the privilege to take the photos I wanted.I have them here on this thread if you wish to have a look. They are indeed very old and worth seeing. They are masterpieces in one...

  • Life in Traditional Villages...Worth...

    Discover what Cyprus really is about by visiting beautiful traditional villages that seem to be a world away. These villages are scattered throughout the island.It is here that you will understand and feel the real authentic Cypriot culture, its people and the hidden gems.Cyprus is not an island to be visited only during the summer months. A drive...

  • The Tenta at Kalavasos

    A site not to be missed by anyone!Just a few kilometres from the village of Kalavasos one can come to the very popular – Tenta. It provides evidence of the initial establishment (end of the 7th millennium B.C.). The Cypriot Aceramic Neolithic.The Tenta comprises a small village with houses clustered around the upper part of a small natural hill....

  • The Chocolate Workshop in Platres

    If you are up the Troodos range don't miss visiting Platres which is one of the most popoular resorts in Cyprus, the whole year round.There you will have the chance to visit the Most famous Chocolate workshop in Cyprus and not only....You can even attend a chocolate class where you can make your own chocolates! It's fun.The chocolates here are of...

  • The Most Significant sites NOT to be...

    The list of places to visit while you are having your holidays in Cyprus can indeed be very long. I have tried to narrow it down to the most significant and popular sites that one should not miss.• Paphos Harbour & Castle• Kourion/Kolossi Castle• Limassol Castle• The ruins of ancient Kition• Nicosia 'within the walls' and the House of Hadigeorgakis...

  • Visiting the Folk Art Museum in Nicosia

    The building itself is originally 15th century gothic with latter additions.It was originally used as a monastery for the Latin Order of Benedictines and was taken over by the Greek Orthodox Church sometime before the Ottoman occupation in 1571. It went on to become the Archibishop’s Palace prior to the building of the new Archbishopric nearby.The...

  • The mosque of Paphos

    The mosque of Paphosis no place that tourists might visit inside, but I think it is also interesting to look at its great architecture from outside. The building was totally closed when I was there and there was nobody around at about lunchtime.In the back of their premises there is also a small cememtery with a few tombstones.This mosque is just...

  • Orounda: an interesting monastery

    Orounda monastery was a great surprise for me: an interesting monastery, still inhabited by nons and totally off the beaten path and in a landscape that was totally quiet and without any noises. I found it accidentally in a sidevalley of the village Orounda / Orounta. I was lucky that there was another family of tourists there and one of them spoke...

  • Cape Greco - the south-east-end of...

    Cape Greco is the name of the south-east-end of Cyprus and you get there as a side-step of just a few km from Agia Napa: you have to drive a narrow road to its almost very end untill you get to a gate that will keep you out of the very tip of the cape, obviously it is used by the military. Park your car there and take a walk to the coast, that...

  • Protaras: The church of the prophet...

    The church of the prophet Elias in Protaras was built on top of a small hill not far from Cape Greco, you will find a small carpark there and hundreds of steps taking you uphill to the tiny chapel, that looks interesting from inside as well. From the church-terrace you will have a great view of the area and you will also see some trees there,...

  • a giant arena close to Kourion

    This is another sight for people who cannot get enough of just old stones with a lot of history : There are some remains of an old arena not far from Kourion, maybe you like to take a look, this is the only sight in the area, where you dont have to pay an entrancefee. But I also have to say that this place is certainly mainly something for people...

  • The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates close to...

    The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates is more something for the specialists in my personal opinion and you will find it close to the remains of the excarvations of the ancient town of Kourion. This place is a bit set back from the main road and maybe worth a visit in case that you are really interested very much in ancient stones. No mosaiques there and...

  • Larnaca: The tomb of Holy Lazarus

    In the year 890 a sarcophag was found in Larnaca with the inscription "Lazarus, the friend of Christ". Then the St. Lazarus-church was built at that place where they had found the sarcophag, but during the crusades the body of Lazarus was taken first to Byzanz and later to Marseille. You still can see the place where they found the sarcophag, it is...

  • Paphos : The castle & townwalls

    Paphos castle is quite an impressive building in the port of Paphos and it was once a part of the medieval defence-wall of Paphos. This castle is open for tourists and you can also see its large halls on the groundfloor free of charge. Only for stepping up to the top of the castle you have to pay a small entrancefee of 1,70 euro and stepping up is...

  • Finding those places that are different

    Just 23 kms up the Polis road from Paphos, when you drive past the orange groves past Loukrounou, there is a turnoff to the left to Kato Akourdaleia this is the location of the Akarama Inn and Mrs Angela hostess. What a treasure this is the food is exquisite and in quantities to sink even healthy eaters as well as wine from the local vineyards. We...

  • Wineries

    I love my wine so had to mention this place.Southern Troodos Mountains has plenty of vineyards.Pitsylia winery is a great one worth checking out.You can go for a tour.You can also taste.My fav part.Mavro Ambelissimo is the name of the local grape which the wine is made out of.Xynisteri and Pambatzies and Ofthalmo are also pretty tasty varieties of...

  • Watch the 5 finger mountains.

    Feel the heat in the air and think of all the people in history walking past here and pausing to enjoy watching the mountain scenery just like you,maybe they spoke a different language and belived in a different god but just the same they had same eyes ate same food,had kids and wife/husband maybe , one thing for sure they sang the same song as/of...

  • the beach of Kourion

    There is a popular beach in Kourion with lots of restaurants and other facilities and it is easy to park your car there. The sand of this beach is at least partly not as fine as in other parts of Cyprus that I saw, but obviously a lot of people enjoyed it there a lot.

  • a tiny chapel for St. Ermogenis

    The tiny chapel for St. Ermogenis was built between the excarvations of Kourion and the beach and in my 2nd photo you will see the simple belfry. There is a good restaurant next to the chapel nowadays and the chapel can easily be overseen on its large car-parking.

  • Panagia Kanakaria Monastery

    This is only a nice monastery we’ve seen on the road to Karpaz. It wasn’t on our must to visit list. But it is still a beautiful building which was under a renovation process. Monastery dated back to 5th century. It is near Boltasli village in Karpaz peninsula. It has rebuilt after Arab raids but damaged again because of an earthquake in 1160.

  • Kykkos Monastery is just about 15km from...

    Kykkos Monastery is just about 15km from Pedhoulas and it is one of the most popular monasteries of Cyprus with plenty of monks living there.The mosaiques in Kykkos are mostly from the 20th century, and although they look great, I really prefer the old frescoes in the smaller monasteries that look less perfect but much more interesting to me.

  • Full moon in Cyprus

    Our group is usually very lucky when travelling. I bought the tickets months ago and unintentionally we had amazing full moon views during our trip. We were in Altinkaya restaurant when we noticed the moon. It was big and yellow over Kyrenia. I certainly recommend you to see that if you can.


    The whole village has been declared an ancient 'monument' in order to preserve the remamarkable woodwork and fold architecture of the 18th century houses. The Hoses of Katsinioros and Achilleas Dimitri, some parts of which date back to the 16th century, have been restored as vivid examples of rural architecture.In consequence they received the...

  • AMATHOUS, Archaelogical Site

    One of the ancient city-kingdoms of Cyprus where, according to mythology, Theseus left the pregnant Ariadne to be taken care of after his battle with the Minotaur. A very important cult of Aphordite-Astarte flourished here.Excavations have revealed parts of the Acropolis and Agora areas, as well as port of the upper and lower city. The remains...

  • KYKKOS Monastery in Troodos

    The Museum of Kykkos and the Monastery are open daily November - May:10:00 - 16:00.June - October: 10:00 - 18:00.You have to pay a small entrance fee if you wish to see the Museum which houses an important collection of consecrated vessels and Cypriot antiquities.The Monastery is located 12 km after Pedoulas village.It is the most famous and...

  • Asinou Barn Church

    Listed in the World Heritage List of UNESCO, this little church lies hidden in the northern slopes of the Troódos mountains. From outside this is a little barn like building. Inside there are stunning paintings all over the walls and the ceiling.

  • Dessert of Heaven, Ekmek Kadayifi

    I like a lot of things in Cyprus. But Ekmek(bread in Turkish) Kadayifi is a great taste to me. "Kadayif", is also known as "Ekmek Kadayifi", is one of the oldest Turkish Cypriot deserts on the island of Cyprus. Today Ekmek Kadayifi is a well known dessert of the Turkish Cypriot cuisine. If you visit a Turkish Cypriot house, you will be offered a...

  • Walnut Preserve of Northern Cyprus

    It's yummy :)Preserves in Northern Cyprus are made from almost every fruit. Before making them, the fruit to be used is washed, cleaned and soaked in lime. This is done to remove any undesirable bitterness in the fruit. After this comes the sweetening process. The fruit is cooked in sugar and syrup, sealed in glass jars and stored for a long period...

  • rent a car and drive around...

    Rent a car and drive around (on the left side of the street). Watch out for the many holes in the road.You will be amazed what you will discover on the island. The people are very friendly and the nature is wonderful.

  • I love Coral Bay

    I went to Coral Bay this December ( 2007) and found it as nice as last time I saw it. The shops here are tasteful and the restuarants and bars are lively and trendy. I feel safe and relaxed here. Went for a meal at Coral King and it was fantastic. They done a set menu for £8 and it was amazing. Please see my tip on Coral King , updated tip for more...

  • Goto Tomb of the Kings on Sunday it's...

    HelloIf you goto Tomb of the Kings on Sunday and other sim things they are free to get into. It can save you quite abit of cash. I went here 2008 and it was very quiet indeed. I find Tomb of the Kings fasinating and exciting. You could easy spend the entire day here. Take a picnic if you wish as there are plenty of places to relax with great views....

  • Kato Pyrgos Hotel

    I have just returned from my favourite country, Cyprus, but Oh so expensive now, so imagine my surprise when I visited Kato Pyrgos and stayed overnight at the Pyrgos Bay Hotel. It is only a 1Star hotel and a bit basic, but the room overlooked the bay and the scenery was super.The cost, Bed & breakfast and lunch the previous day £35C for two people,...

  • Kalopanayiotis

    Kalopanayiotis is a small Troodos mountain village with a monastery whose church is one of the 10 UNESCO painted churches. The village itself is small and very quiet, built partly on terraced hillsides on the edge of a valley. Through that valley flows a small river, passing the monastery on its way. The river runs through woodland and there's a...

  • Pedhoulas

    Pedhoulas is a village in the Troodos mountains that has one of the 10 UNESCO painted churches - The Church Of Archangelos Michael (that church isn't the one shown here, by the way, you'll have to see the Things To Do tip for that). The village itself is pretty and quiet, at least it was in April. Judging by the hotels and facilities there it gets...

  • One/third of Cyprus is still...

    One/third of Cyprus is being occupied by the Turks and follows the government ruling of Turkey. The only way in the northern areas is to get to Nicosia(part of it belongs to Turks)and cross the border from there. Passport and a visa is necessary if u require one into Turkey. Security is tight. If you are entering from Turkey, the situation is much...


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