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  • Cheb .train for Nurnberg awaits.
    Cheb .train for Nurnberg awaits.
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  • Cheb rail station.
    Cheb rail station.
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Cheb Things to Do


    I must admit that I nearly missed this.I had walked over this time-line in the pedestrian zone a few times. What made me look this time, was the tall monument ahead of me, and the line coming from it towards where I was standing.Looking down, I could see dates and description's written in three languages including English.So, I traced my steps and...


    Painted a rather bright yellow was the Neo-Renaissance style Theatre built in the 1870's to a design by a local architect. This area was part of the town fortifications which was transformed into Theatre Square.It's thought the Theatre may have been similar to the one in Munich. I couldn't go inside to see the furnishing's which are said to be...


    I must say, the Cheb Museum sounds very interesting, so if you want to visit, make sure your there quite a bit before 5pm.It's located in one of the oldest townhouses in Cheb Square, and is among the oldest regional museums in the country. At the moment it has over 100,000 items on display. What are the exhibit's about.....Art-exhibition, history...


    The Evangelical Church I came across when walking along one of the side streets. The Church looked lovely painted in pastel Lemon and white, but once again, I couldn't get inside!Back in 1862, the Evangelical community used to meet in the jury room of the Town Hall. A Church was very much needed, so collections took place in the provinces of...


    There are a few Churches in Cheb, most are only open from MAY - OCTOBER, so if you wish to see the insides, remember this! I was here in April, so only outside looks for me.The Church of the Annunciation in Cheb, is one of the oldest Gothic hall churches in Bohemia and Moravia in the Czech Republic. The Church is part of what once was a...


    The Gabler House was a very attractive house I saw in King George square. In 1657, this gothic house and others belonged to the Jesuit's. They wanted to rebuild and turn the houses into a College. This never happened! All that is left of the original decorations is the relief above the entrance with the figure of the Virgin Mary and 1662. The 18th...


    Spalicek is an area where 11 medieval houses from the 14th century are huddled together at the bottom of the Town Square. This area consists of two blocks of narrow three and four storey houses with gothic walls. In 1273, wooden shanties stood here, since then, the German/Jewish merchant houses were rebuilt and now have been painted and look like a...


    The fountain of the Bagpiper dates back to 1923. Adolf Mayerl did this sculpture and many others in Cheb and surrounds.


    In 1803, two Austrian Archdukes, Johann and Ludwig, were staying at the local inn. They happened to grant the innkeeper their permission to rename his establishment in their honour. A relief was created in 1806. In 1926, the Inn closed down. The relief was saved and can be seen on the wall of the building at 2 Brezinova street. It's a protected...


    Back in 1867, another house used to stand where the one with frescoes does today. This old house was demolished and a new one built in the style of German regional architecture at that time. I happened to notice the frescoes on the building. These commemorate the historic Cheb cloth-weaver family the Schlick's The painting depicts Jindrich Schlick,...


    In 1890, some Jewish merchants and owners of the company J. Zuckermann's Store, decided to build a two story block of flats and a department store in the place of the original houses. On the ground floor, were shops and storage space, the next level had apartments with a kitchen, bathroom and maid’s room. Along the front are what is known as...


    Ernst Brusch’s bakery was located in Magdalena Muck's House, which really was a block of flats built in 1874. The double story building has four rooms with a kitchen on each floor. In 1879, Ernst Brusch operated his bakery in the yard. This building was quite a plain building, no decoration what so-ever, this came about in 1911, when a new façade...


    The German house is also known as Barbara Peter's house, the wife of a well-to-do wholesale trader Ludwig Peter. This block of flats were built in Neo-Renaisasance style in Svobody Street in 1878. The front of the building has two floors with oriel windows, many art nouveau sculptures and the coat of arms with the initial E, probably referring to...


    Kunzel's House is another attractive building in the same area. It was named after Dr. Wilhelm Kunzel, a trader, banker and money changer, who built this block of flats in the 1890's. This is building differs to the others I viewed, as it is in French Renaissance style.Dr. Kunzel along with his brothers provided banking and money changing services...


    This large, attractive building is located across the road from Adam Muck's House. It was June 1899, when this Neo-Renaissance Bank and Residential building was completed. It has a dome on its roof and is another building that has been painted and looks quite attractive


    Adam Muck's house is a huge Art Nouveau building located in the pedestrian area of Cheb. Located on the corner of today’s Svobody and Majova streets, it was built in 1868 as rental flats."Adam Muck" was a Brewmaster who had this building inspected for him in 1874. At that time, it had two floors with space for seven shops and five rooms on the...


    The Cheb town square is huge and fully of beautifully decorated restored buildings in many shapes, sizes and design's. Lots have statues and nearly all have some kind of stucco pattern.I loved looking at them!The information centre is located in the square, it was here I picked up a "Cheb" map with tourist locations marked on the map. It wasn't in...


    The well/fountain in the middle of the town square, has been here since 1591 and is where I found the Statue of the Knight Roland. He used to symbolize market privileges of imperial towns. The original statue is located in the Great Hall of the Cheb Museum, this is a replica. In April, the octagonal fountain was covered, so I expect that it will be...


    The State Gallery of Fine Arts is located in the lovely New Town Hall. It was founded in 1962, and showcases permanent and temporary exhibitions of old and contemporary art, a large collection of gothic sculptures from the Cheb region and wood carvings from the years 1350-1550. Painting's done by old Master's in the 17th and 18th centuries and a...


    I could see the Church from the town square, but how to reach it. This turned out quite easy, as leading from a road that led to the town square were some steps that led up the hill to the Church.The Roman Catholic church was built in the early 13th century as a Romanesque basilica, only to burnt to the ground not long after completion. It was...


    When my husband and I were walking back from Dinner we happened to see the Cheb Castle. Of course, it was closed then and we were leaving in the morning. It is open to the public for viewing.The castle was built in the 12th Century where Slavic castle walls once stood. The history of Cheb Castle dates back to the early 12th century. The Stauf...


Cheb Hotels

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  • Hotel Komorni hurka

    Komorni Dvur 45, Cheb, 35002, Czech Republic

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel & Restaurant Barbarossa

    We came to Cheb by car so needed a Hotel which had a car-park, preferably free. Located just outside...

  • Pension Eger

    Svobody 18, Cheb, 350 02, Czech Republic

    Good for: Solo

Cheb Restaurants

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    There are several restaurants...

    by goingplaces Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are several restaurants inside the fleamarkets, and they all serve pretty decent food. Although the fleamarkets are run by people from Vietnam, the restaurants are all Czech. I read once that people in the Czech Republic eat more meat than people in any other European country. After having been there a few times, I agree.

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Cheb Shopping

  • Dragon Bazaare: Flee Market Do's and Don'ts

    by latonyamps Updated Sep 20, 2007

    I visited two of the Asian Flea Markets in Cheb a few weeks ago. A few friends and I loaded up in an SUV with their kids for some back to school shopping for the kids and purse shopping for the moms. Anyone on a Military budget knows anyway to strectch a dollar is coveted. Which is why I jumped at the chance to go when a friend asked me . The shops look something like a shanty town. Don't let the ply wood and metal scrap building fool you. They are driving just as nice Sports cars as anywhere in Germany. Every Designer brand you could imagine was displayed through out the shops. Its a huge contrast to see Coach bags and burberry scarves sold in stores with dirt floors. At first I really didn't think I'd buy anything but decided to give it a try after seeing a friend haggle them. When they would tell me 30 euro she was paying 15 euro and having a wallet or two added same price. The sellers are very aggressive. This I was definetly not use to. But after 15 minutes or so there I was brave enough to try my first haggle. I was able to talk down a 50 euro luggage bag to 17 euro. The guy wasn't to happy when I still decided not to buy the bag. It was my first try I saw how easy he went down and I thought to my self. That's not possibe! Is it?

    What to buy: Don't buy it unless you just absolutely have to have it. Because anything you touch they try to sell to you. The one thing to really look for is a unique purse that you know you won't see anywhere else. The crystal is also the most sought after items here. Compared to what you would pay for the same thing here on the economy its a wise purchase.

    Make sure you look at the stitching on the purse. All purses are not made the same. They are knock offs so of course they have no standards for their prodcuts. That's the penalty for not buying the real thing. Check for fading and unraveling. Dont just take the purse they give you if its different from the one you were looking at the first time. There was a reason my bag was 5 euro. the strap was unraveling. But if you are patient and take the time to look around before you buy you'll find really good deals for knock offs.

    What to pay: Whatever the first price is always cut it in half. Never just pay the first price. They actually want you to haggle. One friend got way too good. They actullay became upset with her cause she could make them go under 10 euro for a pair of pants and a jacket. It was quiet entertaining. I took 40 euro. about 48$ and purchased a leather backpack, 2 leather purses and 3 athletic t-shirts

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Cheb Local Customs

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    Czech Beer

    by alectrevor Updated Oct 23, 2011

    Beer in the Czech Rep. is very tasty and goes down well. Compared in price to UK is cheap , execept for tourist areas of Prague. In Cheb a 0.3L [about half pint ] is 17 Kc [60p ], a 0.5L [Just over Pint ] is 26 Kc about 95p.. This brand was Gambrinus and was in a bar near Cheb castle

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Cheb Warnings and Dangers

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    Be careful when taking photos!

    by german_eagle Written Oct 8, 2011

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    Something totally unexpected happened when I took a photo of the St. Bartholomew church (see pic). The young guys - gypsies - on the lower right of the picture came toward me screaming bloody murder and gesturing wildly. Apparently they thought I had taken a photo of them (what's the crime?). As you can see on the picture I was not even in really close distance to them, they are hardly to recognise on the picture.

    Anyway, they kept coming closer and their gestures as well as screaming turned more and more aggressive so I turned tail and ran. What took me aback as well was that nobody of the other (local) people around me took notice.

    This has never happened to me before and for a central European (ha!) country this is very unusual.

    Note: I read recently that Cheb is notorious for the stressed relationship between gypsies and other local people. When gypsies moved into an apartment block across the street locals even built a several metres tall wall along the street.

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Cheb Favorites

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    Tourist Information Office

    by alectrevor Written Oct 23, 2011

    Favorite thing: Cheb Tourist Office is next to the Square for drop in info. I E-mailed for info and they sent me a very good booklet on Cheb.The address is Tourist Information Centre Jatecni 2 Cheb The e- mail is The website is

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