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  • Cesky Krumlov
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  • View of the city from the castle
    View of the city from the castle
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  • Český Krumlov Castle.
    Český Krumlov Castle.
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Cesky Krumlov Things to Do

  • Bears in the Castle Moat

    As you walk up from the main road through town towards the castle you will come upon a bear moat between the first and second courtyards. Looking down from the elevated entrance to the castle if you wait long enough you will notice that there are four bears. Two of them are significantly larger than the others. The moat looks like a limited place...

  • Picnic Next to the Vitava River

    The Vitava River snakes its way through the heart of Cesky Krumlov and adjacent to the castle. Unlike other rivers there is great access right up to the very edge of the water. We found that the river is a great place in May to spread out and have a picnic. You can even dangle your feet into the relatively cold waters safely and sit on the cold...

  • See the Frescoes Downtown

    Reminiscent of some of the small towns of Germany and Switzerland, Cesky Krumlov has a large number of some beautifully preserved frescoes on the buildings in the town square and along the river. They depict sights of times past in the town as well as some strong religious themes.I could find no guide book that detailed when and by who the frescoes...


Cesky Krumlov Hotels

Cesky Krumlov Restaurants

  • Pub Hostinec Depo

    To be honest I like more pubs than restaurants, while I am more beer lover than wine lover. Find pub called Hostinec Depo in Cesky Krumlov was a just perfect pleasure for me and my travel mates. We had of course all of us about 6-7 amazing Pilner beers from tanks, this tanks technology is only in this place in all town area.....what a jam! We tried...

  • Delicious Crepes in A Pleasant...

    Walking along the main street of town towards the MLS creperie the first thing that hits you is the sweet smell of dough cooking. It is so tempting it is hard to pass by. However those that do stop are rewarded on several levels. A nice non-Czech food place to eat with friendly staff and delicious food.The menu features a wide variety of crepes...

  • Looking for best home made afternoon...

    I found Café Strudel by walking from castle back in town centre of Cesky Krumlov.It in the afternoon and I already could from outside the nice aroma of baked strudel with apple and cinammon. So I went with my travel mates in and found 9 different kind of home strudels, just freshly baked. The friendly service staff give as as well tips for night...


Cesky Krumlov Nightlife

  • Loud, not very clean, LOTS OF FUN

    This is a rock themed bar with posters of rock/metal bands on the wall and loud rock/metal music playing. They've got a pool table, a foosball table, and a ping pong table. Its not a very clean place, but its a lot of fun. They play a good variety of music and the beer is cheap. Slayer t-shirt

  • The Horror bar is not to be missed

    This is a nice bar with a lot of personality. Some of the decorations were a little cheesy, but all in all it was a good theme with good music, good beer, nice people, and a lot of fun in general. I had beer and sausages on a coffin! Highly recommend going here. I mean, I wouldn't go naked, but other than that.

  • Cesky Krumlov Hotels

    72 Hotels in Cesky Krumlov

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Cesky Krumlov Transportation

  • Shuttles Cheaper and Faster Than Train

    Cesky Krumlov's small size and location make it difficult to get to get to by public transportation from other parts of Europe.Thank goodness for services like CK Shuttle. The service based in Cesky Krumlov provides reasonably inexpensive shuttle services from major cities such as Prague, Vienna, Salzburg and others to town. They operate a fleet of...

  • Bus or train drives you there

    Cesky Krumlov is some 45mins by bus (direct) from Ceske Budejovice, so if you plan to travel to Cesky Krumlov from Brno, it is good to travel by bus (takes almost 4 hours, directl to Ceske Budejovice from Brno) or train (takes 4 hours and 30 mins., approximately, direct train) from Brno to Ceske Budejovice. If you travel to Cesky Krumlov from...

  • How to get from Austria to Cesky Krumlov

    ShuttleCeskyKrumlov.com, Ckshuttle.cz and shuttlebus.cz operate comfortable daily bus service between Cesky Krumlov and the following cities: - Salzburg (3 hours, 950 CZK)- Vienna (3 hours, 950 CZK), - Linz (1.5 hours, 370 CZK)- Melk (2.5 hours, 800 CZK)- Hallstatt (2.5 hours, 1100 CZK)


Cesky Krumlov Shopping

  • Crystal with Customer Service

    There were quite a few glass/crystal shops in Cesky Krumlov, since this region is famous for its glass. In this store, however, the shopkeeper was more attentive than in others. We were looking for a particular glass and she went out of her way to help us find a good substitute when she realized that the one we wanted was out of production. She was...

  • Saturday Afternoon - half day closing!

    Not so much what to buy, as when to buy it. I'm often caught out still in Prague, but all over the Czech Republic 'ordinary' shops close on Saturday at noon. If you are staying in a hostel and planning to buy in a few supplies for late night snacks, early breakfast or a packed lunch for hiking, make sure you get to the shops on Saturday before...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Cesky Krumlov Local Customs

  • St. Martin Day Wine

    The Czech Republic is not know for its wines throughout Europe. However late one evening when i couldn't find anything to do in the room I ventured downstairs to an area that included a wine refrigerator. I met a man from Czech Republic and our conversation quickly turned to wine and beer. He said that some of the wines in the cooler were most...

  • Electrical Storms in a Box...?

    Redesigned fuse boxes, seen on a house in ul. Panská. Funny idea! People in this tourist hotspot have preserved their sense of humour, and their creativity. The red lightning arrow is part of the original design as a warning of electricity, and then someone has added the clouds.

  • Having A Trdelink At a Bakery

    Walking the streets of old town Cesky Krumlov you can smell them from the street side shops at a distance. The Trdelink is tasty little dessert made from rolled dough then grilled on a machine. They are served coated with a wide variety of toppings such as cinnamon, sugar, chocolate or even bathed in fruit. They are sometimes eaten as a bracelet...


Cesky Krumlov Warnings and Dangers

  • PippaFoxen's Profile Photo

    Lone travellers

    by PippaFoxen Written Apr 13, 2007

    Not exactly life threatening, but when I travel I like to travel alone and in different places I feel more or less welcome as a singe traveller. I'd been recommended to try a great little gypsy restaurant who served good food and had live music: Cizanska Jibla. I arrived about 6 and took a table by the bar - there were only a few customers in at that time. I ordered a beer and thought I 'd check it out before ordering food.

    Almost immediately I felt unwelcome: I was clearly taking up a table that could be more profitably be filled by a group of four, and the waiter stood at the bar scowling each time he looked over. I decided not to eat and asked for my bill, which was promptly delivered along with a 'reserved' notice which was placed directly in front of me even before I'd found my purse.

    The friend who had recommended the place told me later that even with her group of four, the service had been mean and miserable - not unusual in Prague, but my only bad experience in Cesky Krumlov.

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Cesky Krumlov Tourist Traps

  • Wax Museum

    So what do Putin and Michael Jackson have in common? They are both somewhat weirdly portrayed in Cesky Krumlov's wax museum. This very small museum features a number of famous Czech politicians as well as depicting themes of everyday life such as a tavern and mill workers. All of the wax figures are made by Czech sculptors. However the place is...

  • Wax Museum

    So what do Putin and Michael Jackson have in common? They are both somewhat weirdly portrayed in Cesky Krumlov's wax museum. This very small museum features a number of famous Czech politicians as well as depicting themes of everyday life such as a tavern and mill workers. All of the wax figures are made by Czech sculptors. However the place is...

  • Money Changers: Check the Rates...

    Money changers in Cesky Krumlov have a mean trick. There are two different rates. The upper rate, which is still a bit below what you get in less touristy cities (we got 25 koruna per Euro in Brno at the same time), qualifies as acceptable - but it applies only the "large transactions", i.e. changing at least 500 Euros or at least 650 US Dollars....


Cesky Krumlov What to Pack

  • Take Sturdy Shoes

    Shoes like these, which I saw in a shop window in Cesky Krumlov, are definitely not the right footwear to explore the town - pretty as they are. Wear sturdy flat shoes that you walk well in. The streets are cobblestone, often uneven and with many ups and downs. You will walk a lot, the old town and castle and park must be explored on foot. I wore...

  • If you're going in July...

    It can get super hot and humid in July so make sure you're packed with tank tops, short, and a bathing suit for swiming in the river! Do bring comfortable shoes and sandals for all that walking on cobblestone streets! :)

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Cesky Krumlov Off The Beaten Path

  • Rococo Bellaria summerhouse and...

    The Cascade Fountain is placed in the Castle Gardens in Èeský Krumlov. It is situated on the slope that divides the upper garden and lower parterre. The cascade fountain with statues of the water Deity, balustrade, vases and allegories of the four seasons crowns the front of the upper garden.

  • The revolving auditorium

    Located in the Castle Gardens, it invokes a magical time of amphitheatres, where the night sky and suberb surroundings (in this case the castle gardens and Rococo summer house) seem to amplify the sounds of Mozart, Shakespeare and Dvoøák to name a few.Go to the website to see the program of the theatre.

  • Hikes

    There are a lot of marked hikes in and around the town. Luckily my hostel had a map of a few of them but Im sure the tourist info office can help you out if your hostel or hotel does not.Here is a fairly simple and short one to an old witches meeting point (see photo) where years ago legend has it that members of the occult met up to perform thier...


Cesky Krumlov Sports & Outdoors

  • Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the...

    ....belt off... trousers down...life is such a scream. (to Quote General Melchett during his rendition of the boating song in an episode of Blackadder Goes Forth)Many hundreds take to the waters here in the summer. Most take the simple trip around the peninsular, fall in a few times and go back to the town.There are however a variety of longer...

  • Rafting, Canoeing, Kayaking and Fishing

    The nice valley of the Vltava through the Sumava/Böhmerwald/Bohemian Forest from Lipno to Cesky Krumlov offers nice opportunities for rafting, canoeing and fishing. It is almost as crowded by canoes as the Ardèche in the South of France. You can observe here lots of people fishing as well. The licences for that can be bought at several places in...

  • Go canoeing

    You can hire a canoe, go camping (http://www.atcolsina.unas.cz/en/main.html) - you can hire a bike and go cycling...Water is sometimes too low, though, for canoeing. Try this link, there are some tips.http://www.putzer.cz/pujcovna-lode-raft-vltava/vl_an/vl_an_uvod.phporhttp://www.malecek.cz/index.php?page=home&lang=en&p=


Cesky Krumlov Favorites

  • Walk the Town After Day Trippers Leave

    Even in early spring the difference between day and night as to the number of tourists walking the streets of Cesky Krumlov is striking. Apparently even during spring a large number of tourists come only during the day and then journey back to Prague or other places. At night downtown we literally saw only a handful of tourists on the streets...

  • Cesky Krumlov Card

    Generally I am not a big fan of city discount cards, However the Cesky Krumlov card is so inexpensive or in some cases free that is a worth while purchase for those who will be spending at least two days in the town.Here is what is offered with the card;Admission to the following venues at 50% off the regular price.- Castle Museum and Castle Tower-...

  • Penziones and Small Hotels Everywhere

    For a town of 20,000 people and an area of just a few kilometers Cesky Krumlov must have the highest density of penziones and small hotels anywhere. Major booking sites such as hotels.com and booking.com indicate that there are nearly 200 lodgings available in town. However if you walk around old town and drive around the adjacent area two hundred...


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