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  • Salads
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  • Pegasus Restaurant - Pano Platres
    Pegasus Restaurant - Pano Platres
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  • Dining at the Fontana - An amazing salad!
    Dining at the Fontana - An amazing...
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    Restaurants in General: The Cypriot Meze

    by greekcypriot Updated Dec 5, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A Cypriot meze usually starts with pitta bread and delicious dips, such as Tahini (a smooth paste of sesame seeds), Tzatziki (a mixture of yogurt, cucumber and olive oil), Taramosalata (a creamy pink dip blended with fish roe, mashed potato, olive oil and lemon juice) and, a particular favourite, Houmous (chick peas, garlic and tahini). This is accompanied by Halloumi (a white cheese made from goat or sheep’s milk, which is delicious grilled) along with a large Greek salad of olives, feta cheese, mixed salad and beetroot with a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil and salt.

    There are many meze variations and these tend to differ from village to village, but the main dishes are Dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with minced meat, rice, mint and onions), Loukanika (pork sausages seasoned with coriander and red pepper), Souvlaki (slow cooked pork kebabs), Lountza (smoked ham) and Sheftalia (spicy sausages). Of course, if you are eating a meze near the coast you’ll enjoy locally caught dishes of calamari (octopus and squid), whitebait and Barbounia. Lamb dishes are also popular on this idyllic island, especially kleftiko (lamb slow cooked in the oven), which is often cooked for many hours so the meat literally falls off the bone.

    Where To Go

    Whilst the meze is served in many of the tourist areas, it’s better to head off the tourist trail to one of the typical tavernas found in the Cypriot villages along the coast or in the Troodos mountains.

    You’ll find that the local people are very friendly and eating out in Cyprus is not just a social event but a way of life.

    Mezze platter Grilled mezze and Lountza Staffed Vine leves (dolmades or koupepia) Keo beer with starters of meze Squid (seafood meze)
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    The Captain's Table: WOW ! It's fresh seafood!

    by Freddiexpat Written Nov 13, 2013

    Situated on Pissouri beach. This restaurant offer a great menu of Cypriot dishes including mezes along with some regular tourist dishes. It is set along the beach front of this small bay and village with a few other bars and restaurants nearby. There is a lovely south facing terrace to sit on and enjoy the sea views from your table as the sun sets over the hills to the west side of the bay.
    What we found amazing was the quality and freshness of the food. The attentive service given to us by the multi lingual staff was a bonus (English,Russian,Greek). The portions were fantastic.There were a lot larger than we would find in the UK.
    We went here several times and enjoyed the seafood and fish. In the end we would order the Seafood/fish meze for two (minimum order) and share it between the three of us and there was still some left over for a doggy bag. Sadly the only thing I did not rate was the mussels which are not nearly as good as the ones I find here or in France/Belgium.

    Favorite Dish: We went here several times and enjoyed the seafood and fish. In the end we would order the Seafood/fish meze for two (minimum order) and share it between the three of us and there was still some left over for a doggy bag. Sadly the only thing I did not rate was the mussels which are not nearly as good as the ones I find here or in France/Belgium.
    The meze consisted of a selection of fresh fish that was freshly cooked on the grill from small anchovies, whiting, sardines, snapper and other white fish to Swordfish steaks. Along with a selection of sea crustaceans to include: crab, langoustine, Prawns etc.
    We drank the local wine and beer here and this went perfectly with our choice on every occasion.
    For those that are budget concious there is a daily deal and one can save about 33% on what we spent on the a la carte menu.

    Just one of the plates of this meze! :-) View of the beach from the terrace :-)
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    Neon Phaliron: Amazing Restaurant!

    by dianakurava Written May 17, 2013

    The smoothing atmosphere and the professionally cooked and decorated dishes give you every opportunity to enjoy your meal. I would call the dishes here masterpieces. Impressive plates and innovative taste proposals are always healthy. The choice of wine and homemade desserts are sophisticated. The food is delicious, good-looking and well prepared. The cooks know what they are doing. The food is done at a point and preserves its qualities and taste in any form be it stewed, grilled or fried. The dish is well organized and is a piece of art. It took me some time to guess what was on my plate of appetizers and only when tasting did I understand what was what. The cooks really do great job. On the whole, this is one of the most sophisticated restaurants I have ever visited.
    To see pictures follow:

    Favorite Dish: Commandaria Infused Chasseur Steak. I like steaks in general but this tender and juice stake was really good. Grilled fillet steak naped with commandaria, mushrooms, onions, mustard, white wine sauce, served with steam vegetables, fried potatoes and steam rice.

    Neon Phaliron
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    PEGASUS Restaurant -Coffee shop: The Best Trout -Cosy Grounds, Amazing Cuisine!

    by greekcypriot Updated Jul 9, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was visiting Platres a few weeks ago and I had both dinner the first evening and lunch with friends the next day before driving off for Larnaca.

    I can assure that the quality of the food here is excellent, and the service is unbeatable.

    The Cypriot “meze” -meaning a variety of dishes, costs 17 euro for one person but you are brought more than 15 different dishes including coffee, dessert and fruit. They were exceptionally tasty and honestly it was too much. We simply could not eat everything. Each time the new dish would come it was a new surprise. You can ask for separate dishes of course if you don’t prefer the meze but we were curious to try the many different dishes.

    Mousaka and “Koupepia” –staffed vine leafs cost 10 and Stifado “Stew” is at 12 euros, however all three dishes are accompanied by potatoes or rice plus Salad.

    The grilled Trout I had the previous evening was beyond compare, sprinkled with oil and garlic and accompanied with potatoes and salad for only 13 euros. I can say it is the best trout I had ever had for years.

    The carafe of wine (1 kilo) costs 10 euro and a glass of wine 3.
    Beer (Keo or Calsberg) the big bottle costs 3 euro and 2 the smaller one.

    The Restaurant functions also as a Cafeteria. Here one can find homemade Crepes (4.50) and Waffles (chocolate/strawberry or banana served with ice cream for 6 euro.
    I found both my dinner and lunch with friends the next day simply amazing! There are number of dishes cooked on the instant.

    The restaurant is centrally located and you cannot miss it. Coming from Kato Platres (lower) to Pano Platres (upper) it is exactly at the big bend that takes you to the centre of upper Platres. The restaurant is nicely decorated in colours matching with the surroundings. I can’t wait to visit Platres again and surely I will drop by for lunch and dinner here again.
    There is always a good reason to return to Pegasus again, as Platres is one of my favourite destinations with unbelievable beauty around, -only 39 Kms from Limassol and just 9 Kms from Troodos.

    I highly recommend Pegasus!

    The freshest and tastiest trout I had for years! Part of the Interior decor of Pegasus Restaurant Grilled Halloumi Cypriot cheese and lountza Pegasus Restaurant in Pano Platres Enjying our dinner with friends
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    'I Oraia Hellas" Vouni , Limassol District: Authentic Cypriot/Greek cuisine, Cozy Atmosphere

    by greekcypriot Written Jul 5, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I recently spent 2 days in the picturesque little village of Vouni which is nestled in the foothills of Troodos in the heart of the wine region. I came across ‘Oraia Hellas’ as I was going down the main road. I noticed the sign with the name of the restaurant. It was kind of artistic with blue and white colours and this drew my attention. I wanted so much to get inside. The sign was hanging outside the couple’s beautiful old two storey restored country house and the main entrance of the restaurant is from the side narrow road. The entrance door leads to a few steps that take you to an amazingly beautiful little garden. Fedra is Cypriot and Yianni is Greek so the combination of food here is a mixture of local and Cypriot Mediterranean cuisine. During weekends it is packed with tourists and locals and there are many who come from as far as Limassol to taste their cuisine.
    I advise that you make a booking if you plan coming to the restaurant on a weekday.

    Everything I tasted was delicious and in affordable price. If you ask for the Greek meze or pikilia you will have the opportunity to taste several dishes. Wine is of excellent quality because the restaurant is in the wine region so Yianni has arranged for the best. Try Fedra’s (koupepia) staffed vine leaves, or Kolokytho-anthous which she makes and they are beyond compare! Don’t leave without asking for ‘Kleftiko’.

    If it is summer guests can sit in the enclosed little garden which is full of colour with all sorts of flowers, bindweed and vine plants so beautifully decorated by Fedra who is also an artist. She makes bracelets and decorative little pieces of art with stone and wood and some of the pieces are at the restaurant for sale.

    The interior of the restaurant is decorated with artistic talent and good taste. The couple is very warm and I found here the combination of Greek/Cypriot hospitality and when I told them that I am leaving the next morning they invited me over to have breakfast with them. I still remember these amazing breakfast moments we shared the three of us early that morning outside their little garden. How can I forget the morning mountain breeze mingled with the aroma of our hot grounded black coffee, the honey spread on the homemade bread, the smell of jasmine, wild roses and honeysuckle. I will always cherish this warm hospitality. I know I have two good friends out there and I long to return and see them again on a coming trip.

    The beautiful little garden in blossom The sign of the Restaurant Interior decor The entrance of the Restaurant The owners -Fedra and Yiannis
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    Lithos BarGrill Restaurant, Oroklini, Larnaca: Amazing Cuisine, Oasis for Sport Enthusiasts

    by greekcypriot Written Jun 28, 2012

    I visited Lithos Bar and Grill recently while I was in Larnaca.
    On a previous trip some months back it was under construction and it is fully renovated now. We came here to dine with friends.
    It is indeed beautiful with the new look, spacious and what impressed me were the 8 big screens on the walls. It is the dream place and paradise for sport enthusiasts.

    Besides the screens there is also a projector for different events that take place during weekends. There are different theme nights that make it very popular in the round area. I have seen people coming here when these events take place from other cities. I consider it one of the best places for entertainment in the Larnaca district.
    It is popular mostly with British who will travel to Oroklini for miles to participate in the events, watch a sport that they like or come here with their families for a drink.

    The owners are amazing and I happen to know this place since 2006. It has a fantastic atmosphere and the bar offers a good selection of spirits, beers and local wines. I highly recommend the cuisine of the restaurant and I have eaten here several times. It serves local and international cuisine. Spaghetti Bolognese costs 6.90, Greek salad costs 6 euro, Rib costs 12, “Stifado” is at 9.50, Vine leaves (koupepia) cost 9 euro.
    Half a pint of draft Carlsburg beer costs 2.60.
    Lithos is open daily from 11.00 a.m till late at night.

    The bar of Lithos Interior of Lithos Interior decor The yard seating area
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    La Maison Fleurie: French fine-dining taken to the new level

    by anasijan Written Nov 20, 2011

    La Maison Fleurie is a family-run place if there ever was one: Giannis, the owner, also dubs as a head-waiter and a sommelier, his father is the Restaurant Chef while the mother takes credit for delicious hand-made chocolates and cakes at the Patisserie next door. Perfect mix of French class & Cypriot hospitality!
    The interior design is based on a rich classic style with very romantic surroundings. Not to forget the lovely garden set-up, ideal for summer dinners under the low-hung lemon tree branches and the stars of course ;)
    Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week. Reservation is not a must, but it’s always smart to book in advance (that way you get to choose the table).

    Favorite Dish: Every Tuesday & Friday, fresh food supplies arrive from France: Tsarskaya Oysters (Gold Medal 2009, 2006 & 2005) & Seafood, Great Specialties on Duck, Goose Foie Gras, Wild Boar, Hare, Quail, Grouse and Deer! All accompanied by a great variety of hand-picked champaigns, wines and liqueurs. Speaking of which, we have just celebrated arrival of this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau wine couple of days ago: honoring great French tradition, at the strike of midnight last Thursday (third Thursday of every November), we had a party at “La Maison Fleurie” celebrating the ‘uncorking’ of this light-bodied, fruity wine that must be finished by Christmastime.
    La Maison Fleurie has been recognized by some of the world best known travel guides (Conde Nast Traveler, DK Travel…) as the best International Restaurant in Cyprus. It has also been honored with the prestigious “5 star Diamond Award” by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, for the years 2009 & 2008.
    Nothing more left to say, except: See You There!!!

    Giannis, the owner and a great friend! when art touches a dessert... home-made cakes gotta love this set-up! yum! Fresh Tsarskaya Oysters, my favourite! welcome to a little piece of french paradise
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  • AWH's Profile Photo


    by AWH Written Oct 8, 2011

    TEA FOR TWO is aimed at the British tourist trade. There are three TEA FOR TWO Restaurants in Paphos. One on Tombs of the Kings Road, one in the Old Town and one in the harbour area.

    Favorite Dish: The Mousakka is good, the Spag Bol is good. The portions are BIG!

    the Crepes mmmmmmmm!
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    The Yu Shan Chinese Restaurant: An Elegant Atmosphere, a Gem in Larnaca

    by greekcypriot Updated Jul 14, 2011

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I would love to come at the Yu Shan Chinese Restaurant again and again.
    I believe it is a gem in the city of Larnaca and it is found opposite the old Stadium.

    It opens daily and during the weekends for lunch starting at 13:00 to 15:00.
    For dinner it is open at 18:00 to 23:00 with a rich variety of different kinds of Chinese dishes. You will find a variety of soups, different starters, duck, noodles and vegetables.
    Its elegant atmosphere and the exquisite Chinese cuisine impressed me. The staff treats the customers with exceptional professionalism and they seem to know well how to satisfy all guests.
    I would certainly return to this restaurant and try other dishes as well.

    Sea food is excellent and the prawns with garlic and ginger here will cost you 10.50 euro. Sea buss in Barbecue sauce costs 11.00 euro.
    A mixed appetizer costs 5.60. Of course there are many more to choose from.

    The restaurant has a Take Away service in case you wish to order and enjoy the dish at your place.

    I strongly recommend it for an unforgettable outing in Larnaca.

    Interior decor The exterior of the restaurant Starters
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    Tavern C & P Takeaway: Avoid this Restaurant Completely!

    by greekcypriot Written May 12, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    While in Lefkara I decided to have some Cypriot Kebabs so I asked to be shown where to go for the best kebab and sheftalia in the village.

    I was urged to come to this restaurant and I was completely disappointed by the ignorance of the owner.
    I was brought burnt sheftalia on the outside and inside the meat was still red. It was not possible to eat it. He was sitting watching a film with a friend of his about 6 metres from where I was, - I was the only customer that moment, and I told him that the meat needs some more time on the grill because it is pink inside. The answer I got was that this is the colour of meat when cooked and he ingnored me for some 5 minutes.

    Suddenly after some time from the place where he was he asked me if I wanted him to put the sheftalia on the grill again.
    I was so angry because he did not bother to come and check. If I had them put a second time on the grill they would have been burnt completely as they were already black on the outside.(See photo)

    So, I suggest that you pick another place to eat and avoid completely this one.
    I still cannot understand how such a person with such irresponsibility can run a business!!

    C and P Grill Restaurant in Pano Lefkara This is what I was brought -sheftalia The restaurant in Pano Platres
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    Lysia Restaurant: Cypriot Cuisine!

    by greekcypriot Written May 12, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have come to this restaurant several times in the past.
    The last time was 3 years back.
    At the beginning the owner used to serve the customers himself and he tried his best to give the best impression.
    Now this does not exist any more!!

    This time I am here I want to check if there is still interest in the customers.
    He does not show up at all. Instead there are two foreign girls who serve the customers as he is busy with the company of one or two male friends talking loudly at the other side of the room.
    So, it is a disappointment for me because this Cypriot Restaurant has lost this Authenticity of the Cypriot hospitality now.

    I have to admit though that the dish I picked was tasty and I enjoyed it.
    The Restaurant has Cypriot dishes.
    Ofto Kleftiko (lamb the casserole) costs 11 euro, a glass of wine 3.50, a salad costs 1.75, and souvla arni (lamb on the spit) 13 euro.

    I recommend it to people who want to taste the Cypriot cuisine because the food at least is tasty….., but for me it has lost that personal touch and authenticity of the Cypriot restaurant.

    Ofto Kleftiko Lysia Restaurant
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  • O Pyrkos: Hospitality at it's best

    by Biffandbaz Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hidden away up a cobbled street suddenly you find this lovely welcoming restaurant with open air terrace and inside a huge log fire.

    The owner Marinos Panayioutou and his family were incredibly welcoming and offered us the best meal in the entire time we were in Cyprus. The meze was amazing!!

    It is well worth the trip into the mountains to vist Marinos and his family. The views are fantastic and the trip through the mountains is awesome.

    Favorite Dish: Three of us had more meze than we could eat and the fourth had what, as a committed steak eater, he described as one of the best ever.

    Can't fault the food, wine, coffee, location, ambience, welcome or service in any way.

    Hope there is still a table available for us when we next visit!

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    Fiji: Polynesian cuisine

    by neilward Updated Apr 4, 2011

    We were made to feel special here,little things like pulling the chairs out for us,laying the serviettes over our laps,that sort of thing.
    The waiters were excellent,very knowledgeable and very curtious throughout the evening.
    Great spot for a bit of people watching, as they bimble down towards Nissi Avenue.
    Its on a first floor,and I dont know if they had a lift or any other access for pushchairs/wheelchairs.

    Favorite Dish: Golden Bags for starters...Minced chicken in batter with a sweet and sour dip,mmmm.
    I had a spicy beef dish with mushrooms and peppers,delicious....
    Maria had Peking Duck and was very impressed with her dish,no not me ...the other dish !!!!
    Didnt have a Pina Colada here,went for a Harvey Wallbanger,very tasty !!!


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    Town of Zygi: fish restaurant central

    by MrBill Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    So finding a fish restaurant in Cyprus is about as easy as hitting water when you fall out of a boat. The question is which fish restaurant? There I follow the locals.

    Cypriots usually go out on Sunday afternoon for big family meals, which last up to 3-4 hours. Where do they go? Many of them drive to the town of Zygi, which is located halfway between Limassol and Larnaca on the Old Coast Highway. It takes about 25-30 minutes to drive there from either Limassol or Larnaca, maybe 30-35 minutes from Nicosia.

    Favorite Dish: Is it worth the drive? Well, there is one fish restaurant after another and on Sundays they are all full. Surely the Cypriots go there themselves for a reason? I found the food very good and reasonably priced. I have also had good fish in Limassol and Nicosia, too. However, it is a chance to get out of the major centers and see something new and you can build your itinerary around something different.

    I don't recommend one over another. They all seem to be well frequented and I have eaten in several. If you plan to go on Sunday make a reservation. Any other time it should be okay just to show up.

    The Captain's Table is the nicest fish restaurant in Zygi and the most expensive. It is located at the east end of town near the old pier. Zygi only has one main street parallel to the sea.

    this and many others
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    The Village Restaurant: Cypriot Authentic Cuisine

    by greekcypriot Updated Apr 2, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    “The Village Restaurant” in Platres is a very nice restaurant.
    I was amazed with the delicious cuisine of Agi and he was telling me that he is cooking everything by himself. Nobody else helps in the kitchen. He is very passionate with his cooking which he learned from his Mother he said.

    One can find mostly Traditional Cypriot cuisine here and from what I found out from the little chat I had with other people, everyone likes it here. Prices are affordable and portions quite big.
    The Restaurant is very popular with not only locals, but also tourists who visit Platres. There are coaches that make a stop for lunch daily here. The view from the outside veranda is panoramic.

    Mousaka costs 10 euro, Kalamari (squid) 8.50, Steak port chop 7.50, Koupepia –stuffed vine leaves 9 euro. A beer will cost you 2.50 euro and a carafe of wine 75ml costs 7.50 euro.
    I found the prices reasonable, and the quality the best, and this is the reason I recommend it.

    Agi the Manager and owner with VT flag at the bar The Bar of the Village restaurant Staffed vine leaves - Koupepia or dolmades
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