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  • Cafe Podnebi
    Cafe Podnebi
    by LeeRobertAdams
  • Cafe Mezzanine
    Cafe Mezzanine
    by LeeRobertAdams
  • Cofee shop
    by LeeRobertAdams

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    Cafe Podebi: Chatty & Pretentious...

    by LeeRobertAdams Updated Jul 31, 2011

    Cafe Podnebi benefits from it's location right under the castle hill, as in the summer months it's large terrace is beautifully cool and shady. It's a popular cafe/bar that is usually rammed with students and arty types, who sometimes look at people like they've got three heads if they don't quite fit into their category.

    The interior seems like a pretty cool place for a drink and a chat at first, and you'll be lured in by the delicious aroma of fresh coffee. The main room is tall and airy, which is also it's downfall - when the place is packed, the noise is echoey and clamorous, and at times it's hard to hear your own conversation!

    If it's hard to get a table most nights, wait until there's live music or theater playing - you'll definitely need to book a table in advance.

    The relaxed bar staff will eventually bring you some refreshments; aside from the coffee, there is the usual beer, wine & spirit options, milk drinks, and juices. Food is served, restricted to the standard cafe options for Brno - paninis, toasted sandwiches, sweet and savoury pancakes.

    There is a smoking section around the corner, the highlight of which is the gorgeously crafted Bohemian glass ashtrays!

    An average option - there are several cafes along Udolni, and this is perhaps my least favourite, although I can't deny that terrace is a sweet spot in the summer...

    Favorite Dish: The Brynza & Bacon pancake - Brynza is a speciality soft salty cheese from Slovakia, and you don't see it so often on menus apart from when a place is serving Halusky. However, I was disappointed that instead of crispy bacon, they substituted in for ham.

    Cafe Podnebi

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    Air Cafe: The Coollest Museum Cafe Ever?

    by LeeRobertAdams Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of the most refreshing locations on Brno's cafe scene. Situated inside the Moravian Museum (Moravske Zemske Muzeum), Air Cafe is a cool, non-smoking hang out which offers a wide range of coffees, as well as the usual beer (Herold), refreshing spritzers, wine and cocktails.

    The real pleasure of this cafe is they've managed to create a relaxed and airy atmosphere, even though it appears to be set inside a museum exhibit itself - the walls and ceiling are covered in Air Force photos and artifacts from WWII.

    In the summer, there are also some tables and chairs out in the courtyard, which is a beautiful spot, with the fountain bubbling away and the spires of the cathedral soaring above. No food, and not a place for a mash up; this place is highly recommended.

    Not the first place you'd look for a great cafe?

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    Vyhlídka - Sound Café Bar Brno: Dont miss the roof terrace of Vyhlídka

    by alesorina Updated May 14, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Vyhlídka - Sound Café Bar Brno is located just under the roof of the Dum panu z Lipe (House of the Lords of Lipe), in the center of the City of Brno.
    The Vyhlidka cafe is suited for everybody looking for interesting interior, quality sound system and a rich bar. Visitors can be pleasantly surprised by very cheap prices.
    With the start of the evening which can be enjoyed through many roof windows, the Vyhlidka sets into the very intimate atmosphere. Candles on tables are lit and all the lights are set to match their intensity. At 8 pm the DJ comes to his position and presents his sets and mixes.
    Once in a month a huge dance party takes place here starring foreign artists as well as Czech top-DJs. Jam session are also very popular: live DJ mixes, live instrument productions (saxophone, bass guitar, drums), live vocal productions.
    Another essential part of the programme offered by the Vyhlidka cafe is production of culture programmes, fashion shows as well of club concerts.
    The 7th floor - a sightseeing terrace with lookout and a monocular. You can enjoy unrepeatable view of the whole city

    Favorite Dish: Local. Czech beer

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    Sherlock Holmes cafe: For all fans of Sherlock Holmes

    by globetrott Updated Nov 12, 2004

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It is just the funny name of this cafe that attracted me to get in and have some coffee.
    There isn't anything special about this cafe, but maybe for real fans of the famous detective it might be a must.

    Favorite Dish: I just had a coffee and a cake.
    The waiter spoke some german and obviously they are used to tourists.

    Sherlock Holmes Cafe in Brno / Br��nn
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    The Cafe in Schwantz-Palace: A great cafe in a lovely surrounding !

    by globetrott Updated Nov 11, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Some of my books call this great building Schwartz-palace, some call it Schwantz-house and in Brno / Brünn it is called "Dum manu z lipe" .
    Just in front of the building is a great garden-restaurant with a great view on Namesti Svobody & the house of the 4 Karyatiden (the sculptures of 4 huge naked men, holding the balcony)
    And of course you may see the Schwantz-house with all of its great ornaments and sculptures in the facade - there are better pics of it umong my "must see activities" - tips

    Favorite Dish: This cafe was a great place to have breakfast and my favorite breakfast in Czechia is always palazinki (pancakes) and coffee !

    a great cafe in thevery centre of Brno / Br��nn

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    Caffe Parnas: Caffe Parnas

    by LeeRobertAdams Written May 29, 2011

    More details to follow - why not check out the rest of my guide while you're waiting?

    Favorite Dish: More details to follow - why not check out the rest of my guide while you're waiting?

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    Cafe 99: Cafe 99

    by LeeRobertAdams Written May 29, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Under construction - please check out the rest of my guide whilst you're waiting.

    Favorite Dish: Under construction - please check out the rest of my guide whilst you're waiting.

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