Czech Republic Transportation

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Czech Republic Transportation

  • Busses

    Brno Transportation

    There are 8 buses (in summer , less in winter) per day with Student Agency from Brno (Benešova opposit Grand Hotel near the train station) to Vienna (Busterminal Stadioncenter, Engerthstrasse), 2600 HUF about € 8,60 (4200 from Vienna airport), and to Vienna Airport. Particular useful is the bus at 3 am when you use Brno Airport to get cheaply to...

  • Trams MHD

    Brno Transportation

    In the Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region you can use all the existing transport modes in the South Moravian Region as well as in the city of Brno. You can travel in local trains, regional busses, public city transport of Brno and city transport in the cities of Adamov, Blansko, Břeclav, Hodonín, Kyjov, Mikulov,...

  • Trains

    Brno Transportation

    Having flown into Brno I needed to get to Vienna and used the train which not only was cheap but only took a couple of hours which not only was overall faster than flying but also takes you into the middle of Vienna only a mile or so from a number of International hotels. The trains run about every two hours on this route and get you into Vienna...

  • Car,Motorcycle or Taxi

    Brno Transportation

    I have ordered a Brno taxi and transport company Brno-transport from Viena airport to Brno and their service was really good. The driver spoke english, I had drink free and I could pay by a credit card. It was realy cheap and their service was provided by Mercedes. Also on the highway to Prague the driving was very safe.

  • Air travel

    Brno Transportation

    I suppose that the majority of people reading this page and intending to visit Brno will travel there by air, landing at the city's Brno / Turany airport. I have to say, there are a lot worse airports to arrive or depart from, it is modern and rather pleasant and the major transportation hub for Southern Moravia. Originally opened in 1958 as a...

  • Rural Train

    We made the trip from Zwiesel, in Germany, to Prague by train. The second leg of the trip, from Klatovy was made in a modern train, with all the conditions and respect for scheduling. But the first leg was... special. In the border, crossed on foot carrying the bags in the grey freezing morning, we took a small train, with two carriages, only one...

  • From Poland to Germany via Czech...

    We were coming to Germany by car from Poland via Czech Republic in August of 2012. We crossed the country from the east to the west. On the first day we visited Hradec Kralove. We spent two nights in Karlstein and visited Prague on the second day. On the third day we visited the Karlstein Castle and left Czech Republic on the way to Germany.This is...

  • From Germany to Poland via Czech...

    We were coming back home by car from Germany via Czech Republic and Poland in September of 2011. We were going to visit Prague with a short excursion but it was heavy raining the whole day and unfortunately we refused our primary plan. We spent a night in Broumov and next day we left Czech Republic and entered Poland.This is our route.Entering...


    Crossing the border into the Czech Republic from Germany was not a problem. These days, the border isn't manned and you drive straight through.What we needed straight away was a Czech vignette for our Car. A Service station was located on the Czech side of the border and sold the Vignette's.These are available for either 10-days, monthly or...

  • USA to Prague

    If you are looking to fly from the US to Prague - Delta Airlines flies nonstop with a 767 (or upgraded to a larger A330 during high season) aircraft from JFK. They code share with Czech Airlines and the fares are reasonable plus you do not have to connect in LHR, FRA, AMS, etc.Flight departs JFK around 5pm gets in around 10 so you have plenty of...

  • To and from the airport

    First time I was here I spent the money on a van into town. This last time I had Kim and even with a our packs the bus/subway combo was easy and the cheapest way to the city from the airport. Depending on on traffic it takes 30 min or so. We did it both ways and for 30-40Kc you can't beat the price. The ride takes about 30 min including the...

  • Munich to Praha by train easy but also...

    "Bayern-Böhmen Ticket" sold in Germany is the best way. All trains from Munich to Praha are local trains; so if the train is departing later than 9:00AM (no limit on weekends), "Bayern-Böhmen Ticket" will take from two up to five people for the same price till Plzen. Single travelers can take advantage of "Bayern-Böhmen Ticket...

  • České Drahy - Czech Railways

    It's very convinient to travel around the Czech Republic with Ceske Drahy. - the trains are mostly punctual, - the tickets are very cheap, - the connections between cities are frequent - the service in the stations is the best in the post comunist countries (except East Germany)- the most trains are clean Have a look at the website of Ceske Drahy.

  • Car rental companies in Czech Republic

    From my personal and my friends' experience I can recommend two Czech car rental firms: Czechocar and Alimex.Both firms have offices not just in Prague, but in other Czech cities as well. They mostly offer various models of Skoda. The prices are quite reasonable, and they are lower than prices charged by international companies, like Avis or...

  • Trains and buses in Czech Republic

    The easiest way to travel around Czech Republic is by train. They have really well organized train connections. Sometimes so many trains going in the same direction can be confusing so remember to check if you are in correct train :)Good news: in Czech trains there are GROUP DISCOUNTS (what's more...TWO PEOPLE it is enough to be considered as a...

  • Germany-Czech BUDGET Train travel

    Anyone traveling within and between Germany and the Czech Republic can cut their train costs by at least 1/2, if you're willing to forego the fastest trains. Germany's DBrail system can be VERY EXPENSIVE, but that's IF you always take the most direct/fastest Express/InterCity option(s)presented.However, when I arrive by air each year in SW Germany,...

  • Highways are for fees

    If the trafic sign doesn't say "bez poplatku" (no fee) using a motorway or highway signed like D1, D2,..... and expressways signed as R35, R46 and so on you have to pay for 2011: For a period of 10 consecutive days (D) - motor vehicle or set of vehicles- total weight under 3.5 tons 250,- CZKFor one calendar month (M) - motor vehicle or set of...

  • Train

    The train service, to and inside the Czech republic is very officiant, not too expensive and very easy to use. There are fast and modern trains between the big cities and the few times I used it was very good and comfortable.I added here link for checking up for travel schedule.

  • Bus

    Bus service is available as everywhere in Europe, between the countries, cities and of course inside the city traffic system. To places that trains do not go the bus will be the only public transportation.I added here link for checking up for travel schedule.

  • Taxi

    Taxi use in the Czech in general is much cheaper then western Europe standard and very useful when needed to take short ride in the city. However, of course you should be careful not to let some drivers to scam you and double charge you for the trip.

  • Airport

    I have been using many times Prague airport as well as smaller airport as Ostrava for domestic flights or fast connection to Vienna. Prague airport is also operate as gateway between Nordic and Southern countries in Europe.

  • Fly

    If you come come from far away the most convenience way to get to Czech is by flying. Most international flights will be to Prague, but that is anyhow will be your main destination.

  • To Praha from Munich or Berlin

    1) Berlin is much closer to Praha than Munich2) It is much cheaper to get from Munich to Praha without advance reservations and similar headaches than from Berlin.The reason for that is that all direct trains from Berlin to Praha are Eurocity trains and the Länderticket is not valid on EC train. Besides, if you would chose the slower trains than...

  • Vienna-Prague train tickets: how to buy

    The little trick (besides what was already being said) is NOT to buy the full ticket.This sounds probably very gruesome for many - but this is what we do with Czech tickets.The only ticket you should buy is a Vienna-Breclav(GR) ticket, precisely like that.The regular price for it is 20 Euro / person. It is not even considered to be cheap because...

  • Walking and hiking

    Hiking in mountains it is the best way, how to do sightseeings and to get to those highest accessible places, to admire landscame from above . When you don't have your GPS navigation by hand, it is the best to get a map with hiking trails in a bookshop. There are bookshops in Czech Republic that sell maps in travel section. If you don't get a map...

  • Prague Boat Cruise

    Prague boat cruise along the scenic Vitava River is an ideal and wonderful way to see the city of Prague from different perspective, i.e. from the river. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city of Prague which attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists every day! There are several tour operators to choose from and one of...

  • Prague Metro

    Prague metro is a most convenient rapid transit system in the city of Prague. It is clean, fast and efficient. Nevertheless it is not operating throughout the night. Its operating hours are between 5.00 a.m. and midnight daily. Visitors will have to use taxi, tram and bus services between midnight and 5.00 a.m. if they want to enjoy some of...

  • cheapest option

    cheapest way to the centre from the airport is to take the bus from right outside arrives (just past the taxis outside.Get the bus to Zlichin. At the bus stop you have a ticket machine (have coins ready and read the instructions in English) although you can buy tickets in arrives at one of the desks (here you can buy a ticket that will last you a...

  • Highways , motorways, speedways,...

    I don't wonder, why there are so many serious crash accidants on the highways. Drivers don't axcept the speed limit 130 km/h / 81 mph. Many times driving a car by this speed I was overtaken. Why? What do other drivers want to say? - Let me go, because my car is better - or - Let me go, because I don't have time?

  • Take the Trams anywhere in the CR

    Take the trams in the CR. It is the least expensive and almost always gets you where you want to go. You buy your tram pass at the main tram stops.

  • Layover Tourism - Airport to City Center

    The bus trip from the airport to the city center takes 30 minutes from the moment you leave the airport to the moment you pop your head out of the subway. So if you have a 5 hour layover or more in Prague on your way to/from other destinations, visit the city. I had a 6 hour layover both ways from Beirut to New York and back and I had a great time...

  • Transport from Prague-airport to...

    Don´t take a taxi unless you arrive in the night and can´t wait on the airport. For a taxi you will pay at least USD 40,-, probably even more.Use the city-transport instead, it is not difficult:There is a City-Bus-station at the airport (signs visible, you can´t miss it). Directly at the bus-station there is an automat for sale of tickets (english...

  • How fast can you drive?

    Entrance the towns in the Czech Republic you can see the label with name of each village/town. But that label doesn't mean only the name for this or that town.It also says, that you should slow-down. If traffic signs don't display another speed limit, the speed in town is max. 50 km/h / 31 mph.

  • Getting around Chechia ( Czech Republic...

    If you go to Karlovy Vary ( Karlsbad, Charlie's bath, whatever ), take the kladno express bus from Florenc station. The train to Karlovy is hell. In fact most Czech trains suck compared to their buses. If you rent a car in another country, make sure the contract does not exclude Chechia, and if you drive on Chechia's private autobahns, make darned...

  • Metro is the best way to move around

    Prague is a pretty big city and in order to get the best out of it, transportation is important. If you seem like a tourist taxis will try to over charge you maybe even three times what it actually is. be careful, plus the metro and subway are rarely checked for tickets. make sure not to get lost because Czech language is extremely difficult, but...

  • When Driving

    When traveling from city to city in the main roads make sure that you buy an auto bahn pass. I am not sure the exact name of it but I am sure you can buy them at you certain gas stations, also right when you cross the boarder they have an area where you can buy one. I was driving back to Germany and about 20 minutes from the border I was pulled...

  • beware cheap car rental companies

    When we decided to rent a car in Prague we contacted Vecar; a company recommended in the Lonely Planet Guide to Eastern Europe. We had booked the car for 26 days six months in advance and at 9:30pm on the night before we were to collect the car we were hit with a bombshell. Evidently the car we were to receive had been involved in an accident and,...

  • Most of the Czech drive like crazy

    Last year i was in Czech Republic for two weeks with my own car.The style of driving there is that they drive as fast as possible, but when they reach a village (or even one house) they limit there speed promptly. When there's a chance to overtake you a Czech won't omit it.The highways are very good asphalted, but when you leave them you will find...

  • Bus fr/to Budapest fr/to Praha for 11...

    The popular Czech bus company (Student Agency) which is a well-kept secret in Praha now has busses from Budapest to Praha. Their web site in Hungary is about to start (Nov. 8, 2006). The tickets from Budapest to Praha can be also bought in person. The address is:Cseh és Szlovák Utazási IrodaH-1132 Budapest VISEGRÁDI UTCA 66.Tel:06-1 270 23-34Fax:...

  • Czech Republic by train

    The Czech Republic has a huge train systems.Euro City train connections to the neighbouring countries are fery freuquent.For timetable information see the hp.Check if it is worth buying the "Karta Z" see my Czech Deals.

  • www pages of buses and trains in Czech...

    Wonderful thing for travelling in Czech Republic is that you can find buses and trains timetables on Internet on one place. Not like in many other countries, when you need to lookup many travel services. See at the given website.

  • Roads in the towns

    Highways also lead through the towns. The limited speed for them is used to be up to 90 km/h / 56 mph. The same is valid for the roads out of towns.


    All you need to know about Bus Schedules, Train times and other transport links:> Czech Public Transport Info

  • Prague Airport to Centrum via Mini Bus...

    As you walk out of the arrivals hall at Prague Airport you'll find directly infront of you a line of (CEDAZ) Mini-Buses. Now.. if you want to go to the center then the price is 90 crowns, but if you wish to go to your hotel its 490 crowns.. but it the same price for 1 to 4 persons at this price.. confused? so if your hotel is nearer to the centrum...

  • Czech map site

    For those planning their itineraries in Czech Republic, the site would be very useful.It has map and route planner sections. In the map section a destination can be found by its address or location. There is also a possibility to show on the map gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, etc.The only problem with this site is that it has no...


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