Local traditions and culture in Copenhagen

  • Bicycle parking lot in central Copenhagen.
    Bicycle parking lot in central...
    by cachaseiro
  • Danish Flag
    Danish Flag
    by balhannah
  • Copenhagen pride.
    Copenhagen pride.
    by cachaseiro

Most Viewed Local Customs in Copenhagen

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    by grandmaR Updated Jan 18, 2014

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    I took photos of the tower rides - This one is the Star Flyer and my granddaughter rode on it The Star Flyer so these photos are from the ground as she rode it.

    There is an impressive 360-degree panorama view from the Star Flyer – but she did not take her camera up with her - I did not venture that high.

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    Moving to Denmark

    by illumina Updated Aug 15, 2013

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    If you're planning to move to Denmark for work, there are a few things you should know in advance.

    The bureaucracy is similar in amount to the British, however the Danes do seem to be a little more efficient and friendly about it.

    If you're from Sweden or Norway, you have automatic right to live here. If you're from anywhere else in the EU (or Switzerland), you also have the right, but you need a bit of paper to prove it. Go along to the International Citizens Service at Nyropsgade 1, hand over your passport and a completed application form, and they'll give you a registration certificate.

    Next, in order to work, you'll need a CPR number. You'll need proof of address (although mostly they'll just look at the address on the registration cert and just ask you to confirm you live there), and preferably a letter from your employer or a contract, plus your passport again. This can also be done at the above address, unless you live in Frederiksberg, in which case you need to go to the Frederiksberg Rådhus, because apparently it's IN Copenhagen, but not OF it. It only took us 20 mins here to get ours.

    Then you need a bank account (take the two bits of paper from above, plus passport again).

    Once you have all of that, you can go to the tax office to get your tax code sorted out!


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    by balhannah Written Aug 19, 2012

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    We came here with fellow vt'er, Klaus.

    He was telling us, that when the Royals are in residence, the Flag is flying. On this particular weekend, the Flag was flying above the Queen's Palace and no-where else.

    Coming back on Monday, we noticed two Flags flying. One was for the Queen, and the other was on Prince Frederik & Princess Marys Palace, meaning they were home today.

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    If Your Car/Van Breaks Down...

    by johngayton Written Mar 6, 2012

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    ...then you can always get your wife to haul the Polser Wagon into the city.

    OK this is just an excuse to use this pic but it kinda amused me. This is a very Copenhagen thing - non-reliance on infernal-combusting-engined machines. Just make sure you marry a strong woman LOL ;-)

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    Copenhagen gay pride.

    by cachaseiro Written Sep 26, 2011

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    Every year in august Copenhagen has a huge gay pride festival.
    The residents of Copenhagen are generally very open towards gay people and the festival does not just consist of gay people and you will actually see more straight people at the festival who are there purely cause they want to celebrate the gay community as they see it as an asset to Copenhagen, that is a city that likes to embrace different cultures and lifestyles.
    The festival has many visitors from abroad aswell as many gay danes coming in from the countryside and i consider it one of the most fun weeks of the year in Copenhagen even if i am a heterosexual myself.

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    The Lur Blowers (Lurblaeserne)

    by gordonilla Updated Jul 17, 2010

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    It seems that Copenhagen has much sculpture throughout the streets. The Lur Blowers is one of the more well known statues; as it is located right next to the Rådhuset and the Rådhuspladsen - the City Hall and City Hall Square.

    The Lur Blowers is a piece of work by Siegfried Wagner and Anton Rosen, and they created this between 1911 and 1914. The full monument is made from Bronze, tile, brick and hammer granite.

    As can be seen from the photographs it is a fairly large monument - the full dimensions are something like 600 cm x 600 cm x 2,000 cm. More clearly they are 6m x 6m and it stands some 20m tall.


    A trumpet-like instrument of the Viking Age made of wood. There seems to be some confusion about the name of this instrument, since it is also used for the trumpet-like instruments of the Scandinavian Bronze Age, long before the Viking Age.

    The Viking Age lur is known from the Oseberg ship-burial (834 AD). The instrument was about 42 inches long, made of wood which had been split lengthwise, the interior hollowed, then the halves banded back together tightly with willow bands. This instrument is almost identical to those played in Scandinavia up to the present day, with the current instruments being held together with strips of birch bark instead of willow bands.

    It is unclear if The Vikings' considered the lur to be a musical instrument, as the primary use for the shepherd's lur-horn up to the present to call the cattle home. Horns like this may also have been used for for giving warnings to the nearby community or summoning people together in times of need or danger.

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    Eating on the Hoof #1 The 7-Elevens

    by johngayton Written Mar 16, 2008

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    Copenhagen's chain of franchised 7-Eleven stores are officially recognised by the parent company as the busiest in the world in terms of both turnover and profitability and much of this is due to the fact that Copenhageners, from all walks of life, enjoy eating "on the hoof". In the city centre there is a 7-Eleven on almost every corner and all offer a wide array of both cold and hot take-away food ranging from simple sandwiches through ready-to-eat salads, and topping out with a pretty damn good calzone. Complimented with a decent selection of coffee, soft-drinks, beers, wines etc. to wash things down with and a bill about a quarter of what it would have cost had you sat down in even the cheapest of cafes it's no wonder that these convenience stores are so popular.

    The 7-Eleven pictured here on the town hall square was the busiest in the country last year but may be eclipsed in this year by the extended CPH Airport site - watch this space!

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    A very Danish gift

    by sourbugger Written Dec 14, 2007

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    The Danes, it quite a surprise move voted against dropping their currency and adopting the Euro. perhaps it is because they like their Crowns so much.

    I believe it to be the case that Danish money is the only currency in the world with hearts on it. It is also the case that certain coins have a hole in the middle.

    In a brilliant piece of Danish inventiveness, it has become a romantic gift to profer a necklace formed from one or more of these coins.

    I don't do soppy, but I must admit that that is quite a nice idea.

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    The Royal Library

    by Bjorgvin Updated Jul 24, 2007

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    The Royal Library, Slotsholmen (Det kongelige Bibliotek). The Black Diamond is the official name for the new Royal Library department. This remarkable piece of architecture has sloping walls coated with black mirror finish from Zimbabwe. It is situated on the habour front and the square in front is called The Søren Kierkegaard Square. Apart from being a library, the establishment also houses a concert hall, a bookstore, a restaurant, an audience, and an exhibition hall. The Black Diamond is placed on a historical site, where the very first houses and harbour constructions were built more than thousand years ago.

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    Get to know people

    by ranger49 Updated May 31, 2007

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    Spend some time relaxing with local residents.
    This was taken near the harbour on a bright sunny day when passersby were cheerful to start with but it is nice to see how a little bit of fun with clever statuary can make people laugh!

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    Hygge - 2nd May 2007

    by johngayton Written May 16, 2007

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    Such a hyggelig afternoon,
    Buzzing still,
    weeks afterwards,
    with delicious memories of people,
    fellow travelers well-met,
    and strangers, and new friends (fiends!)
    Bridges of the world crossed,
    scintillating serendipity,
    like fireworks,
    synaptically rejoining long forgotten paths of pleasures and pains.
    Cobbled streets, feet not complaining,
    Shining sun, a force as shadows stretch, meandering,
    left to right, east to west, a belonging in this, this amazing city.

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    The Flag and Arms of the Kingdom of Denmark

    by gordonilla Updated Mar 25, 2007

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    The flag and arms of Denmark; as well as the arms of the City of Copenhagen.

    The Danish flag, the Dannebrog, is the oldest National flag in the world. There is a legend which states that during an invasion of estonia in 1219, by Valdemar the Victorious, a defeat was turned around when a red banner with a white cross fell from the sky. A voice declared that if the banner was raised, the Danes would have a victory! They follwoed their instructions, won their battel and the banner became their national flag.

    The Dannebrog is displayed in many ways - it can be seen in a pennant style, as graphics in magazines and high on flagpoles. If you keep an eye open, you will see that nearly every building has a flag pole, and in the countryside, every home has it's own flagpole to fly the Dannebrog.

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    Bishop Absalon and the founding of Copenhagen

    by gordonilla Updated Mar 24, 2007

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    King Waldemar I turned over the area around Copenhagen to his friend, Bishop Absalon - he was a Bishop, a member of one of the most prominent families in Zealand and a highly successful military leader.

    In 1167, Absalon built a fortress on Slotsholmen Island and fortified the the village with ramparts and a moat. It was from this point it started to grow and even with destruction then rebuilding; the site of Absalon's orginal fortress aided the development of the region and has now long been the capital of Denmark. Copenhagen, wonderful Copenhagen!

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    Christiania Bikes

    by gordonilla Updated Mar 24, 2007

    It seems that the good residents of Christiania have gone commercial on us all! Moving from the hippy and alternative lifestyle, there is now an internationally know cycle product which has been produced. By the wya the bikes are all cost around 1,500€.


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  • What's the purpose of the Hole?

    by Mariajoy Updated Oct 9, 2006

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    Danish Kroner - some of the coins have holes in - I don't know why... Maybe it's so that visitors taking home a pocket full of coins at the end of their trip can make a necklace. Maybe?? ;-)

    Various other theories about the purpose of the hole have been suggested - the most sensible seems to be that it could be to save metal during the minting process.

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