Carlsberg Brewery, Copenhagen

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  • The Gates to the Carlsberg Brewery
    The Gates to the Carlsberg Brewery
    by pugwashman
  • Some of the unopened beer bottle collection
    Some of the unopened beer bottle...
    by pugwashman
  • An old beer wagon
    An old beer wagon
    by pugwashman
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    Carlsberg Brewery Tour

    by SWFC_Fan Written Sep 16, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Carlsberg Brewery Tour was the highlight of my trip to Copenhagen in August 2007.

    For an entrance fee of just 40Kr (approx. 4GBP) you can take the self-guided tour of the brewery and, best of all, enjoy two free beers in the Jacobsen bar at the end of the tour.

    A map of the brewery is provided in reception upon purchasing your ticket. Simply follow the arrows around the various exhibitions. Some of the highlights include:

    - an area dedicated to Carlsberg's sponsorship of football events. Match highlights play on TV screens and there are framed football shirts bearing the Carlsberg logo (FC Copenhagen, OB Odense and Liverpool);

    - a bottle collection featuring thousands of bottles from around the world. These include Carlsberg and Tuborg bottles from countries as diverse as Cyprus, Russia and Laos, as well as novelty bottles (eg Christmas beers) and other worldwide brands brewed by Carlsberg-Tuborg;

    - a timeline exhibition detailing the history of the brewery and the company. This includes hundreds of photographs and facts such as the number of bottles sold worldwide each year;

    - exhibitions showing the malting, fermentation and bottling processes. These include video clips and lifelike models;

    - numerous Carlsberg and Tuborg decorated wooden delivery carts, and stables which house dozens of horses owned by the brewery;

    - an outdoor sculpture garden, including an even smaller replica of the Little Mermaid;

    - Jacobsen bar: at the end of the tour, choose from a variety of complimentary beers. You can choose one from category A (I opted for the dark, malty Carl’s Ale) and one from category B (I chose the light coloured Jacobsen Saaz Blonde).

    There is a souvenir shop where you can buy glasses, t-shirts, beer towels and all manner of other items featuring the Carlsberg logo.

    Carlsberg: Probably the Best Brewery Tour in the World!

    Free beer at Carlsberg Brewery! International Carlsberg bottles Elephants at Carlsberg Brewery entrance Exhibition at Carlsberg Brewery Carlsberg delivery cart

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  • Fen's Profile Photo

    Carlsberg Brewery

    by Fen Updated Apr 1, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Carlsberg brewery is well worth a visit. Dating back too 1847, you will see the history of one of the finest beers in the world. (Probably the best)
    You get to experience beer brewing first hand and what better way at the end of the tour than to try some of the unique beers they have to offer.

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  • gordonilla's Profile Photo

    The best lager in the world...probably!

    by gordonilla Written Mar 2, 2007

    The Carlsberg Visitors Centre & The Jacobsen Brewhouse: Did you know that..... Carlsberg sold 94 million bottle everyday in 2005....and Carlsberg produces beer at 95 breweries in 50 countries .......the name Carlsberg is composed of the founder's son's first name and an old word for hill - the tour and visit is well worth undertaking.

    In the wprice of the admission ticket, you get to take the tour and they offer each customer two drinks within the visitor centre bar.

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  • vichatherly's Profile Photo

    A place for a few drinks

    by vichatherly Written Dec 1, 2006

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We thought that we'd stretch our legs on the last day of our visit and so decided to go for a tour of the Carlsberg brewery.

    A short bus ride from near the central station and then a walk through the Elephant Gates took us to the visitor centre.

    A good tip would be to go as a party of 15 as you get discounts. We went as a party of 13 but it was still worth our while buying 15 tickets because you have to remember that with every ticket comes two drinks at the bar.

    An interesting story to the place and the display of bottles that they had was spectacular.

    At the end of the tour there is the welcoming bar, in which you can exchange your beer tokens for the local brew. I certainly learned that Carlsberg is much more that just boring lager.

    Carlsberg Brewery Elephant Gate at Carlsberg Brewery Elephant Gate at Carlsberg Brewery Carlsberg Brewery Carlsberg Brewery - Cheers!
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  • ChadSteve1975's Profile Photo

    Carlsberg. A spin on beer

    by ChadSteve1975 Written Jun 22, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Carlsberg Brewery was a mandatory stop in Copenhagen. Now I'm no beer expert but I know when you visit a city you visit it's brewery. How else would you know what to drink in the city you visit?

    Now the Brewery Tour is a fair walk around. Past the wall of beer bottles. Past the how they make the beer, and the through the history of Carlsberg.

    It never ceases to amaze me how 2 areas of history are always well documented and preserved. Churches and Breweries. Think about it. True isn't it.

    Anyway Carlsberg manages to paint the brewery's founder as a legend. Stalwart of the community. Upstanding citizen... and the back patting just goes on and on.

    And then you find the beer at the end. A happy ending. 2 beers. I highly recommend trying one of the premium label beers named after its founder. The wheat beer was superb.

    Carlsberg reall does deliver.
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  • Carlsberg - Probably worth a visit

    by elko72 Written Apr 25, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are into beers and want ot know the history of the world famous Carlsberg factory it is worth a visit. We went on Sunday afternoon.
    Admission is quite cheap and you get to have 2 beers when you are finished touring the centre.

    You have to have your picture taken with the Elephants at the gates, they are a little walk away from the main entrance to the visitors centre, but it worth the little trip down to them.

    Interesting to watch the different processes and how they make the barrels.

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  • Emmjai's Profile Photo

    A great place for a (liquid) sunday lunch

    by Emmjai Written Sep 27, 2005

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Carlesberg brewery is a long established family business in the city, and the history of the company,as well as how they brew their products are all included in the trip around the visitors centre.

    My favourite bits? The amazing collection of beer bottles; the horses; and the microbrewery.

    When I visited, the newly reburbished visitors centre had just been opened. Included in the modest entry fee are two tickets which can be exchanged for glasses of the amber nectar they brew.

    Watch out though, the beer, particularly that from the micro brewery, is quite strong. I did wonder what the Danish rules were about riding a bicycle under the influence as I left.

    The elephants guarding the entrance to Carlsberg b Cart Horses at the Carlsberg Brewery Elephants guarding the beer!

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  • sorenf's Profile Photo

    Carlsberg Brewery

    by sorenf Updated Sep 8, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    NOTE: Under remodellling until June 1st 2005. My tip obviously was written prior to the remodelling. I will leave this here until I have a chance to take the new tour.

    The world famous brewery located in central Copenhagen is a hit with anybody visiting Copenhagen. Ok maybe not central Copenhagen but it’s only 15 min. by public bus.

    The tour itself is quite short and self guided. It’s interesting, but not hugely exciting. You get a good view of how beer was brewed back in the days, you are taken through Carlsberg’s history and you can see Carlsberg bottles with the old logo, the Swastika, which perhaps not so surprisingly was abandoned after Hitler picked it up.

    The main attraction is at the end of the tour when you are led into a bar and are offered free samples of Carlsberg’s products. Two beers are included in the tour, but if you want more I guess you could just do the tour again.

    Price of the tour: Free
    Opening hours: 10am-4pm Tuesday-Sunday, Monday closed
    Closed for Danish holidays and between Christmas and New Years

    An interesting fact about Carlsberg is that it is majority owned by the Carlsberg Foundation and the management of that foundation was given to the Royal Academy of Science by the founder of Carlsberg. This makes it impossible to take over, but also means the management is 60+ year old scientists.

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  • ginte's Profile Photo


    by ginte Updated May 23, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I am sure, that almost everyone knows this name of a beer :) If you visit Carlsberg Visitors Centre, you'll see Carlsberg's first brewery from 1847 including the stables, also lots of exhibitions illustrating the history of the breweries as well as past and present production of beer.
    After the visit there will be an opportunity to taste a Carlsberg product :) (for free)

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  • scbelle's Profile Photo

    Carlsberg Brewery

    by scbelle Written Apr 13, 2005

    Although it was a bit disconcerting to walk through an archway supported by giant elephant statues bearing swastikas on their flanks, we learned in the tour that the swastika was a logo/emblem of Carlsberg well before the Nazis used it as their symbol. A free self guided tour gave historical information on the brewery itself and also info on the beer making process.

    And after the tour, you get two free drink tickets to sample the different beers Carlsberg makes! What fun!

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  • TNPETER3's Profile Photo

    Carlsberg Elephants

    by TNPETER3 Updated Jun 10, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Although the brewery was closed for a public holiday (that I didn't know about) on the day that I visited, the Carlsberg Elephants were there and still working hard! Very cool and almost worth the walk from my hotel to the brewery!
    The brewery itself is massive and pretty impressive looking so I would recommend checking it out. Just make sure it's open when you go so that you can go to the visitor's centre, take a tour and sample some of Denmark's golden nectar at the source!

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  • aliante1981's Profile Photo

    Carlsberg Brewery

    by aliante1981 Written Feb 17, 2004

    The most famous Danish brewery has a visitor centre at Ny Carlsbergvej 140 where one can take a free tour (no guides) to find out more about the history of the Danish beer and taste the firm’s present day produce.

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  • Carlsberg brewery/visitors centre

    by Annebl Written Nov 29, 2003

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Carlsberg is now the world's sixth largest brewery, and has certainly gone through some very large changes since it was first started up by I.C Jacobsen in the mid 1800s.(the name comes from the fact that his son, who later took over, was called Carl and he lived on a hill=bjerg). The visitor's centre will show you a bit of the history of the brewery, as well the methods that are used to brew beer nowadays. And as a bonus, you get a little taste at the end of your tour.

    Even the horses have beer bellies

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  • cheekymarieh's Profile Photo

    Carlsberg Brewery

    by cheekymarieh Updated Nov 9, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The brewery offers excellent tours around them and give you a good insight into the brewing industry. You also get to learn lots of useful facts such as which countries brew Carlsberg under licence (eg. Cyprus … I know I have drunk plenty!) and which are the strongest beers (pass me the Elephant brew please !) The tours are at set times of the day. Check up on the latest timetable before you go and remember to allow plenty of time to test the free samples afterwards.

    In a land where alcohol is fairly expensive it might be your only alcoholic refreshment.

    Carlesberg Brewery

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  • orlikins's Profile Photo

    Carlsberg brewery :)

    by orlikins Written Sep 12, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Free beer :)) *hic* ! You are free to go around the grounds yourself, but screw that, you want to get to the free beer bit dont ya? ;-) You are given 2 drink tokens at reception. But careful - the bar closes at 4pm.

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