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  • The park on Smetanovy sady street
    The park on Smetanovy sady street
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  • A sausage/cheese plate smoked ribs and saeurkraut
    A sausage/cheese plate smoked ribs and...
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Plzen Things to Do

  • Brewery Pilsen Urquell

    We stopped at Pilsner-Urquell for a short lunch stop. The restaurant is great, and cheap. The gift shop has nice mugs and steins for souveniers. We didn't take the tour, but there are nice signs around to explain what the buildings are. And there is a cool static display set up showing the old brewing process.Overall, a great place to strecth your...

  • Pilsner Urquell Brewery

    When travelling to Plzen, is the brewery is a must see. There is guidet tours in English, German, Czech. We went on the English tour and the guide was perfect in his english.On the tour you will see: - The new and old factory - A couple of movies about Plzen and the brewery- Hear a lot about the tecnical processes in brewing of beers- See the old...

  • Pilsen Beer Festival!!!!!!!!!!

    We went to the first Pilsen beer festival, 2007! They had 3 stages throughout the town, one in the center, one at the PIlsen brewery and one at some stadium. All within walking distance. It was a complete blast. We can't wait til this year. The web site is under construction. Last year it was in October.The first stage we went to was in the center...

  • Pilsner Urquell brewery

    When visiting Plzen travelers usually want to visit Pilsner brewery, I am not exception ;) A representative building is located a bit outside old town, it was designed by H .Zapal in 1917. Some parts of brewery are older. Brewery Gate is from 1892, and water tower from 1888. Despite its industrial purpose, complex of buildings look quite nice. Here...

  • City gardens and remains of wall

    The city gardens were formed at the beginning of 19th century, they are around old town, at the site, where defensive city wall stood (still some remains left). Gardens around Plzen old town are split into a few parts: 5th May, Safarik, Krizik, Kopecky, Smetana and Petatricatniku gardens. You could see here monuments for famous Czech people (eg....

  • Tyl theatre

    Tyl theatre of Plzen is just at the corner of city gardens. It is example of beginning of 20th century architecture, here is actually neo-Renaissance. Construction was designed and built in 1899-1902 (architect Antonin Balsanek). Here is such a gossip that theatre was built as a rival (if we could say so) to Prague National Theatre to show the...


Plzen Hotels

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  • Hotel Slovan

    It's a really old hotel that I found charming. We got the el-cheapo double room, 2 twin beds and a...

  • Astory Hotel

    right next to the train station, this is a brand new hotel, only open 1month when we got there. its...

  • Hotel Continental

    This hotel features cheaper and more expensive rooms. My cheap single room had a shower but I had to...


Plzen Restaurants

  • Yummy Czech food

    This was the best place I've eaten at in Plzen. Jitka, a student of mine, showed me the town and proposed to eat at a typical Czech restaurant. We came across Zumbera and ordered something typically Czech - in my case a schnitzel scalloped with potato dough; in Jitka's case minced meat in potatoes. Both dishes were really good and had a taste that...

  • More good Czech food

    K Restaurant is another good place to get typical Czech food. The place also serves other types of food, some Indian dishes as well as Grusinian cuisine (from Georgia). Its great location and multilingual (Czech, German, English) staff make it a nice place for lunch or dinner. I had a Grusinian dish which was really good - meat skewers with onions...

  • Just opposite Pension JH... will find this pizza place. San Marino is a cosy restaurant with good food and a nice deco. The pizza I chose was good, but could have been a little more spicy.Open daily from 11am to 10pm, on weekends 11pm. Pizza Hot - it's not nearly as hot as it could be, but it's alright


Plzen Nightlife

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  • Unique Bar Experience

    The world famous so called 'Pub' is unque because each table has its own tap. Imagine that: each table having its own beer flowing to it. Whats more than that, is that each table competes against each other, and on a big screen TV they have a scoresheet. And you are on top of that competeing against other 'Pubs' in other cities. haha. This wouldnt...

  • Best club in town

    Definitively the bust club in town! Entrance fee on Fridays 70 – 90 CZK – otherwise free entrance. Everything is fine

  • Plzen After Hours

    This place is open until like 10 am. It was great to get there at like 6am and have a few last drinks and chill. I'm not sure if it was a gay bar, but definitely gay friendly, you'd have to go at night and check it out. The atmosphere is sheik but not shi-shi. Definitely a nic-er place but nothing too upidy.


Plzen Transportation

  • Train from Prague

    When going to Plzen from Prague, taking the train is an ideal way of transpotation. There is a train every hour from the main train station in Prague and a train going back to Prague every hour. There is no need for booking the ticket in advance.It will take 1 hour and 50 minutes and it costs 101 CZK (4,1€ or 5,3$) per person for a one-way ticket...

  • Walking around

    In my personal opinion there is no reason to use public transportation in Plzen central part at all, it is not big one, the way from bus and train station to old town is not so long and complicated too.Plzen old town is just around main square of Republics and St. Bartholomew Cathedral, every main spot is reachable by foot, except Pilsner brewery,...

  • Train to and back

    To go forward to Plzen I took train from Beroun (it is about 35 kilometres from Prague and few from Karlstejn). It was impossible to take train directly from Karlstejn to Plzen, but to re-sit in Beroun.My coming back to Czech capital was a direct train. The cost of a ticket was 145 Czech koruna (Kc), it is around 5,6 euros. The prices of public...


Plzen Shopping

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  • Mall, Movies, Restaurants

    Located in Cernice, southeast Plzen, Olympia is easily accessible by both bus and trolley bus. (Trolley 13, Bus 32 to Cernice Nakupni Zona). There are two floors with a KFC, Czech fast food, asian fast food, a sports bar, and two cafes in the restaurant section upstairs. There is a play area for children. There is also a multi cinema with 8 movie...

  • Super Groceries and More

    Are you looking for something with a Wal-mart feel but Tesco just doesn't do it for you? A bit off the beaten path in the north of Plzen you can find Globus. (Bus #30, 33, or 39 to either Kosutka Krasovska or directly to Globus, either next to last or last stop). You can find literally everything you need there. There is a small pharmacy, bakery,...

  • Authentic Czech you won't find in Prague

    Everything from glass flasks to hand made leather shoes. Every weekend the open square in front of Sv. Bartolomeje's church turns into a bazaar. Local craftsmen, as well as Plzen retailers, put up tents full of glass, ceramic, wood and leather goods. Some of it is kitchy/touristy/souveniery, but you can get your hands on a good find. It's also a...


Plzen Local Customs

  • Emergency Siren Test

    Daily at noon once or twice a week for about 5 minutes the "emergency siren" test sounds across Plzen. It is a bit eerie and made me a little bit nervous the first time I heard it. It fuels the urge to hide, be safe, and hit the shelter.

  • On the Tram

    The tram (as well as buses and trolley buses) is a relatively quiet place broken by the ocassional sound of a crying baby. People usually do not read papers or books, quite in contrast to the public transport in Prague. People generally stare out windows or at the tv screens in some of the new buses. Loud obnoxious behaviour is frowned upon. If an...

  • 36th International Film...

    36th International Film Festival Karlovy Vary 20015. - 14. 7. 2001


Plzen Warnings and Dangers

  • Scary women!

    by menu78 Written Oct 2, 2007

    Beware of women waving at you as you drive past in your car! This happened to us twice and it was so strange as these women were ordinarily clad and standing in busy areas, it just caught us totally offguard!

    It can be also scary - as was our experience - as a blonde, long haired lady wearing a white dress waved at us in the dark... could almost be mistaken for a ghost!!!

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Plzen What to Pack

  • Make your life easier.

    If it doesn't go on your back, don't even think about bringing it. Slick wheeled luggage works great on paved concrete and airport tile, not so great navigating crowded trains and trecherous cobblestone. Your own toiletpaper and everything else to do with that area. But look forward to getting your own painkillers in Prague's pharmacies. ENGLISH...

  • Packing List

    Just a buste, I don t remember after 20 years what man this was....

  • Packing List

    Bring someone that can properly compose a photo or you will lose part of the historical archway from the Urquell Brewery that dates back to the late 1800's. ;>


Plzen Off The Beaten Path

  • Capital of Czech land - Prague

    Prague is about 100 km from Plzen. City is capital of Czech Republic with a population of about 1,2 millions people. It is definitely the main tourist destination in Czech Republic and surely need a visit for at least a few days. Prague historic centre consist of six different parts – Old Town, Juzefov, Mala Strana, Visegrad, Hadcany, New Town.

  • Castle of Karlstejn

    Karlstejn is one of the most famous travel destinations in Czech Republic. Main landmark in village of Karlstejn is castle. Gothic castle was built from 1348 till 1365 by Holy Roman emperor and King of Bohemia Charles IV. Actually the purpose of constructing this castle was safekeeping of royal treasures.Castle is about 70 kilometers from Plzen, on...

  • Marionettes

    Spejbel and Hurvinek are an old man and his son made of wood. They are marionettes and quite famous in the Czech Republic. In Plzen, where their creator comes from, the two guys were given a little monument in 2003 - nothing too special, but if you know the figures you might want to see the monument.However, my student Jitka told me an interesting...


Plzen Sports & Outdoors

  • CzechKouple4Fun's Profile Photo

    Recreation - Bolevecke rybniky (lakes)

    by CzechKouple4Fun Written Dec 3, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lakes on northern site of Pilsen is favorite recreation place for citizen of Pilsen and other too. In summer days they can enjoy the water, swimming, play beach volleyball, or just relaxing on the sun. In winter time you can see children skating or playing hockey on the iced lake.
    Lakes are five: Bolevecky (the biggest lake was founded in 1460, now with sand beach and two campgrounds), small neighbour Kosinar is not good for swimming, Senecky (another popular summer place), Sidlovsky, Kamenny (colder water than other lakes).
    All lakes are close to each other, then everyone can take a walk or nice trip on bike. Refreshment : Bolevecky and Kamenny lakes - restaurants open all year, in summer days Bolevecky and Senecky lake have some refreshments stant.

    Pilsen Bolevecke Lakes
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Plzen Favorites

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  • Associations with beer

    If you mention city of Plzen, at least in Lithuania, no one will know it for its synagogue or town hall, but almost all will associate it with beer producing. Firstly, the name of beer type “pilsener” is quite known around, it is, sure, very similar to name of city itself. Other reason to associate Plzen with beer is two breweries “Pilsner Urquell”...

  • Collecting beer coasters

    Found these coasters while cleaning out. All these years I have kept them but now they are out the door! Hehe, but it was fun to collect beer coasters when younger.

  • Pilsen is the city of beer

    Pilsen is the city of beer, this is clear. There are 2 facilities connected with beer which you can visit:1. Brewery Museum in the city center. Museum in the historical building has collected many examples of maltsters', brewers' and innkeepers' trades.2. Pilsner Urquell Brewery - the manufacturer itself offers museum, visit of the brewery,...


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