Brno Local Customs

  • Fireworks above Petrov
    Fireworks above Petrov
    by Veroali
  • Starbrno local beer
    Starbrno local beer
    by alectrevor
  • Music band
    Music band
    by Veroali

Most Viewed Local Customs in Brno

  • 1. Cemeteries

    Do you like cemeteries? I do! They are quiet and peaceful and some gravestones are interesting and there are trees and squirrels etc. From the pictures you can see that normaly people wear black...

  • 2. Finding an Apartment -

    The Brno rental market exists in a state of constant flux, enhanced by the high turnover of students to-ing and fro-ing around the city.First port of call -...

  • 3. The "Eastern European" Thing

    The Czechs sometimes get a bit touchy about their country's status in the modern world, and one sure fire way to make a Czech look like a cat sniffing it's own...

  • 4. Making Basil Fawlty Seem Helpful & Polite...

    If you have never visited the Czech Republic before, there is something you should be prepared for...rudeness!It's an often discussed topic, and there are a...

  • 5. Shopping malls

    What's wrong with you people? Spending weekends with your families at shopping and amusement centers! Grab the kids and go for a walk in woods! They are growing...

  • 6. Ignis Brunensis

    This is already eleventh year of Ignis Brunensis in Brno. It is a competition of fireworks among countries, mostly Portugal, Spain, Austria... Czech republic,...

  • 7. Folklore

    In Brno, and all Moravia, music is strongly kept as a custom. Many concerts of folklore music or just for dancing and enjoying take place very often in every...

  • 8. Francouzsky Cisar Napoleon I

    Napoleon I was living in the augustinian monastery for a few days in 1805 and this plate in front of the monastery still reminds of that visit.The inscription...

  • 9. great art nouveau gems

    When walking through Brno / Brünn you will see a lot fo great Art Nouveau buildings dating back to the time before WW I, when Brno was still part of the...

  • 10. Another great dragon in Brno / Brünn

    You may walk inside the new townhall of Brno / Brünn and in the large inner-court you may see 4 of these really giant dragons at the 4 corners of the...

  • 11. SHAME on you, master Pilgram !!

    The old townhall dates back to 1311 and the tower was added in 1489.The gothic decorations on the tower were made by master Pilgram, and when you click on my...

  • 12. The catacombes of the capucines / Kapuzinergruft

    The catacombes of the capucines are devided into several rooms of different sizes, and most of them are closed by a glass-wall or an iron-fence, so you may see...

  • 13. the catacombes of the capucines /Kapuzinergruft

    In many places in Europe you may find catacombes under the Capucine-churches and mostly you will see a strange way to show the dead bodies.The Capuchine-church...

  • 14. Franz Freiherr von der Trenck

    Franz Freiherr von der Trenck ( 1711 - 1749 ) was a daredivil and the commander of a troup of soldiers, called "Panduren" he took part in several wars, mostly...

  • 15. A wooden wheel & another legend

    The wheel that you may see fixed next to the crocodile is part of another legend :A carpenter from Lednice / Eisgrub did bet, that he would be able to make such...

  • 16. Sic transit Gloria mundi

    "Sic transit Gloria Mundi" - this is where all the glory on earth will lead to one day - this is the inscription in the back of this hall.what a nice way of...

  • 17. The entrance-door to the old townhall

    Take a closer look at this great exemple of a medieval lock that you may see at the entrance-gate of the old townhall of Brno / Brünn.Also the door-knocker is...

  • 18. Meeting Point (Do not be late! :o)

    There is probably no other spot in Brno where young people would meet more often than here at the corner of Ceska Street. Sometimes it gets really crowded in...

  • 19. Starobrno Beer

    If you go to Mendel Square do not miss the chance to sit in a beer garden of the Starobrno Brewery and try the local beer. I like it much more than Pilsen (from...

  • 20. Alligator at the Old Town Hall

    The so-called "dragon" hanging from the ceiling in the corridor is actually not a dragon, but an alligator given to the city as a gift by somebody, who I do not...

  • 21. Meeting place

    If you head up Ceska from Namesti svobody, where it connects with Jostova, throughout the day you will notice people hanging around, especially in the evening....

  • 22. again I'm speaking of 8 years...

    again I'm speaking of 8 years ago and fairly much history ago but I remember how difficult it was to explain the man of the only newspaperkiosk opened when the...

  • 23. Each year at the end of August...

    Each year at the end of August or at the beginning of September there is an special event called When Swedes tried to conquer Brno. It is a great historical...

  • 24. Statues supporting the buildings

    In Brno it is very common that giants support walls, ceilings of the old buildings and most of the time they are pretty bored by it.

  • 25. It's wine time

    If you visit Brno in the autumn be sure to try some burcak (not grape juice, but also not wine yet) and some chestnuts are delicious with the mentioned drink.

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