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  • Mahen theatre
    Mahen theatre
    by Veroali
  • New town hall
    New town hall
    by Veroali
  • Augustyn monastery
    Augustyn monastery
    by Veroali

Brno Things to Do

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  • Spielberg Castle (Hrad Spilberk)

    4 out of 5 stars

    The area above Brno is dominated by the magnificent Hrad Spilberk or Spielberg Castle, the history of which is fascinating. It is now also home to the Brno City Museum. The complex is in several parts, so let's go through them. Before I begin, I should say that the place is very photogenic and I developed rather a camera frenzy. As there are only...

  • Freedom Square

    Many major world cities have very famous squares. Think Trafalgar Square, Times Square, Tianamen Square etc. and not to be outdone Brno has an absolute beauty. It is the Namesti Svobody (Freedom Square) which is large and traffic free except for a couple of tram lines. This makes it a lovely place to wander round or sit and enjoy a drink at one of...

  • Old Town Hall (Stara Radnice)

    4 out of 5 stars

    If you are walking round the centre of Brno, and I strongly recommend you do, you will sooner or later come upon the Stara Radnice, or Old Town Hall if you prefer. It is a magnificent edifice and apparently the oldest secular building in a city that is overflowing with them. In the way of these things, it has been altered and added to over the...


Brno Hotels

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Brno Restaurants

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  • Czech cuisine

    4 out of 5 stars

    This is a local place with a smoking and no-smoking section except it is probably hard to escape as it is not that large inside but either way there were no tourists here just countless locals getting together for a meal. For some reason my stomach turned on me a bit and I was not able to enjoy my pork disk but Kim had an almond crusted trout dish...

  • Cofee shop

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Cafe Podnebi benefits from it's location right under the castle hill, as in the summer months it's large terrace is beautifully cool and shady. It's a popular cafe/bar that is usually rammed with students and arty types, who sometimes look at people like they've got three heads if they don't quite fit into their category. The interior seems like a...

  • Italian Food

    4 out of 5 stars

    The top take out pizza in town. Forty's serve up excellent crispy pizzas at a half-decent price. You can try ordering delivery over the phone, but as their English isn't too hot, it's fifty-fifty whether you actually get it or not. The selection's pretty much what you'd expect from a pizza takeaway, and you can also mix and match to your own...


Brno Nightlife

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  • Clubs & Bars

    This is a gimmick bar- hence the name. I was looking for a place to perform a life changing act but as it turns out I am not that cheesy so this turned out to be a nice place off the main square to have a drink and a snack Casual

  • Night walks

    It certainly makes sense to take a walk at night, as all of the main attractions of Brno / Brünn are beautifully lighted. It also would make sense for people passing through Brno / Brünn by train, to make a stop-over of maybe 1-2 hours, as everything of the most beautiful places and buildings may be seen within a rather short time and most of them...

  • Theatre

    As (although Czecks and Slovenes belong to the same group, Slave languages that is) I'm not really good in Czeck, I didn't dare to go and see some play so I rather choose a musical. Well, there was plenty of libreto I didn't understand, but the singers were great. So I must say: If you are a music and theater lover don't hesitate and go to the...


Brno Transportation

  • Busses

    There are 8 buses (in summer , less in winter) per day with Student Agency from Brno (Benešova opposit Grand Hotel near the train station) to Vienna (Busterminal Stadioncenter, Engerthstrasse), 2600 HUF about € 8,60 (4200 from Vienna airport), and to Vienna Airport. Particular useful is the bus at 3 am when you use Brno Airport to get cheaply to...

  • Trams MHD

    In the Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region you can use all the existing transport modes in the South Moravian Region as well as in the city of Brno. You can travel in local trains, regional busses, public city transport of Brno and city transport in the cities of Adamov, Blansko, Břeclav, Hodonín, Kyjov, Mikulov,...

  • Trains

    Having flown into Brno I needed to get to Vienna and used the train which not only was cheap but only took a couple of hours which not only was overall faster than flying but also takes you into the middle of Vienna only a mile or so from a number of International hotels. The trains run about every two hours on this route and get you into Vienna...


Brno Shopping

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  • Shopping Malls

    Olympia is Brno's biggest shopping center, a vast, bright and modern mall on the outskirts of town. A free bus runs from outside Galerie Vankovka, behind the train station. More details to follow, this page is under construction... More details to follow. More details to follow.

  • Supermarkets

    You can find all kinds of supermarkets in Brno i.e. Tesco, Billa, Delvita, Ikea, Olympia, Globus (means "globe"), as they are worldwide. But you know how they encourage you to buy all those things that you dont need for a good price.. Until the end of August 2005 there will be an exhibition of witches in Olympia. In the area between the Main Bus...

  • Pet Shops

    Here in the town centre they have the best choice of food and different things your small pet needs. When I am travelling I usually try to get something for my prairie dog. So I thought, some of you will also like to buy a small thing to indulge your cat, dog or a hamster. If you have a rodent, then I recommend you to get Nager-Malt paste mit...


Brno Local Customs

  • Cemeteries

    Do you like cemeteries? I do! They are quiet and peaceful and some gravestones are interesting and there are trees and squirrels etc. From the pictures you can see that normaly people wear black clothes at funerals. If it is a church funeral, then a priest is talking at the burial. I won't comment on that :/

  • Finding an Apartment -

    The Brno rental market exists in a state of constant flux, enhanced by the high turnover of students to-ing and fro-ing around the city.First port of call - - a website devoted to helping potential tenants hook up with potential landlords & ladies, cutting out the shiny suited, commission pocketing middlemen.It's in Czech, but...

  • The "Eastern European" Thing

    The Czechs sometimes get a bit touchy about their country's status in the modern world, and one sure fire way to make a Czech look like a cat sniffing it's own fart is to refer to them as "Eastern European".They may point out that Vienna is further East than both Prague and Brno, and geographically speaking, the Czech Republic is about as central...


Brno Warnings and Dangers

  • Pickpockets and beggars

    Brno generally is a safe city. Anyways, never leave your bag and possessions unattended. A certain (numerous) part of local people have this strange habit to take or rob whatever they see. Well, not all of them. But why to take the risk. When walking the busy streets or standing in a crowd or travelling by a public transport, always hold your bag...

  • pedestrian crossings

    If you are from the UK and grew up during the 70's & 80's, you'll know all about the Green Cross Code and the dangers of crossing the road without stopping and listening. How could you forget? Otherwise, if the TV adverts were anything to go by, you were likely to get accosted by a leather clad Alvin Stardust...

  • Dog Turds Galore!

    The Czechs love their dogs, and take them everywhere. It's not uncommon to go into a pub and see more dogs than punters.More dogs means more dog poo, and unlike the UK, leaving your dog mess for people to slip over in is not a fineable offence. The trend of cleaning up after your beloved dog is gradually catching on, but it's fair to say older...


Brno Tourist Traps

  • Why bother?

    Readers of my VT pages may know a couple of things about my writing and travel. Firstly, I don't like to write negative reviews as I can normally find at least something good in most situations and secondly I like a beer. Both these are relevant to this tip.Having done a bit of online research and checked the local tourist literature, the name of...

  • The Brno Architecture Trails

    There are 400 great architectural structures dating from 1918-1945 available for professionals and the foreign public in the City. All you can find at and it contains informational texts, maps, photo documentation and audio recordings to download. This project is non-commerce and of course free for visitors. Anyone can take the...

  • Though the tour of the...

    Though the tour of the casements at Spilberk Castle is interesting in that allows you to wander around on your own, there really is not all that much to see in the exhibits. Still, it's inexpensive and there are nice views from the moat.


Brno What to Pack

  • pollon's Profile Photo

    Packing List

    by pollon Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Miscellaneous: remember to put an efficient and kind forwarding agent in your luggage... I'm just kidding as I only wanted to remember the nice people charged with forwarding at the fair and one of them is in the pic with me...

    Was this review helpful?


Brno Off The Beaten Path

  • Brno Zoo

    I didn't have enought time to go inside the zoo, which was founded in 1953 in it present located. The Zoo is part of the European Endangered Species Programme, and you can adopt an animal also! In the Brno zoological garden there are more than 500 animals belonging to over 132 species of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Animals from all...

  • Znojmo / Znaim - south-west of Brno

    Znojmo / Znaim is a small town of inhabitants and mainly famous for its wine and for its pickeled cucumbers ( the famous Znaimer Gurkerl )Znaim is just about 35km south-west from Brno / Brünn.On my picture you see the theatre of Znojmo.There is also a great town-square and the lovely tower of the townhall, lots of great buildings and the...

  • Valtice / Feldgrub - south of Brno /...

    Valtice castle is about 30 km south of Brno / Brünn.The castle still needs a lot of restorations inside, but it has already a nice hotel in the left wing of the castle :Hotel Hubertusand inside the castle you may taste the local wines in a big wine-cellar or take a guided tour ( BUT photography is forbidden inside the castle !)A visit to Valtice...


Brno Sports & Outdoors

  • Kometa!

    HC Kometa Brno, the city's Ice Hockey club, make Hala Rondo their home. More details to follow. More details to follow.

  • Hockey stadium Hala Rondo

    Every other week hosts Hala Rondo a hockey match. Of course don't expect NHL, but Czechs are very good hockey players and i have to remind we won the Olympic games in Nagano :-))) . Brno team is called Kometa Brno. The stadium serves also for any performances or shows.

  • MotoGP

    If you don't know what MotoGP is then it was a mistake to click on this link.MotoGP is currently the most exciting form of motorised sport in the world, forget cars of any kind and the boring F1!The MotoGP "circus" comes to Brno in the third week of August every year to race on the new(ish) automotodrom to the west of the city near Rosice. The area...


Brno Favorites

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  • Castles

    I place this picture here so that you got the impression how much energy you need to spare to get to the Spilberk Castle from the centre of the town. In front there is the Faculty of Medicine and when you look up, there is the castle. On the other side of the hill there is the Mendel Square where you can visit the Starobrno Brewery and the Mendel...

  • Churches & Monasteries

    The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is located in the center of Brno on the top of Petrov hill. People say that it is located on the presumed site of the former Brno castle. Originally, the church has been built as a Romanesque basilica and in the 13 c. it was rebuilt in the Gothic style. Its current neo-Gothic form dates from the turn of this...

  • Beer & Breweries

    After the Cathedral and the bones in the crypt, and Spilberk Castle, you must visit the Cerna Hora pub a stone's throw from the railway station and try the beers! Cerna Hora itself is to the north of Brno and the brewery is excellent. 2004 - i think this pub had now closed!!!!! My first memory of Brno is arriving from the south along silnice 52...


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