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  • Things to Do
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Odense Things to Do

  • Continental market

    Ahh, interesting, stalls from all over Europe in central Odense, a good place to spend an afternoon and, lots of Krone!Very good fun, guess it's an annual event and we struck lucky?

  • Brandts, photos

    Part of the large Brandts complex is a exhibition for photos, always something to interest us. Enjoyed a wet morning here, nicely done and with explanations, some in English.Good place to visit.

  • Odense Banegaardsplads

    Getting out of Odense train station you face a square with a weird but yet interesting sculpture (pic 1). The name of the square is Banegaardsplads (station’s square) but apart from the sculpture there’s nothing really to see here unless you are a journalist and want to check the offices of the local newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende that is located...


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Odense Restaurants

  • Brewpub

    A brewpub in town, well, it would be rude not to visit?A lunchtime visit for us, 2 good meals, an open sandwich for me particularly enjoed and sampled a couple of the beers on offer too, both pretty good without being remarkable!Nice comfortable place to visit.

  • Malet

    Lovely sportsbar just around the corner from our "home" in Odense. Called in for a very tasty evening meal and watched FC Bayern v Dortmund in the Champions League final.Food and atmosphere better than the footie!Enjoyed our short visit here very much.

  • Bar Sushi

    A short walk from the centre a really good meal here. Maybe it's more of a takeaway but, theere is an area to eat there too. Everything worked well, food delicious, staff friendly and reasonable price, this was a memorable meal for us, Lovely, something a little unusual!


Odense Nightlife

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  • Fantastic pub!

    Lovely bar with great Danish microbrewed ales on offer and, some of the best I've tasted recently. Loved our short visit here and if I lived in town this would be my local, want to go back!

  • concerts at Kongens Have

    Kongens Have isn’t only a nice park but a great place to spend the evening every Tuesday during the summer months.They have what they call Torsdagskoncerter which is a concert from 19.00 to 22.00, local names but also international names, the Tourist Info will inform you about the program but we also saw a lot of posters all over the city during...

  • City Arkaden

    City Arkaden is a big nightclub complex located at the city centre on one of the main pedestrian streets. It houses different clubs in one place, so it was funny listening to different kind of music when we stood near a door that connects 2 different areas :)We had a meeting with a local friend there so it wasn’t really our choice to visit the...


Odense Transportation

  • How to go there

    Odense located at Funen island(between Sealand and Jutland). It’s about 160km west of CopenhagenBy train:Visiting Odense from Copenhagen is very easy, it’s just 90’ away by train. Although you can easily find tickets on the train station we booked the ticket online (there are offers –called orange tickets- if you book in advance, we payed 99DKK for...

  • how to move around

    walkFor those that travel to Odense as a daytrip to Copenhagen you will spend most of your time in the historic center where all the sites/museums/attractions are located. We easily walked anywhere around, from the train station the Town Hall is 5’ away, and most of the museums 10-15’ away.BicycleA nice alternative is to rent a bike, there are some...

  • take the train to Odense

    The train takes you right to the centre of Odense: the Trainmuseum is opposite of the station and from the station to the msuseums of H.C.Andersen you can walk about 15-20 minutes and will see some of the sights already, while walking there.For train-fares and timetables of the danish Railroads, please click on the link below !


Odense Shopping

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  • food

    The morning we visited Carl Nielsen museum we bought some fruits from the flea market in front of the museum (pic 1) but the one in front of the Town Hall was even better with lots of cheeses, jam etc We had some great sandwiches there.One day we bought some food from the open market in front of the Town Hall but most of the times we need something...

  • souvenirs

    Not much shopping for us in Odense except some souvenirs near H.C.Andersen museum, you will see the store at the main pedestrian street a few meters away from the museums. They have all the typical souvenirs (magnets, cups, hats, bags etc) and a lot of books with Andersen’s fairytales, same books that we saw at museum’s gift shop (same prices also)...

  • Bikes, rollerskates and hockey-equipment

    If you should be in need for a bike, a pair of rollerskates or just need to get your bike fixed while staying in Odense, Dansk Lager Salg is the right choice! You can find all kind of bikes here as well as extra quipment and clothing. The store offers a wide range of rollerskates and has a rollerhockey/icehockey department.You'll also find stuff...


Odense Local Customs

  • Various fairytales in a sculpture

    Next to the Radisson Hotel in Odense you will find this interesting sculpture, showing various characters from different fairytales by H.C.Andersen.It is a pity that I know only a very few of them, but it was funny to take a closer look at all these great details anyway.

  • Take a seat next to H.C.Andersen

    This is one of the most popular benches in Odense, especially for children, simply because you can take a seat there next to H.C.Andersen (1805 - 1875).You will find this great bench at the main entrance to the Radisson Hotel, about 150 meters from the birth-house of Hans Christian Andersen.Next to it there is another funny bench, see it in my last...

  • Meet the tin-soldier

    Meet the steadfast tin-soldier / Den standhaftige Tinsoldat in Odense, not far from the H.C. Andersen museum in a sculpture made by E.Madsen in 1996.


Odense Warnings and Dangers

  • 1 time means 1 hour in Denmark !!!

    All inscriptions will be done in Danish only, but sometimes these words will have a completely different meaning from what you expect. Just like in this case :1 time in danish means 1 HOUR in englishSo be prepared and put your parking-clock to the time that you are leaving the car and be back at the car in time !

  • Leave your high-heeled shoes at home

    The old centre of Odense has kept its traditional cobbled surfaces in most places.If you don't want to sprain your ankle or worse or break a heel in your shoe, you'd better leave your stillettos or other high-heeled shoes at home and wear sensible shoes instead. BTW, aren't these flower compositions great?

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Odense Tourist Traps

  • Sankt knuds kirke

    Just have a look there if you have time, otherwise you don't lose anything expecial. Odense is really a beautiful city and there is a lot to see too. Don't forget the "h.c. andersens hus" or "the funen village".

  • Old Odense

    This tourist trap is one of those inavoidable ones but yes, the H.C. Andersen quarters are of course full of tourists, especially in summer, and therefore also full of souvenir shops. By all means visit it - you have to see the Andersen museum and the area IS pretty. Try to visit it off season if you want pictures without hundreds of tourists in.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Odense What to Pack

  • No special things to pack

    Probably good to dress in layers because Danish homes are always warm but it can be nippy outside in early spring. People are quite laid back in dress code. Everything available in Odense shops. Everything available in Odense shops. Everything available in Odense shops.

  • Packing List

    I was stupid enough to run out of film on my arrival to Odense and I really had problems getting APS film around here, which amazed me a bit. The tourist shops didn't have film at all! So, I wish I had more pics from Odense :o(

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Odense Off The Beaten Path

  • Odense City Museums : Møntergården

    Møntergården is a part of the Odense City Museum and it was built into an interesting old, halftimbered building in the centre of the old part of Odense. I did not go inside, but walked around this great building in order to make some photos of its great architecture.I will show some extra photos as well in the travelogues !Møntergården in 5000...

  • Den gamle Kro of 1683

    Den gamle Kro means "the old Inn" in danish and it is the oldest inn in Odense, dating back to the year 1683. It has a great halftimbered facade and an interesting interior with many antique exhibits and it is also a great restaurant, not really cheap but a place with a lot of atmosphere and excellent food seved there.

  • Overstraede

    Overstraede is one of the tiny sideroads, filled with the extra-small buildings, that look like beeing built for one of the farietales of H.C.Andersen. You will find this street in a distance of maybe 100 meters from the Radisson Hotel and the birth-house of H.C.Andersen.There are cobbled stones as the pavement in the street, it is great to look...


Odense Sports & Outdoors

  • Denmarks new hockeytown

    If you are a hockeyfan visiting Odense during the hockeyseason (September-April), you gotta come see the Odense Bulldogs play a homegame.The Danish hockey league may not be known as a top league in Europe, but through the last 4-5 years, Danish hockey has developed much, and has a pretty good level of play due to strong foreign players and success...

  • Play petanque in Odense

    You might know the game of petanque if you have been to Southern France, or you might have played something like it with colored plastic balls in your garden. Petanque is played with steel balls (boules) though, and even though it's kind of the national sport of Southern France, it's played in Denmark and Odense too. For fun, but also at a...

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Odense Favorites

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  • H.c Andersen

    all over town you see that this is where he was born and grew up. This is one of his pictures he cut out in paper. he made a lot of those and they are all arround town

  • one of the nice streets

    in the centre of Odense there are a lot of narrow streets with copplestones. I love those streets and the cute little houses.

  • Odense

    As was the case with many other Danish market towns, towards the end of the 1800s (1880-83) Odense built a new Town Hall, designed by architects J.D. Herholdt and C. Lendorf and partially inspired by the Town Hall of Siena in northern Italy. This was later extended to the east to the designs of architect B. Helweg Møller, an extension opened on the...


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