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Smetanovo nabrezi 198, Praha 1
  • Oldies :)
    Oldies :)
    by TalvaBurns
  • Karlovy Lazne
    by jscu
  • Inside the club looking down...
    Inside the club looking down...
    by richyoon

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  • isedisi's Profile Photo

    Karlovy Lazne: Absolutely decent

    by isedisi Written Sep 23, 2015

    I had no problem ordering drinks or getting in although I didn't speak the local language. Over all, it was the music which made it worth going there. Regarding nightlife I'm not particularly picky, but a good music is a must. The club was a bit run-down, and the floor by the oldies was sticky, but they had five floors with different genres in music and that is just wonderful. I had a blast, danced there until they closed down going between different floors.
    With a place big as that it's of course quite easy to loose people, which in my opinion was both good and bad. I visited several times and never got bored.

    Dress Code: Nothing special

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  • Karlovy Lazne: Had a Blast!

    by TalvaBurns Written Feb 4, 2015

    Being at a age group above 30 I must say I was a little afraid of going in especially reading how this place if for young people only. Anyway, after paying the entrance fee(180kroun) I went straight to the oldies floor and danced my arssse off to the music. Drinks are priced according to the location and on par with other such establishments. The entrance fee felt high but was worth it once inside. After dancing went to the lounge floor to relax and enjoy some drinks.

    Dress Code: Whatever you like dancing in

    Oldies :)

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  • Karlovy Lazne: Aggressive doormen!! Beware!

    by ClipboardCharlie Written Feb 23, 2014

    This placed used to be a great place, but has become run down over the years. The previous posts are correct as these doormen are looking for trouble with customers and will pick an opportunity to cause a fight if possible.

    We were drinking on the second floor last year and the club was closing. We were talking and finishing our drinks and about 10 of these thugs turned up with black gloves on ready for a fight in my opinion. I read the situation and got our group out very quickly and could speak some basic Czech.

    Additionally, watch out for the guys on the dance floor at the tip of the club who are marking tourists for potentially robberys with gypsy girls who are watching the victims on the dance floor.

    I agree that foreigners are not welcome here and would avoid the place at all costs.

    Dress Code: Anything goes

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  • lhfuji's Profile Photo

    Karlovy Lazne: Unfriendly to Foreigners - Don't Go

    by lhfuji Written Aug 23, 2013

    This club has security guards that are seriously out of control and pose a danger to any foreigners. So my advice is to just stay away.

    My daughter and 2 friends who are non-aggressive, non-violent people got separated from each other with one exiting the club before the other two. So the one tried to go back in to get the two who she could see inside. But the security guard at the door would not let her back in and got so belligerent that he actually hit her so hard that he knocked her to the floor. My daughter and friend who were inside saw this happen and, understandably, got angry with the security guard. He then proceeded to hit and knock the second girl to the ground. My daughter got angry with him and he hit her, but she stayed standing. So he hit her again, but she still stayed standing. So he then pulled out pepper spray and sprayed them so thoroughly that it took hours to wear off. And to top it all off he actually spit on them. Unbelievable excessively out of control behavior by "security" guards. There were many witnesses to this event, all foreigners, who confirm that the security guard was completely out of line. But the club takes no responsibility. So be advised - foreigners are not welcome at this club. Try other spots where the staff is more amenable to foreigners.

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  • Karlovy Lazne: Worst club in Prague

    by dpn254 Written May 23, 2012

    Worst club in the Prague. Be vigilant and careful - instead of good and funny spend time - You can have discrimination on a national sign and destroyed health.
    I with me friend, want enter in this club, but tickets seller dont want let us in - because we are foreigners and dont speak czech.
    When I get out my mobile phone (with camera) and want do film proof discrimination on a national sign incident - he call the security, and beat phone from my hand.
    After that security drag me out start beating and use pepper spray - try as much as possible destroy my health.

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  • bodo8's Profile Photo

    Karlovy Lazne: big, very big, club...

    by bodo8 Written May 16, 2012

    open 7/7, 5 floors with different types of music. avoid weekends as you will just queue too long (to get in as well as to get a drink) and the club is really too crowded. During the week it is almost wide (depending on the day) but with good music. beer 0.5 litres for 20 krones (maybe it was only a promotion...)!!!

    Dress Code: best point: no dress code required...!!! be as simple as possible :-)

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  • Karlovy Lazne: Frightlife

    by Eamonster Written Aug 8, 2011

    Avoid this place like the plague. Pickpockets are everywhere and the bouncers are complete scumbags. The manager doesn't give a ***, so why should you?

    The drinks are overpriced and watered down. The only good thing I can say about this place is that the sooner it is closed down the better.

    Do yourself a favour and go to one of the better pubs off the main square. Some of them sell great Czech beer for €1.

    Dress Code: No

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  • Karlovy Lazne: pick pocket haven

    by gypsyfighter Updated Jun 6, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nobody walks out with this place with their wallet, cash, pursue. Karlovy Lazne is a pick pocket. The biggest pub crawl in Praha gets here at 12:30 am every night of the week and the picket pockets are in waiting for all the drunk tourists. Don't go here. If you do, heaven forbid, don't have any money in your pockets or it will be gone. The pub crawl is leading the lambs (tourist) to the slaughter house (roma). Its a bad scene. All the pub crawl gets ripped by the pick pockets. They see your pub crawl wrist bans, they know you have been drinking, they watch which pocket you pull your wallet out, they pretend to be your pub crawl buddy, shake you hands like a buddy, try to get your shoulders up and away from your pockets and then boom they jack you, lightening quick. You case them if you notice, try to get your money back, no dice. The bouncers don't care. They are probably in on it! You complain about your wallet being stolen, you get kicked out. DON"T RISK GOING TO KARLOVY LAZNE. Its not worth it. Every single night at least 10 tourist on the pub crawl get jacked.

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  • Prague Play Pass: Prague Nightlife

    by shaneshane Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Buy a Prague Play Pass at the Czech airline shop at the aiport or website www.pragueplaypass.com and enjoy Prague nightlife

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    No need to queue at top clubs anymore

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  • PaleFace_Fields's Profile Photo

    Karlovy Lazne: Euro Clubbing at it's best

    by PaleFace_Fields Updated Sep 11, 2009

    This place is actually an old Swimming pool building - on some of the floors you climb down into the stone pool where the dance floor is - very euro atmosphere all over. There's a different scene on each floor - soul and jungle, cheesey pop, rock, dance and trance. My personal favourite was the Euro-Techno floor. An old statue beamed laser beams through the mist as we joined the germans in their athletic paced dancing.

    That particular weekend the Dutch footie fans were in town to watch Holland spank the Czech Republic and then they marched around town in hilarious orange costumes with a brass band, celebrating their victory. This didn't go down well with our Czech friend Yarda. He wasn't too happy on the cheesey pop floor where all the Dutch fans were hanging out. We felt a bit guilty about joining the orange fans as they did the conga right past him, but those crazy dutch guys are a lot of fun and we just had to join in. Then we had some czech beer in the chillout room on the top floor and my mate Paresh chatted up some gorgeous girls.

    At the end of the night, the streets were full of sausage vendors - just what you need after a lot of drink.

    Euro-Tastic Night, mate.

    Dress Code: Orange jumpsuit. Afro Wig. Clown shoes.

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  • jumpingnorman's Profile Photo

    Karlovy Lazne: Largest Disco in Central Europe

    by jumpingnorman Written Jul 30, 2009

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Karlovy Láznì is the largest disco in Central Europe and is close to the Charles Bridge. It has several floors (different music types - Paradogs, Discothéque, Kaleidoskop, MCM Café)

    and it is located at Novotného Lávka 5, Prague 1
    Get there via Metro A to Staromìstská and have FUN!

    Other clubs/discos in Prague would be found at


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  • jscu's Profile Photo

    Karlovy Lazne: Great nightclub in the centre of the city

    by jscu Written Jun 14, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A right collection of music styles here. We went because it had a good reputation as a dance (house/trance) club. It was total empty when we were theye but we still had a good time.

    There are 5 floors so dont hang aronds on one too long if its rubbish!

    Dress Code: None on a normal night

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  • richyoon's Profile Photo

    Karlovy Lazne: Largest Club in Prague

    by richyoon Updated Apr 9, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is the club that all the young tourists check out during their stay in Prague. Understandably so. Karlovy Lane has got three or four floors open each night playing different music (depending on the night and size of the crowd). The crowd is young 20s students. The drinks are relatively cheap compared to most clubs, and there's music for everyone's taste somewhere in the club. The place is huge and crowded. Nobody here looks too well dressed or looks like a local. Although the club is full of tourists, I found it to be somewhat impersonal. Everybody was trying to act too cool or nobody was that friendly outside their immediate group. I am normally feel at home at a nightclub, but didn't really fit well with this crowd. Maybe I'm just too old... I did strike up a great conversation with one of the bartenders, but otherwise, the night was otherwise forgettable. Still if you are looking for a place to go, this isn't a bad choice. Its located right next to the Charles Bridge, and the cover is relatively cheap (maybe 200 Kc?).

    Dress Code: None I can tell, but always try to look good for a nightclub...

    Outside the Club Inside the club looking down...

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  • PedroTeixeira's Profile Photo

    Karlovy Lazne: THE spot for nightclub lovers

    by PedroTeixeira Written Jan 2, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Well if you like to dance, have a different kind of music place, this is the place for you. There are fifth floors of different mood, being the last one more of a rest area, (or trow up area). I found many foreigns around since this is suposed to be the bigest disco in central europe its one place that dance lovers must go for sure.

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  • Gottsie's Profile Photo


    by Gottsie Updated Nov 23, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are five floors each playing different genres, so what ever music you like- there is something to suit from R n b to rock, techno to cheese! This place has lost its charm since the re-firb, however probably meets health and safety standards now. After an evening of dancing you can go and chill out on the top floor on a sofa or huge bean-bags. There are lots of little rooms all over the place with pools tables in, computers, and what ever else you can think of.

    Dress Code: Relaxed

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