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    The Church of All Saints
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Sedlec Things to Do

  • The cemetary surrounding the church

    With all of the over 40,000 bodies inside the ossuary there is still a cemetary surrounding the outside of the church. The cemetary is very well kept. A lot of the tombstones have pictures attached to them.

  • The Virgin Mary watches over the Bone...

    There is a statue of the Virgin Mary over the roof of the Ossuary and surprisingly its not made from bones.

  • Another church in Sedlec

    There is more than one church in Sedlec. Just a few steps away from the Ossuary you will find this large and attractive church. Monatic Church of the Assumption of Our Lady is the long name of the church. I do not have a lot of information about it because it was closed to the public while I was in Sedlec. At the present time the church is being...

  • Tourist among the bones

    When we arrived we were the only people in the chapel. So it was really nice but kind of eerie to walk alone amoung all of the remains. Our solitude was soon ended though. Not long after we arrived a tour bus pulled up and in came the crowds. If you are fortunate enough to get here while there are no large groups you can take your time and see all...

  • Larry and the chalice of bones

    This is a huge chalice made of bones that I am standing under. I kept saying "Take a picture of me here." all through the ossuary. I was really caught up in the experience.

  • Crucifix of Bones

    There are many sights to see inside the chapel. Here on the wall you can see a shield or crest design made of bones with a crucifix in the center. Its interesting to see the heads of the skeletons in place forming the crucifix. All of the imagery of death and life, religion, war, and human frailty all make for a fascinating study.

  • Skeletial Symbolism

    On the Schwarzenberg Coat of Arms there is a raven plucking out the eye of a Turk. I am not sure what kind of bones the raven is made of although I assume they are human. You just can not help but be fascinated by the imagery of the chapel.

  • The Schwarzenberg Coat of Arms

    How many Coat of Arms are really made out of human arms? I think that is a good question. Here I am standing by the Schwarzenberg Coat of Arms that hangs in the chapel. In 1870 the Schwarzenberg family bought the Sedlec monastery and employed the artist Frantisek Rint to create the decorations in the bone church.

  • Candles and Bones

    Walking into the chapel one of the first things you will see is this haunting chandelier. If you have researched your trip or have looked at this VT page you will know what to expect when you visit the ossuary. Even though I knew what to expect I was still astounded. It is said that the chandelier contains one of every bone in the human body.

  • Face to Face with a Skeleton

    I know I tend to be a bit macbre at times. A good horror story always interests me. So discovering this ossuary was fascinating to me. The other guy in the hat, Jim, thought it was all almost too macbre. But as you can see from this picture I was really enjoying myself. It is important to remember though, that these are the real remains of actual...

  • The Ossuary

    At some point the ossuary of the local church got pretty full of bones ,inlcuding casualties of the Hussite wars and a monk then local craftsman decided to make the bones into varoius coats of arms , chandeliers etc. This place is a kind of sick joke about human mortality and they leave the door open so the chandeliers swing and rattle

  • well, DUH - the bone church :-)

    it's a small church - from what i remember of the history i've read and been told, there's holy soil on the ground around this church by way of Jordan river water or whatever that some monk or priest brought to the church. so, everyone and their dog wanted to be buried on this holy ground, naturally. there were so many bodies, they didn't have...


Sedlec Shopping

  • cybergenic's Profile Photo

    Any bottleshop: Absinthe is cheaper than Prague

    by cybergenic Written Jun 21, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The local bottleshops around Sedlec sell different brands and quantities of Absinthe considerably cheaper than the touristic Prague.

    What to buy: Absinthe...the Green Fairy...La Fee other drink has the same romantic history -
    the French Impressionists....Toulouse Lautrec, Degas, Manet, Van Gogh....Paris in the Belle
    Epoque....the cafes of Montmartre....the muse of writers from Verlaine and Rimbaud to
    Joyce and Hemingway. Of course, there's a darker side as well - no other drink has ever
    roused the same degree of passionate condemnation, and no other drink has ever been
    banned outright in the way absinthe was in the years leading up to 1915.

    All that remains today of this fabled era are the ghosts of the Green Fairy...antiques and
    absinthiana....slotted spoons for holding the sugar cube, dose-marked glasses, advertising
    carafes, matchstrikers or pyrogenes for the grande marques, advertising posters,
    manufacturers catalogues and postcards....echos of La Heure Verte a century ago.

    What to pay: US$10 per bottle.

    La Fee Verte
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Sedlec Warnings and Dangers

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    Dont drink too much Absinthe

    by cybergenic Updated Jun 21, 2005

    It is great to try unusual local customs when travelling but you have to remember to be careful when drinking Absinthe. Too much can get you into trouble.
    Ask Van Gogh.

    1 or 2 shots of this green liqueur which can vary from between 55% -72% alcohol volume is usually enough for the first timer.
    After this you are on your own.

    The homeopathic additive wormwood is said to have different effects on different people.

    anti-absinthe poster
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