Copenhagen Local Customs

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Most Viewed Local Customs in Copenhagen

  • 1. Lifestyle & Habits

    On the Hop on Hop off bus tour we learned about the garden allotments. In Danish culture the allotment garden has become a symbol of blue-collar culture - with all the positives and negatives...

  • 2. Language

    Every Danish person we spoke to whether it was in hotels, shops, restaurants or on the street, spoke perfect English. After our first day in the city we stopped asking people if they speak English...

  • 3. Beer.

    The Royal Pilsner beer was the one available in my hotel room, I was very thirsty on arrival and that was the one I started with before hitting to streets and looking for the real craft beers that was...

  • 4. Bikes

    One of the first things you will notice when you arrive to Copenhagen as a foreigner is the huge amount of bicycles. Most Copenhagen citizens use the bicycle as their main mode of transport and it's...

  • 5. Toilets

    I must admit that Danish cleanliness is up there with the best of them. Copenhagen could not be described as spotless, but they make a pretty good fist of things. Even in the dodgier fast food chains...

  • 6. Street Life

    Check this out! Domestic household articles neatly arranged on attractive stands. The prices are clearly visible I hope ;) It looked good enough to eat ;) You're supposed to use 'good' brushes for...

  • 7. Food.

    This is an open sandwich which is a favourite of the Danes, and so we decided to give it a go. The most famous is a Herring one, so that's what I had. It wasn't too bad, especially as I'd never had...

  • 8. Holydays and celebations

    Like most places in the western world, most Danes celebrated Christmas is in one way or another. The biggest moment of Christmas, for Danes, is the evening of Dec. 24th! That’s when families all...

  • 9. Festivals and events

    Friday night of week 41 – middle of October – is The Culture Night in Copenhagen, and in some locations across Denmark as well. The date varies, but in 2007 it will be on October 12th. All sorts of...

  • 10. Smoking

    The Danes' attitude to smoking is generally quite liberal and according to the statistics 34% of the population are smokers. But if you walk through the streets it looks like almost everybody is...

  • 11. Royal Guard

    I prefer the Royal Guards in Copenhagen when looking at them against other regiments around Europe. They go about their business, marching to and from the Amalienborg Palace through the streets on a...

  • 12. Christmas Decorations

    December in Denmark is dark, so the Danes like to make lights throughout the city. Copenhagen is decorated with thousands of Christmas lights, accentuating the special Danish holiday atmosphere. At...

  • 13. Ice Cream

    Danes Love Ice Cream! When you come here you should try and find an ice cream shop (shouldn't be too hard). The best way to go is get 3 scoops, guf (a strawberry goo type stuff), flodeskum (whipped...

  • 14. Tivoli

    I took photos of the tower rides - This one is the Star Flyer and my granddaughter rode on it The Star Flyer so these photos are from the ground as she rode...

  • 15. Moving to Denmark

    If you're planning to move to Denmark for work, there are a few things you should know in advance.The bureaucracy is similar in amount to the British, however...


    We came here with fellow vt'er, Klaus.He was telling us, that when the Royals are in residence, the Flag is flying. On this particular weekend, the Flag was...

  • 17. If Your Car/Van Breaks Down...

    ...then you can always get your wife to haul the Polser Wagon into the city.OK this is just an excuse to use this pic but it kinda amused me. This is a very...

  • 18. Copenhagen gay pride.

    Every year in august Copenhagen has a huge gay pride festival.The residents of Copenhagen are generally very open towards gay people and the festival does not...

  • 19. The Lur Blowers (Lurblaeserne)

    It seems that Copenhagen has much sculpture throughout the streets. The Lur Blowers is one of the more well known statues; as it is located right next to the...

  • 20. Eating on the Hoof #1 The 7-Elevens

    Copenhagen's chain of franchised 7-Eleven stores are officially recognised by the parent company as the busiest in the world in terms of both turnover and...

  • 21. A very Danish gift

    The Danes, it quite a surprise move voted against dropping their currency and adopting the Euro. perhaps it is because they like their Crowns so much.I believe...

  • 22. The Royal Library

    The Royal Library, Slotsholmen (Det kongelige Bibliotek). The Black Diamond is the official name for the new Royal Library department. This remarkable piece of...

  • 23. Get to know people

    Spend some time relaxing with local residents. This was taken near the harbour on a bright sunny day when passersby were cheerful to start with but it is nice...

  • 24. Hygge - 2nd May 2007

    Such a hyggelig afternoon, Buzzing still, weeks afterwards, with delicious memories of people, fellow travelers well-met, and strangers, and new friends...

  • 25. The Flag and Arms of the Kingdom of Denmark

    The flag and arms of Denmark; as well as the arms of the City of Copenhagen. The Danish flag, the Dannebrog, is the oldest National flag in the world. There is...

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