Cyprus Restaurants

  • Salads
    by greekcypriot
  • Pegasus Restaurant - Pano Platres
    Pegasus Restaurant - Pano Platres
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  • Interior decor
    Interior decor
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Cyprus Restaurants

  • The Cypriot Meze

    A Cypriot meze usually starts with pitta bread and delicious dips, such as Tahini (a smooth paste of sesame seeds), Tzatziki (a mixture of yogurt, cucumber and olive oil), Taramosalata (a creamy pink dip blended with fish roe, mashed potato, olive oil and lemon juice) and, a particular favourite, Houmous (chick peas, garlic and tahini). This is...

  • WOW ! It's fresh seafood!

    Situated on Pissouri beach. This restaurant offer a great menu of Cypriot dishes including mezes along with some regular tourist dishes. It is set along the beach front of this small bay and village with a few other bars and restaurants nearby. There is a lovely south facing terrace to sit on and enjoy the sea views from your table as the sun sets...

  • Amazing Restaurant!

    The smoothing atmosphere and the professionally cooked and decorated dishes give you every opportunity to enjoy your meal. I would call the dishes here masterpieces. Impressive plates and innovative taste proposals are always healthy. The choice of wine and homemade desserts are sophisticated. The food is delicious, good-looking and well prepared....

  • The Best Trout -Cosy Grounds, Amazing...

    I was visiting Platres a few weeks ago and I had both dinner the first evening and lunch with friends the next day before driving off for Larnaca. I can assure that the quality of the food here is excellent, and the service is unbeatable. The Cypriot “meze” -meaning a variety of dishes, costs 17 euro for one person but you are brought more than 15...

  • Authentic Cypriot/Greek cuisine, Cozy...

    I recently spent 2 days in the picturesque little village of Vouni which is nestled in the foothills of Troodos in the heart of the wine region. I came across ‘Oraia Hellas’ as I was going down the main road. I noticed the sign with the name of the restaurant. It was kind of artistic with blue and white colours and this drew my attention. I wanted...

  • Amazing Cuisine, Oasis for Sport...

    I visited Lithos Bar and Grill recently while I was in Larnaca.On a previous trip some months back it was under construction and it is fully renovated now. We came here to dine with friends.It is indeed beautiful with the new look, spacious and what impressed me were the 8 big screens on the walls. It is the dream place and paradise for sport...

  • French fine-dining taken to the new...

    La Maison Fleurie is a family-run place if there ever was one: Giannis, the owner, also dubs as a head-waiter and a sommelier, his father is the Restaurant Chef while the mother takes credit for delicious hand-made chocolates and cakes at the Patisserie next door. Perfect mix of French class & Cypriot hospitality!The interior design is based on a...


    TEA FOR TWO is aimed at the British tourist trade. There are three TEA FOR TWO Restaurants in Paphos. One on Tombs of the Kings Road, one in the Old Town and one in the harbour area. The Mousakka is good, the Spag Bol is good. The portions are BIG!

  • An Elegant Atmosphere, a Gem in Larnaca

    I would love to come at the Yu Shan Chinese Restaurant again and again.I believe it is a gem in the city of Larnaca and it is found opposite the old Stadium.It opens daily and during the weekends for lunch starting at 13:00 to 15:00.For dinner it is open at 18:00 to 23:00 with a rich variety of different kinds of Chinese dishes. You will find a...

  • Avoid this Restaurant Completely!

    While in Lefkara I decided to have some Cypriot Kebabs so I asked to be shown where to go for the best kebab and sheftalia in the village.I was urged to come to this restaurant and I was completely disappointed by the ignorance of the owner. I was brought burnt sheftalia on the outside and inside the meat was still red. It was not possible to eat...

  • Cypriot Cuisine!

    I have come to this restaurant several times in the past.The last time was 3 years back.At the beginning the owner used to serve the customers himself and he tried his best to give the best impression.Now this does not exist any more!!This time I am here I want to check if there is still interest in the customers.He does not show up at all. Instead...

  • Hospitality at it's best

    Hidden away up a cobbled street suddenly you find this lovely welcoming restaurant with open air terrace and inside a huge log fire.The owner Marinos Panayioutou and his family were incredibly welcoming and offered us the best meal in the entire time we were in Cyprus. The meze was amazing!!It is well worth the trip into the mountains to vist...

  • Polynesian cuisine

    We were made to feel special here,little things like pulling the chairs out for us,laying the serviettes over our laps,that sort of thing.The waiters were excellent,very knowledgeable and very curtious throughout the evening.Great spot for a bit of people watching, as they bimble down towards Nissi Avenue.Its on a first floor,and I dont know if...

  • fish restaurant central

    So finding a fish restaurant in Cyprus is about as easy as hitting water when you fall out of a boat. The question is which fish restaurant? There I follow the locals. Cypriots usually go out on Sunday afternoon for big family meals, which last up to 3-4 hours. Where do they go? Many of them drive to the town of Zygi, which is located halfway...

  • Cypriot Authentic Cuisine

    “The Village Restaurant” in Platres is a very nice restaurant.I was amazed with the delicious cuisine of Agi and he was telling me that he is cooking everything by himself. Nobody else helps in the kitchen. He is very passionate with his cooking which he learned from his Mother he said.One can find mostly Traditional Cypriot cuisine here and from...

  • Cypriot dishes- Know what exactly they...

    GlossaryI thought to give you the name of some Cypriot dishes and explain what each one represents so that you know exactly what it is when you are at a Cypriot restaurant.You can of course photo copy and have it with you on the trip.Afelia: it is pork cooked in red wine crushed coriander seedsArni: it is lambAvgolemono: egg and lemon soupBourekia:...

  • “Traditional Cypriot Cuisine and Good...

    We had lunch at “Maria’s Restaurant in Vavatsinia in February, and I was surprised with the huge portions. None of us could eat the whole dish and we asked Maria to pack the rest for home.Wonderful surroundings out in the nature with lush vegetation and singing of birds all over. If it would have been summer it would be a paradise!The restaurant...

  • Rude Manners!

    I was brought to this Tavern and Bar Restaurant in the village of Agros by a friend of mine. We came here from a nearby village since all the other taverns were closed.The interior décor of the café-restaurant is nice and cozy, a pleasant atmosphere with a big selection of wines on one of the walls just behind where we were sitting. The TV set was...

  • Ask for an itemized receipt here!

    I had dinner out with a friend of mine at this Tavern in February.It is a stone-built structure, with a traditional look, very cozy inside,Traditional on the outside. I have always wanted to dine here because it is opposite some friends’ house. This was a chance to see if it is what it shows on the outside!!The service was excellent, and the staff...

  • “Excellent Service and Fresh Fish"

    I highly recommend this fish tavern for the excellent service, and good quality of anything. The owner of the tavern is an open-hearted lady who was coming every now and then to ask if the food is tasty. This means that she cares for her customers. The price was normal. We had both fried and grilled fish, squid, and octopus marinated in red wine –...

  • The Grilled Trout here.....

    If you are at the AgroHotel of Ambelikos in Potamitissa, try the grilled fresh trout.Red and white bottled wine is available here from the round region.Ask the owner Mr. Akis and he will give you other alternatives if you are not fond of trout or kalamari. Prices are reasonable and the environment outstanding.

  • Classy

    This is the peak point of Cyprus cuisine in our trip. We almost tasted every single special mezes on their menu. Some were beyond our imagination; some were beyond our taste limits.It was a beautiful night. Our Cypriot friend was expecting her childhood friends to meet us there. So it turned into a girls’ night. We ate, we drank, we talked, we...

  • Eating Habits in Cyprus!

    Cypriots know well how to enjoy life, and this is reflected in their eating habits!There is a variety of restaurants, taverns, cafeterias and bars throughout the island. They can enjoy an exotic International dish or a traditional Cypriot kebab. It’s all at arms reach and offering real value. Highly recommended is Cyprus Meze in a traditional...

  • Cakes and pastries

    It is a franchised brand, I think. We shopped from several different Dano’s. It’s like a patisserie plus market. We shopped for pastries, generally. They were for our quick breakfasts on the road but they are delicious. Also we bought some Con Coffee as a gift to our families here. Salty pastries for breakfast except the ones with mint

  • Patisserie

    This is an old establishment; it’s been founded in 1935. We had our first breakfast here, because our friend recommended. It was a beautiful day, so we sat outside under the bright sun and had some grilled halloumi cheese, eggs etc. It was a nice place and it is adjacent to the Kyrenia port and castle.

  • Breakfast

    We stayed at the summer house of a friend near Kyrenia. So we had our breakfasts in different places, usually on the road with some local pastries. This was our second “proper” breakfast. I use this word, “proper”, just to explain the situation because I do not prefer one to another. Yet eating Cyprus’ halloumi at the breakfast is bliss.We came to...

  • Nothing special

    This was an ordinary café/diner in Nicosia. We decided to eat our first dinner here, after trying to find Hamur. We had some chicken dishes and salads and shared those. Customers are generally youngsters and the menu is eclectic.

  • I still miss the kebab

    In Kyrenia, behind the old Dome Hotel, there is this famous restaurant. We dined here one night. The idea was having some salad, appetizers, grilled meat and wine. Since the famous kebab of Cyprus is “seftali kebabi”, we tried it, especially. Actually seftali means peach in Turkish, but I didn’t know that this kebab had nothing to do with peach at...

  • Dough!

    We landed in Ercan Airport, find our rental car and headed to Nicosia. Our first target was Hamur, a local restaurant mainly serves pastry. Hamur means dough. That night we were late, the place was closed. So we tried there again a few days later.We ate some fried “borek” and “manti”, dumplings with yogurt sauce. Not my favorite type of meal, but...

  • The classical

    We couldn’t return home without tasting some fish in Cyprus. After all, we were on an island. So, we decided to visit Altinkaya near the “Cikartma Plaji”. This is the place where our friend's family used to eat fish when the live in Cyprus.I love the fishes of Marmara, Aegean and Black Sea but am not very familiar to Mediterranean fishes and many...

  • Local Traditional Cuisine

    "Yiannakos" Restaurant at Fikardou village has excellent tradtional cuisine not to be missed!It is decorated in the Old Cypriot style with some very old pieces which are hanged on the walls or on shelves. Ask for anything traditional here, and enjoy your lunch or dinner.Usually during the weekends even if it is winter the restaurant is full, so...

  • Eat organically grown products here!

    A nice restaurant and the meals here are cooked by Elli and Matthew who are the owners since 1988.Ask for chips from the couple's organically homegrown garden, as well as vegetables.All the food is cooked with love and served with pride here. Mousaka is said to be their best dish! And red and white village wine in carafes from homegrown grapes....

  • Don't go here with noisy children!

    Cuisines: English, Greek, International, MediterraneanIt is in a quiet location, and a popular restaurant.It is a spot for romantic couples. All the dishes we had were mere ok, but dessert was just a small portion. Meat was tender and full of taste. I think it is a bit over priced though!

  • A family restaurant in Paphos

    Cinters a great place for family dining. It is open for English breakfast, lunch and dinner. All live sports are shown, premiership and champians league Fish and chips are very popular here.Ask for a Carlsberg and pay 2 euros per pint between 12 and 5 pm.On Wednesdays night it is steak night sirloin and together with your drink it will cost you...

  • Only ate out once

    As i was on a budget i only ate out once while away and that was in Aiya Napa:Marko's is a fish restaurant at the port, it has a great setting with many tables and is popular with localsI had Kleftiko, a lamb stuffed with onions and tomatoes and with veg and potatoes, very very nice indeed, even if the lamb had been frozen so was a little tough. it...

  • Ireland in Cyprus

    Next to the beach, just departed by the road from Polis to Pomos you find this relaxed pub, where you can enjoy the sunset on wooden chairs and tables while the friendly staff serves wonderful steaks and guinness! All steaks are great !!!

  • cypriotic food

    all over the country you can find delicious restaurants, try to visit also some local tavernas Cypriotic food is mixture of Greek and Oriental absolut must is to try 'Meze', else try Moussaka, can find also international food like Chinese, Indian, Italian, German and English Cyprus has excellent cocktails, best 'Long Island...

  • A buffet Greek restaurant

    Restaurant Eztiatopio is one of the largest buffet restaurants, if not the largest, at Troodos Mountains. You can see the size of the restaurant as depicted in our photograph on the right. It serves mainly Greek buffet cuisines buffet style. The food is reasonably good, it has to be said. Certainly it is one of the best restaurants at Troodos...

  • Only good food we found around...

    We tried so hard to avoid pizzerias and so on,and tried to find good local food.At the second half of the week we gave up,nd went to this place,and had first good meal for whole week.Yes,it was"boringly"pizza,but at least it was good,and tasted something and not full of fat as all other we had ate.Or if we had chicjen,it had only salt,nothing herbs...

  • Overall

    We had worst food ver in most restaurants of hotel-area!i thought there is no good food in Cyrus,but someone told us,that there are,but not at hote-area.For example:We ordered souvalaki of ork.If in Creece we had it from pork-fillet,here it was really something else:it was over half of the pieces only fat!ther was allmost nothing to eat in that.And...

  • Food for all tastes!

    Coral Oasis Restaurant is a family run restaurant, situated in Coral Bay, Paphos. Coral Oasis Restaurant features the perfect balance of local food as well as exotic cuisine and seafood. Therefore if someone in your party is very keen on Cypriot Traditional Food or the kids need a homelike will have found the right place. King Prawns...

  • the best food in ayianapa ayianapa...

    my family and a group of our friends have visited this restaurant many times over the years and the food is always excellent . the staff are second to none always make you very welcome and nothing is to much trouble .the atmosphere is great and prices are very good also . all the food is good so it's all down to personal preferance but i love the...

  • Amazing Set Meals

    I have mentioned Coral King before as it was soooo good. Their mezes were wonderful. Anyway, I went back Dec 2007 with my parents who now live in Cyprus. We had a set meal. 3 course meal. I must say it was amazing. I had melon with parma ham which was tasty and my Nan had prawn cocktail which had lovely juicy prawns and tasted amazing. Dad had soup...

  • Fantastic location and views

    Hobo's right on Paphos seafront near the Fort is great. They have large sofas out on the pavement overlooking the harbour. I had a lovely drink sitting in the sun while watching people walking by and watching the boats etc. A nice relaxing but busy place to stop for a drink and chill out. Very trendy and the staff were friendly and polite and...

  • Oooo..there so many! And they...

    I'm a great fan of Greek food having lived under the same roof with three Cypriots cousins for two years. Some of my favourite Greek food are: Greek baklava(filo pastry with pistachio nuts), which is very popular in the Middle East, has it own special touch. Haloumi(goat's) cheese which is nice and chewy - perfect when its grilled or baked and...


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