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Telc Things to Do

  • Telc Palace: The Courtyards

    The courtyards of the palace can be entered for free while you need a guided tour to see the interior. They got their shape when the formerly gothic castle was remodeled into a renaissance palace under Zacharias of Hradec in the 1550s. The main courtyard has arcades and galleries on three sides. The style tells of the Italan origins of this...

  • Telc Palace

    Telc's history as seat of a noble family begins with the construction of a gothic castle in the 14th century. In 1550 Zacharias of Hradec (Neuhaus) inherited the castle and town and started modernizing it. He employed Italian master builders to transform the medieval castle into a renaissance palace. The courtyards can be entered for free, to see...

  • St Johannes Nepomuk Statue

    Nepomuk statues are usually placed on bridges. This one is standing on the shore of Ulicky rybnik on the edge of Na Hrázi street. He is turning his back on the beautiful view of the old town panorama across the pond, but this makes him a great addition to photos.


Telc Hotels

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  • Hotel Telc

    Good Service and quite comfortable rooms. The facade is really nice. Summing up, a very recomendable...

  • Hostel Pantof

    Nmst Zach. z Hradce 42, Tel, Telc, 58856, Czech Republic

  • Garni Penzion Vacek

    Not stayed here myself but have friends that have recommended it and they have the highest praise...


Telc Restaurants

  • lunch time U hrabenky

    Our first meal this day was about lunch time - so we had a lunch instead of breakfast in a restaurant U hrabenky, which is in old 18th century (baroque) building with nice atrium - and part of that building is famous hotel here In Telc. We came for local fish, which was nicely done yet small portion. Finely grilled and with potatos. However, my...

  • For a beer at the main square

    We wanted only to have a beer at the end of our visit of Telč and so we sat down at te terrace at the narrow end of the great square. We saw at their menu that they offer the usual traditional Czech dishes for normal prices despite of the fact that the the restaurant is named after the famous soldier Švejk which usually results in considerably...

  • Restaurace U Marusky.

    A no frills affair with wooden tables but well kept and right on the way into the main square. Beer selection is a definite plus! The meal of fried pork cutlet with potato salad for 82 kc ($2.25) washed down with with inexpensive drafts was nice but the real pleasure was a blueberry knodell for 20 kc (55 cents) paired with the hard to find beer,...


Telc Nightlife

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  • If all else fails raid the hotel...

    We watched the European Football matches from our room in Telc--unfortunately the Czechs lost in overtime to eventual champion Greece. That was unfortunate because it would have been fun to have been in Prague if the Czechs had been playing for the championship on Sunday night.Anyway, midway through the second half after we finished our Moravian...

  • Telc at night (part 2)

    Not only does the square empty of people at night--but many of the pubs shut down as well. Not to worry though--I found at least three or four spots that stayed open past 10:00 p.m. One place that serves decent Czech food along with drinks is U Zachariase (just to the right behind the plague column with the green pilsner urquell umbrellas, you...

  • the square empties out at night

    The oldtown square of Telc is a dramatic representation of 1500-1600s architecture and is therefore visited by many tourgroups hustled through the town and back to their bus before sunset.There are only two small hotels in the square each with maybe a dozen or so rooms. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to stay overnight in Telc you will have the...


Telc Transportation

  • Go by Motorcycle!

    I have led nike club trips across Czech and have always had Telc as one of my stops. It's in a good place at about 2/3rds the way from Prague to Brno using the non-motorway routes.There is no parking in the square unless you have a house, a business or a hotel booked. However, most motorcyclists ingore the signs and park up wherever they want to.

  • No parking on the town square!

    Please note that it is not allowed to park the cars on the town square ... there is only one except: If you stay in a hotel on the square it is allowed.This is a very good regulation in my opinion. So it is possible to take a lot of great pics with NO cars on it ! Simply fantastic....And if you arrive by car - don't worry. There is a rather huuuuge...

  • Adventurous roads

    I have to say that some of the main roads in Czechia are even better than some in Austria ..... BUT: This rapidely changes if you leave it .... When I left the E59 in the direction to Telc, I suddenly was on an adventurous road with lots of holes and other surprises and the little villages looked like in Austria ... but 30 years ago .... SO, BE...


Telc Shopping

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    Souvenirs, Souvenirs ...

    by MEdelmann Updated Jul 4, 2003

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    When walking through the arcades, you will find plenty of souvenir shops offering all kind of souvenirs, like postcards, books about Telc and Moravia, small miniature houses made of ceramics, and, and, and .....

    What to buy:
    Souvenirs, Souvenirs .....

    What to pay:
    Most of them are very cheap, comparing them with other places in Europe, and they also accept your Visa, American express or master card ....

    Shopping in the arcades
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Telc Local Customs

  • The Reflection Photo

    Everyone must try a reflection photo. The pastel burgher houses make for a great subject for a reflection photo. If the town would fill the fountain pool to a tad higher level, I could have really gotten a neat photo. But I'll take this one--not half bad.

  • The tombs of of Lord and Lady...

    The tombs of of Lord and Lady Zacharias, who led an fairy tale existence in this self created town, are housed in the All Saints Chapel.

  • Telc Hotels

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Telc Warnings and Dangers

  • watch the step in Jacob's tower

    It's not really Jacobs ladder here, but if want to take a climb to the bell tower of St. Jacob church for the view of Telc you will be dealing with narrow corridor, steep steps of stone - a vertical, spiral passage where two person can hardly meet, which is unavoidable at times. But this is the old construction, and it used to be ment for entierly...

  • Stealing Photos

    Ok, so it is not allowed to take photos of the beautiful interior of the Telc Chateau. This is a shame because the St. George Chapel, the Golden Room and the Blue Hall are as grand as any I've seen in more prestigious addresses around Europe.But, there was a loophole. They said we could take photos out on the balconies and on the grounds as long as...

  • Why did they drain the pond?

    This should have been a beautiful overlook of the Telc Chateau and the Jesuit College reflected by a taciturn pond with perhaps a few floating ducks. Instead we get a nasty little mudhole. Good citizens of Telc, I implore you: fill up your pond.If you want to see what it is supposed to look like, go here:


Telc Tourist Traps

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    I found this town wonderfully...

    by richiecdisc Written Aug 29, 2002

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    I found this town wonderfully devoid of tourist traps but here is the gateway to the St. James Church.

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Telc What to Pack

  • Packing list for Telc

    It will be no good idea to carry a suitcase or something else with you when exploring Telc - better leave it in your car or hotel! It can be very windy in Telc - so prepare a jacket in spring / autumn and a pullover in summer. Good shoes are also recommendable when walking in Telc. The great cobbled stones are hard and with the wrong shoes your...

  • Packing List

    Wide angle lens for the BIG panorama and lots of film if it's a sunny day. :) Someone to have a beer with, there weren't too many people here the day I made my visit.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Telc Off The Beaten Path


    Just 9kms from Telc, we came across the Rostjen Castle. We could see it sitting high on the hill, amongst the Forest. We found some signs to it, and just followed the road to the end!This is another Gothic Castle, later rebuilt into a Renaissance hunters' residence with a game park surrounding the Castle. The game park no longer exits, being closed...


    We happened to be at Jemnice on the Sunday of the Barchan festival.It takes place in June after Saint Vitus Day, and is one of the oldest festivals in Bohemia and Moravia. The festival began in 1713, but it's not sure if today's is based on the real event that happened long ago.There is 3 days of attractions, a Fair, Historical and Cultural...


    Jemnice Castle is another one that was rebuilt in Renaissance style.I didn't get to go inside, as I was interested in the Festival that was being held here.If you do visit the inside, the interior is of Empire style, created in 1818. The final changes to the Castle were made in 1842 by Evrharta Anton Martinelli who restyled the Castle in false...


Telc Sports & Outdoors

  • Back on the town square

    Finally we came back to the town square .... first all looks very simple - but then it comes - with all its magnificance!But you must alrealy know EVERYTHING about it after your read the must-see spots ...if not hurry up! It's time now ....:-))I hope you enjoyed this little hike with me.

  • The statue

    Here we came to a road and you have to follow it back into the town centre - on the way you will see this great statue.You can take a picture here (like the one on your left) with the statue and the town in the background.It is not far to the town centre from here .....

  • Hiking and taking pictures

    A little bit later you will see this and the holy spirit tower in the middle. You can climb this tower in summer - unfortuneatly it was closed when I was there. For more information about the tower have a look into my must-see spots of Telc.Just click on the picture to see all the details.


Telc Favorites

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  • Renaissance architecture, and how to...

    Renaissance architecture of the 16th century is easy to spot as soon as you have an idea what to look for. There is a notable amount among the houses in the main square. Here are some general hints how to recognize it. Photo 1 and 2: A typical feature is the high attika instead of a gable, a solid wall with a horizontal top adorned with...

  • Telc

    Telc is my favorite town in Tschechien ! I was really surprised to see such a nice place, although it has plenty of tourists already and the prizes are more expensive than in the other villages close to the border.

  • Beer

    Telc is a Moravian town--but it is quite close to the Bohemian border. So this is a perfect opportunity to switch from the wines of Moravia to the beers of Bohemia. Many of the pubs and cafes will be loyal to just one brewery (Budvar or Regent or Pilsner Urquel). Honestly, the difference between the beers was minimal--all decent pilsners. Nothing...


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