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Silkeborg Things to Do

  • Himmelbjerget

    Himmelbjerget (The Sky Mountain) is a hill located close to Silkeborg. It has a height of 147 meters and is one of the highest points in Denmark. From Himmelbjerget is an amazing view over the surrounding landscape which was shaped during the last Ice Age. On the top of Himmelbjerget, you’ll find a tower with a height of 25 meters. The tower was...

  • Silkeborg Lakes

    When visiting Silkeborg, you must take a boat trip on the beautiful lakes Brassø, Borresø, and Julsø. There are several departures during the day – with seven different boats - from the harbour of Silkeborg. The S/S Hjejlen is the most famous of the boats. It was built in 1861 and is still sailing today - actually as the oldest original paddle...

  • Hjejlen Trip (Worlds Oldest Paddle...

    If you want a day to just relax and enjoy a great day, then taking this boat trip to the highest point in Denmark is your best bet. You ride along the river into a series of lakes until you reach the base of Himmelbjerget which is in the background of the picture. At the base it is a short hike to the top where you can enjoy an ice-cream and a...

  • Tollund Man and Elling Woman

    It is an amazing exhibit of a very well preserved man and woman that died about 350B.C. Tollund man is so well preserved, that one can even see his facial hair. Go to the attached website to get directions and more info on Tollund Man.

  • Silkeborg Kunstmuseet

    The Silkeborg Art Museum is set in an old spa complex and offers an interesting mix of avante-garde art as well as some more traditional forms. The campus-style setting of turn-of-century buildings as well as the lake setting make for a pleasant stop.You could spend a couple hours exploring around the Art Museum. Check out my travelogue on...

  • Torvet

    The torvet, or square, is flanked by the town hall and the church, both facing each other. Silkeborg, largely a 19th century creation, is a bit unique for a Danish town.

  • Views from Himmelbjerget

    The views from Himmelbjerget were quite picturesque in the spring, with the surrounding forests and lakes!

  • Fountains

    Silkeborg's lake is accentuated by fountains, which draws attention to the lake. They have the Danish Design thing working for them again!

  • Shop displays

    I ran across this artfully decorated window display--Danish and Swedish window displays are among the most arty and tasteful I've seen--in my opinion, the best.

  • Architecture, 2

    This inscription on the side of the building is more reminiscent of scripting from the 20s through the 40s than 1901. It furthers the association of good Danish design in the minds of many.

  • Forward-looking architecture

    Some of the architectural curiosities are more in the details here, but a lot of late 19th century and early 20th century buildings point to Art Deco and more modern touches not often seen in the day. This viking ship is an example of the subtlety.

  • How high can you go?

    HimmelbjergetHimmelbjerget is a 147 m high hill near Silkeborg, which can be reached by car, boat orr on foot. It gives you nice views on the surrounding Danish lakes. There is a big parking space. It is a bit of a touristmade point, but at least the views are great.Opening Hours: Palm Sunday - 30 April Weekends and holidays 10.00-17.00 May and...

  • AQUA – ‘the inside out aquarium’

    AQUA Ferskvands AkvariumAQUA – ‘the inside out aquarium’The circular AQUA building is placed in a number of big outdoor lakes which makes it a reversed aquarium with you inside of it! Through large landscape windows you can look into the lakes and watch fish and plants from various types of Danish fresh water environments. Enjoy at close range...

  • Himmelbjerget

    Himmelbjerget translates to English as "The Sky Mountain" and one of Denmark's highest peaks, one affords a beautiful view of Denmark's lake district. Many Danes joke about this destination, as the peak of Himmelbjerget is only about 150m high. One can climb up a tower to get a view of the lakes for a very small fee.

  • Silkeborg museum

    Visit the Iron Age Exhibition and see the 2400 years old man and girl found within a few metres from each others in the peat bogs north of Silkeborg


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Silkeborg Restaurants

  • ValbyDK's Profile Photo

    by ValbyDK Written Jan 1, 2013

    Aalekroen is located a few kilometres outside the centre of Silkeborg (go by car or take the train to the nearby Svejbæk Station). Great location at one of the Silkeborg Lakes...

    I had lunch (Danish dishes) at the restaurant; good food and friendly service.


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Silkeborg Tourist Traps

  • by volpegiramondo Written Jul 8, 2014

    Just plenty of different things without an interest. Tourist are attracted only bi " the man of Tullund", but beyond it, the museum is really small and does not keep going about a specific topic. Descriptions are only in danish.

    Unique Suggestions: Anyway if you are a scout like me, it will be nice for you to find out that a room of the museum is dedicated to an artist of Silkeborg who was a scout chief. it is told his story in the scout movement.

    Fun Alternatives: Walk or canoeing on Silkeborg's river is a splendid experience

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Silkeborg What to Pack

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    by Pixie5 Written Aug 12, 2005

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Bring an umbrella or even better a raincoat. Silkeborg has a lot of rain, even more rain than many other parts of Denmark.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: And don't forget to bring a swimsuit if you are traveling during the summer. You can swim in the lakes. They are normally between 17 and 21 degreese.

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Silkeborg Off The Beaten Path

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    by MikeStarr5 Updated Dec 2, 2007

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    Sky Mountain is the highest peak in the whole of Denmark. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery and can be reached by boat from Silkeborg. It's a tough but satisfying climb.

    The phone number given is that of the Silkeborg Tourist Information Bureau

    By clicking the top weblink you will reach my VT travelogue page where you will find masses of useful and quite detailed information about mountaineering in Denmark (plus pics).

    By clicking the bottom weblink you will get a site which gives good general information about the mountain and surrounding area - accommodation, transport, history etc

    Good Luck with your climb - Take Care !

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Silkeborg Favorites

  • Hjejlen

    The paddle steamer Hjejlen For season number 141 the Hjejle Company still runs "Hjejlen" and beside this 6 other charming excursion boats."Hjejlen" is the oldest operative paddle steamer in the world. In the summer the boats run on the river Gudenå and on the lakes between Silkeborg, Himmelbjerget and Laven. Hjejlen - the oldest operative paddle...

  • the Silkeborg lakes

    the most famous thing about Silkeborg are the lakes running together in Silkeborg. Its very beautiful to take a walk around there or take the car and sit by the lakes and eat your lunch

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