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  • Gargoyles on Chateau Lednice Church
    Gargoyles on Chateau Lednice Church
    by balhannah
  • Entrance to Lednic Chateau
    Entrance to Lednic Chateau
    by balhannah
  • Lednice Chateau
    Lednice Chateau
    by balhannah

Lednice Things to Do


    There is a "Bird's of Prey" show held at the Lednice Chateau put on by a company called "Zayferus." The profit's from the show go towards the preservation of Birds of Prey.We didn't go to the show, as we have been to many, but if you do, you will see Eagles, Owls, Hawks, Falcons and other Birds in the 45min show. The commentary is more learning...


    Thank goodness the garden was FREE ENTRY, as there is little else that is!I couldn't even go into the Greenhouse unless I paid money!Anyrate, the gardens are huge and lovely, although like many of the Chateau's, they are mainly green with parterres and some bright coloured flowers. This does look nice, even though the flowers hadn't been long...


    You read right, an Aquarium in a Chateau!It is called the "Malawi" aquarium, and is situated in the former Stables [see photo]There are quite a few tanks, some with Coral and Moray Eels, Rays, Catfish, freshwater fish and they even have Piranha's! If you have been through an Aquarium where you walk through a tunnel and the fish swim over, then the...


    As I walked around the park, I came to the area where the Boats were.The Boats are quite a good way to reach the sites located near and at the end of the Chateau Park. There are several walking paths, but it is quite a way to walk there and back!There is a short route that takes you from the harbour under the Chateau and to the Minaret.Good views...


    We found the Temple of Apollo on the banks of Mill Pond. The Temple, which is the Temple to the God of the Sun, dated back to 1817. It is impressive with its columns and a relief of the God of Apollo on a sun chariot.The interiors of the building is open to the public, and there is a spiral staircase that takes you to the roof top...


    We came to Lednice because of the Chateau that dates back until 1222.The Chateau in the 13th century, belonged to the Liechtensteins who owned the nearby Valtice Chateau which we had previously seen. The Liechtensteins at one stage, were the wealthiest family in Moravia.In the 16th century, the old medieval water Chateau was demolished and replaced...

  • Maursky dum

    Maursky dum (Moorish house) served as a water house and spa. The house got this image in 19.century. There are used moorish architecture and gotic components.

  • Endless garden

    In the north side of the chateau is situated 175-200 ha of gardens, meadows, ponds and forests. The landscape is definitely artificially created, nevertheless it is a protected area of birds. The north side incloses a river Dyje. When began this project of large gardens, a lot of plants were needed. So some seeds from America and Asia were bought...

  • French gardens

    All park around the chateau is separated into two parts: 175 ha english gardens and parks in the north and 10 ha french geometric gardens in the south. At the beginning there were not large flower-beds around the chateau. From 1886 started some layouts and created 10 ha regularly, geometric and fantastic gardens. The most important garden...

  • Lovely rooms

    The chateau inside is just lovely. You can see, that Lichtensteins were rich and lived in luxus. The most interesting thing is wooden stair, which goes from the library to prince's bedroom. It was made without any nails. The interior is rich with carpets, pictures, portraits, furniture and porcelain. Well decorated are the ceilings in some rooms. ...

  • The Church of St. Jakub

    The old church was destroyed in 1731 and in the end of 18.century was built a new church of St. Jacob. It incloses with the opposite appartement the Honourable court.

  • A little bit of history ...

    Lichtenstein dynasty came to Lednice in 12. century. Jan from Lichtenstein owned some houses there and later built a castle, more as a stronghold. In 17.century came a decision to rebuild the castle. Lichtenstein dynasty became rich, owned a lot of houses, villages and towns, forests, land all around. Charles Eusebius from Lichtenstein invited to...

  • Januv Hrad (John's castle)

    Located approx 3 kms from the castle, reachable by foot, by bike, by boat or by horse carriage. The castle was serving as a hunting londge and it is surrounded by water.

  • The Castle and its gardens

    The most popular tourist spot.Entrance to the gardens is free, to the castle 100 CZK (extra 50 CZK when the tour is in foreign language - English, German).You can also visit the decorative greenhouse and the trip to Minaret and Januv Hrad are recommended as well.Opened:May - August: 09:00 - 17:00, closed on MondaysSeptember: 09:00 - 16:00, closed...

  • Walking in the Lednice Castle grounds

    more text coming soonThis remarkable area was developed between the end of the 18th century till the half of the 19th century by the owners - the Lichtenstejn's family. Many famous architects helped to shape the Baroque complex e.g. C. Tencalla, D. Martinelli, J.B.Fischer von Erlach and J. Ospel. The castle area covers 250 square km South-East of...

  • Walking in the Lednice Castle grounds

    We have an expression in England, " My house is my castle!" Well seems that a few years back some of the wealthy aristocratscould say the reverse.."My castle is my house!"Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996. It is the largest composed landscape in Europe. The important historical and artistic...

  • Walking in the Lednice Castle grounds

    The Lednice Castle - built in the English Tudor's Gothic style - is a masterpiece of romantic architecture and also one of the most visited sights in the Czech Republic. The Lednice Castle is surrounded by beautiful Baroque park with romantic buildings and ponds with artificial islands (boat cruises available). The Palm Green House from the 19th...

  • surf online in a castle

    There was some problem with his built incard reader not reading my mini SD card,so I pulled out my memory card reader, he didn'tseemed bothered either way, probably in a hurry toget home. But kinda defeats the logic travelling to sucha beautiful place and then sticking yourself in front of ascreen. Time should be used more wisely!Like running round...


Lednice Restaurants

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    MMMMMM don't know: Lednice Castle Buffet

    by budapest8 Written Aug 28, 2006

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    % got a bratwurst and a beer and Clara
    a langos with cheese, usual Central European
    standard at tourist prices!
    But I was annoyed they were selling free EU
    paid for maps and info! Naughty Naughty!
    I know because I got the same maps in the
    Tourist Info in Breclav and any litrature with a
    EU flaf on has alrerady been paid for.

    Buffet at Lednice Castle Well the beer was good! Clara has a langos with cheese at Lednice

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Lednice Transportation

  • How to get to Lednice

    Lednice is situated in South Moravia, 10 km from Breclav. Public transportation From Prague : it is approximately 250 km. by bus or train to Brno, then by train to Breclav and by bus to Lednice. From Vienna : to Breclav by train and by bus to Lednice.The train station and bus station in Breclav are situated 1 min walking from each other....

  • To Lednice by bus from Breclav

    Get a timetable from the tourist info opposite the modern church in the centre of Breclav. Buses go to Lednice from outside the BILA supermarket. Tickets about 12 Czech Kroner for adults and half for children.Or look at my pictures for more times...but timetables do change.

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Lednice Local Customs

  • Pink house

    I love this pink old lovely house. It belongs to the porter or custodian ( i am sorry, i dont know the exact word) of the chateau and he lives there. It looks like from a fairy tale...

  • Horses

    Very famous not only among children. In front of the chateau or Maorsky dum some carriages wait and take you around the park for 70 Kc per person.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Lednice Tourist Traps

  • Star fish in Moravian Castles?

    STARFISHStarfish are not actually a fish at all , but are animals belonging to the Phylum Echinodermata, and are further divided into two classes Asteroidea(sea stars) and Ophiuroidea(brittle stars). Although starfish are thought to be passive they can be quite a voracious predator under the sea. Starfish feed primarily on mollusks and other...

  • Beware of poisonous snakes, spiders &...

    "Well if your good children, we can see the creepy crawlies and snakes!" Don't stick your hands in the glass containers! I think it cruel to imprison any living thing for humans to gawk at!Better to see them in the wild!I mean not to meet them face to face, but let themlive in their natural habitats!I suppose if showing them to humans and they...

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Lednice Off The Beaten Path

  • Getting almost lost it's so big

    Considering we visited in August and we walked down to the birds of prey area where theyhad a show going on at 4.30 pm it was not very busy at all. All the spectators were Czech to the bird showand I did see a group of 20+ Hungarians and the odd German and Austrian wandering round the castle.

  • Quite a big garden!

    allow a good 2 to 3 hours walking to cover the grounds from the Falconery area to the Minaret, the fish ponds and back to the castle!Possible to take horse carraige rides and boat trips to the Minaret.

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Lednice Favorites


    There is more that the main entrance to the Chateau. We stopped at the first one we came across which is the one in my photo.There was plenty of free parking here, different to the main entrance where a park was hard to find.We walked in through here, which I think may be the where the old riding stables were located.Easy!

  • A walk to the Minaret

    Let's take a walk through the chateau park to the Minaret located 2 km far away. Alois Josef I. from Lichtenstein wanted to built a new church for locals, but they did not agreed on a place, so angry Alois decided to built a mosque with minaret. The project made Josef Hardthmuth , the inventor of a pencil. Thanks to the sandy ground (which is a...

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