Ceske Budejovice Travel Guide

  • Black Tower.
    Black Tower.
    by alectrevor
  • The main square
    The main square
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  • The Brewery
    The Brewery
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Ceske Budejovice Things to Do

  • Renaissance Architecture

    Authentic renaissance architecture is not too frequent in the old town. The reason is obvious: The city went through a big fire in 1641 and most of the older buildings were destroyed or badly damaged. However, there are a few houses which have survived all misshaps through the centuries. Photo 1 and 2: A house dated 1557 in ul. Knezská behind the...

  • The Salt Storage

    The white building with the gothic stepped gables was built in 1531 and originally served as arsenal, then as a storage from salt which was imported from the Salzkammergut region in Austria.Nowadays it hosts a private motorbike museum. That day the more impressive exhibition was on the outside, the museum must have attracted some kind of club of...

  • Piarist Church: The Cloister

    The cloister behind the church should not be missed. It is a quiet spot in the middle of the city. All four wings are preserved. On the walls you will find some medieval frescoes. The outside walls show some baroque refurbishments, like the reddish stucco pillars and the oval windows of the upper storey. There are some renovation works going on,...

  • The Two Rivers

    Ceské Budejovice has two rivers, Malce (with hacek on the c, pronounced "Mal-tshe") and Vltava. No wonder the city used to be prone to floodings before the Vltava was regulated in the 1950s and 1960s. The Malce passes the southern edge of the old town and then enters the Vltava. Together with a dead-end arm they form an island west of the old town...

  • Piarist Church, former Dominican Church

    The church was originally built for teh Dominicans. In the 18th century the Piarist order moved into the former Dominican monastery and opened a high school in the convent buildings. Church and convent date from the late 13th century and are the oldest buildings in the city.The high and long gothic choir of the church is a typical feature of...

  • Panská - Prettiest Street in the Old...

    This side street in the northwest of the old town is probably the most beautiful street view in the centre. The slightly curved lane is a one-way street with pleasantly little car traffic (but watch out for cyclists). The houses along it are all in good shape. There are a couple of small pubs and cafes.It leads towards Rabenštejnská vez (Rabenstein...


Ceske Budejovice Hotels

  • Gran Hotel Zvon

    Three ancient buildings were assembled to form the Hotel ,with his history going back to the 16th...

  • Hotel Budweis

    Mlynska 6, Ceske Budejovice, 370 01, Czech Republic

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel U solne brany

    Radnicni ulice 11, Ceske Budejovice, Bohemia, 37001, Czech Republic

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Ceske Budejovice Restaurants

  • Czech food near the square

    Our hotel recommended Restaurant Pavlac as the best place to eat near the center, it was fully booked on Friday but we did get in on Saturday, there were a lot of free tables that night.My waitress originally brought me the wrong dish, it was in the top left hand corner of the menu on a different page than the dish I ordered so I'm still not sure...

  • Czech food on the square

    We couldn't get into either of our first two choices, Ceske Budejovice doesn't have a lot of restaurants and even less that come recommended. We circled the square looking for another option, the 1st place we popped into had no one at all in it which wasn't an encouraging sign so we found this place.I'm not sure I have the right name for this place...

  • Great pizzeria at the train station!

    There's a nice little pizzeria connected to the train station in Budejovice. You can't get into it from the station, but it's in the same building The pizza and ice cream! We actually ate here twice, but only because eveyrthing else was already closed!

  • Budvar Brewery - don't leave CB without...

    This is the brewery restaraunt/pub for Budvar and you are guaranteed the freshest pint of Budvar you've ever tasted! The gulas was delicious as was the knedlicky! Gulas with knedlicky

  • The restaurant of Hotel Zvon

    A charming old restaurant under the arcades , belonging to hotel Zvon with vaulted ceilings .I had a czech beer and a goulash of course - both make ma salivate just by thinking of it...

  • Coffee and internet

    this neat place is located on the main sqare on the side where the Black tower is - It is nestled in a hidden inner yard with glass ceiling and is definitely my kind of place. You can take a drink or go on internet and tell everybody where you are....Chilly and relaxing ,mediterranean / moroccan spirit chillour place to relax...If you happen to...


Ceske Budejovice Nightlife

  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    by globetrott Written Jul 3, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have to say, nightlife in Ceske Budejovice is not the same as in a big city like Prag.
    The main square is lighted in a great way, but will be totally emplty except for a very few people sitting on the benches around the fountain.
    No street-musicians, no people, nothing...

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Ceske Budejovice Transportation

  • Budejovice Train and Bus Station. Trip...

    Train station is about 500km from city centre down Lannova Street. The bus station is opposite train station to left on top of shopping centre up escalators. Buses to Ceske Krumlov go from here. Unless you are a train buff, bus is best way to Krumlov. Train arrives along way out in Krumlov, at least 20 mimutes walk down steep hill to the Red Gate...

  • Bus tips

    Well, we figured out the regular bus to get to the Budweis brewery. It's bus 2 and it costs 12 czech coins for 1 adults 1 way, about .50 euro. You need exact change to buy the pass from the machine in front of the bus stop but if you do not have exact change you will not get change back. Not all stops have the machines so purchase tickets from the...

  • Parking

    We found parking right on the main square for both nights, during the day you have to pay but it was free by the time we arrived. On the sidewalk you'll find a box to pay for parking, you have to select an amount of time and then print out a receipt to put on your dashboard. If parking overnight when it's free and you want to leave the car there in...


Ceske Budejovice Shopping

  • by desert_princess Written Aug 23, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Strange names of cigarettes they had there...
    "Burton" is the most famous snowboard manifacturer for example...never heard of them being into the tobacco business...
    same for "denim" cigarettes...

    Cigarettes labets
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Ceske Budejovice Local Customs

  • Town Festival

    It was the last Saturday in August and there was a festival going on in town.It was limited to Krajionska Street, though, and I do not know its background. One side of the street has been covered in rolled sod to create a lawn. There they had food and drink, play activities for children, artisitics and cabaret and similar entertainment. There were...

  • Flowery Decorations

    Krajinska street had been decorated with colourful ornaments that looked like flowers from a distance. They were put up on cables high up in the air and dancing in the wind. A closer look revealed that they have been made from pieces of PET bottles in different colours. Fancy idea, although the German in me immediately states that they have no...

  • Flying With Umbrellas

    Was Mary Poppins from Ceské Budejovice? Walking along Krajinska street made me wonder whether we find the answer about her origins here.Up in the air there were life-size figures of people clinging to flying umbrellas: grey men and women in everyday dress as if they were on their way to work and now taken away to the skies. I cannot tell about...


Ceske Budejovice Warnings and Dangers

  • Make restaurant reservations

    We were in Ceske Budejovice on a Friday and Saturday night right on the edge of tourist season and the 1st night we couldn't get into either of the restaurants recommended by our hotel and the 2nd night we still couldn't get into Masne Kramy but we did get into the other recommended restaurant, Pavlac.Masne Kramy did accept reservations, their...

  • Idiots

    The people who write warning tips on this site are either American or illiterate, more than likely both, don't listen to them, jsou blbecky. Gypsies (gipsies if you like) are harmless and you won't even notice them if you keep your eyes on the gorgeous Czech girls all around you! Get a life oh thee who moan about others trying to short change you...

  • Dodgy waiters

    Watch out for the waiters at Grand Hotel Zvon- check your change carefully! We sat outside on the square and had a couple of beers and were shortchanged. When i realised shortly afterwards the reactions of the waiters made it apparent that this was no mistake- they were very keen to get me away from what i presume was their boss and instructed me...


Ceske Budejovice What to Pack

  • Leipzig's Profile Photo

    by Leipzig Updated Jan 3, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Miscellaneous: Rainy season: There is no special rainy season

    Avg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 7 – 17°C ( 45 - 62°F ); min: 0 - 7°C ( 32 - 45°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 20 – 22°C ( 68 - 72°F ); min: 10 - 12°C ( 50 - 53°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 5 – 18°C ( 41 - 64°F); min: 0 - 8°C ( 32 – 47°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 1 – 2°C ( 34 - 36°F); min: -3 - -1°C ( 27 - 30°F )

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Ceske Budejovice Off The Beaten Path

  • Monument to Ema Destinová

    Ema Destinová (1878 - 1930), or Emmy Destinn, was a famous Czech opera singer in the pre-World War I era. She was considered one of the best dramatic sopranos of her time. Everywhere in Europe and the USA she was celebrated - everywhere except in her hometown Prague. After World War I she resigned, only did occasional concerts. She died in Ceské...

  • Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth Pencil Factory

    All artists and hobby-artists know this brand and its products. Few know the history behind it, though. In 1790 an Austrian chemist named Joseph Hardtmuth invented a method to produce artificial leads for pencils by mixing graphite powder and clay. He refined the method to distinguish various grades of hard- or softness. Hence he can be called the...

  • Bank building

    My favorite building in Ceske Budejovice was across the street from Masny Kramy, on the corner of Krajinska and Hroznova Streets, the Komercni banka palace built during 1912-1913 in the Art Nouveau style. I believe it's still a bank but we didn't try to go in, the reference to the building I saw suggested that the interior might be interesting if...


Ceske Budejovice Favorites

  • The Tourist office is Great

    Go to the tourist office if you need help with anything. They have a huge book full of accomodation to pick from. And they speak and they will call the place for you for around a dollar. It's right on the square.


    We asked in one bar the beer, and wanted something with it. In Lithuania is very popular cutted roast bread. So we asked it, and was not sure, if the barmen understood.. So at least we got Topinka - this is all slice of bread and garlic with it !!

  • You have the most important...

    You have the most important things you can do in Ceske Budejovice:1 dayafternoon: you first step have to be directed to the Black Tower - a former belfry in Gothic- Renesance style. From its gallery you can see a mainly part of the south Bohemia region, including the bourdering mountains Sumava and Novohraske hoy. It´s really a magnicifent view!...


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