Czech Republic Tourist Traps

  • Tourist Traps
    by croisbeauty
  • Tourist Traps
    by croisbeauty
  • Tourist Traps
    by croisbeauty

Czech Republic Tourist Traps

  • Prague. Correctly pronounced Praha.

    As everywhere be on guard for the peddlars of small toys and the like.We met them as we moved away from our Prague Castle Tour. Either let your head go or be pleasantly 'tough'. Just smile.Video Clip coming.

  • Prague Airport

    Be aware that most of the items in the Prague airport will cost you much more then what you would pay in the super market downtown. So if you do have the chance to do your shopping in advance, do so otherwise you will pay the extra.

  • Tourists traps

    There are plenty of tourists traps in the Czech Republic. Especially in the popular tourists sites, Prague the most of them. As more rural you go the better it is, but if you must spend time & money in the big cities, do it wisely and try to avoid "great deals".

  • Konopiste Chateau and a Beautiful Park

    Originally castle from 13th century established on French castell type, today chateau inherently connected with its last nobleman owner Franz Ferdinand d’Este. On guided tours you can find representative and inn-holders rooms, collection of arms and hunting trophies and private chambers of Franz Ferdinand. In chateau is also situated museum of St....

  • Money convertion

    There's this young , heavy set lady selling stuff(forgot the name, looks like a sweet pressed dough, waffle) as you get down the busy street from the Castle in Prague. Anyway, be careful when paying, you have to know their currency because she tried to fool me by giving me a lot of coin change. You have to count your change. She thought I would...

  • Pruhonice Chateau and Park (village near...

    Pruhonice park founded in 1885, Count Ernst Emanuel Silva - Tarouca. Park is now a unique work of the supreme natural landscape style in Europe. At the same time is extremely valuable collection dendrologic - arboretum with many domestic and exotic woods. Best known species grown in an attractive park is Prùhonice pìnišník - Rhododendron. Park has...

  • Prague Excursion Pass: worst rail...

    Here is the link one NEVER should use: Prague excursion pass is sold for $98.00 (first class) or $73 (second class) round-trip. This is $49 (first class) or $36.5 (second class) pro directionThis "pass" is being sold for Eurail pass owners who would like to visit Prague, most commonly from Germany...


    In all the squares of Prague you will find many entertainers with their little hats full of coins by their feet. Some approach you for money , some will just perform and leave you alone. 5c*

  • Currency

    If you want to change money be careful.Some Exchange rooms give you a better exchange rate.At the end you become lesse because they take an extra service charge.If you have given money they don't take back. Before you change ask for this. Take the money from an ATM.You get a better rate and now it depends on your bank what they charge you.

  • Taxi mafia

    In many countries the taxi mafia is active,If they see a tourist they see the dollars and try to cheat you.So don't be naiv, Get a feeling for the right price by asking other people.Always ask for the price before you get off.Always look what the driver does if he uses the taxameter.If you drive by day be sure that he doesn't use the night tarif.Be...

  • Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in...

    Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Brno is possibly the dullest Gothic church I visited in the Czech Republic. There is simply not much going on inside of interest. This probably because of the many restorations that the cathedral "suffered" through. It seems to lack soul. I sort thought of as a Gothic warehouse rather than a place of worship....

  • Look in the bushes

    It happened quite often that traffic signs were hidden in the bushes or behind the trees. We missed our directon couple of times. So, keep your eyes open and you won't get lost (or maybe yes).On a picture is a sign that is common for CZE. It's quite complex with all those side roads and we found them very amusing. Some of them are nearly...


    Every where in Prague you see the stalls selling souvenirs such as postcards , carvings and Russian hats and dolls. They are always worth having a browse around.

  • Hiking 1

    Footpathes are very interesting and exciting. Sometimes you can't fancy what will be after the slew.

  • Hiking

    "Prachovsle skaly" - the old mountain system in Czechia. It is a big nature park with many different footpathes. You can choose short (1,5km) footpath, middle long (3km) and the longest (more than 3 km) footpath. The nature is very beautiful. There are many interesting and impressive views with rocks. Take your cameras obligatory!

  • guess it can be good sometimes too

    U Flecku can be super crowded and the Bavarian style ompah band annoying. I was lucky on my latest trip to Prague. Doreen wanted to meet her local friend there so we arranged to meet some place central and picked U Flecku. On this occasion it was nearly empty and no ompah band either. It was warm and almost cozy. The U Flecku Dark was even better...

  • Do not change money in the...

    Do not change money in the street.And if you go in the street as a man alone do not fall in the hands of a nice young lady who wants to talk with you about her problems.Because soon her moneyproblem is your problem.

  • U Kalicha...This is the...

    U Kalicha...This is the restaurant that the good soldier Švejk (from the novel by Jaroslav Hašek) frequented...I don't think that he would be caught dead in it today. The clientele seemed to consist exclusively of tourists. The prices are high and the atmosphere leaves much to be desired. Basically, the interior is generic 'nice restaurant' with...

  • Golden Lane (Zlata Ulicka)...

    Golden Lane (Zlata Ulicka) There is an old Czech song about lovers walking up the steps of Prague Castle to the Golden Lane. It is rather unlikely that any Czech lovers would choose the Golden Lane as their destination these days, however. Like many famous places in Prague, this historic little lane lined with tiny medieval houses has been turned...

  • In Prague... anywhere in...

    In Prague... anywhere in Stare/Nove Mesto. Restaurants will all charge 'extra' fees like bread, condiments, and a cover charge. In one restaurant, my order of fish came out to $17 CAD!! That's expensive, even for Canada.

  • If You are going to the Czech...

    If You are going to the Czech Republic by car, Be sure to ask for highway fee at the border. There is no one that is going to tell you, not until You are leaving the country. Then You have to pay a much higher fine instead.

  • Try to avoid the major hotels...

    Try to avoid the major hotels of Prague, they are expensive and even though they have a good service, they are a tourist trap. I would not stay there. Select II. or III. class hotels or private residence.I used to work for Export-Import Company and we would never put even our customers there.

  • Things on the Charles Bridge...

    Things on the Charles Bridge are expensive, just off the bridge the prices are lower. Be careful of the cab drivers, they are sharks.

  • U Flecku in Prague is what...

    U Flecku in Prague is what happens when a perfect place gets taken over by tourists, but if you are a beer hunter, you must go as they are the ONLY outlet for their lovely tmave pivo. Cool old place from 1499, try to find a time when it's not too busy. Good luck!

  • When visiting down town Prague...

    When visiting down town Prague especially in the vicinity of old town square and vaclavske namesti avoid exposing any money. You will immediately be swarmed by gypsies and though it is nice to be generous to those who have not, you will never have enough to give to all of them.

  • Obviously the centre of ...

    Obviously the centre of Prague and the Charles Bridge are packed with tourists and junk. Tourist guides hold things above their heads so their tourists can follow them.Do the same. See how many people you can get to follow you over the Charles Bridge, iit eases frustration and you get to make new friends!

  • One of the biggest obstacles...

    One of the biggest obstacles might surprisingly be the Czech language. Even though the ability of Czech people to speak foreign languages is increasing and especially in Prague and other bigger cities is good, you might have some problems with signs, directions etc. The best online dictionary is in my opinion Moravia Translations Dictionary.

  • KARLSTEYN! Yes, it's an...

    KARLSTEYN! Yes, it's an impressive castle, but don't waste your money on the herd tour.After you pay for your expensive admission ticket, you're shown a few heavily restored rooms by a guide whose English is unintelligible and who doesn't know anything beyond her script, then you're booted back out into a barrage of touristic tack which straggles...

  • Prague is a beautiful city,...

    Prague is a beautiful city, without a question. However, if you're not in the mood for hordes of tourists, then Prague is not the place for you in June or July, especially during the day. Spend a couple of days seeing the sights, then hit the smaller towns for a better feel of what this country has to offer.

  • REMEMBER: If you're from...

    REMEMBER: If you're from whichever place in the American continent other than Canada or United States, you are NOT from the American continent.

  • summer. they say that the city...

    summer. they say that the city is getting more swamped with tourists each year. i was only there for 6 weeks one summer, but i believe it. it's still not as bad as most of the rest of europe's cities, but since the fall of communism it's been hard to keep people away. it would be cheaper and more authentic perhaps to go in the spring or fall, but...

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Czech Republic Tourist Traps

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